175+ Pirate Pickup Lines to Hijack Your Crush’s Heart

Pirates have been the most romanticized tropes forever. With Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom playing pirates in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, pirates have risen in their attractiveness exponentially.

However, media depiction and literature have always portrayed pirates as the typical ‘Bad boy’ who kidnaps the fair maiden and takes her out on an adventure where she realizes how beautiful and free she can be. They fall in love with each other. 

While that is a cute storyline, life is barely like books. That’s why here is a compiled list of unique, pirate-themed pickup lines that you can use when you’re dressed as a sexy pirate at your next Halloween party. 

Funny Pirate Pickup Lines

Being a hot pirate with a charismatic sense of humor would be one of the most beautiful things at the party. If that is who you want to be, you deserve these pickup lines. You can make anyone swoon when you use these pickup lines with a smug, confident aura in how you speak. 

I am a ship’s captain and will go down with my craft. Care to accompany me as I go down?

Every put your hands on the deck. 

Put those anchors away, Lads. 

So I think I will put my parrot on this shoulder. What about you?

Arrr baby, how’re you?

Argh! My battleship sank thanks to you. 

Arrrrrrr, you free tonight?

Time to strike those panties and ride!

Do you lads want to know why I have a jolly roger?

The only thing that faced a decrease was my lice ratio to hair. 

Until I saw you, my ship hadn’t sailed. 

You hoist the sails. 

 Rough storms don’t scare me. 

 Braaack! Oh wait, today I’m a pirate. 

You know what they say, lads. Shiver me, timbers. 

 Do you want to wear my patch?

Do you wish to see my sea urchins?

Show me how you bury that treasure of yours. 

How’d you feel if the parrot watched?

I am a software pirate. So here is my laptop.

Pirate Pickup Lines

Cheap Pirate Pickup Lines

What is a pirate without the raw sex appeal? Pirates are crude, sexy, and dangerous. These are the best pickup lines if you want to be that way. Dripping with sex, this is the best type of pickup line you can use to make a solid impression of your dedication to the pirate role. 

I rule the seas. I control the one between your legs too. 

Manners maketh man, but I am not man. 

I’ll turn your bed into an ocean.

Ever had waves of pleasure on you?

I control the ship so that the ride will be unique. 

Take my hand if you want to experience something you’ve never had. 

Your melons will cure my scurvy. 

Such rosy buds. No, not the plant. 

I want you to be my bed mate, not my first mate. 

Let me pillage your booty.

Beautiful, bootiful, and bountiful. 

Good luck to have a woman on the ship, lads~ Perhaps the lady would prefer slipping out of her clothes?

What are your feelings about the British pound? I can give you two nickels with it. 

 That’s not a peg leg, lady. 

 I’ve had many heads between my thigh, which I have destroyed. 

Stick your cannon here. 

Do you wish to haul barrels with me?

Look for that treasure. X will mark the spot. 

 Colors aren’t the only thing I am hoisting tonight, little girl. 

You’re good for something, but that’s only for me to see. 

Cheap Pirate Pickup Lines

Pretty Pirate Pickup Lines

The pirates are the bad boy extraordinaire in literature and media. Who doesn’t want a swooning, brooding, sarcastic man who will take you away from your daily routine? Somewhere, everybody does. That’s why these pickup lines are the best if you wish to humanize your pirate character more and make them feel more than one-dimensional. 

This hook has variable speed, baby. 

New cabin girl/boy? Perfect. I’ve been missing some fresh meat. 

So, tell me why they call you “Captain Longsword.”

Hold her steady, Laddies. Then, we will take her on a ride. Hahaha. 

Nice cutlass. It’s nothing compared to my twin daggers. 

Some treasure you have there. Treasured chest, indeed. 

My name is not Long John because of my peg leg. 

Such a fine booty you have there. It is up for pillaging, lady?

Oh! I ain’t the only one. Everyone thinks you’re sexy too, little girl. 

Port at my dock, you hunk of a man. 

I’ll show you heaven if you show me that cutlass. 

Mermaids never existed until I saw you. 

Your voice draws men. So tell me, wench. Does the word “Siren” ring a bell?

Sing for me, little siren. Remind me why they call you the dangerous creature I’ve always looked at. 

Such beauty, yet deadly. You’re like a finely made cutlass. 

I’ll plunder your treasure chest if you’re not careful. 

Tease me again, wench, and I’ll show you the roughest time of your life, and I won’t be pleasant. 

Beg all you want, my little canary. I want to hear you sing. 

You are guilty of teasing the captain. Walk my plank and repent. 

Bottle of rum for the lady? It’s always a good time when there’s rum. So don’t be grumpy and take a swig. 

Pretty Pirate Pickup Lines

Beautiful Pirate Pickup Lines

Beauty is kind of in the eyes of the beholder. That’s why it is perfect in the media and literature when a pirate compliments a fair maiden. A ruthless beast being soft has its charms. That’s why you can say these are the best pickup lines as a brooding pirate love interest. 

I always thought happiness was at the beach until I met you. Now I see it in your eyes. 

Your eyes are like the ocean I want to drown myself in whenever I am tired, bathe in when I am happy, and watch when I am somber. 

What marvel it is that I sailed the seven seas for the most excellent adventure when my most extraordinary experience was always you, right in front of me. 

Your beauty is radiating and warming my cold, brittle heart. 

You have a hauntingly beautiful voice like a siren. No wonder people stare when you speak and walk by. 

Such long, luscious hair- like the waves of a wild sea, begging me to comb and control them. 

Your body is like the ocean. I find calmness in it, and I can never stop exploring. 

Your eyes suck me dry, but that’s alright. Being in the ocean has left me full of stories you can suck out of me. 

My scars remind me of the darkest storms I have been through yet. Yet, you make me feel so at ease with them. 

You’re like the light tower at the end of a stormy night. You make me hopeful, and I feel so safe with you. 

I wish you knew how inspiring you are because you are my ocean, and I can never stop admiring you. 

Your heart is like the ocean- so big and has the space for all of us, which makes me feel lucky to own a part of it. 

You make me feel like a god. What is Poseidon without his seas?

You could drown me in your rage and rebirth me with your passion. 

Your passion overflows like the ocean during high tide. 

You’re like the ocean breeze that caresses me when I am at the beach after walking for 50 minutes. 

You are the only thing I could have asked God for such a marvelous adventurous life. 

You could have my heart in a chest, and I’d let you have it. 

You breathe life into me just like life began in the deepest layers of the seas several years ago. 

You’re the dreamer, and I am the sailor, you point, and we go there together. 

Awesome Pirate Pickup Lines 

No matter who you are, you must agree that being a Pirate and the life of piracy has some beauty. This line of work is adventurous, dangerous, and scary. But, this is what makes pirates awesome, and these pickup lines will help you make your crush feel like the ocean that pirates love so much. 

The ocean is nothing in front of you when you are raging. 

Storms are beautiful on the oceans, but it hurts me when your heart has a storm. 

Your beauty is mysterious, just like the seven seas. 

Just like a sailor loves his ocean, I love you. I will never let you go. 

Nothing can ever make me forget you. Just like the ocean, you’re my first and only love.

Your breath gives me life because having your breath against my chest every night makes me feel at peace. 

Just like the sea roars at night when the moon is hidden behind the clouds, your absence makes my heart howl just that way. 

We will always be connected because you’re the person who flows like the air while I am the ocean where you’ll end up every time. 

Your voice makes my heart soar like the high tides of the ocean. 

 Hearing you whisper my name in the late hours of the night makes me feel like the ocean of your body is beckoning me to explore it. 

Your body is fluid, like the waves. It drowns me, overwhelms me, but all in the best way. 

Watching your chest heave as waves of pleasure roll down your body makes me realize how you remind me of my first love—the ocean. 

Your beauty has bewitched me like a sailor seeing the beauty of a siren for the first time.

I wonder if you know how your beauty transfixes me in my tracks like a ship trapped in ice water?

Your words are like icebergs; you mention their tip, but I know how much they mean to you. 

You don’t show expressions often, but your smile blossoms on your lips when you see an ocean makes my heart take off. 

Loving you has been the dream I never knew I had. 

You’re like the rum for every pirate- unforgettable and absolutely needed. 

I wish you knew how beautiful you look under the warm sunlight- like the Black pearl looked for Jack sparrow. 

People waged wars over the Back Pearl. I’d wage wars over you. 

Flirty Pirate Pickup Lines

Flirtation and sexual attraction are massive things about a pirate. However, with their brooding, rough exterior, the media usually portrays them as someone who has softcore. That’s why these are the pickup lines that you can use to show that despite your vibes, you’re a vulnerable person who can be attractive and genuine in the eyes of several people. 

I would breathe you in like a breath of air after I have been drowning. 

Your lips are like the softest waves of the oceans- they beckon me to take a swim in them. 

Your body is like a map I want to mark the spot of treasure on. 

Your body is a treasure for me, and I’d protect it with whatever I have 

Your hair is like the darkest waves of the stormy ocean- mysterious and beautiful. 

Your rage scares me, but I’d be wrong if it doesn’t excite me, just like the ocean on a stormy night. 

Sailors didn’t abandon their ships. So I won’t leave you either.  

Why did you stop? Keep playing with my hair- it calms the storm raging inside me. 

Magic potions don’t exist, but your smile is the magic potion that keeps me going. 

You’re Calypso for whom I’d give my world. 

I’d man the underworld for ten years if I had just to kiss you one day.

I’d cut out my heart and place it in the Davy Jones’ locker just for you. 

I’d free you, Calypso, if that is what you want, just for your happiness. 

Your lips on mine are the only thing I could dream of constantly for the rest of my life. 

You need to kiss me because I feel like I am drowning. My lungs are burning for air, but you’ve sucked it all.  

You make my heart stop because you are simply stunning. 

I would fight a thousand wars just to see you smile. 

Let me put a ring on your finger and make you my first mate for the rest of our life. 

Let me breathe you in like the fresh sea breeze. 

You’re like the pole star. I will always find you, even on my darkest nights. 

Good Pirate Chat up Lines 

Pirates own the sea. During winters, some oceans do freeze up. Here are a few chat-up lines that are the best ice breakers. These chat-up lines help you converse with people quickly and open the world to you. 

Plug that hole!!!

Hide the rum!

Don’t let her take the rum!

I’d let you scrape these barnacles off of me. 

Ayyy matey! Let me swab your deck. 

I’m diggin’ into your chest. 

Where’s the treasure? Your number is the treasure. 

I’ll anchor my ship to your lagoon forever. 

You’ll be the biggest treasure of my hoard. 

Be the mate to my captain. 

Let me swab your deck. 

I’ll steal your ship. I heard it’s your heart. 

Let me blow holes in you, or just blow you. Both works. 

Is that your armada? I think you like what you see instead. 

You’re such a slick little guy. 

 I’ve ridden out the toughest of storms. Your mood swings are nothing. 

You have a dagger; I have a sheath. Let’s get it on. 

My ship is long, good quality, and perfect for riding through storms. 

Ramming Speed!

Seeing you ran a shiver up my timbers. 

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