120+ Peanut Pickup Lines – the pickup lines

We have a good collection of dirty and crazy Peanut pickup lines that you would love for sure.

They charm women with their funny and cheesy Peanut conversation starters, lines of chat, and comebacks in scalding situations.

Cheesy Peanut Pickup Lines

Mentioned below are a few Cheesy Peanut Pickup Lines. You must try these lines.

  1. Hey, girl Peanut butter? Because I want to spread
  2. You look like a cute peanut, I know it makes no sense, but you are so cute, i love you my girl.
  3. Hey girl, do you know why I love peanut butter and feet? It spreads easily with the right tools. I’m sorry.
  4. Every time I see you, my heart dances a little Snoopy dance.
  5. What’s the point of life unless you try a few things? (Karl Schultz)
  6. Hey, girl, are you a peanut butter jar? Because you are so smooth and i want to lick every part of yours.
  7. You will definitely love my spread.I love peanut butter spreads, peanut butter jelly spreads, and egg mayo spreads, and I love your spread legs too.
  8. Hey, girl Are you butter? Hey, girl Are you butter? ‘Cause I want to rub you against my body 
  9. Did you know my feet look like peanut butter? Smooth, creamy, and easy to apply.
  10. Do girls like butterflies? Can you bring me some butter, or I’ll put the bow tie in?
  11. Is it milk Cause I want to stir your insides and melt the butter
  12. Hey, girl Are you butter?
  13. Hey, girl Are you butter? ‘Cause I want to rub you against my body
  14. You look so good that my heart melts like butter on hot fried bread.
  15. I know I work in the fields all the time, but tonight I can whip your butter.
  16. I really love her body, so smooth and buttery as peanut butter, i just wanna spread it across my body.
  17. Are your enchiladas buttered?
  18. Do you want to see me make butter?
  19. Could you please butter my flatbread?
  20. Are you Amish ‘Cause I love to beat your butter
  21. It reminds me of peanut butter because it’s smooth, creamy, and easy to apply… 😉

Rare Peanut Pickup Lines

Try the Rare Peanut Pickup lines mentioned below.

  1. I wish I could lick you the way you lick the peanut butter.
  2. Your body is as smooth as any peanut butter spread.
  3. Hey, can I touch you, so that I can feel how it feels to touch butter.
  4. Baby girl, if I put or spread peanut butter all over my body, would you still stop yourself from licking me?
  5. I really like how your body looks as smooth as my peanut butter.
  6. I always thought cucumber was a very sensual fruit.
  7. Damn, if you were a fruit, you’d be her FINEapple!
  8. I would love to hang around with you, but I am concerned that all those bees are gonna trouble you, because you are so sweet.
  9. I am out of peanut butter right now, can I use you as a spread?
  10. My dietician advised me to take an adequate amount of peanut butter on my diet, so can i lick you tonight?
  11. Hey baby girl, let me spread the peanut butter on the right place so that you can enjoy it.
  12. Do you wanna taste how peanut butter becomes extra delicious on my body? If yes you can lick me.
  13. I really love the way you look at me, it makes me crazy.
  14. Lick me, as you lick your favorite peanut butter.
  15. Are you an electrician ’cause you brighten my day
  16. (at the bar) I’m not drunk, I appreciate you. Are you tanned or always very hot?
  17. I wanna spend my life with you, cuz you are beautiful inside as well as outside.
  18. I wanna protect you from this cruel world, just like the Disney prince does to their princesses.
  19. I would like to congratulate you, but it seems he already has.
  20. Are you a charger? I will die without you.

Short Peanut Pickup lines

These below-mentioned Short Peanut Pickup lines are so good to try.

  1. Can I borrow some kisses, hugs and cuddles from you? I will return with interest.
  2. They say I’m good with numbers, can you give me your numbers so I can prove it?
  3. It’s so cute it hurts my teeth.
  4. You look very cute, especially while licking that peanut butter.
  5. Hey girl, would you like to join me tonight for a cool night party?
  6. I would love to take you out as you are looking absolutely gorgeous.
  7. They are systemic and I am lung. Even though we are apart, when we are together we become one.
  8. My love for you is so strong that it cannot be dialyzed.
  9. I can’t stop looking into your eyes, so I can be your eye doctor.
  10. Do girls want to learn magic? Let me give you some magic tips.
  11. Being with you is so magical, I would love to feel this forever.
  12. Let’s hang around like those two cute lovers.
  13. You are lucky for my day.
  14. Grab my deck and you’ll get the Ace in your pants.
  15. A sore lip, want a kiss to fix it?
  16. Someone calls her 9-1-1. Because my heart stops every time I’m near you.
  17. You are almost always in my heart. Is being sexy your full-time job?
  18. My heart stops, does anyone know how to perform CPR?
  19. Baby, I’m going to treat you to a seven-course meal tonight. Hot dogs and six packs.
  20. Girl, do you win big ’cause you’re my sausage queen.
  21. Girl, you’re turning my regular dog into a hot dog.
  22. Came here looking for cute buns for extra-long sausages. Hey girl, I’m trying to make hot dogs. I have wieners, I need your bread.
  23. The Roses are red. Sumire is fine. I’m 6 and you’re 9 Are you a Slytherin? I want you to sneak into my secret room.
  24. Are you a light switch ’cause you turn me on
  25. I hope you remember my name because I’m going to yell at you later. Can you call me? I swear the donkey is calling me?
  26. If they are words on the page, they will be in the fine print.
  27. I don’t want to be dramatic, but I think you are the answer to my prayer.

Best Peanut Pickup Lines

Wanna try something cool and interesting? Then these Best Peanut Pickup lInes are good for you. 

  1. I think there is something wrong with my phone. I don’t have your number.
  2. You are so good at involving me that I was wondering if you were an artist.
  3. I would always make you happy, always and forever.
  4. Hello, my name is [your name], please call me tonight or tomorrow.
  5. Hey girl, let’s be each others’ peanut butter and bread and eat each other.
  6. I wanna lick you everyday just i lick my peanut butter.
  7. Hey baby, would you love to go out on a date with me?
  8. Hey girl, let’s go somewhere and live happily ever after.
  9. I would love to take care of you, forever.
  10. Your body is as smooth as a Peanut butter, I would love to lick it.
  11. You know what’s the secret behind my fitness? Your smile.
  12. I can take you out, but your body is so smooth I’m concerned it won’t damage.
  13.  I want you to lay down so that you can spread peanut butter all over your body and lick it all at once.
  14. I had a good pick-up line ready, but you look so good, I have no words.
  15. Hey baby girl, I wanna take you out and show the world how beautiful you are.
  16. You are so magical and unreal, that I can’t believe you are with me.
  17. I wanna take you out for a date if you don’t mind.
  18. Your body structure is so sexy that  I can’t stop myself from falling for you.
  19. Hey baby, do you wanna see my middle bone structure?
  20. You can love my funny bones But you will love my bones even more.
  21. Are you an animal I will tame you with my bones
  22. Are you calcium Because you are indeed growing bones?
  23. You are so good, you made me forget pick-up lines.

Crazy Peanut Pickup lines

Mentioned below are a few Crazy Peanut Pickup lines that you must try.

  1. Are you tanned or always very hot? I think I’m lacking vitamins.
  2. Are you a keyboard player? Maybe because you’re my type.
  3. We’re not socks, but we think they make a great pair.
  4. If being beautiful is a sin, you will be charged with a crime.
  5. I am going to click pictures of you so that I can share it on the internet and tell everybody that angels still exist.
  6. I just wonder… Who rules the skies if you’re here?
  7. I will do everything to take care of you and your healthy life.

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