195+ Best Plumber Pick up Lines [Cheesy,Flirty,Flirty,Cheap]

Plumbers are hardworking, and they go through a lot of things due to their work. They are one of those people who will stick through thick and thin.

So if you end up crushing on a plumber, there is nothing wrong with that. Here are some pickup lines for you to ensure you get the proper chance with your plumber. 

Cheesy Plumber Pickup Lines. 

Plumbers work long, hard hours and barely get anything in return. But that does not mean that it has to be the same way in your relationship.

To help you with wooing your plumber, here are some absolutely adorable ones. They will definitely get them to smile. 

I am good when it comes to draining 

I see there is a lot of fluid that requires to be drained. 

You look perfectly flushed with all the blood rushing to your face. 

I think you would look perfect if you were to drain me. 

With how careful you are with your fingers, I think you would drain me in no time. 

I can not wait to be wet for you. 

I am sure I have blown a gasket because I am spraying all over you tonight. 

Tonight I hope you have brought a spare set of clothes because you will be wet by the time I am done with you. 

I am sure you have sheets that would not mind getting wet. N

I am looking for a plumber who can deal with wetness. 

You definitely can sense the moisture build-up here, can you not?

I do think that my pipes could use a thorough inspection. 

I would be more than happy if you were to inspect me for everything. 

I may not have mold but I will mold around your fingers. 

Do you like airtight junctions because I am sure we can form one? 

I think it would be better if you let me handle this because I am good at figuring out the insertion. 

Insertion will be easy. Taking it out would be difficult. 

I hope you would not mind clamps because there will be clamping around your fingers. 

Your fingers will be perfect for some proper insertion. 

You can put your fingers in and check for everything. 

I think I would be ok with you checking and cleaning my pipes. 

With long fingers like that, I am sure you would reach the blockage without any issue and take it out. 

Flirty Plumber Pickup Lines

After working long, hard hours, you may not be able to think of anything else except work. But that should not get in the way of your flirtation.

That is why there are some that bring the best of two worlds to make it all perfect. 

I am sure you can handle a blown gasket. 

You can screw me on the wall or on the tub. 

This tub would look better when it is full of water and you. 

I need something to plug the hole. 

You can plug my hole if you want. 

I am sure I would be able to mold it into the perfect hole for you to plug. 

Tonight almost went to the drain but thank god you are here. 

I do not want to sewer, and I want to see you. 

Your pipes definitely need some tinkering. 

I am sure there are certain joints of yours that could use some hand. 

I would be more than happy to check the tightness of the clamps you have naturally gifted. 

I am a plumber, so trust me, I am good at finding holes and plugging them. 

I can definitely put a gag in one hole while I inspect the other one if you like. 

You are definitely in the best position to lay pipe in. 

Some of your joints are definitely catching my eye. 

I think your joints are perfect for some tickling. 

You are wetter than a faucet, yet I do not intend to fix you. 

I can not wait to test how much you can spray in the long run. 

You act like a broken sprinkler when I am with you. 

I thought I would be dry tonight, but here I am, dripping wet, thanks to you. 

I would complain about the wet clothes, but I am completely used to these. 

I love the way your wet shirt sticks onto you, so please forgive me if you often come home to a broken showerhead. 

I can see that your shower head is broken, but if you want something else to spray you, I will volunteer as a tribute. 

Cheap Plumber Pickup Lines

Sexual innuendos are amazing when done right. One may think about what sexual innuendos a plumber can make, but plumbers have the best way to make the mood sexual easily.

With wet surfaces, plumbers are the most proficient at it. So, here are some ones that are the best blend. 

I am sure if I plunge hard enough, I will make you see stars. 

I am very good at plunging work. 

I hope you are comfortable with plungers because I am the best at them. 

You see, the thing about plunging is that you have to take your time with it. 

I think you would look perfectly delicious wearing whatever you are wearing, just wetter. 

I would pass you a clamp but I like how you look completely drenched. 

See, I can not promise my shower will be the only thing spraying you tonight. 

 Would pay you in money, but how do kisses and dinner sound?

I am good at getting dirty. 

Oh, honey. Being filthy is my daily occupation. I am a plumber. 

I am willing to lay pipe, but you have to promise me the holes will have champs. 

Clamped holes make the best joints. 

You got my heart wrenched, love. 

You are definitely flooding me tonight. 

Even if the floodgates open, I will be able to take care of you. 

I can definitely deal with wetness but as long as they are not your tears. 

I am more than ready for a flood 

The flood is good when it comes from you, and I could use some water. 

If you are an eco-friendly person, you would consider letting me bathe with you. 

You would be the perfect person to take a shower with. 

I love how open you are to getting dirty. It is probably because of your job. 

I see you are leaking, and I will let you know that I will fix all of your leaks here and here. 

When I am with you, there will be nothing around you that will leak except things that make you happy. 

I hope you will be willing to come and plug my leak. 

Rare Plumber Pickup Lines 

Being unique and standing out in your line of work as a plumber can be difficult, but your work as a plumber will help you get out of the crowd regarding flirtation.

To help you with making a good impression, here are some pickup lines that you can use. 

Please consider coming over to plug my leak. 

The leak has been bothering me all night, so I hope you can come over soon. 

You better bring your tool with you because you need to work on the leak every night. 

Your tools look good today. 

I can not wait to test out your tools. 

You seem like you know exactly how to use your tools. 

Is that a pipe in your pocket? I hope it is. 

I see your pocket bulging. It better not be a tool. 

I hope you can use your tools for my pleasure. 

I believe pleasure will come in waves when you are with me. 

You seem like you have an itch. 

I have an itch in my pipe. Could you inspect it?

I would be more than happy to plug your itch. 

Your water meter will definitely rise if you let me. 

I am so glad you are not linked to actual water because you will definitely raise my water bill. 

I think it would be dope if I could connect myself to your supply line. 

You do have an amazing supply line for moisture. 

I am glad the moisture does not clog your pores. 

That showerhead is good, but I can give you some real heads if you want. 

The suction of those cleaners is quite good, but I am much more comfortable with your suction capabilities. 

We are definitely one of those tighter joints. 

I think we would look absolutely adorable as a joint.

You definitely have me joined at the hips. 

I can not wait to tighten our joint. 

I would be more than happy to lay pipe if you let me.  

If I screw you, you will definitely come out tighter than expected. 

Quick Plumber Pickup Lines 

Working as a plumber requires you to work really quickly if you do not want a flood to ruin everything. But that does not mean it will not be the same for people in bed.

So if you want to get someone in bed quickly, here are some pickup lines for you to refer to. 

I am not a handyman. I am a very handsy man. 

I sense things with my hand because I am sure that I can take care of all issues with my hands. 

You can never tell me there is any issue I can not solve because my fingers are more than capable of taking care of those. 

I am carrying the wrenches if you need me to fix you up. 

I never thought of you as broken, but if you do think of yourself as that, I will do everything in my capabilities to fix you up. 

Your leaks do not scare me, girl. 

You are the most interesting of them all joints I have had so far. 

You got that good water. 

I see your water line. 

I bet you would flourish well once you got someone tapping in that water line. 

I am sure I can be the pipe for your waterline. 

If your joints need some ipe, I got you. 

Your leaks would look good, plug. I have brought the plug. 

I usually work in the bathroom, but for you, I will work in the bedroom as well. 

Let me help you take care of yourself and your wetness. 

That pipe of mine can not heal itself. 

I think this is a very handy job. 

I am sure this pipe looks good, but it would be better with a hand job. 

If you feel like you want to learn how to deal with pipes, I would be more than happy to help you learn. 

Let me teach you how to do the handy jobs properly. 

I think you have quite a fixture there. 

I got some caulking if you need it. 

I am more than happy to caulk those fixtures of you. 

I will gently caulk that fixture for you if you are scared of getting scratched. 

Short Plumber Pickup Lines 

Thinking quickly is very important when it comes to pickup people. But on the other hand, creativity and smartness are important when it comes to impressing someone.

So to help you do that, here are the ones that bring the best of both worlds together for you and hit on your crush. 

I am a gentle worker. You would not even notice as my fingers work the magic. 

Let me take care of all those broken fixtures for you. 

You can play with my caulking any day. 

I hope you are down for some hose action. 

I have an unruly hose which I think you can work around. 

You can use the tip of my hose to increase the pressure of the spray. 

You definitely turn on my tap because everything rushes to my hose. 

My pipes grow whenever you are nearby. 

I do think you have a clogged line, but if you want, I can definitely clean out your drain. 

Let me unplug your clogged lines, please. 

My snakes will definitely go down tonight. 

I have extended snakes that can go down tonight. 

I am a good plumber. I can definitely work with ipes. 

My pipes are harder than you can even imagine. 

Let me take care of your pipes in the perfect way so that you never have to worry about them on your own. 

I would be more than happy to take good care of your taps, faucets, and everything that is dripping. 

I really wish to see how my water will move inside you. 

I think I would love to feel you and your water move inside me.

I see you have the most perfect O-Ring. 

Trust me, and I have seen quite a few O–rings in my line of work, and yours will definitely fit my pipe. 

I will gently work the pipe into the O-ring. Do not hesitate to tell me if you think the O-ring is stretching too much. 

You may not be a plumber, but you can definitely tighten my nuts.  

Best Plumber Pickup Lines Ever 

Every line of work has its own positives and negatives. However, when it comes to people with various professions, plumbers are the best professions that you can use to make the best, most creative, and unique one-liners.

Here are a few examples that you can refer to in the future when you are put in the spot and want to hit on people. 

You will definitely be the one I find attractive if you are aware of how to use your tools. 

I see you know how to use your tools, and I like it. 

I have always felt things for people who are good with their hands. 

Your hands work like they have a mind of their own. 

You are so attractive when you work like a machine. 

Your eyes definitely show what you want. 

I hope you know what there is to know when it comes to plumbing because you definitely have me leaking. 

I supposed I had sprung a leak down there. 

I do not understand where all this fluid keeps escaping from. 

You work like a beast, and that is so attractive, 

You look good in your uniform, for sure. 

I can not wait to take off your uniform later tonight. 

I hope you are good at plumping because I need some pipe for later tonight. 

I hope you are comfortable laying down some pipe later tonight. 

You would definitely be someone I would enjoy the company of with how disastrous your fingers are. 

You work swiftly, and before I know it, everything is done. I like it. 

I love how perfectly synchronized you can be with me. 

I think it is perfect how you just know how to use your fingers. 

I am definitely flushing everywhere. 

You got my skin glistening like I just took a shower. 

A shower with you sounds great either way. 

My pipes could definitely use an inspection and some flushing. 

I may not be good at a lot, but I am definitely good at laying pipe. I would be happy to demonstrate to you my capabilities if you do seek a practical demonstration. 

I am sure I can change your mind if you give me a shot.

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