161+ Cheesy Pizza Pickup Lines to Win Over Slice

Let’s declare Pizza as a Universal crush. Like, who doesn’t love Pizza? So whenever you go for a night out, school parties, or date night, Pizza completes your day.

So if you want to go out for a date or night party, you can try Pizza Pickup Lines for your favorite Pizza. We are sure that your date would love it for sure.

So now, go through the article and choose your best Pizza Pickup Lines.

Cheesy Pizza Pickup Lines

Whether it be your Pizza or Pickup lines, the Cheese makes it worthy.

So without thinking twice, try these Cheesy Pizza Pickup Lines to make your date perfect at the first meeting.

You make me excited and satisfied like a box of Pizza.

Your sigh is more lovely than any box of Pizza.

Are you a Slice of Pizza? Cause I want to eat you all at once.

I’m PeperLonely, will you go out with me?

Let’s play a game, I will give you a Pizza, and you will provide me with your number. 

Like a pizza, you are perfect even if you are not good.

Forget about Pizza; all I want to have tonight is you.

I want to have a Pizza for you.

I may not be a Pizza, but at least I am extra cheesy and good for you.

I am a Pizza. Can you take me inside your mouth now?

Crazy Pizza Pickup Lines

There is nothing better than a Pizza romantic date night. You will enjoy your comfort with your partner on the pizza dates.

You can try these Crazy Pizza Pickup Lines to use on your date. 

Over a box of Pizza and you, I will choose Pizza cause I love you and you love Pizza. Anything for you, baby.

You and Pizza ate the two best things I love.

What do you want to eat tonight? Pizza or me?

If you kiss me, I can order as many pizzas as you want.

I may not be a pizza, but you can eat me all at once.

I have a good joke about Pizza, but I guess you won’t like it. It’s too cheesy.

Your Pizzas might be thick cause your body is too, baby girl.

I can be your Pizza delivery man, to see you daily.

It would help if you were a pizza, cause you are hot and delicious.

I want to order a Pizza for you. Can I get your number?

Rare Pizza Pickup Lines

Do you know what is Rare in Pizza? It is not just a snack; it is a box full of emotions, right?

So, how about you share your feelings by sharing your Pizza? This would be cute, right? So, try these Rare Pizza Pickup Lines and let us know about your experience.

The two things I like the most are Pizza and you.

I want to have Pizza with you tonight. So I will eat both of you.

You must be a Pizza guy cause you can deliver for sure.

The similarity between you and Pizza is that you both are cheesy and like it.

I may not be a pizza delivery guy, but you can give me a tip if you want.

Eating Pizza with you is the best feeling ever. My two best things together.

It would help if you were a Pizza, cause I can’t wait to have you.

Looking at you, I feel you must be more delicious than a Pizza. Can I have you tonight?

Just like Domino’s Pizza, if I don’t come on time, You will get a free me next time.

It would help if you were a small-sized Pizza cause you are made for one, and that’s me.

Funny Pizza Pickup Lines

Pizza is something that connects people cause everyone likes it. So, whether you are from any part of the country or world, if you are sitting with someone with a box of Pizza, you guys can chill.

So to make these kinds of moments even more interesting, we have a few Funny Pizza Pickup Lines that you can try with your friends.

Not just a pizza of you, I want you as a whole pie.

Let’s romance like Cheese and vegies in Pizza.

Are you a Pizza base cause I am a cheese and want to melt on you?

You can have me in whatever way you want.

At Little Caesar’s Pizza, I will always be ready and hot for you.

I need you as a topping on my Pizza.

Just like a cheesy pizza, you will also melt in my mouth.

I love you more than cheese burst pizza.

Baby, you are as hot and delicious as Pizza.

You can have me with or without sausages.

Flirty Pizza Pickup Lines

Healthy flirting is an art. So, why don’t you show your artistic personality to your friends?

Here are some Flirty Pizza Pickup Lines for you that you can use with your group of friends and enjoy your party. 

I am not craving Pizza; I am craving for you!

It would be best if you were a pizza cause I feel hungry looking at you.

You increased my hunger just by existing. It would help if you were a Pizza.

Do you want some toppings from me on your Pizza?

If I were Piza, I would love to go inside you.

It would be best if you were Pizza cause I want to have every piece of you.

Are you a thief? Cause you just stole a Pizza of my heart.

Are you Cheese? Cause I need you on my pizza toppings.

I like my Pizza as you do, thin crust.

You increase my hunger and excitement/ Are you a Pizza?

Short Pizza Pickup Lines

Do you know why we always ask for dinner, lunch, or coffee (basically food) whenever we go on a date?

Because we connect with people through food, it makes us happy. So, try these Short Pizza Pickup Lines next time you go on a date.

I will never get bored of you, as I never get tired of eating Pizza.

Pizza is nothing without a good crust, just like I am nothing without you.

Earring pizza with you is like a good memory.

You are very cheesy, come over to my Pizza, and I will eat you

I have had massive crust on you since childhood, so are you a Pizza or something?

You might be the thinnest crust on any Pizza ever.

You smell delicious like Pizza, and I want to eat you.

You are so SAUCY. Can you spread it over my Pizza.!

I want you in my pizza toppings.

It would help if you were a small-sized pizza cause only I can have you.

Best Pizza Pickup Lines

Choosing the best words when expressing your feelings can change your game, and you might get a Yes for a Pizza date tonight.

So, try these Best Pizza Pickup Lines with your date and enjoy your day.

If you were a Pizza, I would have eaten every slice of you.

It stole my heart, but not my Pizza.

You are supreme; you might be a slice of Pizza.

Pizza date, or would you like to have me instead?

I am in a mood, baby girl, .. to eat Pizza.

If you were a box of Pizza, I wouldn’t have shared you with anyone.

I want to have you all together and won’t share you.

If you are my date, I can order your favorite Pizza.

I like to eat my snacks in bed, whether a Pizza or you.

Just like a pizza, you can never be wrong.

Super Cheesy Pizza Pickup Lines

Cheese is delicious; whether it is on your Pizza or Pickup Lines, it just lightens your mood.

So if you are planning a pizza party or date, add more toppings to it by adding these Super Cheesy Pizza Pickup Lines. You would love it. 

I like your thick thighs, just like my thick-crust Pizza.

I might fall to pizzas if I don’t get your name and number.

I’m free if I will not arrive in 30 minutes.

If you were a Pizza, I would have baked you with my own 

You must know to be a box of Pizza cause I want to unbox you as soon as I see you.

I want to take you inside you cause you are really hot, and I love it.

Are you a Pizza base cause I am sauce and want to spread it all over you?

I don’t know what’s wrong with my tummy; whenever I see you, I feel hungry.

Pizza and I have a similarity. Just like my Pizza, even I want to have you hot.

I am your Pizza; you can eat me altogether.

Awesome Pizza Pickup Lines

Pizzas are a lifesaver for someone who can not control their cravings.

Try these Awesome Pizza Pickup Lines and let us know about your experience.

Baby, are you Pizza? Cause you are too hot and thin.

 I would have told you a joke about Pizza, but I guess it’s too cheesy for you.

I have a pizza; wanna join me?

You are good at delivering pickup lines, but where is my Pizza?

Have me the same way you eat Pizza.

If you were sauce, I would be the Pizza base so that you could spread it all over me.

I am feeling pepper lonely, can I go out with you tonight?.

I have a vast crust on you; I love you.

Kiss me like you eat your Pizza, baby.

I can satisfy you more than a Pizza does. So just taste me once, baby girl.

Beautiful Pizza Pickup Lines

What are your plans for the weekend? Going on a date or night out? Okay, whatever you plan to make your day beautiful and memorable, you can try these Beautiful Pizza Pickup Lines. 

Here is my sausage; you can have it all at once.

What do you want in your pizza toppings? Veggies or me?

I am out of ingredients to make Pizza. Can you be the Cheese and melt?

Your eyes appear Pepperonios, can I eat you?.

I want to give you olive my heart.

I can be the sauce for your Pizza.

You make my mouth watery, just like a pizza.

It would help if you were a Pizza, and I am the sauce cause I am all over you.

Hey, Pizza girl, be ready to go into my mouth.

How do you want to have me all at once, or will you save me for tomorrow?

Catchy Pizza Pickup Lines

Mentioned below are a few Catchy Pizza Pickup Lines that you can try anytime and with anyone.

Your name should be pizza cause you are hot and cheesy.

Do you need Olives or my love on your Pizza?

I want you every day, just like I need Pizza every day.

I might be addicted to Pizza, but I am more addicted to you.

I don’t need a microwave to melt you.

Do you want to have some more toppings, r do you want me?

Are your Parents bakers? Cause you look delicious as Pizza.

Forget about Pizza; I want to have you instead.

Do you want to have sausages for dinner tonight? I have one.

You like sausages. Want to look at mine?

Good Chat up Pizza Pickup Lines

Conversations could be a difficult task for someone who doesn’t know how and what to ask. Yes, we are talking about your Tinder dates.

Well, do not worry about it. We will help you start a good conversation using these Good Chatup Pizza Pickup Lines.

You stole my heart and Pizza. Still, I love you, girl

Do you want to go for a pizza date tonight?

I want to have every bite of you cause you are so cheesy.

It would help if you were a box of Pizza cause I can’t control unboxing you.

I can stuff your crust. Are you a Pizza Hut?

It would be best if you were a forbidden pizza. Cause no one can come on top of you.

You can have me in whatever way you like, with or without sausages.

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