122+ Pokémon Pick-Up Lines to Win the Love-Game

There is no age for being a Pokémon fan! Those who say that Pokémon is for kids are not grown up enough.

Look at us; we are still not over those cute Pokémon creatures! What if the boy or girl you are trying to impress is into Pokémon? Your best shot would be to throw a poke ball to catch them.

You must have already gotten an idea of what you are about to get into, that’s right – Pokémon pick-up lines. Let’s get moving then, shall we? 

Cheesy Pokémon Pick-Up Lines

Being a Pokémon fan does not mean you have to friendzone your misty! Your Pokémon pick-up lines can be as cheesy as a cheese-burst pizza! Dive right in!

You must be a Flareon because you look like a hot vixen.

What is common between Charizard’s tale and my love for you? They both burn bright.

Wynaut, give me a chance to take you out on a date.

I guess you were born a Milktank because you are using attract on me. 

Shall I save your phone number as miss Beautifly? Because that Goldeen charm on your face is making me weak.

You must be delighted to see me here tonight, or you are carrying a Sudowoodo in the back pocket of your jeans. 

No wonder I still love Pokémon. And that makes me want to Pikachu. 

I’m ready to be the gentleman you want me to be. I will do Ditto as you tell me to do

Geodude would be so jealous of how hard I get whenever you are near me. It gets more rigid than a rock! 

What is the secret of your beauty, miss? You make me want to put my Onix into the Cloyster. 

The way your prettiness makes me go defenseless, I am sure you are aware of the tail whip. 

I am stoned after seeing you, think you could get me a paralyze Heal as well? 

Is there any chance dig knows you? You were digging your way to my mind perfectly well! 

I was hoping you could perform an awakening on me. Wonder why? Because I came across the lady of my dreams!  

Are you curious about the vast ball bag I am carrying around? 

I am about to break a piece of bad news to you; your drink is poisoned. The good news is that I can give you the antidote if you come with me.

Umbreon might be my new best friend; I mean, look at how we both evolve at nights like this! 

In a world full of countless fishes, be my one and only Magikarp.

Cheesy Pokémon Pick Up Lines

Funny Pokémon Pick-Up Lines

Are you approaching your crush with a Pokémon pick-up line up your sleeves? You are a funny guy. And your crush is going to love it and hopefully say yes! 

If you allow me, I want to buy you an Everstone that would help you stay the same forever as you are right now. 

Would you mind if I tell my Onix to pin you down on my bed and bind you? 

Do you want to know something interesting? Charmeleons are blazing red, while wartorles are violet. But if you wish to have a Pikachu, I will be yours. 

Hey girl, by any chance, do you want to try your luck by trying to attract me? Because it might work well, I am Harden-ing.

I like Fennekin because it is adorable. And I want you even more for the same reason.

If there were a battle between a hyper beam and you, you would win. Your beam is way stronger than anything else. 

If you like Togepi so much, why don’t you come to my place and help me make a Togepi?

Charizard’s breath is nothing compared to how hot you look tonight.

My Caterpie does not like you very much; it wants to string shot at you. 

I feel so cold; I must have dropped my Volcano batch. Oh, there you are. Give me my volcano batch back, please. 

Out of all the moves, what is your favorite one? Mine got to be the Lick one. 

Are you a friend of Deoxys because both of you are out of this world?  

Your Hoothoots are the nicest ones I have come across at this party. Care to allow a closer look? 

I tried to use my Attack on you, but your charm disarmed me.

Pokémon Pick Up Lines

Crazy Pokémon Pick-Up Lines

Are you looking for Pokémon pick-up lines? You sure are a quirky one! Let us guide you through some of the craziest Pokémon pick-up lines we chose for you.

If we are to believe what my Kadabra is foreseeing, you and I have a very bright future together. 

I have always had a keen interest in exploring forests. Did I hear you too like that? Want to come to investigate my Viridian Forest

You are the best catch I could get in my entire life; I am even willing to use my master ball for you! 

Who taught you Flash? The darkest of caves would be well lit if you smiled!

Hi babe, my Shellder has a little request for your Slowpoke. It wants to bite its tail. 

If there were a competition between Squirtle and me in using water guns, I would beat him. 

You should consider participating in a Pokémon contest. No one can stop you from coming first in the beauty category. 

Before we call it a night, what about using Defog, baby.

I have always loved Squirtles. Mind if I take a look at yours while it squirts?

I just caught a Pokémon in the forest, and I don’t think it is like anything you have ever seen. It’s called Erectabuzz. 

I behave like Electrode when you are around me; everything explodes in my pants. 

Crazy Pokémon Pick Up Lines

Rare Pokémon Pick-Up Lines

Your pick-up line should be like Meltan and Melmetal, rare! But don’t you worry, I found them for you. Just capture it and win the fight!

This Pokémon guidebook has got me all excited. I want to get under the covers of it with you as soon as possible. 

Baby, you can trust me to make all your dreams come true because I’m ready to be a Mismagius any day for you. 

You are unaware of how deep my Lickitung goes without any struggle. 

Baby, you got to stop distracting me. I might lose my patience and use my water gun any moment now! 

So which side of your family did live in Hoenn? You, indeed are the only Ho I have my eyes set on. 

Now that you are here in this town, Meowth is no longer the most distracting pussy. 

Your skills make me wonder whether you take lessons from Lickitung or not. 

Baby, it is high time you activate your rest mode because I am about to lie down beside you. 

A hyper potion might be what you would be looking for once you and I are spent. 

No other Pokémon can use the confused ray better than you because you have the skill to make me dizzy every time I see you.

Are not my nuggets interesting to you? 

Even Staryu and Starmie are always together. You and I are already stars; let us couple up. 

My PokeNav is missing one registration from you. Care to register using your phone number?

I don’t know why I feel like challenging you to a naked battle at the gym. 

Beautiful Pokémon Pick-Up Lines

The girl or guy you have your eyes set on is the most beautiful you have ever seen, right? So, please don’t settle for less. Please pick up the most beautiful Pokémon pick-up line for them from this list.

I believe that I am capable of making your Milktanks moo. 

I have a plan for both of us. Let us become weedles so that we can evolve together.

If you agree to Rhydon me, I will take you to my Lapras. And then, you would be squirtling all over me. 

My sunkern wants to fertilize you, would you let them?

You should not keep the Ditto in your pockets. It is making me see myself there.

Your proximity to my pokeballs is saying that you love them. 

Hey, I have a few Pokémon that might blow your mind away. You could take my pokeballs to see what they look like.  

You could call me the Smeargle as I’m confident of how well my hand does the job. 

Now that you have burnt me with your beauty, you should bring me a Burn Heal. 

Awesome Pokémon Pick-Up Lines

Make your crush blush so hard that she forgets what else to say other than yes. Here are some fantastic Pokémon pick-up lines for you to choose from.

I wish I were both an Abra and a Seaking; then I could bring you to my bedroom and use my horn to drill you. 

Let us play a game where you will be Horsea and ride me. 

I’m jealous of how the Digglet digs up the earth. I could use being a Digglet myself to be inside you. 

I am happy to offer you to come and see for yourself how my Onix uses his Earthquake move. 

I wish I were a Hitmonchan. Then I could thunder punch your assets and hoppip on the bed with you.

I will make you my Nidoqueen if you let me be your Nidoking.

You can trust your Jigglypuff with me as I am a certified Pokémon trainer

I am not very good at exeggcute-ing my powers until you touch my pokeballs. 

You don’t have to worry about my Gyarados. It is so huge that you can ride them all day long

Your mouth does an excellent job of swiftly catching my pokeballs.

Short Pokémon Pick-Up Lines

If you have not already decided on a quirky pick-up line from this list yet, you might want to check these short Pokémon pick-up lines out.

If I am given a chance to catch the rarest Pokémon tonight, I will still catch you.  

Candy crush saga has always been my favorite, and I see that you are a Rare Candy. I must get a level up now. 

Typhlosion’s fire would be ashamed of how dimly it burns compared to my love for you.  

I have been a Pokémon fan, and you have been a Disney fan. So, you can be my Cinderella while I become your prince Charmander. 

Girl, your beauty is Onix-plainable. 

Call me Brock, baby. And I will forever be with your misty and ash.

So tell me the first time you met Gust because it seems like he has trained you well to keep blowing me away every time.

If they are Pokémon, be my Magikarp. If they are Magikarps, be my Gyarados, please! Be more than what they are to me.

Good Pokémon Chat-Up Lines

Initiate an exciting conversation with your crush with these good Pokémon chat-up lines. Sometimes, similar things also attract!

You must be a sword dancer because I am amazed at how effective your moves are at Harden-ing me.  

I would choose your smile any day over the Hyperbeam. I am so in love with you that we can make a team like Jesse and James. 

Are you in charge of making the Tentacool so “cool”?

Baby, do you want to come and sit on my bed? I have convinced Charmander to light up the way to my room for you. 

Excuse me; you might be holding back the SMOOCHUM I deserve. Care to give it to me?

My Pokeball is in need of rock polish. Want to volunteer? 

Hello, my name is Brock, but beautiful women like you like to remember me for something else that rhymes with my name. 

Hi Chokorita, I want to see you playing with my Pokeflute. 

I get the kick after seeing you every time. You must be Hitmonlee, if I am not too wrong.

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