185+ good Perverted Pickup Lines [flirty, awesome, short, rare]

Being sexually attracted in this day and age to someone is something that is completely normal to express.

So go right ahead and tell your crush how they make your heart go pitter-patter and how much you wish they were taking care of you in more than one way with the following. 

Good perverted pickup lines 

Being a pervert is alright, but you need to make sure you do it in a pristine way.

If you are worried about stumbling over your words and failing miserably, then these are the ones for you.

These will help you achieve the peak pervertedness without coming off as a weird person.

Do you have mind control because you give my zipper a mind of its own?  

Stop controlling my zipper and control me.

You must be gravity because my pants do fall because of you. 

My pants look good around my waist but better around my ankles.

Wait. I think I have mind control. Let me see if I can will those pants off of you.

After such a long day at work, I can show you how grateful I am for helping you get out of your clothes.

My suit looks good on you but the birthday suit would look better. 

We do not need birthdays to wear our birthday suits, now do we?

I bet we could wrestle in our comfortable birthday suits. 

I would be open to having a pillow fight with me in your birthday suits. 

Your kisses tell me a lot more than your words do.

Intimacy is a language unspoken between us that we are both well versed in.

My tongue is desperate to dance with yours.

My tongue can definitely speak to yours.

There are a lot of cavities I can Slytherin to.

If you struggle to find the words to show how happy you are, you can just kiss me.

I would say there is no perfect time to kiss. You just have to seize the moment.

I am good at kissing lips, and it is for you to find out which ones.

I can do a french kiss no problem, now which pair do you want me to kiss?

I will render you speechless with my lack of propriety. 

You do not need to kiss me to make me speechless, and your smile is enough. 

Your tongue is begging to be sucked on. 

Your cheeks are better when they are red, but now which cheeks am I talking about? 

You do make me feel the heat of the summer without the sun even. 

You look amazing in outfits, and you look better out of them.

Should I leave marks of my conquest all over you, or should I not?

I only like bruises if they are the ones I left on you.

I focus on every nook and cranny of your body. 

You definitely have cavities that I can fill up. s

Cheesy Perverted Pickup Lines

Most can not agree whether cheese is something that you want to use in the bedroom as a part of food play.

But I can assure you that some cheese in your words when you hit someone up is completely acceptable and even encouraged, just like cheese crackers. Who doesn’t like cheese crackers? Similarly, who doesn’t like a little cheese when they are being hit on?

I want to update my to-do list, and it seems like you are the only one on it.

So when can I do you to cut you out on the to-do list? 

I will put you on my to-do list the earliest I can.

You want to do me so badly that I bet I am on your to-do list.

Even after sitting for so many exams, you are definitely at the bottom. 

Condoms add to environmental pollution. So how about we skip it, and I get the snip for you?

My condom might expire tomorrow, or it might not, but I would like to use it on you. 

I always keep something for the ladies in my wallet. A hair tie, of course.

My lap is one of the seats you could enjoy if you do not want to sit on my face.

I believe alcohol will act as a catalyst for the chemistry boiling between us. 

I like sex on the beach, both the drink and acting. 

You would be better off riding me than that motorbike without a helmet.

If you wish to ride without safety gear on, might I suggest my bed?

I do not need glasses to see that you are a total piece of ass that I want in my mouth. 

If you want clean seats, I do have a handkerchief to wipe my mouth with.

Do you like summer because that definitely gets you hot?

Summer will not be the only thing that will be warm tonight. 

I can think of one more thing that will spring into action whenever you enter the room except me.

My joystick is begging for you to feel joy because of it.

My back is your shooting range. 

I am no John Snow, but I know when Winter is coming assuming you are Winter?

My primary function is to warm you up, inside and outside. 

I will make you feel like an oven with how much batter I will put inside you.

I hope you like a white Christmas because I will be painting you white.

Today I will teach you about love and it starts with you taking off your clothes.

I will drop those pretenses faster than I drop my pants for you.

If you wish to have something to confess about, I will give you loads. 

We all go to hell anyway, so why not I show you heaven before that,

I will show you heaven every night that you will forget god even exists.

Heaven resides between my legs, in case you were looking for it.

Flirty Perverted Pickup Lines For Her

Tell her how much you desire with the following. These will definitely melt her heart and soul with how cute they sound when they are being told.

These are also perfect for showing off your sexual prowess verbally without coming off as a sleazeball. 

I like going down on stairs and on you.

I believe it is easier to go down on you, just like it is easier to go down the stairs as well.

The moon comes up every night, just like my love for you. 

The moon is up all night, just like I would be when I am with you.

At mass, you got to drink a lot of wine, but how do you feel getting wine drunk in my bed?

Let me drink you up all the time, like wine.

I will caress you like the ocean waves caress the sand.

I will study you like I study my lab work.

Let me work on you all night long like my homework.

Everything about you makes me aroused so can I show it to you?

If I were a leprechaun, would you let me touch your lucky charm? 

Your lucky charm is begging to be touched by me. 

I am waiting to touch you and charm you until you feel lucky. 

Are you feeling lucky tonight? Would I be open to making you feel better? 

Let me inform you that I will be a flying virgin. 

How are you flying tonight, big boy? I am definitely flying virgin. 

I hope you are open to cuffing me tonight, whether to you or to the bed I do not mind. 

I will be as possessive over you as a kitten is over the piece of salami I give them. 

So if you like cats and I sit on your chest, would you like me better?

I want to wake up next to you or under you. 

I have not decided whether I want to be on top of you or under you. 

Let me under you every night. 

I would be a body pillow just for you. 

Let me be under your influence. 

You must be magical because I am under your influence.

Your ass is like a keg because I definitely want to tap that. 

Let me tap that junk in your trunk. 

Your junk in the trunk is calling me.

Short Perverted Pickup Lines

Being a short king and short queen in this dating market can be tough that is why your tongue game has to be supreme, no puns intended.

That is why the ones you will read next will help you out with coming off as confident, cute, sultry, and adorable. These will make people look at you and wonder what else your mouth can do. 

Water can not quench the thirst I am feeling right now.

You make me as happy as a traveler when they see an oasis. 

Your body can definitely quench my thirst.

I have never wanted to live anyway, so let me drown in you.

Your eyes definitely have X-ray vision because I feel quite naked right now.

My eyes are more than enough to undress you. 

I will take good care of your body if you would just trust me with it. 

That shirt of yours would look better on me than it looks on you. 

My bed is better when it has on you. 

My bed does feel quite empty without you.

I could take a nap in bed, but why would I do that when I can nap in your arms?

I feel like I need sunglasses to stare at you shamelessly.

Shame is not a thing that exists when it comes to you.

I love staring at you and wondering how you would look doing everything while naked.

Call me a delivery man, so I will bring you a whole package. 

I did not order anything, and yet here you are, a whole package all for me. 

Your body is hotter than a heater, and I like it. 

I can cover your taste buds with something spectacular.

My bedroom is waiting to be utilized. 

You can come to break my bed because I have been waiting for a new bed. 

I plan on having more than one dessert tonight.

Do you eat in your bed? Well, I will. 

I could eat my favorite meal on the table, but the bed would be comfortable for you. 

Awesome Perverted Pickup Line

In order to have the stable relationship that you are desperately looking for, you just have to figure out how to make a remarkable impression. The following can definitely help you leave a good memory in your crush’s mind as a cute pervert who is adorable at expressing their desire but does not step over the boundaries, 

If you are hoping to taste the rainbow, I can help you with that. 

I hope you like nuts because I would be very open to sharing nuts with you. 

I can give you a taste of a rainbow if you are up for it. 

I am like a slime grenade. I can definitely explode all over you. 

Your lips are as red as skittles, and they are my favorite. 

If I get you drinks and you get naked for me, then I can assure you that you will have free drinks on me tonight. 

I want to see you smile, but only after you have come with me. 

The only place I wanna travel with you is my bedroom. 

I see you are quite the vocalist, so would you like to do a duet back at my crib? 

We can burn all the calories together. 

Girl, do you have Daddy issues? For I could be a daddy to you. 

I have never been a King, but you can definitely be my princess. 

You make more than my legs quiver. 

Politeness will get you far with me.

Those calories are begging to be burnt off together.

I know something better than workouts for us to burn off the calorie.

I have always been good at stretching people out. 

If you need help stretching, I would be more than happy to help you out.

Rare Perverted Pickup Lines 

It is rare to find your soulmate these days. But what do you do when you do find someone who can be your soulmate? You hit on them, obviously!

But how do you successfully hit on someone without making them feel weird or uncomfortable? Well, these are here to help. 

With a body like that and a face like that, you are definitely begging to be manhandled, and I am hearing it. 

You have two options, either you choose to give me head or you exit my head. 

I would be open to giving you a lot of things, and the head just happens to be one of them. 

I could give you a head in both senses of the word, depending on what you are looking for. 

Sex can indeed destress you, so if you are looking for some destress, then I would like to be the one to help you.

I would be like a child on an escalator, and I will go all up and down on you. 

Caramel is what your skin reminds me of. I bet you taste just as sweet. 

You do not call me a cat but you make me feel like a kitten. 

Your body is begging for me even though your mouth is not. 

I only need one letter to express my intentions to you. It is F. 

If you want someone to take their time with you then I am the one for you. 

Good Perverted Chat Up Lines

A lot of perverts are there out and about in the streets. But only a few succeed in getting the love of their life. That is because they have figured out the key difference between a good pervert and a bad one.

The best way to make the distinction is by having a sober but pervy line to open the conversation that makes people laugh at how sleazy and out of the blue it is but does not make anyone uncomfortable. These are the ones for you. 

Let me take care of you in all the ways possible, good, bad, and ugly.  

If you ever run out of places to sit, I am an option. 

If you feel lonely, might I suggest being on top of me?

If you were an animal, you would be a horse with how hung you are. 

You are as essential to me just like my breakfast. 

A bowl of oats got nothing on how thick you are. 

So what’s your name because I heard you are what you eat and I want to know what I would be. 

I will eat you like I eat my jello, quickly, and have fun with it. 

Edible arrangements are pretty but you are prettier and tastier. 

I think you taste better than all the food that is on my plate. 

I like drinking, but I would rather drink from you. 

I am an artist, and I know a beautiful body when I see it. 

How good are you at slow dancing? Not the vertical one, the horizontal kind. 

With a face like that, I would reckon you are begging to be ruined. 

Have you ever devoured your groceries without realizing it? Well, I want to devour you like that. 

I see you eat a lot of pineapples. I suppose by proxy, and I will be eating pineapple, too, when I eat you out later. 

I had learned about the nectar of life in several Mythologies, and I thought it was a myth until I tasted you.

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