180+ Pencil Pickup Lines for a Write Your Way

Do you have a pencil? Use these pencil-written pick-up lines to help flirt and start conversations.

These pencil-related pick-up lines include pencil cases, sharpeners, pencils, and erasers, and the most common Includes a set.

Can I borrow a pencil or are you a pencil? These pencil pickup lines work in many situations.

Cheesy Pencil Pickup Lines

We adults don’t use pencils now, but at least we can try using these Cheesy Pencil Pickup Lines with our friends and school groups to make our memories refresh.

So many pencils, but you still think I’m pointless. You’re my sharpener. Twist and turn and turn inside out until the wood breaks.

Are you a pencil? I’m sure you’ll be able to sharpen it.

Crayons? I draw my world with a pencil, but I must color it.

Are you a mechanical pencil?

Are you a pencil sharpener? Because I want to stick a tip in your hole.

Are you Sharpie? Because I want to stick a pencil in you.

Are you a piece of paper? I want to pencil in the story of our life together.

Are you a standardized test? Because I got a pencil to fill your bladder

Is it made of nickel, cerium, arsenic, and sulfur? Because you have NiCE Ace.

Baby, are you a grinder? Because I want to push and twist my wood through your holes.

Baby, do you have a mechanical pencil? The big question is whether to lead from the front or the back.

Baby, I have a pencil and am ready to rewrite our future together.

Baby, do you have a pencil?

Baby, Do you have a broken pencil? Mine works fine.

May I borrow your pencil? Because you want to push the tip up and down inside.

Can I borrow your pencil? S that I can write your name with me.

Damn girl, is that a 0.2mm pencil lead? I’m fine!

Damn girl, do you have a mechanical pencil? Because it’s thinner than 0.7mm lead.

Do you have a pencil I can borrow? I want to write my future with you.

Do you have a mechanical pencil? Because I have the right size lead.

Miss, you’re a Sharpie because you make me difficult.

Girl, A mechanical pencil? Because I want to tear you apart and put you back together in my life.

Girl, Are you a pencil? I will always follow through.

Miss, I want to insert my pencil in your sharpener, can you help me?

Girl, Do you have a pencil? Because everything in my life leads me to you.

Girl, it would help if you were a pencil.

Hey, girl, Are you a mechanical pencil? Because I want to put my string on you

Miss, are you a pencil sharpener? Because I need to sharpen my pencil urgently.

I want to take my pencil and put it in your pencil case.

If you were a pencil, I couldn’t use you. Because you’re not number two, you’re my number one!

Rare Pencil Pickup Lines

Try these Rare Pencil Pickup lInes with your friends and make good use of these in your school groups.

Is she the number two pencil in her pocket, or are you happy to see me?

Is it a pencil? because you were made for me

Do you have a spare pencil with you?

Miss, do you have a mechanical pencil? Because I want to put 0.7mm inside you

Are you a broken pencil? Life is meaningless without you <3

(for boys) Are you a pencil?

Miss, do you have a pencil? So I can draw every inch of you.

Girl, I have three pencils…and you are sharper than anyone else.

I want to take out my pencil and put it in your pencil case.

Girl, Do you have a pencil? Because everything in my life leads me to you.

Girl, A mechanical pencil?

Do you have a pencil I can borrow? Because I want to erase your past and write our future.

Are you a freshman here? Please take a tour and show us all the beautiful places.

Can you do my homework for my French class?

Final exam? I’ve been waiting for you for so long!

Are you my senior? I’m glad I survived until I met you.

Are you the custodian of the new school? Because you blew my mind!

Are you my perfect exam? Because I can’t wait to show you to my parents.

Can you give me a math problem? I need to solve for x., where x = your phone number.

Choose what you like in the cafeteria. You’re welcome.

Are you banned from the restaurant because you’re too cute?

The bullet test is my favorite! But first, let me list all your favorite things.

I learned in geography class that “rawr” means “I love you” in the dinosaur language. So low!

If there’s one thing you’ve learned in earth science, lava is as hot as you are.

If you were a pencil, you wouldn’t be number two. You are number 1 in my book. I will give you 100 points or more if I pass the exam.

If you are an intelligent student, you know that I like you.

Like Pi, my admiration for you is infinite.

Short Pencil Pickup lines

If you miss your school and school friends, then trying these Short Pencil Pickup Lines can give you a nostalgia.

It’s so interesting to learn about important dates in history! But do you know what’s even more enjoyable? You and I are going on an important date!

Life without you is like an unsharpened pencil. Boring and pointless.

My dream is to go to Harvard. Another goal of mine is to be with you forever.

No matter what kind of eraser I use, I can’t get you out of my mind.

No one will ask, but would you like to be my partner in the lab?

I swear you will be my emergency contact one day.

One of the things he hates at school is Belle. Every time it rings, it reminds me that I won’t see you until the next day.

Wrong Alphabet order! U and I should be together.

You’re the only one I want to pay attention to in class.

I have always remembered how to say the alphabet. But, unfortunately, today, I can’t pass U anymore.

What is a charming person like you doing in such a shabby school?

We should spend a lot of time together. Please tell me something.

Will it be my student loan? Because I was hoping you could stay by my side for the rest of my life.

Can you tell me the spelling? Somehow I can’t spell “we” without you!

Your incredible expressiveness and correct use of grammar got me.

You are like a dictionary and give my life a lot of meaning.

You look great tonight!

Are you a key passage in our textbooks? Because I want to emphasize your importance.

Are you a school bus driver? Should you take me home

School stairs? You take my breath away.

Can I invite you to lunch? Or do you want my pocket money?

Can you solve this math problem for me? First, I need to find x. x is your home address.

I vote for you for the sexy class.

Do you know what the most remarkable thing about our previous class was?

Does your chosen university need a letter of recommendation about how beautiful you are? Because if so, I can write this letter.

Go back to class or go somewhere fun.

They’re all wearing the same uniforms, but they suit each other!

Forget extracurricular activities! I want to spend extra time with you.

Hello, I am your new classmate. A friend will call you *insert your nickname here*, but please get in touch with me tonight.

This is my library card. I’m checking you out.

Best Pencil Pickup Lines

To refresh our best school memories, we have a list of the Best Pencil Pickup lines you can try and share with your friends.

Hey, you’re so hot! Can I take you to the clinic?

How can I concentrate in class when your beauty distracts me? Well, this is my pocket money.

I can tell you are smart enough to go out with me.

I broke my leg for you, so I hope there is a decent clinic on this campus. If you give me the number, I will send it to you. Of course, we will cheat on the

exam, but we will not fool you.

I’m a math wizard, and I know you have quite a few.

I am not dumb, but you are brilliant.

If I tell you that I have a beautiful body, can you write me a letter of recommendation?

Isn’t it strange that I know Pi but not your number?

Like a diligent and brilliant student, you solve all my problems.

People say you are very good at algebra. You can substitute my x instead of asking for y.

When will angels be able to enroll in this academy?

I’m only absent-minded in classes because I’m thinking of you.

There’s no such thing as multiple choice when you’re my only obvious choice.

Lunch together? It looks delicious today!

Should I join the school band? So that I can make romantic music with you.

Weren’t we classmates? I’m sure we had great chemistry together.

Who cares more about mass than volume? I only know that you are my density!

It would help if you were my dream school. My parents must be very fond of you.

All your angles seem correct.

The enthusiasm that high school is said to be hell.

All the chairs in the classroom are gone! But don’t worry, I will make you sit on my lap.

The anatomy lessons are so exciting! I am learning a lot about your body.

Baby, you are my homework. I’ll finish it tonight on the table without a break.

Can you substitute my solution into your equation?

Did you know that classmates have to pair up in class?

Crazy Pencil Pickup lines

To make your crazy school friends laugh and to make fun of them, we have a list of Crazy Pencil Pickup Lines that you must try at least once.

Excuse me; we both get along well. Would you like to go to a private place and conduct an experiment?

Give me an A+, and I’ll give you whatever you want.

Have you figured out how to tie the rope yet?

I heard you like naughty girls. But, as you know, I could improve at everything in school.

Hello, this is a math exam. Most of the time, it’s hard for me, but when you slow me down, it gets even more complex.

Why not put the word “friend” into “classmate”?

I may not get into your story, but I will get into yours.

I am thirsty and tired after many activities after school. Would you like a drink?

Are you a pencil in your pants, or are you happy to see me?

Like the SAT, I look forward to banging you guys for hours without a break.

If you understand the meaning, study it.

Watching you turn my software into hardware should get me a good grade in my computer class.

I invite you to lunch.

Should I take him to school or go back to his bedroom?

Well, I heard you like to sleep in class. Let’s sleep together!

Uniform violates school rules! Take off immediately!

Alphabet got me F, C, K. All you need now is your body language.

Don’t worry about ruining your education or your life.

Group learning is said to be effective. Would you like to try 3P?

What’s better than the periodic table? I do it to you regularly at the table.

Music room or gym?

That uniform looks good on you but must look better on the floor.

Funny Pencil Pickup Lines

If you plan to meet your school friends after a very long time, then try these funny pencil pickup lines with them. This would make them laugh.

You must be a math problem.

Today’s class was naughty. So I have to teach you a lesson.

What is a charming guy like you doing in such a dirty school?

I hope your dating policy is in progress because I want to know if I can go out ASAP!

Are you the new school janitor?

This is my old elementary school. Would you like to see my classroom?

Are you a freshman here? Please take a tour and show us all the beautiful places.

Must you be my final exam? Cause I am waiting for you eagerly.

You’re like an AP physics exam. It has nice curves.

I know you’re not in the school band, but I hope we can make some great music together.

If I were to write an essay about her beauty, there would be no need to double her space or increase margins to meet the minimum page requirements.

Do not enter the building. sprinkler off

I need a library card.

Hey Miss, are you my guidance counselor? Because I hope you are. I went to a big school and tried looking for their office.

If you were a pencil, I couldn’t use you to do the SAT because you’re my number 1, not number 2.

High school is hell…and you’re the hottest guy!

Are you my perfect exam? Because I can’t wait to show you to my parents.

Please decide as soon as possible, because if you say yes, I don’t care what others say.

Will it be my student loan? Because I was hoping you could stay by my side for the rest of my life.

Hotter than a whole-powered Bunsen burner.

Does your chosen university require a letter of recommendation on how beautiful you are?

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