103+ Phone Number Pick-Up Lines to Get the Much Awaited Number

We admit that acquiring someone’s phone number can be challenging, but it is not impossible! Sometimes instead of being upfront about your wants, you need to take the other route to those desired digits.

As we have always been saying, if you ask for the phone number, do it in a way that keeps you remembered! If you want your crush’s phone number, you must wonder, “Well, how do I go about it?” right? Fear no more because we have you covered!

These funny, cheesy, and corny pick-up lines prove that getting phone numbers has never been easier! Let us waste no time and dive into this article with the best phone number pick-up lines of all! Stay with us till the end!

Funny Phone Number Pick-Up Lines

These funny pick-up lines are perfect if you plan to get those digits by making them laugh, so do not hesitate to borrow a few from this list of funny phone number pick-up lines!

They say my good morning texts are way better than anyone else’s. Do you want to give me your digits and test that claim yourself?

Hey girl, I bet you are interested in knowing if I make six digits, right? To share that valuable information, I need your seven numbers.

Hey there, are you down for a quick game of rock paper scissors? The deal is that loser has to give their phone number to the winner.

I want to tell you about all the things I would wish to like to do with you, but I fear that they are inappropriate to say out loud. Can I get your phone number so I can text it to you instead?

Hey, girl, can you help me out by keeping my phone with you while I go to the washroom? You should also consider saving your number if you already have it in your hands.

What are the chances that I will manage to get your number if I let you choose the emoji next to your name when saving the contact?

Hey, baby, are you interested in seeing a magic trick? It involves me getting your phone and making my digits appear on your contact list!

How do you expect me to send you flirty messages shamelessly at 3 AM when I do not even have your number on my phone?

Hey, girl, can I get your phone number? The real one, of course. Not the fake one that girls give us, mostly when they are not interested.

I usually refrain from asking strangers for their phone numbers, but I do not think I will ever be able to forgive myself if we never see each other again, just in case.

You give me your phone number; I spam your DMs with adorable puppy pictures all day. Deal?

Phone Number Pick Up Lines

Crazy Phone Number Pick-Up Lines

While regular pick-up lines can do the job most of the time, have you ever tried utilizing a crazy phone number pick-up line? Well, consider using a few of these for perfect results!

People say that the text messages I send when I am drunk are hilarious. Do you want to give me your phone number and check if that claim is valid?

Sometimes, I get angry at my phone and want to throw it out of the window. But this crappy thing does not even have your number in it. Do you think you can change that?

Your mobile phone looks quite lovely, but it seems that it would look even better if you let me add my number to it. 

If you are already in awe of my excellent flirting skills in person, trust me, you will love my flirting skills over text messages even more. So give me your number, and I will prove myself.

So, am I going to get your number from you, or do I have to ask Google to search for it on my behalf?

Hey girl, here have my phone number. I was hoping you could send me a message and let me know when you feel like you are ready to go on a date with me.

I promise, give me your phone number, and I will save it on my contacts list as “hottest blondie.”

So, girl, do you want me to invite you for dinner next week over text messages, or do you want me to pick you up directly from your home?

Hey baby, I got to go right now, but do not worry, getting rid of me is not just as easy. What is your number?

Come on, girl, I know you think if to give me your digits or not. I think you should stop overthinking and hand it to me now!

My mates over there bet me that I would not be able to secure the phone number of the prettiest girl in this room. Well, it looks like we both just won some money to spend on a date!

Does the new iPhone have your number already saved on it? If yes, take my money.

Crazy Phone Number Pick Up Lines

Cheesy Phone Number Pick-Up Lines 

Pick-up lines can never be “too” cheesy, so do not hesitate to take your chances! If you are looking for cheesy phone number pick-up lines, this list might come in handy!

You know, girl, it is so hard to plan our wedding when I do not even have your phone number with me. Do you think you can change that?

I can not recall where I put my phone. Can you call it and see where it rings?

If you want me to call you randomly to ask about your day or send you wholesome memes, you should consider putting your number down on my phone!

My phone number sounds boring; I bet yours sounds way more likable than mine. Do you want to prove me wrong?

You should give me your phone number right now so I do not have to spend the next few nights sleepless and trying to guess those digits correctly.

Hey, girl, I have a powerful long-term memory. Give me your phone digits, and I will remember them forever, trust me!

Hey, baby, I am currently stuck on a math problem. Can I have your digits so that I can solve it easier?

Here, take my number and keep it with you. Then, if you ever need a ride, know I am a call away!

Hey, girl, I have a breathtaking deal for you. You give me your phone number; I will provide you with mine. Does that now sound exciting?

Hey, girl, let us play a guessing game! You tell me how much money would be in your bank account if the amount was equal to your phone number, and I will try to guess your phone number!

Cheesy Phone Number Pick Up Lines

Catchy Phone Number Pick-Up Lines

These catchy phone number pick-up lines are proven effective in acquiring phone numbers securely. So please do not be shy and try them for yourself!

Hey, girl, can I use your phone for a minute? I need to ring up god and tell him that I finally found the angel that went missing from heaven.

It is so weird how I am aware of so many different numbers of pi, but I do not know your phone number. Do you think you can change that?

The proposal is that you give me your phone number now, or I find it out myself by stalking you for a week. What do you prefer?

What would you like to do right now, girl, to give me your phone number or to make me cry for it?

Hey girl, take my number and call me anytime you feel you need some company for the night!

Hey, baby, can I use your cellphone for a moment? I want to call my mother a d tell her that I have finally found the girl of my dreams.

Best Phone Number Pickup Lines Ever

The following phone number pick-up lines are carefully sorted out as the best of all time, and you possibly can not go wrong with them! So please choose your favorite from the list, and do not forget to use them when in need!

Hey girl, do you not think it is crazy that we have known each other for more than 5 minutes and still do not have each other’s phone numbers yet?

You look like the type of girl that would enjoy a session of flirting at midnight, but hey, girl, you need to give me your phone number for that.

Oops, I think I misplaced my phone number. Can I keep yours instead?

The only thing preventing me from smiling right now is the lack of your phone number on my phone. Care to make a sad guy happy?

Hey girl, did I tell you that I am working on a book currently? It is a phonebook, and all it lacks is your phone number!

If you did not know this already, I am out on a hunt today. Yes, you are right, a quest for your phone number.

A second spent without your number on my phone is a second wasted. So hey girl, let us not waste any more time, please.

Ahoy! Do not sail away without sharing your digits with a fellow pirate like me!

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