169 Psychology Pickup Lines to mind games

Psychology classes are interesting. It becomes even more interesting because of your classmates.

So simply, while reading about levels of consciousness, one of your mates left you unconscious with her beauty and knew you wanted to impress her.

So, to impress her, you might search for some good psychology pickup lines. Well, we got your back.

Here we have 100+ Psychology pickup lines for you, according to your type, that you can use with your friend, crush, or even in your class. 

Cheesy Psychology Pickup Lines

It must be challenging to impress a girl and even more challenging if she’s your class topper.

So, to impress her, you need to act intelligent, right? So, here we have some cheesy psychology pickup lines for you with some basic psychology terms that would help you.

My Psychologists consulted me to do things I’m happy about, so should I kiss you?

You must be Broca’s aphasia cause you leave me speechless.

Are you happy to look at me, or is it a Defence Mechanism?

You are so pretty that sometimes I can’t believe you are real, or is it Delusional?

I love you and all the parts of your personality.

Are your Primary Visual Cortex? Cause you light up my world.

I have a short memory, so I forget your name every time. Can I call you to mine instead?

You must be an Independent variable because you increase my Bar graph.

You are so pretty that my brain has to change its structure to process this.

In my Rorschach Tests is just Me and U.

Flirty Psychology Pickup Lines

Flirting in Psychology sounds interesting. But it could be difficult if you do not know the subject.

But, you don’t have to worry; here, we have created some Flirty Psychology Pickup lines that would help you rock in your flirting game. 

Your ego must be saying a no, but I know your id says it’s a yes.

I have split personalities, so it’s better if you are into a threesome.

Well, I think of you as my mother.

You are more like a dopamine rush for me.

Can you do a TAT test with my picture? I want to see what you think of me. 

Have you ever heard about Odepous Complex? You are like a mother to me.

Physical needs are on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Can you help me with self-actualization?

Freudians repress a lot; let’s express them all.

Are you a Null Hypothesis? Because I can’t reject you.

Rare Psychology Pickup Lines

Psychology is an exciting subject with different interesting topics.

So, if you are trying to impress a girl from your class, we suggest you use these rare psychology pickup lines. She would like it for sure. 

My unconscious mind is forcing me to talk to you.

My Hypothalamus is crazy for you.

Are you Axon? Cause I am your Myelin Sheath.

All my levels of Psyche concurred that we should date.

I have studied Broca’s Aphasia. Are you that? Cause I feel speechless every time, I look at you. 

You are so gorgeous that I think you must be a delusion.

You can replace an Independent variable cause you increase my Bar Graph.

You are so beautiful that my brain can’t even process it.

Best Psychology Pickup Lines

Whether it be Psychology or any other subject, when we go to study in college, we just can’t focus on learning because of that one person in the class whom we like the most. (Yes, blaming someone else for your mistakes)

Well, here we have The best psychology pickup lines you can try in your class. 

Can you explain to me anything about Interpersonal relationships?

Did you activate my HPA axis cause my dopamine levels are increasing?

You made my afferent neurons excited. 

I want to enhance the power of my short time memory. Can I scream your name all night?

Your physique gave me some kind of Psychological arousal.

Do you want to come with me? We would study Psychology along with your anatomy.

If you were a Psychological Test, I would never withdraw from it.

Are you someone from my dreams, or was it just a false dream?

 If you” ll say yes, I promise I will also take care of your Mental and Physical health. 

Short Psychology Pickup Lines

Forget about self-care; I’m here to take your responsibility.

I guess I got an allostatic load for you.

Are you a Psychology student, right? Do you want to experiment with my stimulus and your response?

I have an acronym for you, F.A.B.

I have short-time memory issues, but give me your number, and I’ll save it forever.

You must be unconditioned stimulus cause I’m behaving like Pavlos Dog looking at you.

Have you ever heard of Maslow’s Humanistic Theory? You are my belongingness.

Can I put my Myelin on your Axon?

You might be brilliant at studying psychology, but no one can better read you than me.

Forget about drugs when I have you for my Dopamine rush. 

Psychology is the study of human behavior. In the hectic day-to-day schedule, we might not get time to take care of ourselves ad our loved ones; hence, pickup lines could be an excellent way to express your love to your partners. Give it a try. 

Good Chat up Psychology Pickup Lines

We have the finest collection of god chat-up psychology pickup lines; these pickup lines can do magic by saving you from a dull conversation that might affect your mental health.

So try these and let us know how you like them.

You make me drool like Conditioned Stimulus.

I’m curious whether you are stimulating my Hypothalamus electrically, or was it just an unconditioned response?

Are you a Synaptic Gap? Because I want to be your neurotransmitter.

Your Medulla must be inflamed cause you made my heartbeat stop for a while.

I’m not Schizophrenic, but sometimes I feel delusional about you. 

You must be my Corps Callosum cause I can see a strong between us.

Girl, you are always in my Conscious mind.

You are still here on my visuospatial sketchpad even when you are not present in front of me.

I don’t feel like myself today. Can I think of you instead?

 Do you know what is Similarly Attraction Effect? According to it, I must also be attractive if you are beautiful.

Awesome Psychology Pickup Lines

There’s nothing better than making a person happy cause that is the most challenging task for anyone.

But, if you are here, you surely want to make someone happy. So we have some fantastic Psychology pickup lines for you listed below. 

If you call me every time I think about you, my phone must have hanged by now.

My love for you is like Long Time Memory. It is infinity.

I’m doing a case study. Can I observe you?

No one can activate my Nucleus Accumbens better than you.

Can I Freudian Slip into you?

No one can activate my Ventral strategic better than you.

You must be made up of Chocolate cause you increase your serotonin level.

Have you heard about Oedipus Complex? You remind me of my mom.

You must be a Stimulant. Cause you are the reason for my increased heartbeat. 

You must be tired from running on my Reticulat formation for the entire day.

Funny Psychology Pickup Lines

Making someone laugh is the most challenging task, especially after prolonged and hectic weekdays.

But we will help you to do it with our Funny Psychology Pickup lines. 

Every time I meet you, you increase my Dopamine neurotransmitters.

What do you do in your spare time? Except for increasing my Oxytocin levels.

I want to recreate Stanford’s Prison with you. You can be the bad cop.

Did the Mere-exposure effect kick you, or do I have to send you more of my pictures?

I guess I have an Oral fixation.

Was it just a false dream, or do I remember you from my dream?

I have short-time memory issues, so I rehearse your name all night.

You may not be the little Albert. But I want to make you scream loud. 

Whenever I see you, my body experiences a Dopamine rush.

Am I a Psychology student? Do you want me to teach you about the Tip-of-the Tongue Phenomenon?

Super Cheesy Psychology Pickup Lines

Your dietician might not allow you to eat cheesy, but you at least can be Cheesy.

JK! Here we have a good collection of 10 super cheesy pickup lines that would help you to start a healthy and exciting conversation. 

My professor showed me an Image for the Inkblot test; I can’t think of anybody except you.

Are you my Primary Visual Cortex? Cause you light up my world.

Roses are Red; Your cheeks are too. So must you be a Null Hypothesis? Cause I can never reject you. 

Would you like to come and lay on my couch? With me!

Are you a natural disaster? Cause you flood my Dopamine levels.

Do you know about Shrink? I have bought one for you.

How do you activate my HPA axis?

I can only see you in the Inkblot test.

I was doing the TAT practical in the classroom, and you were the only protagonist of all my stories.

I don’t feel like doing my work today. So, can I do you? 

Catchy Psychology Pickup Lines

Psychology itself is a catchy subject.

Whether reading about mental disorders or case studies, starting your chats with this subject could be intelligent if the other person is also from the same field.

You can try these pickup lines mentioned below.

After meeting you, I feel like I wish I had more cardiac Muscarinic Receptors.

I’m not Scezophernic, but you look like a delusion to me. 

I’ll show you some Relaxation techniques. Well, it is not the ordinary one used for systematic desensitization.

Do you have OCD? Cause I want to be your obsession.

I have to meet a Psychologist soon. After meeting you, I feel like I’m in a Delusion. 

Are you a Neurodegenerative disease? Cause I forgot your digits.

You classically conditioned me with your beautiful face.

It left me speechless, like Broca’s Aphasia.

You must be Phineas Hage cause I left my mind looking at you.

 You are like a drug to me because you give me an instant Dopamine rush.

Crazy Psychology Pickup Lines

Here we have a list of crazy psychology pickup lines that would act like conversation starters and will change your game in a better way.

So now, without thinking twice, just give it a try. 

You give me Physical and Psychological Arousal as well.

Same as Psychology, I like to study you too.

I’m a graduate in Psychology, and I want to do a Major in you.

My Therapist advised me to do healthy things for Stress Management. Can I hug you?

I have a short memory problem, so I have tattooed your name on my hand.

I was doing the Thematic Apperception Test yesterday, and all I can think about is you.

You enlarge my Bar graphs quickly. Are you An Independent variable?

If your Id says yes, I don’t care about your ego.

I’m more into a threesome because of my split personality.

Who needs chocolates for the dopamine rush when you are a better alternative?

Quick Psychology Pickup Lines

Do you want to date a pretty girl or a cute guy from your class? If you are in the field of Psychiatrist or Psychology, then you are at the right place.

We provide a few quick psychology pickup lines to help you start good conversations. 

You are present on all levels of mind.

If you were Myelin, I would be the Axon.

I’m conducting research. Can you be my sample?

You give me Psychological arousal because you are on my mind constantly.

Let’s perform a Psychological experiment. I would be the stimulus, and you” ll respond.

You are one of my Physical needs from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Basic Needs.

Reading Psychology is suitable for grades, but reading you is good for my health.

I have a suitable acronym for your name W.O.W.

I’m researching dreams. Can I sleep with you tonight?

If you were Guard, I’ll be the Prisoner and let you abuse me.

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