151+ Physics Pick-Up Lines to Impress Your Science

Gone were the days when we used to rely on the same old romantic dialogues to impress our partners. It’s boring and so dull now.

We believe that Kiss is a love language, and so for Physics students, Physics is the new love language. Okay, a bad one!

But why not start an exciting conversation with your school crush, friend, and anyone in the most remarkable ways?

Cause these Physics pick-up lines can improve your chemistry with them. Here we have 100+ ways for you. Just give it a try. 

Cheesy Physics Pick-Up Lines

Do we have endless memes and funny pickup lines for Biology and Chemistry but your Physics lab experiments?

We have nothing! Well, not now; we have listed a few Cheesy Pickup lines below for you.

You don’t need a Transducer; you are naturally hot.

I don’t know about the center of Gravitation; all I know about the center of attraction is that it’s you.

Do you know about van der Waal’s force of attraction? Wait, I’ll come closer so that you can feel it.

Are you a Carbon sample? Cause I want to take you out on a date.

Do you know what the Law of Universal Gravitation says? Of course, you’ll also be attracted to me if I’m tempted.

Are made up of magnets? Cause I’m attracted towards you.

I can be the external force to the inertia of your body by taking you out on a date. 

Your body must have a refractive index of more than 2.42 cause you shine more than a diamond.

You must be a singularity cause the closer I come to you, the faster the time slips.

According to the second law of Thermodynamics, you should share your body’s heat with me. 

Girl, you must be the Centripetal force cause you make my world round and round.

I’d still fall for you even if there is no gravity in space.

Funny Physics Pick-up Lines

Physics is interesting. No doubt, but those long periods of experiments and boring derivations can be annoying sometimes.

So, just to light up the mood in the class, here we have some Funny Physics Pick-up lines.

You are extraordinary. Your hugs are warmer than Hydrogen Plasma.

You must be Higgs Boson’s because the universe doesn’t ‘Matter’ without you.

Are you Magnetic Monopole? Cause the only thing I got from you is attraction.

I think I should revise the Laws of Thermodynamics to understand why you are this hot.

I’m Sodium; you can pass your empty valence shell to me.

Not just Angular momentum, but my love for you can also go around.

Like Symmetry breaking, you are also hot enough to start the unification.

I’m a good dancer; wanna try some simple Harmonic Motion with me?

I don’t care about stars when the most beautiful heavenly body stands next to me.

I’m researching heavenly bodies. Can you tell me something about yourself?

Do you know that more than 100 Trillion Neutrinos penetrate your body in seconds? Would you mind if I joined them too?

Crazy Physics Pick-Up Lines

Have Might physics already made you crazy by now, right? Just Kidding!

For crazy scientists in the class, we have these Physics Pickup lines you can use for fun.

If I were Adenine, I could get better pair with you.

Your eyes’ wavelength must be 563.4 nm cause it’s perfect.

Do you want to check the Spring constant of my bed? Then, we can make some data.

If you join me tonight, I can teach you some practical applications of Friction.

Group experiments could be challenging to understand; what about a duo?

You have good Potential. Do you want to convert it to Kinetic at my place?

Hey, if you’ll join me tonight, I can show you our co-efficient of friction.

Physics says the vector’s length doesn’t matter; it’s the force we apply.

Let’s check the coefficient of Kinetic friction between us.

Just don’t think about the Quantum Theory! Meet me tonight and trust me, I won’t Bohr (Bore) you.

If you don’t mind, I can Bombard my Rocketship at your singularity.

Flirty Physics Pickup Lines

You can’t impress the class topper with expensive dates or flowers. So what to do?

Try these flirty Physics pick-up lines to impress them with your intelligence, but please don’t come to us if they ask you about the concept. 

Do you know, Friction Force is the best thing about science? 

I don’t know if you are measured in Kelvin, Celsius, or Fahrenheit; you’ll always be hot for me.

I love to move fast, as my style is a 10 GeV accelerator. Do you love it?

You must be the third generation down quark cause I like your bottom

Are you Andromeda? Cause our destiny is to collide.

I have the potential to be very Kinetic with you. 

Do you check the Exponential Growth my Log?

Want to check my Telescope? You can also Hubble it anytime.

The wavelength of your eyes must be 563.4 nm cause its Perfect.

Is your skin burning? As you have fallen from heaven, Re-entry would have been extremely hot.

You must be on Camera cause every time I look at you, I smile.

Your Sine must be pi/2 cause you are the one.

Rare Physics Pickup Lines

Here we have some very different and exciting Physics pick-up lines for you that will help you start a great conversation with them, and you might also end up knowing a lot about them.

You and I would be equal to Grand Unification.

Do you know what the cross between the Stars and the Moon is? It’s you.

We both are sub-atomic particles cause I can feel a strong force between us.

I forgot about Relativity; you seem more special to me.

I can absorb your electron to make you feel positive.

You must be born in an open cluster cause you shine like a star.

The directions of my heart’s fields are pointed towards you.

Are you the proton in my core? “Sorry?” Cause I can never feel the same without you. 

Let’s get together; it will be like the superposition in a phase of 2 waves.

Sunlight was beautiful; you would shine from millions of light years away.

No doubt, you are more special to me than relativity.

Good Chat-up Physics Pick-Up Lines

Asking for notes is not good every time cause that irritating class topper might say “NO!”. So just to avoid this, you can ask them by adding a few Physics pickup lines, taking notes, and saying ‘Goodbye,’ but don’t be too rude, okay?

My heart is beating fast; some surface tension must be between us.

I had starred for every time I think about you, I would have created my galaxy by now.

Are you a magnetic monopole? Cause I get attraction from you all the time.

If you were Delta, I would be the Epsilon, and we will find the limits together.

Similar to Blue Supergiant Star, you are boiling.

You must be a strong magnet cause I can’t stop myself from attracting you.

Your parent’s name must be Barium and Beryllium cause you are a BaBe.

I’m a Physics major, but trust me, I won’t Bohr (Bore) you in bed.

Just as Earth is attracted to Sun, I’m tempted to you.

Are you gravitational force? Cause I can’t stop attracting towards you.

I must be the fifth fundamental force because I’m highly attracted to you.

Best Physics Pickup Lines

So you just got to know that her favorite subject is Physics, so you can’t take a chance to impress her.

So here we have the best Physics Lines that you can try to start a friendly relationship with her, and after that, it’s up to you.

I’m the Aluminium foil, be my battery, and we will light up the world.

I have my ion for you, babe.

I keep on hanging near you like a Foucault Pendulum.

You attract me the same way as Magnet attracts Iron.

Babe, you are the one who gave my electrons a positive charge.

You must be the Normal line of a denser medium cause I’m attracted to you.

Newton’s Law of Gravitation says you are equally attracted to me if I’m tempted.

You must be at the 90-degree angle cause you are the Right one for me.

What do you eat? A magnet? Cause everyone is attracted towards you.

I’m not good at Physics, so do you want to see my chemistry with you?

Are you a laser? Cause you are just set to stunning.

Just Like Universe, my love for you is infinite and constantly expanding.

Awesome Physics Pickup Lines

Is physics an excellent subject, right? Nah! You can make it extraordinary by trying these fantastic Physics pickup lines in class to act cool. 

I reach my melting point whenever you are around.

You are boiling that you can even melt down a nuclear reactor.

Have you ever studied Big Bang Theory? Do wanna see my Big Bong? 

I wanted to tell you a secret; I have a supernova under my pants.

Do you want to do a Physics experiment to check the rigidity of my object?

Do you want me to adjust my lever to shift your Center of Mass in it?

In school, my favorite was Physical Geography. Do wanna check it right now?

Do you want to convert your potential into kinetic? But you have to come with me to my bedroom for that.

Would you like to insert some electrons into my storage ring?

I don’t care about infinite digits of pi; all I need is your number.

I have never seen atoms so perfectly arranged as yours.

You are no less than an atomic bomb to me.

Catchy Physics Pickup Lines

Physics formulas may not be catchy, but these pickup lines are! Just go through these Catchy pick-up lines we have listed below.

We are a Galvanic cell cause I can feel the electricity flowing among us.

I don’t know about my bond length, but I can still give you ‘Electron Density.

I guess you are an Acid, and I’m a Litmus paper because I turn red whenever you touch me.

Just like Entropy, my love never decreases for you.

I may be poor in Physics, but trust me, my Gravitational pull is irresistible.

Nothing can measure your hotness, whether it be Kelvin, Fahrenheit, or Celcius.

I guess we just shared electrons cause I can feel the covalent bond among us.

Can you expand my polynomial?

You must be Singularity cause you are attractive as well as the time slips faster when I come closer to you.

If you join me tonight, we can violate the Pauli Exclusion Principle.

You must be faster than light cause every time I see you, time stops.

You are increasing my boiling point. Are you a Non-Volatile particle?

Short Physics Pick-Up Lines

Not everyone is a topper as you in Physics; oh, sorry! Not even you? You can use these short, easy-to-understand pick-up lines to act smart. 

If you meet me, trust me, I can excite your natural frequency.

More than the Gravitational force, I’m attracted to you.

I don’t know about Einstien’s long hair; yours are the most beautiful for me.

Like an ideal vacuum, you are the only thing in my universe.

Are you the Photon to my Electron? Cause you take me to an excited state.

I may not be good at Physics, but I can excite your natural frequency.

You must be an exothermic reaction cause you release extreme hotness.

I have acceleration and mass. Are you ready for the Thrust force?

Just like the universe, my love for you is also constantly expanding.

I don’t like Physics much, but I would love to read about your heavenly body.

Have you heard of Gamma Ray burst? Wanna experience it?

I’m poor in Physics. Can you help me couple some equations tonight?

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