How to Overcome the Fear Of Presentation: 51+ Proven Ways

Many people struggle with the fear of speaking or presenting. The nervousness can range from slight anxiety to shaky hands and a quavering voice.

An average person definitely gets the feeling of fear while presenting something at the office. But at a certain point in life, you have to involve yourself in an office presentation, and therefore, one must overcome this fear. 

tips to overcome the fear of presentation.

Know your topic.  Even if you go out of track you will be able to overcome and get into your comfort zone when you know about the topic.  Also, try to think what are the probable questions that can be asked.

Get organized. The more you are organized the less nervous you will be. Try to give some audio or some effects in the presentation to look good. Visit the place prior so that you get comfortable with the surroundings.

Ways to make your presentation more attractive

Practice and practice some more. When you practice more then only you can reach perfection. Do whatever to make your presentation a grand success. Make a video of it and then look into it.

Challenge specific worries. Many people might be overthinking when it comes to presenting. Inside the mind, the worst-case scenarios have been thought of, so it is advisable to challenge those thoughts and face them.

Visualize your success. If you think positively then you might get over some of your anxiety. Thinking that your presentation would go well can really be in reality as you would gain confidence by thinking.

Do some deep breathing. In order to control your nervousness, you can practice deep breathing or yoga to calm your mind. Also, you can apply this technique before going to the podium. 

Focus on your material. The audience may not look for your nervousness. They may be more into what you are presenting and speaking. So, don’t panic and make it a success.

ways to brainstorm ideas for presentation

Don’t fear a moment of silence. You might forget for a moment and at that time the moment might seem like years. So, don’t panic at that time, be calm, take a few pauses and carry on.

Recognize your success. After your presentation, look where you have gone wrong. Also, you need to encourage yourself to do it and face the challenge. Be critical about it and then lookout where you can improve.

Get support. You can join certain groups where they help you deal with the difficulty in public speaking. Their prime focus is to make your speaking skills better and overcome the fear of it.

Eliminate fear of rejection. Do not let negative emotions cater around your thoughts. Do what you think is best for you. Do not show your fear of rejection as everyone present is there to listen to you.

Focus on patterns. When you are giving a speech do follow the patterns of how you are proceeding. Do speak with a flow and also use short and meaningful sentences. Take pauses in between. 

Use a mirror while practicing. By looking into the mirror you can overcome your fears. This works wonders not only for speeches but also for any sort of activity. 

Learn your voice. While listening to your voice on record, make notes where you can improve. Many people do not like to listen to their voices on records but it is important to listen in order to improve.

Work on your breathing. While speaking, look for your breath also, see whether you are out of breath or not. If it is so then focus more on your breathing and do some speaking or pronunciation exercises.

Give your speech to another person. Before going up on stage for the speech, try to rehearse by giving it to a certain person and ask for his/her feedback. Also, choose a very close person who can be completely honest with you.

Public speaking classes. Join in for classes where they can improve your speaking skills. There are many groups where they help people to overcome all their fears by practicing over and over.

Lightly exercise before speaking. Exercise a bit before going up on stage. It might fill your boy with all the positivity that needs to be there and you might end up having a great speech.

Powerpoint can be really good or bad. Having a PowerPoint attached to your speech can be a win-win situation but also do not add long paragraphs to your presentation and reading it aloud.

You are not alone. People do feel afraid while speaking. There are many people out there but they don’t show their fear or they practice more to get better.

Sip water. Drink plenty of water before your speech so that your throat doesn’t get dry. Avoid any sort of beverages before speaking, these don’t lubricate your throat and might be harder to speak.

Read a book. To improve your speaking skills you can also read inspirational books which would help you to overcome your fear regarding this. Also, look clearly at what topics you are reading.

ways to improve your vocabulary and Spoken English

Give stress to your vocabulary. Improve your vocabulary before going up for a presentation so that even if you fumble you will be able to get over that stress sooner.  Otherwise, it might create a bad impression.

Relax. Make your body relaxed; this would help you be calm and also make you less stressed and would help you concentrate on your speech. For relaxing meditation is the key.

Don’t overthink. People rather overthink more because they want to control their future, but the reality isn’t that. So, stop overthinking and try working on the flaws that would lead you to a higher step in your career.

Avoid talking too fast. While giving speeches it is advisable to go slow, then you might be out of breath. Shortness of breath might lead to anxiety and fear might creep into your speech.

Make your nervous energy work for you. Channelize all your negative emotions into [positive ones then you would feel less nervous. This would definitely help you while presenting or public speaking.

Spend a lot of time speaking. The more time you spend on improving your speaking qualities the more you will be successful in your career. If you really want to improve then you have to give enough time.  

how to prepare your day before the presentation

Meditate every day. To deal with anxiety and fear every time you give a presentation, meditation can be the best thing that can help you clear off all the negative thoughts.

Source of income. Once you have mastered the fear of public speaking you can use it as a source of income. You might record videos and post them on social media which might help you earn money.

Have pride in your work. After you are done with your speech feel proud of overcoming your fears. Always remember you are your strongest critic.

Develop a plan to improve your speech. First, try to make a video of your speech and then look closely where you can plan to improve it more and also more importantly overcome your fear of presentation.  

Use pauses. The secret of powerful speech is to take the right amount of pauses in between. This will not help you to overcome your fear but also you can master control over your speaking skills.

Identify. Everyone faces a different kind of fear. So, it is you who needs to identify the root cause of your fear, and accordingly, you have to plan your action.

Mechanisms. For suffering from chronic anxiety, you must visit a doctor otherwise small healthy mechanisms can help you tackle the problem.  Think about the present rather than the worst cases.

Speak out. Whenever you get a chance to speak do utilize it. This would help you overcome the fear of the environment. This act can be the closest to reality and it can also make you diversify your speaking skills.

Start small. Take baby steps if you are new in this field by addressing a small audience. Though the audience doesn’t matter much if you know your material then you will overcome the fear of speaking.

Prepare thoroughly. If you know your material thoroughly then you won’t have a fear of speaking. You can easily connect with your audience and might sound confident. Practice a lot before the big talk.

Don’t memorize. You can master the art of speech giving by memorizing the entire speech. It comes to a lot more from keeping all the points in mind and remembering all the examples related to those points.

Avoid common bullets. Powerpoints can be boring at a certain point in time, for that you can use visuals or flowcharts to execute your plan. What you want to talk about all the material can be done in the form of flowcharts. 

Reduce stress. Using deep breathing techniques while entering the stage like that one minute before entering the stage can be really breathtaking. For that, using such techniques can boost your confidence.

Find a friend to focus on. Before your public speaking look at the people who are sitting in the front row, or try to look at those people whom you can connect as a friend, that can ease your nerves.

Engage the audience. While speaking you have to make the hall active. Engage in two-way interaction with the audience. Use self-deprecating jokes and ask them questions that can help the audience to be active.

ways to become a pro at presentations

Don’t be glossophobia. This shouldn’t be the case that by listening to the word speech you tend to get afraid. This might end up having a racing heartbeat, shivering, etc. You need to overcome it by facing it.

Be excited. It is better to be excited than be calm. This excitement helps an individual give their best when it comes to giving a speech. As enthusiasm fills the room, automatic anxiety fades away.

Practice in front of the audience. When you practice in front of a group of people, confidence automatically comes into action and people get more attentive. Practicing this might help individuals gain confidence.

Lead with a story. While starting, always try to quote a line or a story. This might help the audience gain attention and also the plot sounds interesting. Don’t get nervous and go with the flow.

Turn off the lights. If you practice by dimming your lights then you might be less aroused by your audience and anxiety won’t creep into your thoughts. Also, most of the stand-up comedians prefer their lights to be dimmed out. 

Get help. You should definitely take help from your mentors or peers regarding this. Consulting might pave a path for you to go in a certain direction. This can also help you build confidence and improve more.

Choose a familiar location. Make the location familiar so that you can be comfortable in that space. Choosing a similar location can create a sense of affinity and it can be less stressful. 

Choose a passionate topic. Try to speak on a topic which you are passionate about. This will enhance your confidence and you might go for any sort of questions that are asked by the audience.

Use props and extras. You can involve certain videos of different people which might be engaging for the audience. You can make your audience do a certain activity which can be fun and interesting.

Use positive self-talk. Always try to motivate yourself by self-talk. This self-talk can boost your confidence and until you think good about yourself people won’t be thinking it as well. First, you should stop judging yourself then only people will stop. 

Lead a discussion. After your speech, you can organize an open discussion where you won’t be doing the job of an orator but a manager. This requires an individual to be resilient and patient. 

Speech mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Also, the mistakes that you make nobody knows about it, so be confident in making mistakes as the audience is not aware or rather they didn’t even notice it in the first place.

Start greatly. Having a great leader can lead to the attention of the audience which is pretty obvious that your entire speech will go well. Try to have a great start then you will be on the safe side.

Ways on how to be the best speaker while presenting

Remember to breathe. If you are planning to end your speech at a first go then you are completely wrong. When you don’t breathe your mind becomes more anxious and it causes more nervousness.

Watch others. If you are fearful about speeches, watch how others tackle the same problem. Be a keen observer and try to imbibe within you when it comes to speech giving. Also, experienced people also make mistakes.

Acceptance. You need to accept that it is okay to be nervous and everybody gets nervous when facing a stage. There are positive sides to nervousness and it also helps you to think faster and fluently.

Don’t try to be perfect. Nobody is perfect, everybody comes with a different set of flaws. All you need to do is to rise above from imperfection. You can come close to perfectness but can never be perfect.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol. These products can increase your anxiety. This makes the heart beat faster along with shaky hands and legs. It can also help you forget your words and your voice will get slurry.

Practice out loud. Until you feel comfortable rehearse as much as you can. For that start practicing a week or two prior so that you can get accustomed to your speech. 

Perspective. When you face anxiety try to think from a different perspective and also give yourself enough logic to believe that perspective. Try to converse with people regarding this and you will feel comfortable.

Keep it simple. Make it simple by using simple sentences and phrases. You don’t need to be extraordinary, use emotions, pause and speak normally. 

Submerge yourself. Make yourself submerged into the topic so that you can also converse with your knowledge. Don’t look at your notes; this might lose your concentration and also the connection. 

PowerPoint hacks to make your presentation more worthwhile

Do a dry run. You should do a rehearsal before your final talk. There you might get to know where you need to improve more to be better.

Look in the eye with warmth. Lower your expressions and put a smile on your face. Don’t look gloomy so that your audience gets afraid and might not seem to be interested.

Welcome your nervousness. Be comfortable with your nervousness, so when it approaches do joke about it and make the audience laugh. This would help you gain confidence and the power to carry on.

Relax your voice. Having a shaky voice is common when you fear, so it is advisable to pause for a bit, breathe and then continue this will help your vocal cords to rest. Also, if your voice sounds pitchy, oxygen is the key.

Be brief. You might be preparing for a speech of 15-20 minutes but you would definitely exceed the time limit. So, facilitating the timing is a great flaw that needs to be worked on mostly.

Consider bio prep. Do go for a walk before a speech as it increases blood circulation and also it would increase the level of oxygen going to the brain. You might feel an aura of positivity near you.

Ways to have maximum effects on your presentation

Move. Moving can help you deal with your adrenaline. Also, your body will perform some activities which can help you become comfortable. Take a few steps and address the audience.

Don’t be distracted. There will be audiences who might sleep listening to your speech. So, do not get distracted by them. Focus on those who are listening to you; this can enhance your confidence.

Overcoming this fear will be an asset for the rest of your life, so have the courage to face it. Also creating a meaningful human connection will be a lifetime reward be it giving a presentation, speech, or conducting a seminar. Be a person who has sincere intentions in providing you the value.

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