100+ Sensuous Pharmacy Pickup Lines to Get Him/Her

We all know how to flirt, but have you mastered the art of flirting if you haven’t used a pharmacy pick-up line to impress your loved one? 

Pharmacy pick-up lines are ripe and funny. Feel free to use them even if your heart is a little shy. A wide smile on your face and a perfect pick-up line will help you to break the ice. 

Catchy Pharmacy Pick-Up Lines 

All you need to do to see your sweetheart smile and make their heart flutter is use a quick pick-up line. Then, initiate that conversation, the one that you are hesitating to have. You already have an icebreaker in your mind, so why not go for it? 

Nobody likes having dry conversations because they are such a big turn-off. Pick-up lines will add that extra spice to your talk to make it way more interesting than it already is. these are some of my favorites that you can use to impress someone and catch their attention

● By any chance, do you have an inhaler? Because you took my breath away 

● You make me so happy you give me serotonin syndrome. 

● I believe in staying close to my pharmacist. Can I get your Instagram? 

● Do you have a stethoscope? My heart has been acting weird. 

● The only vitamin that you need is some vitamin me. 

● You are so sweet, and I think I will need some Metformin. 

● I believe there is something wrong with my heart. Could you try calling it to see if it works? 

● My heartbeat goes extra fast when I see you. 

● No need to check your blood sugar. Everyone knows that you are sweet. 

Short Pharmacy Pick-Up Lines 

You want them to think about you, just like you think about them all the time but getting their attention isn’t an easy task. It requires your effort and a catchy pharmacy pick-up line. So take that chance and create an everlasting impression. None of your conversations will end up awkward if you know what you are talking about. Below are some of the best pick-up lines to get them. 

● I feel very lost. Can you give me the directions to your heart?

● Do you also breathe oxygen? We have so much in common. 

● You’re so pharma-cute-ical. 

● If you ever felt sick, you should take me. 

● I wish to be your emergency contact. 

● We must exchange genetic information. 

● Pharmacist’s come in prescribed doses. 

● Baby, I will always get medicare for you. 

● You are the only one I desire, and I want no 


● Skip the regulation and support my heart system. 

● Only you can cure, prevent and prevent my broken heart. 

● You make my blood sugars volatile 

● ICU in my dreams 

● You raise my serotonin level 

● My love for you is very strong that it will never dilute. 

● I wasn’t planning on specializing, but you seem pretty special to me. 

● Do you want to study some anatomy? 

● Can I check your temperature? You’re looking hot today. 

● Can I be your ophthalmologist because I can’t stop looking into your eyes? 

● You are the sinoatrial node of my heart. 

● You are just like amylase.

● Organ transplants scare me a little, but I’d give you my heart anytime. 

● You are the mitochondria of my life. 

● I’m the T cell of your life. 

Flirty Pharmacy Pick-Up Lines 

A healthy relationship requires a lot of healthy flirting and communication. It keeps the spark alive between any two people who are in love. Be a little expressive when it comes to showing your true love. Flirty pick-up lines work like magic.

Work it out by amusing them through various flirty pick-up lines. Make them feel wanted but don’t be too cheesy. Prolonged eye contact and a flirty pick-up line are all you need. Use these easy lines whenever you come around an opportunity. 

● I’d love to call you pia mater because you are always on my mind. 

● You are my growth factor. 

● You have a pulmonary embolism because you have been making me breathless. 

● You are definitely my appendix because I think I might die if I don’t take you out 

● You are hot because you denature my proteins. 

● You are on an exothermic reaction because you spread your hotness everywhere. 

● I want to study your anatomy in depth.

● best if you were an orthopedist because you make any limp go away 

● My love for you comes right from my artery, and I don’t want it to be all in vein. 

● Any treatment for a second-degree heart block? Because my heart skipped a beat. 

● You are my coronary artery Because you are wrapped around my heart. 

● You are so hot that sometimes you denature my enzymes. 

● Your chemistry is turning me on. 

● Do you know our heart stops when we sneeze? Precisely the kind of situation when I take a look at you. 

● I might suffer from Mobitz Type II because you make my heart skip. 

● My hypothalamus might be secreting a lot of serotonin because of you. 

● Are you cholesterol? Because you are very dangerous to my heart. 

● If we were chromosomes, you’d be my homologous pair. 

● Did you accidentally cut my phrenic nerve? Because you take my breath away. 

Funny Pharmacy Pick-Up Lines

Relationships are supposed to be fun and filled with a lot of laughter. Humor can improvise your life and easily give you a sense of subtle attractiveness. It also decreases the stress in one of those problematic situations. Make your loved ones laugh by using one of these pick-up lines 

● Aside from being a sexy pharmacist, what do you do for a living? 

● Do you believe in love at first purchase, or should I repurchase medicine? 

● Go ahead and feel my shirt. Do you know what it’s made of? Pharmacist material. 

● Did you just come out of the clinic? Because you look hot. 

● Blinded by your beauty. I am going to need your name and phone number for insurance purposes. 

● I will act like acetaminophen to ensure all your pains go away. 

● Treat my diabetes, and also, stop being so sweet. 

● Take a look at my bones; I have been feeling weak at the knees. 

● You must be a conditioned stimulus because you are making me drool. 

● The body requires medical attention. I hurt myself pretty lousy falling for you. 

● Do you have my other lung? Because I have been LUNG-ing for you.

● Stop acting like a defibrillator. Because you are sending shocks straight to my heart. 

● I think I’m developing tics. Because I can’t stop winking at you. 

Rare Pharmacy Pick-Up Lines 

We all prefer something unique and different, something that is not common. So, use these rare and exciting pick-up lines to give your conversations a quick start. You will make everyone fall in love with your uniqueness and charm. Below is a list of my favorites to make a smooth move to impress your special one. 

● You look like that box of BD needles because you are remarkable and fine. 

● Can I ask you for an aspirin tablet? Just looking at you is giving me a lot of heart-related issues. 

● No pill can stop my heart from burning for you. 

● It would be best if you stopped asking me for directions because all signs lead back to you. ● I can stare right through your soul. 

● Is it my olfactory, or do you really smell good? 

● Treat my stomach because every time I look at you, I feel butterflies in my stomach. 

● Keep that apple because I don’t want to keep you away. 

● Forget about pharmacology Because love is the only drug we will need.

● Did you hear my heart murmuring, “I LOVE YOU” 

● You are the cure for my Alzheimer’s because you are unforgettable. 

● My burning passion for you is more substantial than my urinary tract infection. 

● My eyes are developing astigmatism. But when I am with you, I can see pretty well. 

● You will have to give me mouth-to-mouth to save me from cardiac arrest. 

● You are the heart of healthcare. Would you like to be mine? 

● You are an angel with a stethoscope. 

● My left eye hurts badly because I have been looking right all day. 

Good Pharmacy Chat-Up Lines 

If you are thinking about impressing your crush, come up with nice pick-up lines. You can easily show off your intellectual side or something you are passionate about. You don’t want them to feel that you are bad at talking. Don’t bother because we’ve got you covered. Use these lines when you get to have a conversation with them. 

● Are you my prescription drug? Because I have been looking all over for you. 

● Ready to find new routes of administration? 

● Hey, do you need some help in getting your script filled?

● I am trying to quit smoking. Can I kiss instead? 

● I want to take you over the counter.

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