155+ Amazing Police Pickup Lines 

Pickup lines are a very creative way of flirting with people. These pickup lines show off their creativity and their sense of humor perfectly. To express your creativity, these are a few pickup lines that you can refer to.

These are police pickup lines so that you can decide whether or not you wish to be lawful evil or lawful good when you make your move. 

Good Police Pickup Lines 

Being good at what you want to say when you meet the person you like is necessary. However, it can be difficult to articulate enough to explain your feelings to someone without appearing nervous.

That is why, to help you in your plight to become the smooth talker that you have the potential to be, the following will help you out. These are stimulating conversation starters that will surely get your crush’s attention and keep the conversation rolling. 

  • I suggest you turn yourself in like the good girl you are. 
  • If you’re being bad, I will have to arrest you. 
  • If you flee from me, just know I will catch up to you, and it won’t be pretty when I do. 
  • It must be a crime how hot you are. 
  • I don’t meet to abuse my power, but you’re giving me enough reasons to do that. 
  • Just so you know, if you plead the fifth, I will definitely break that. 
  • I suggest you know my name because you will scream that all night long. 
  • Hold that position right there. 
  • I have got intel that you’ve contraband on you. Shall I search you for it?
  • I became a police officer because I am definitely into cuffs.
  • Arrest me if you dare, but I have a feeling you’d like it. 
  • I don’t mean to be blasphemous, but that uniform looks excellent on you. 
  • Being that attractive is for sure a crime, and I have to arrest you. 
  • You’re lucky that being hot is not a crime because if it were, you would definitely be in jail right now. 
  • Say my name because I am supposed to hold everything you say against you. 
  • I wish you knew that tonight the court would be my bed. 
  • If I arrest you, do you promise to say my name so that I can hold myself against you?
  • Your body on me is what I want for tonight. So let me arrest you. 
  • Promise me you’d call me ‘officer’ as I cuff your hands behind you.
  • You’d look hot in that police uniform. I can see how beautiful you would look in it. 

Funny Police Pickup Lines 

We often think that our sense of humor will line up with the sense of humor of our crush. But, unfortunately, that is not true at all. Sometimes, if not all the time, our crush has a different sense of humor. This may lead to some strain in your budding relationship as what you might find funny might be simply silly to them.

But fear not. If you wish to be effortlessly funny all time, here are some pickup lines that will help you out with that. 

  • You better be careful about what you say now because I will be holding your words against you in the room. 
  • You better be ready to be punished because once we enter that room, it is just you and me. 
  • Say the nastiest things you think I wouldn’t dare to commit, and I will show you the reality once we enter the privacy of that room. 
  • This interrogation room is just a comfortable one. That’s why we have a bed here where I will interrogate you while I strip search you for contraband. 
  • Stop right there. You are under arrest for stealing my breath. 
  • You are a sneaky little thief because how dare you pretend not to know how you affect people. 
  • You walk into every room and steal everyone’s breath. You menace. 
  • I am going to give you this ticket with my number for being such a menace. 
  • You fell from heaven so quickly. I wonder if you knew that this is a no-speeding zone. 
  • Just because you fell from heaven, that doesn’t mean laws don’t apply to you. 
  • You got my heart racing so fast I can barely breathe. I will get you arrested for attempted murder. 
  • You are a criminal because you stole words from my tongue and have shown no remorse so far. 
  • I wonder if you feel any guilt for stealing my heart. 
  • I didn’t think you would feel any remorse for your actions, so I suppose you will get a life sentence with me. 
  • Those cuffs you have would look great on me. I am just saying. 
  • Is that a taser, or do you just really like what you see?

Short Police Pickup Lines 

You need to have the ability to be flirtatious but with a hint of subtlety. But that may be difficult to achieve when you have never flirted before. That is why to help you out in your hour of need, here are some of the most conversational one-liners you can add and blend into any conversation to ensure your person of affection knows about your feelings without appearing weird.  

  • I do not mean to brag, but I d have quite a few weapons on me. 
  • Would you be into some friendly assault from me?
  • I have a very friendly weapon that is waiting for you to take it. 
  • I think if you touch my Glock, you will realize how many days I have gone without using it. 
  • I don’t want you bruised yet. 
  • I have hands, so why use batons to leave marks on you?
  • My baton is quite well endowed, wouldn’t you agree?
  • You have got my heart under arrest without any warrant.
  • You would not need a warrant to search me. 
  • I think I have several places that are begging for you to prod if you wish to know what you seek. 
  • I have some digits that might interest you. 
  • Should I call 911 and tell them that I got an officer down for me?
  • It would have been weird if I wasn’t a law-abiding citizen because I highly doubt a jail cell is an excellent place to propose. 
  • You like cuffing people, and I like getting cuffed. Coincidence? I think not. 
  • I would like to volunteer to be on the receiving end of all of your torture styles. 
  • You definitely have some interesting weapons. Care to show them to me back at my place?
  • I do not mind bruises, so you can be crazy if you want. 
  • I like chains more than cuffs. But both work. 
  • I will fine you because you are way too fine to be illegal. 
  • You are illegal because how are you so pretty?
  • I think you deserve to be jailed because you get everyone drunk off of you. 
  • You are like a particular brand of narcotics- you leave no stress, but you got everyone high off of you. 
  • I don’t think it is very fair that you get to have your way with e because of that uniform. So why don’t you take it off, and we deal with our differences as equals?
  • Your body is like a drug, and you have me addicted. Should I arrest you for being the dealer, or should I keep it our dirty little secret?

Rare Police Pickup Lines 

Becoming a trend or a good core memory in your crush’s mind is something that many people seek. But not everyone can succeed in doing so. That is because not everyone comes up with creative starting lines that are cute enough to make their crush laugh and interesting enough to keep the conversation going.

But you do not have to be one of them. That is why the following pickup lines can help you with that. 

  • I promise you that you weigh nothing. 
  • I will guard you with all my life. I will be your very own bulletproof vest. 
  • You look perfectly fine when you don’t hide those guns. 
  • Oh, I see you have got some big guns. 
  • You don’t need a vest. I don’t think anything can penetrate those muscles of yours. 
  • I do not really like bragging, but I have some toys that you would like. 
  • I think you have been playing with little boy guns until now. But I will give you a taste of big boy guns if you want. 
  • Did you just tase me, or did a shiver run down my spine just because our eyes met?
  • You got me stunned without even using a stun gun.
  • You got me wetter than a water canon. 
  • I never thought I would be the one getting sprayed, but I am not complaining. 
  • I think you are illegally hot, and you deserve to be punished for your behavior. 
  • You tempt me and then run away, thinking I will not be able to catch you on foot. 
  • The law you make me want to enforce is that of attraction. 
  • I keep being drawn to you like you are trouble, and I am the only thing that can keep you in check. 

Quick Police Pickup Lines 

Police have to be quite quick when they are solving a case or chasing a fugitive of the law. Given that the person you love has stolen your heart, it is only fair that you act quickly and chase behind them, just like the quick police officer in pursuit.

To help you with that, we present you with the backup of cat liners that will surely melt anyone’s heart when they are on the receiving end.

  • Do you like sneaking around? Because I can definitely make that dream of yours come true. 
  • I can give you some experience in undercover work. 
  • I will work your body under and over covers if I can have my way with you. 
  • I don’t know if women in uniform are your kink, but it is mine so that you can cuff me. 
  • I don’t know if I want you to cuff me simply, or I want you to cuff me to your bed. 
  • You can cuff me to you if you want. 
  • I like your company, but I like your lips better. 
  • You make me cry but in a good way. 
  • Did we have sex, or did you detonate a tear gas cartridge in the bedroom because you definitely made me cry? 
  • I will put you on the receiving end of a hose down if you’re not being careful. 
  • I like spraying people, so unless you are okay with it as well, please tell me. 
  • I don’t know which ones to go for. Are you in the mood for regular cuffs or in the mood for pink boa cuffs? Because I will do whatever you want me to do. 
  • Do you like big busts? Because I have a big bust for your bust. 
  • If you like junk in your trunk, I promise I am your girl because I have enough junk in my trunk. 
  • I do not know if my tail light is broken, but you are definitely following me. 
  • I have something on me that you would probably not appreciate. So do you want to search for me here or on your bed?
  • I think you can plant something on me just to strip search me. Not that you need an excuse to search for me. 
  • I can spread my legs if it helps you look for the contraband I have hidden on me. 

Awesome Police Pickup Lines 

Being charming and funny is difficult, but if you can successfully do it, you will certainly be awesome in your crush’s eyes. Unfortunately, while everybody wants to achieve that, not many are successful. But, with the help of these following pickup lines, you would definitely end up being awesome in their eyes. 

  • I can be the bad guy if you like being the cop. 
  • I never was into roleplay, but for you, I will be ok playing the good cop. 
  • As the bad cop, this is the part where you cuff me, grab my hair, and speak with me in a menacing tone. 
  • This is an official situation. You should remain silent as you have the right to remain silent. But I don’t think you will. 
  • You can try your best to remain silent, but I promise you won’t be successful. 
  • I am a torturer. I am skilled with my fingers. 
  • I can ideally get you undone with just my fingers, so do not test me, little girl. 
  • So I was wondering what your ideal date in the interrogation room is.
  • I have never committed a crime, but if you want, I will definitely jay walk so that you can cuff me. 
  • Arrest me and have your way with me. See if I care. 
  • You have the voice of a siren. I swear you get all of my sirens blaring. 
  • You seem like trouble because all my sirens are going off in my head. 
  • I wonder if anybody has ever told you how dangerous you can be if your looks could be weaponized? But, of course, if that were the case, you’d be in jail for a long time. 

Cheap Police Pickup Lines

Finding someone attractive physically is one of the key types of attraction one feels when planning to date someone. However, before you consider telling your crush how they keep you up at night, you might want to choose your words carefully to ensure you do not come off as a pervert.

That is why there are some oneliners to help you confess your desires for them without being a sleaze. 

  • You are a whole snack. 
  • I was addicted to Dunkin donuts until I met you. 
  • Donut try to run away. I will arrest you. 
  • You won’t be the only thing that will be in arrest. 
  • I want to be on house arrest with you. 
  • You have been speeding, and you have crashed into my heart. 
  • You need to step out of the vehicle and then take a walk home with me. 
  • You should not be allowing me to drive drunk- you are the one who got me intoxicated, after all. 
  • You have my love drunk like an alcoholic. I wonder if I will be punished for that. 
  • You need to step out of that vehicle and step into mine. 
  • I don’t know about you, but if you stay with me, I will assure you there will be more flashing than just those lights. 
  • I am here for your luscious bust. I have heard that it is as potent as opium in getting people addicted. 
  • Spread those legs! I have reason to believe you are hiding something. 
  • You just snatched my heart like that and expected to get away with it. 
  • You are a rookie because anyone who has been sterling for a while knows not to ask the victim for a date after stealing their heart. 
  • Good that you are so naive. I will ensure your punishment is a date with me only weekly. 

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