151+ Pick Up Lines To Make Her Blush to Turning Up the Heat

Girls like to get compliments every day, and on every occasion, they want to hear about their dress, makeup, smile, eyes, etc., and this is nothing much to ask, okay?

After spending hours and putting in so much effort, we deserve it. So what do you say to compliment your girl? Yeah, I know, “You look beautiful today” is fine too, but isn’t it too ordinary?

The extra effort deserves an extraordinary compliment. So don’t settle for common words; use some excellent Pickup lines to make her blush and make her day. 

Cheesy Pick-Up Lines To Make Her Blush

You are going to attend a college reunion party, and you are going to meet your college crush after so long.

Of course, this is the right time to approach her, but saying it casually would be boring or weird, right?

So instead, try using these Cheesy Pickup lines to make her blush and tell her about your true feelings. 

Are you from Hogwarts? Cause I find you unrealistic.

You look familiar; oh yes, you look like my next girlfriend.

What do you do for a living except look extraordinarily beautiful?

I’m not a thief, but always ready to steal your heart.

Whoever has arranged the alphabet has arranged it wrong. They should have put I and U together. 

You must be religious cause you are the answer to all my worship. 

Could you please hold me cause I can’t stop falling for you?

They are wrong when people say Disneyland is the happiest place in the universe. Instead, I’m happiest standing next to you.

 Sorry, don’t get me wrong, I just have my phone number. Can you give me yours? 

Love, at first sight, is so dull; let’s go on a date this weekend.

Come here, i” ll tie your shoes properly so that you can’t fall for anyone else.

Funny Pick up lines To Make Her Blush

You might be planning to propose to your crush. Play safe; instead of starting it with dull ‘Roses are red; violets are blue,’ just be a little funny and creative so that she can’t hit you.

So next time you plan to hang out with your best friend, compliment her in the most humorous way to make her blush.

Where do you live? In Prison? Cause it must be illegal to look this much beautiful.

How am I looking today? “Fine” Check my shirt; it’s made p of boyfriend material.

I’m calling Cops. “Why?” cause it is illegal to look this beautiful.

I’m wrong with the directions. Can you tell me the way to your heart?

Well, what’s your New Year’s resolution? Mine is You.

Your driving license should get suspended cause you drive me crazy. 

I’m a snowflake. “What?” cause I’m fallen for you.

Hey, I lost directions. Can you take me? “Where” to your home.

You can add me to your to-do list if you are busy today.

 Are you an airport station/ cause you are taking off my heart? 

You must be living in an oven cause you are damn hot.

 Do you have any maps? “Why?” I’m lost in your eyes. 

Crazy Pick-Up Lines To Make Her Blush

Whether you want to stand out from the crowd or impress your classmates, pick-up lines are always a big thumbs up, but when it comes to making her blush, you must try something different.

Try using these crazy pick-up lines to make her blush at the right moment and enjoy your date. 

Hey girl, you know my internet is 4G, and my heart is 4U (For you).

Are you coffee? Cause I can’t start my day without you.

You may not be a Camera, but I smile automatically when I look at you.

Do you want to join me for dinner tonight? There is just Me N U on Menu. 

Could you please give me your heart? Mine is just stolen.

Your father must be an architect cause you are built amazingly.

Is your dessert? Cause I just can’t stop having you.

Well, I’m already blinded by your appearance. Can I get your number and address?

Your eyes tell a lot, except your number. Can I have it?

I love how you are; I have a problem with your surname. Want to change it with mine?

Hey, can I be you? Cause I love desserts, and you look sweet.

 Could you please take me to the eye specialist? I can’t see anything else except you. 

Flirty Pick-Up lines To Make Her Blush

Your first day at college? You will meet a lot of new people there. So you might be thinking of how you will make new friends.

Cause you can’t say, Hey, my name is xyz, how are you, nice meet you? So these moments, try using these flirty pickup lines listed below. 

I’m feeling weak; I think I need vitamin U.

Your father might be a terrorist cause you are a bomb.

My cellphone is useless until it doesn’t have your number on it. 

Kiss me if I’m wrong, but Earth is flat, right?

My mother says Nothing lasts forever. Would you be my nothing?

Hey, You are here? Heaven must be missing you. 

You are so sweet; you must be living in a candy shop.

Wait, let me call my mom. “Why” cause I just saw an angel.

You might have two hearts cause you just stole mine.

 I’m terrible at flirting; could you teach me?

Do I know you? Sorry, you look exactly like the angel I dreamt about last night.

I was about to call you beautiful, but I don’t have your number.

Rare Pick-Up Lines To Make Her Blush

Pick-up lines are not always about impressing someone, but you can use them for your friends.

So, compliment your close ones and make them feel special or express gratitude. Then you can try using these rare and unique pickup lines to make them blush.

I was feeling off lately, but you just turned me on.

Do you work at Airport, cause you are well at taking off (pause) my heart?

I would be pretty if you were cute, and we might look pretty cute. 

You must be google cause you are everything I have been searching for.

Your dad must be an alien cause you look out of this world.

Someone called the ambulance, and I injured myself again. Falling for you.

Your driving license should be suspended cause you drive me crazy.

You look tired. I think you are lacking vitamin Me.

Are must be a keyboard cause you are my Type.

I think I just dropped something. ‘‘What?” My jaw.

Can I come to your place? Cause my elders told me to follow my goals. 

Chat Up Lines To Make Her Blush

Got a match on the dating app? What next? Don’t wait for the right time. Instead, just play your card and make her mind blow by using these good chat-up lines to begin the conversation. 

Well, I don’t believe in love sight, so what about meeting again tomorrow?

I don’t need Instagram to follow you.

I lost my soft toy. Can I cuddle you?

Your lips look lonely; they will make a good pair with mine.

Let me kiss you. You can return me with interest. 

Are you a Vodka shot? Cause you just left me unconscious. 

I believe in saving the environment, so let’s just live together and save electricity and water.

Do you know what time it is? The best time to tell me your number.

 Are you graduated from ‘The University of Gorgeous Girls’ cause you look Fab?

Are you Sunset? Cause you are gorgeous, and I wait for you every.

Are your cocaine? Cause I’m addicted to you.

Best Pick-Up Lines To Make Her Blush 

To make it the best day of your week, try using these Best pick-up lines to make them blush. 

I guess my phone is not working. Could you please call me? 

I stopped listening to Spotify cause they didn’t show your picture on the hottest singles.

You must be very cheesy cause you like a snack.

You should pay me to rent for living in my heart for so long.

By now, you must have realized that I’m perfect for you. If not, then wanna go for a date?

I may not be the genie, but I’ll make sure to complete your wishes.

I can never play hide and seek with you cause someone like you is impossible o find.

Stop dressing gorgeous; they don’t allow snacks in the movie hall.

I have nothing to wear today. Should I wear the smile you gave me?

 You look exhausted. Do you want me to hold you? 

 Are you genie, cause it looks like you just completed my wishes?

Short Pick-Up Lines To Make Her Blush

We all have such friends who can’t even understand a basic joke, so for people like those, we have listed below a few short but effective pickup lines to make their day and save you. 

You must be a Google cause you are adding meaning to my life.

Your dad must be an artist cause they have produced the best art piece.

Are you speed of light? “What?” yeah, cause every time I look at you, time stops.

I’m curious whether you live in your home or an Art museum. Cause you are a piece of art.  

You are as beautiful as the first snow of winter.

Do you know anything that always looks good on you? That’s me.

You look down today. I can make you feel up in a few seconds if you agree.

Please pick me. Sorry, you are naturally cute; I thought I was dreaming.

 God must get promoted after creating you after you are one of his best creations.

Catchy Pick-Up Lines To Make Her Blush

You can’t spoil your night for your weekend Tinder dates by saying anything stupid to your partner, right?

Cause looking at the phone, we advise you to check these catchy pick-up lines to make her blush. 

If i” ll give you my heart, can I become an organ donor? 

I want to appreciate your looks, but your beauty made me speechless.

I believe that Honesty is the best policy, so honestly, I want to let you know that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

You don’t need blessings from anyone. Cause god has already blessed you.

Excuse me, I got the dare o talk to the prettiest girl in the bar, and I guess I just won.

Are you alcohol? Cause you just intoxicated me.

I was about to say, “You are beautiful,” but damn, you distracted me again.

Trust I don’t look at stars now; I can just look at you. It’s worth it.

I only use the best pictures for my profile pic. Can I have yours?

 I think I need to visit the cardiologist; my heart stops beating every time I see you.

I forget to take care of my heart sometimes, can you do it for me? 

 Your dad must be in prison cause he stole the most beautiful art piece from the museum.


Excellent Pick-Up Lines To Make Her Blush 

We know your choices are excellent., whether it be your clothes, watches, or date.

So for your most notable partners, here we have a few great pickup lines, which are best to make them blush and make your day. 

I guess I’m addicted to you cause every time I come near you, my dopamine goes high.

You must be a criminal cause you might kill a thousand with your beauty.

I’m ready to serve you breakfast on the bed if you are okay.

You are beautiful outside. Just curious about the inside. Would you allow me to enter your heart?

God must be sad in heaven cause he’s missing an angel.

You must be a compass because I’m lost without you. 

Please hold me tightly; I can’t stop falling for your beauty.

Two things that best suit you are the black top and my surname.

Sorry, I can’t drop you home cause heaven must be too far from here, right?

 You don’t need makeup at all. I have to make you blush.

If alcohol looks like you, I would never mind being addicted.

 God must regret sending a beautiful thing like you away from heaven.

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