191+ best Percy Jackson Pickup Lines [Good,Tell Me,Awesome]

Percy Jackson has been one of those reformative pieces of literature just like Harry Potter was for a lot of people.

With such a huge fanbase, it will not be weird if you were to find someone you like who is also a Percy Jackson fan.

Being so special to you, it is only fair that you treat them as such by using these pickup lines. These are the perfect ones to go for whenever you are in doubt. 

Good Percy Jackson Chat Up Lines

Do you feel like you can never know how to start a conversation with your lady love? It can quite difficult to effectively start a conversation with someone you like.

Sometimes, a little bit too difficult. But that does not have to be the case for you all the time. Here, you can find different icebreakers that would be perfect for those nervous beginnings.

Apollo is not the only thing that rises at dawn. 

Do you feel like apollo for coming to every dawn? 

I think I look forward to dawn because you are like Apollo to me.

Are you my Sun or are you my apollo? Either way, I will worship you. 

You can be my Apollo for I will always be looking for you. 

You can be the apollo for me while I will be your very own Sky. 

Am I the sky? For you would be the apollo for me. 

Have you ever felt like you are at war?

I can make war between your legs. 

Do you wish to go to war with me? I will definitely defeat you every time. 

Let me show you what it is like being at war between what your body wants and your heart wants. 

Have you been waiting to be at war with me?

So what it is like winning the war that you have been considering?

For you, I would wage several hundred wars. 

Let me wage a war for you. 

You can be the Helen for me and I will be the prince of Troy for you. 

Have you been feeling hot lately or are you just Apollo? 

Have you ever been cursed by Athena? Because I think you have been. 

So where are the snakes that you have for hair?

I think you can call me medusa because whenever you see me, you become rock solid.  

I never knew I was part medusa because I really do be making you rock hard. 

I do not need medusa to become rock-hard. 

You are more potent than medusa when it comes to making me hard.

Have you been wondering about how to channel your inner medusa? Because you clearly know how to do that. 

Flirty Percy Jackson Pickup Lines

Flirting with a demi-god may seem quite complicated and difficult but it does not have to be that way.

If you want the easiest way to flirt with your Demigod lover to make sure their heart ends up in your hand, then these are the ones that are perfect for you.

While keeping the tone light, they definitely succeed in making surer that your partner knows how much you want them. 

Cyclops or not I have an eye for you. 

I have always had an eye for precious gems. 

So do you ever feel like you only have an eye for one person or is that a lie?

You could just have one eye because all you see whenever I am around you is me. 

If you are looking for someone to look you in the eye then I am the one for you. 

I have one eye and it is all for you. 

You make me feel like a cyclops because you are everything I can ever see. 

Whenever you are around me I lose every peripheral vision and you are everything I can focus on. 

 I could go for a blackjack. 

I think I like blackjack. 

Riding things is good, but riding you would be better. 

There is a blackjack there but I bet I could ride you better. 

I think you are a blackjack because every time I see you, I keep wishing I could ride you. 

Have you ever thought if you have some blackjack in your blood I do not understand why you are such a good ride? 

I think you are a better ride than you give yourself credit for. 

Babe, give yourself some credit. You are a better ride than blackjack. 

Have you been thinking about a back-biter?

I hope you are open to biting my back instead of just biting my back. 

My back is open for you to sink your teeth into it and become a backbiter. 

You could be biting a lot of things, yet you decided to be a back-biter. 

If you are into biting backs then I would be more than happy to give you my back to bite. 

My back is open for you to bite and leave proof of why you are called the back-biter.  

Rare Percy Jackson Pickup Lines 

Not finding a Percy Jackson fan in this day and age is quite rare. However, if you find someone who loves Percy Jackson as much as you do, then these are the perfect pickup lines to let them know you are available for them. 

So are you D? I am drunk on that D. 

I think you are the D in Drunk!

You put the D in Drunk and I put the D in you. 

They call me Mr. D because I have enough D to give you. 

You are looking forward to the D are you not?

Mr. D is here to give you a bunch of D. 

So I heard you were looking for some D. Mr. D is here to help you with some of that. 

They do not call me Mr.D for anything.

Do you remember the Maserati from Apollo? I wanna ride you like I rode that. 

You remind me of the Maserati that apollo was riding because you definitely are just as fine if not more. 

You are better off being the Maserati than the blackjack. 

Let me show you how to ride an ass finer than Apollo’s Maserati. 

Apollo’s Maserati is fine but you are fine. 

You remind me of the peanut butter that Tyson loves. 

You are the Tyson to my peanut butter. 

I would lick you up like Tyson licked up the peanut butter. 

So are you the child of Poseidon or are you just happy to see me?

Show me that you are the child of Poseidon without telling me that. 

So is it because I am the child of Poseidon that there is a wave between your legs? 

Look I am the child of Poseidon. There are a lot of waves that I can control. 

I bet I could be the one to control the waves of pleasure that you have. 

Let me show you how I control the waves of pleasure.   

Wherever there are waves, I am there. 

Let me help you with the waves there. 

Do you need some help with the waves of pleasure that are there to be felt?

Let me help you with the waves of pleasure around you. 

I bet I could control the wetness you are feeling. 

Do you think I could get you wet without even trying? I am the child of Poseidon after all. 

Cheap Percy Jackson Pickup Lines

Flirting using your Percy Jackson knowledge may be quite the niche flirtation to pick from.

But if you do that, successfully, then these are the perfect ones to go for, These pickup lines are comforting and flirty enough. 

I could get Hermes for you if you want someone else to tell you how pretty you are. 

I could use Hermes to send you all the love letters I have for you. 

Hermes is helpful but I would not need him to tell you my feelings for you. 

Well, Facebook messages are nice but I was wondering if I could send Hermes your way to make sure you knew how much I like you. 

Let me help you with getting the message out properly. I am the child of Hermes after all. 

Let me be the best messenger for you. 

You do not have to be the child of Aeolus to make it stormy in my heart. 

You blow me off like you are the child of Aeolus. 

Are you related to Aeolus I hope you are, that would explain why you are the way you are? 

You are good at blowing the ground from under my foot. I wonder if it is because you are next to kin with Aeolus. 

Let me see if you have Aeolus in your family tree because how else would you blow me away that easily? 

Let me make you feel completely blown away as I am the kin to Aeolus. 

I may not be any kin to Aeolus but I will blow you away. 

You could the sex sea if you are in charge of the sea. 

Your dad is Poseidon, is he not? No? How else do you explain how sex sea you are? 

I have some pipes for you to play with. 

Have you considered that you may be part of Satyr? Because of the way you blow the pipes out I feel like you are. 

You play with pipes the way a Satyr does.

The way your fingers work, I can not help but think you are a Satyr.  

Cheesy Percy Jackson Pickup Lines

Cheeky pickup lines have their very own charm. So if you are feeling like being a little sly, a little cheeky, or a little naughty then these are the best pickup lines for you.

They mix the flirtation with the cheekiness with a dash of nerdiness to it, making them perfect for everyone ranging from new Percy Jackson fans to veterans. 

Your father must be a Satyr for how else would you be able to play with pipes so well?

I have some pipes for you to blow if you want to be in touch with your Satyr line of heritage. 

Let me take care of your pipes while you blow me like you blow your pipes. 

Have you ever felt like a monster for holding yourself back? I think that is how everything about me feels 

I got teeth and I am holding back something from you. 

The pen is not the only thing that can turn into a sword. 

I think you would be better off being turned into a sheath because I got a sword. 

My sword activates even when you touch me. 

I could give you a pen but I have something else that can turn into a sword that is more suited for you. 

So, who in your family is a nymph or are you the first one in our tree?

Your parents must be part nymph because how are you so attractive?

You are more attractive than regular humans. 

Let me tell you that you are better off being a nymph than a human because there is no way any human can be this beautiful. 

You would make a nymph jealous of your beauty.

You are gorgeous, almost like you are a nymph. 

Let me show you what true beauty is with how Nymph like I can be. 

Have you been to heaven? 

Would you like me to take you to heaven?

I found my very own heaven in you.

I bet I could take you to heaven and back with just words. 

My words and I are more than enough to take you to heaven. 

Have you been wondering about what going to heaven entails?

I bet I could show you what heaven can be like. 

Tell Me A Percy Jackson Pickup Line

Telling people that you are a Percy Jackson fan comes with a lot of pride. That is why, if you are proud of your knowledge about Percy Jackson and want to make someone feel flattered using the same, these will be the best ones to use. 

Would you like to go to Mount Olympia with me?

I have never felt like the last Olympian but I would be the one for you. 

Let me be the last Olympian for you. 

I will go through all the hardships just to reach you.

I have been feeling like an Oracle because I do feel like I see a lot of things with you. 

You must be an oracle because you see things in me that I have not been able to see in a long time. 

The cafeteria is what you are because you have things I wanna eat. 

You are like the enchilada at my cafeteria because you are everything I want. 

Let me drop by your cafeteria to taste your enchilada. 

You would be the best person for me to treat like the enchilada at the cafeteria.

You make me into Hephaestus. 

You make me feel like Hephaestus. 

Do you want me to show you how much I like you? I am like Hephaestus whenever I am around you. 

You make me feel like Hephaestus whenever I am around you. 

I have never been a people person but because of you, I feel like I am Hephaestus. 

You are cuter than Nico. 

Nico is cute but you are cuter than him. 

In the matter of cuteness, you make Nico run for his money. 

I think you would be the spawn of Poseidon because you do rock my world. 

My world is waiting to be rocked by someone like you. So would you, the Daughter of Poseidon consider doing the same?

You must be good at stealing hearts because you really did act like the son of Hermes. 

I think you would be the perfect one to be the son of Hermes.

Awesome Percy Jackson Pickup Lines

Percy Jackson is quite an awesome book. So if you find someone who makes you feel the same joy the books make you feel, you better not lose them. Maybe the following can help you feel more comfortable in your word game.

I feel the electricity in my veins like I am with Zeus

Are you dad Zeus because you are electrifying? 

You make me feel the electricity like you are Zeus. 

I see you have the personality of King. I bet it is Zeus. 

You sock me as Zeus does. 

Am I aroused or do I feel the electricity in the air thanks to you being Zeus’s child? 

I need to be grounded because why else am I feeling this electricity? 

You make me feel like Hecate. I would burn it all up with you.

You feel like you would burn me up like Hecate. 

You make me feel burnt up as Hecate does. 

You could be the Persephone to my hades. 

You seem like you bring in Chaos. You would be better off named Persephone. 

You brought chaos into my life like Persephone brought chaos to the underworld.

You make me feel like I am Hades with how you invaded my personal space. 

You feel like Persephone because whenever you leave a place, only coldness is what is left there.

You bring spring wherever you go, you are like Persephone to me. 

I have the princess. Why would I need a dollar made of sand?

Your father must be Hephaestus because you definitely got me feeling worked up. 

Sparks surround us whenever I am with you, It is like electricity that courses through my veins like arousal. 

Do you feel like you are a demigod? With that attitude, i assumed you did. 

You sound like Apollo because I bet we could make good music together. 

I am dying to be addicted to you like people are addicted to Lotus Flowers. 

Calling you a snack bar would be an underestimating statement.

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