204 top Poker Pickup Lines [Flirty, Cheap, Quick]

Gambling can be a little more dangerous to your bank account than one would agree. Many people can lose whatever they have because of this particular hobby.

However, there is one thing where gambling has to happen. That is when it comes to love, you do not have any choice but to take a chance on everything.

If you want to be the best at what you are doing then these will be the best. 

Good Poker Chat Up Lines

So what do you do when you meet someone over poker? What if you meet the love of your life while you are out gambling the easiest way to get to them is by showing off your conversation skills while you crack the best poker puns. These can help you out with that.  

I do like being in the lead when it comes to hands. 

How are you with your hands?

I feel the luckiest when I am the one sharing the hands. 

I think your hands would be the best ones for me. 

Let me grab your hand while you obliterate everyone here. 

Are you hopeful about getting a lucky hand?

I can give you my lucky hand if you are worried about winning the game. 

I do think that you might be worried about winning this match and I can assure you that I can help you get the luckiest hand. 

I think when cards are the ones in question, I think I am quite lucky. 

I do believe that the luckiest I would feel is when I have your hand in mine 

My hand is waiting to have yours in mine.

My hand would feel lonely without one of yours. 

If you have a mood for changing or exchanging hands then I would be more than happy to help you with that. 

The only thing I want to exchange with you is my hand with you. 

My hand is good but I think it would be better with your hand in it. 

Your hand is waiting to feel your hand in it. 

Your hand seems good but I have a feeling that my hand would be the better one. 

I really like how good our hands are when they are the best when they are near. 

So are you open to going all in?

So if you are seeking to go all in, I would be the best companion for you. 

All in is something that I want to do with you. 

So have you considered going all in with someone or am I the first person you have thought of?

So are you open to going all in or not?

I think you need to tell me yes before I even go all in. 

Let me go all in when I am with you. 

So are you planning on going all in or not?

Flirty Poker Pickup Lines 

Flirting over a game of poker is as hot as flirting over a game of chess.

While you gamble away your heart, you also get to pick the right cards to set the right mood that ensures you get to go home with your lady friend’s heart in your hand. To succeed in that mission, these will be your best friend. 

Let me go all in with you. 

I would go all in when it comes to you. 

I have never been someone who likes going all in with others but with you, I would go all in. 

Let me go all in when I am around you. 

The way you handle yourself makes me want to go all in. 

Do you want to know what would be cute? If you were open to letting me go all in. 

So I have an inkling that I can make you go all in if you would relax. 

Are you hyped up about us talking together?

Are you waiting for me to go all in when it comes to you?

Do you want some assistance helping you go all in when it comes to me? 

I can help you if you are wanting to go all in. 

Do you need some tutoring with that?

I bet I can change your mind about going all in. 

I am waiting for you to go all in on me. 

I am waiting for you to strike a deal and go all in when it comes to me. 

I am dying to feel you go all in for me. 

Have you ever felt like you are ready for going all in? 

Let me help you go all in when it comes to me. 

I am waiting to go all in when it comes to you. 

If you would just breathe, I would go all in.

Do you think of going in with people?

Please let me go all in when it comes to you. 

If I were to go all in for someone, it would always be you. 

Have you ever thought about going all in when it comes to someone?

I am waiting for you to go all in with me. 

Tell Me A Poker Pickup Lines

While telling your partner what card you have may not be the most ideal when it comes to the game but if you are waiting to share your feelings with your special person, then these would definitely help you with it, These pickup lines are the best ones that you can use while you are seated across them on a table.

I see you are ready to go all in or whatever you believe in. 

I was wondering if you would be open to going all in with your sister. 

You can drop by my room later and I can show you that this board is not the only place where I go all in. 

I can show you everything about the blinds. 

I am very good with blinds so if you are hoping to experience that, I can help you with that. 

Have you been waiting to have a blind experience? Because I am sure you have found the most ideal person.

I would love to show you how amazing my blind skills can go. 

So have you been able to call my bluff or are you falling for it? 

Have you been wondering about screaming loudly?. 

Do you ever wonder how to bluff properly? 

I could call your bluff but I like the way your roll. 

You would be better off being this cute bluffer than someone who is going all in on a stupid hunch. 

I wonder if this is a cute display of arrogancy or naivety. 

I think you could call my bluff if you focus on me. 

I can show you how to call my bluff. 

So you can kiss me if you are not ready to call my bluff. 

I bet you could just be cute and call my bluff instead of kissing me. 

So are you open to testing if you can call my bluff or not?

Let me show you how to call your bluff. 

I see you are good at poker with how poker your face is. 

You have quite the poker face. I wonder if that is how you are planning on staying. 

Cheap Poker Pickup Lines

There is no such thing as a cheap poker game. Then to hold on to that amazing style, neither should your game would be.

To make your game more expensive and amazing, then these are the ones you should go for. They are quite flirty and cute, making them perfect for use while you are playing games. 

So how are you good at playing games?

I think you are good at games when it comes to everything. 

I think you are a player in the best way. 

I do think you are a good player and it would be nice if I could teach you how to do that. 

Let me see you being the best player. 

Are you only a good player on board or are you better in bed? 

I think your bed is the best way for us to check if you would be the most interesting player to play with. 

I think it would be cute to play more games with you and show you how talented you are. 

Whether you believe it or not I think you are more talented than what you give credit for. 

Are you up for the blinds or not?

I can tell you that my blinds will not be released. 

I will not be moving the blinds until we are done. 

I bet there are blinds that you would like to use. 

Let me use blinds on you in the most suitable way. 

I was wondering if you are open to using blinds when you are with me. 

You would be perfect when it comes to playing with the blind. 

I have never really been blind when it comes to playing many cards.

I wish you were in the bling but I think I can not keep you blind about my feelings anymore. 

My feelings do not deserve to be in the blinds for you. 

I wonder if you ever wonder where your feel blinded by my love. 

So what is it like when it comes to betting? 

Are you someone who likes betting?

If you are into betting on thighs that you care about?

So I think betting can be fun when it comes to us. 

I wonder if you are up for betting on some things. 

I like you could always bet on me. 

I am waiting for you to bet on me. 

I think I am cute enough to bet on. 

Awesome Poker Pickup Lines

Do you like poker/ Games like poker require you to focus on quite a few things while you are playing the game.

That is why, if you are someone who is good at multitasking then this is the game for you. You can also use the quiet, focus-filled game to sit and flirt with your crush because that way when you do, they would feel your intent on dating. 

I think it would be perfect to bet on you. 

I wonder if I can bet on you. 

Would be okay with me to bet on you? 

You have given me enough reason to believe that I can bet on you. 

I have a feeling that I could bet on you regardless of how things are. 

You have given me enough faith for me to bet on you. 

Would you be happy if I bet on you regardless of how things are between us? 

I would like to bet on you for the long term and the short term. 

Can I bet on you no matter how I am feeling? 

I do feel like it would be a good choice to bet on you. 

Let me bet on you for whatever makes me happy. 

You make me feel like I could win just by betting on you. 

If I bet on you I feel like I would be happy about my life, 

I would win in life if I bet on you. 

I think I have the odds in my favor to get you naked in record time. Would you like to call my bluff? 

I am dying to test out how far I can push you when I am betting on you. 

Let me bet all my life on you. 

I think I would be happy betting my happiness on you.  

So what is it that you want to bet on?

Would you bet on me regardless of how life treats us?

I think you would be the best one to go for whenever I think of who I want to bet on. 

I do believe that if I were to bet on you, luck would be by my side. 

I have a feeling that you make me the happiest with how quickly you bet on things. 

Quick Poker Pickup Lines

A quick hand in poker may not end too well for you if you do not know how to place the right hands.

But that does not have to be the case for you when you are working with flirtation. Quick flirty lines can end you up where you want to be because of how witty you are and how amazing you might come off as. 

So do you count your odds whenever you come here?

Have you been wondering about the odds to go out with me?

The probability of us being together is quite high would you not agree? 

I do feel like we can be together if you are excited about dating me. 

Have you been wondering about what makes you happy?

So what makes you happy? I think I could make you happy if you were not opposed to letting me try. 

Have you been wondering about a clean flush?

So have you been wondering about how I can make you flush with just a few words? 

My words are enough to make you feel a little flushed. 

Let me make you feel adorable and shy with just my word.s 

I bet your words would be enough to feel the flush creep up on my face. 

I like the bright red color that covers your face whenever you hear me talk. 

So I was wondering what is something that makes you feel flushed?

Would you say I am someone who makes you feel flushed?

Let me make you feel the heat and the pressure. 

There is a lot of pressure on the board but I bet I could make you feel better with just my words. 

My words are ready to make you feel the flushed redness. 

Are you waiting to feel the flush?

I bet you are ready for the heat. 

I can bring on the heat for you. 

I hope you would be better to try out your luck with me.

I bet you will run out of your luck before you run out of your clothes. 

Strip poker would be quite cool given you barely have luck when it comes to poker. 

Your face is everything but poker so I think this is perfect. 

I bet you would feel quite the best whenever we deal with the numbers. 

Catchy Poker Pickup Lines

Catchy poker games are hilarious because once all of you start getting into the game, it becomes something that is pure that all of you can share with each other, Similarly, if you are looking for pickup lines that can help you vibe the way that you are waiting for then these can help you with that. 

So I have been considering the odds of us ending together.

The odds of me making you happy is quite high. 

I bet you would feel amazing whenever I use my odds on you. 

I would take my chance on the odds of how to treat you better. 

Are you looking for some better treatment? If you are, I do believe in the odds that have brought us together. 

The odds of you ending up in my bed tonight are quite high whether you accept it or not. 

So have you been considering about how everything works or do you need me to help you on working out the odds first? 

Your betting makes your odds work in my favor. 

So I do believe I am a straight flush whenever you are around me. 

I usually identify as bisexual but you make me feel the straight flush as opposed to the gay flush. 

I bet you like seeing how flushed you make me. That does not surprise me. 

You are the perfect flush that I have ever seen. 

You are the straight flush that I have been dying to experience until now. 

I may have a few chips in my pocket for you. 

Are you waiting to experience the chips that are in my pocket?

I bet my pockets feel quite heavy with the chips that I have for you. 

You could keep your eyes on me or you could keep staring at the chip stack that is in front of you. 

So have you been wondering about how the chip stacks get stacked?

Tonight more than the chips would be getting stacked. 

Are you looking forward to me stacking myself against you tonight?

I am dying to stack myself on you tonight. 

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