185+ Pikachu Pickup Lines to my heart like Pikachu!

Have you watched pokemon? You probably have and that is why you are absolutely won over by the cute pokemon.

Pikachu is one of the most classic pokemon that everyone who has seen the show has a soft corner for in their heart.

So here are some pickup lines that are based on the most adorable pokemon that you can even think of. 

Good Pikachu Chat Up Lines

With the rise of pokemon go people are much more accustomed to pokemon now than they were a few years back.

With the rise of video games, card games and shows it is quite common for everyone to know about cute pokemon.

So it is only fair that you make your crush feel just as beautiful and special as Pikachu is special and cute to you. 

Are you missing the forest you are from?

I think you are from the viridian forest because you are so nice to be around. 

You are as soothing as the Viridian forest.

I have been wondering if you could take me to the viridian forest. 

I think you would be the best company for me to go to the viridian forest. 

I have been waiting to soothe my eyes by going to the viridian forest. 

So I was wondering if you have been planning on being the Ash to my Pikachu. 

I feel like my life would be incomplete without you as my ash. 

So I feel like I am your pokemon simply because you would be a good trainer. 

Do tell me if I am wrong in assuming that you would be a great trainer if you did put your mind to it. 

I have a feeling that I would find you in the viridian forest more than I would find you at home. 

I think you would be my number 1 pick no matter where we go. 

You are the bestfrieend like Pikachu is to bulbasaur. 

I think with how rare you are, it would be a shame to put you as anything less than number 1. 

You do have a towel that I would like you to drop. 

If you drop that towel, Pikachu is what I would be able to do. 

So what do you think is the most shocking thing about you? With how cute you are there has to be a catch. 

You are one amazing catch that I never plan on letting go of. 

So I was wondering what you are planning on doing given that you have been so active in the forest. 

I think you find your peace when you are in a forest because that is the most active I have seen you. 

Awesome Pikachu Pickup Lines 

Pikachu is one of the most awesome pokemon that you can have in your arsenal. Everyone has been jealous of Ash at some point in their life because of his owning Pikachu.

If you find yourself reminded of Pikachu every time you see your crush, it is only fair that you make them feel that specialness by using these Pikachu-related pickup lines like the ones that follow. 

Do you think you would be better off being a Pikachu or a Charmander?

You could be the Charmander that I have been searching for. 

Pikachu is what I do whenever you are not busy Charmander-ing your way to my heart. 

For someone who is so beautiful, you have no reason to be the most charming in the crowd like Charmander. 

With squishy cheeks like that, you remind me of Pikachu. 

I think you are like a Pikachu, especially because of your bright red cheeks. 

Your cheeks are redder than Pikachu’s are. 

You would be the cutest Pikachu ever. 

With your size, you are the right person to cosplay Pikachu. 

Let me show you how perfect you would be as Pikachu. 

Let me carry you on my shoulder like ash carried Pikachu on the shoulder. 

You would be the perfect trainer. 

I can not wait to be trained by you. 

So I was wondering if you would be taking care of me like you are supposed to as a pokemon trainer. 

If I were a pokemon, you would be the most coveted trainer that everyone is hoping to get trained by. 

I wonder if it would be weird to say that I can not wait for you to train me. 

I think it would be great if you were to train me for who I am. 

I think you make me evolve. 

I wonder if you help everyone evolve in their life.

So, I was wondering what it is like to be invested in someone like me for a long time. 

So I think you are the cutest person I have so far, you are almost like a pokemon. 

If you were to be a character from the cartoons, I think you would be a pokemon. 

Tell Me A Pikachu Pickup Line

When you meet another fellow trainer who is out in the worlds trying to catch them all, what should you say?

That must be a thought that has caused you to stay up all night, wondering why it is the way it is. But fear not.

These can help you out with that. These are the perfect ones to go for whenever you meet a new trainer who is cute. 

I wonder if you would like me to turn you into a Squirtle?

Would you like to be a Squirtle or would you like to be a Pikachu? 

I could be here taking a Pikachu while you become a Squirtle for me. 

You seem like you know the best way to play your cards. 

I feel like when it comes to you, you know exactly how to use your strengths. 

I think you know how to play your cards the best. 

You are quite the best when it comes to playing the cards for yourself. 

I can play good cards for you if you are worried about not being able to choose the right cards. 

I wonder if you are good at your flirting cards the way you are with your pokemon cards. 

I wish you remember everything about me like you remember things about the pokemon cards. 

You do know how to remember everything about the pokemon cards so I was just wondering if you know how to remember everything about me. 

I wish I was a pokemon game instead because then you would actually study me. 

I am trying to be studied about me. 

So I was wondering when you would study me intricately. 

I have quite the intricate details that I am dying for your study. 

I think you would be better off studying me properly. 

You would be the best at studying me with how easily you study your cards. 

You study your ards so passionately so it is only fair you do the same when it comes to me. 

I wish you read me the way you read all of that instruction manual of the game. 

You slap those cards hard enough, I do not need to be slapped by you. 

Flirty Pikachu Pickup Line

Have you ever wondered how you would flirt with someone who is crazy about pokemon just like you are?

Well if it is something that you have been wondering about then these are the ones that can help you out.

These oneliners are the best ones that add cute pokemon references and help you pick up girls easily. 

You make me wish I was a card instead. 

With how crazy you are about the cards, I wonder if you would be that intricately impressed with me. 

You just need a shiny card to impress you so I will become your shiny card. 

If I dress up as a Pikachu, would you catch me and refuse to let me go?

I want you to refuse to let me go like Ash never lets you go. 

I think it would be cute if you trained me the way ash trained Pikachu. 

You are the cutest at taking care of everyone. 

Do you ever find yourself wondering if I am the most dazzling or not? 

I feel like you are the most dazzling card that I could have ever had. 

I think you are like the rare card of them all because I simply can not believe I ended up with you. 

I am so happy that I ended up with you. 

I thank all my pokemon loving stars for ending up with such a rare pokemon like you. 

You are the love-type pokemon whose love would be the death of me. 

You make me feel dead with how adorable you are. 

If you had to be a pokemon, you would be a cute pokemon with how amazingly your adorableness can be weaponized. 

If you wanted you could weaponize how cute you are. 

Cheap Pikachu Pickup Line

While buying the whole patent for Pikachu will be very costly if your crush is a Pikachu lover but what will be very cost-effective is to be nice to your crush and just be cute.

In order for you to succeed at doing that, these are the ones you can go for. These are the pickup lines that can be the cutest, easy to come up with oneliners ever. 

You must be part of Pikachu because you er rare. 

You remind me of Pikachu with how adorable you are. 

I do believe you are a Pikachu somewhere because you are way too cute to not be one. 

I think you are as loyal as Pikachu. 

I was wondering if you are related to Pikachu because you definitely know how to be perfect at shocking me in the most adorable way.  

I think you are a Pikachu in my life because I want to carry you on me all the time. 

I was wondering if you would be a Pikachu for me and be on me all the time. 

I do not want to leave you the way Pikachu never left ash. 

I think you are the Ash to my Pikachu. 

So I think you are Ash because you take care of me so much. 

I think you would be the best Ash for me because you are always patient with me and you take the best care of me. 

I wonder if you relate more to Ash or Mitsy or Brock. 

You know if you ever felt like you were not Ash, then you could be Jessie or James. 

I think you would be the meowth to my Pikachu. 

You would be the Jessie and James to my Pikachu because you do get on my nerves in the worst way but you were more than happy to be a part of my life. 

My life would be incomplete without you just like a pokemon episode would be incomplete without Pikachu and Team rocket. 

I wonder if you relate more to team rocket or Pikachu because I think I would be open to both. 

If you want loyalty like Pikachu or Team Rocket, I have both of them available for you. 

Catchy Pikachu Pickup Line

Pokemon is all about catching the pokemon of your choice. So while you are playing pokemon go you might be struggling to catch Pikachu but that does not mean you would have a hard time catching feelings for your crush or making your crush feel the feelings you want for you. To help you, these are the best ones to go for. 

Have you ever been lost in the forest?

I do feel like I would find you in the forest. 

I think the best place to find you would be the forest. 

I feel like I was the one to be lost in the forest and you would be the one to find me. 

You are the trainer that I have been looking at. 

I want to feel like a pokemon because you have been seeking me for so long. 

I feel like you would be a cute pokemon because I bet I could carry you on me whenever. 

I can not wait to carry you on me whenever I am chilling because that would be great. 

I can not wait to carry you around with me. 

So how do you feel about becoming my glorified pokemon?

I would love to be a girlfriend but I would love to be a pokemon for you more. 

With how obsessed you er with pokemon I wish I was a pokemon too. 

You make me feel jealous of the pokemon and you do not realize it. 

I wish you realized how jealous I am of all the pokemon that surround you. 

With how cute you look, you would be better off being a pokemon instead of a trainer. 

I bet you would be a pokemon because you are super rare. 

You transform and evolve into a better version of yourself often so I feel like you are a pokemon in human form. 

I think you are a pokemon that is born as a human. 

So have you ever been to the viridian forest?

I think there is a forest where you live because there is no way you are from anywhere except the viridian forest. 

You look beautiful in yellow so I feel like you would be the perfect one for Pikachu. 

I think if you were to play a role, you would be better off as a Pikachu. 

Rare Pikachu Pickup Line 

There are rare pokemon that you would thank all the stars for winning. That is why, if you ever find someone who is perfect for you, then you should not let them go.

They would be your rare pokemon who deserve all the love in the whole world. To express your love for them in a very cute and relatable way for them, then these are the ones for you. 

I think you would be the best to Pikachu. 

Let me Pikachu because you are a stunner. 

I feel the electricity whenever I happen to Pikachu. 

Have you ever felt me taking a Pikachu?

I would love to be the one to share a Pikachu.  

So the one I want to peak at is you. 

So I hope you are ready to reach the peak. 

You are so cute, you always have blushy cheeks. 

You make me feel stunned without even using anything. 

You make my cheeks flushed at all times. 

You stun me way too much and this is adorable. 

You are electrifying. 

I bet you would make me shiver with the electricity. 

Do you feel the charge whenever we are around each other?

I bet you charge me up. 

How can you charge me all the time? 

I feel so charged up whenever I am around you. 

You are like Pikachu because you charge me up all the time. 

You make me feel like Team rocket with the number of times you have shocked me. 

You shock me but in a way I enjoy it.

I have never thought that I would have my very own Pikachu but here you are. 

You make me feel so charged up with your word.s 

Tour words charge me up. 

You excite me without even trying and I think that is dope. 

This is shocking but in the best way possible. 

I think you electrify me in the sweetest way. 

Can I feel you up and see if electricity courses through my vein?

I feel like there is electricity in you and I bet if I touched you, I would feel it. 

I can not wait to feel the electricity burn me when I touch you. 

I do feel the passion burning me but I wonder if the electricity in you would burn me up or not. 

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