121+ best Offensive Pickup Lines [funny, cheesy, flirty, rare]

Pickup lines are funny, impressive, and even cringe most of the time, but you don’t want to impress or make anyone laugh this time.

Instead, you just want to get away from your girlfriend’s irritating GUY best friend or a super annoying classmate in such a way that they can’t even complain about it because pickup lines are just for fun, right?

So here are a few Offensive Pickup lines for every situation. 

Funny Offensive Pickup Lines

Offensive pick-up lines are good to go with your jolly friends, but what about those already offensive friends?

For the people like those, you can use some of the listed below Funny Offensive pickup lines. 

I see you dance well. Could you please continue because I want to talk to your friend now?

I’m not a perfect guy, but I’m the only one interested in you.

Gosh, you are so annoying. Are you a mosquito or what?

Excuse me; I guess you dropped something. Oh, That’s your standard. 

You are so loud, what are you, a Fire alarm? 

Are you constipated? Cause you look full of shit.

Leave the party if I’m wrong, but you are too annoying.

You look messy. Oh, you might fall from heaven.

Laughing is the best exercise; your face can help many people. 

 You must live in the backyard because that’s the best place for trash. 

Cheesy Offensive Pick Up Lines

You love cheese but can’t avoid that too much cheese is never good for you, whether it be your pizza or the conversations.

So let’s add a pinch of flavor to your cheese by making it a little offensive; what say? 

My love for you is like cancer; it just can’t stop growing.

How are you still, Fat? You’ve been running on my mind for so long.

Are you Mirror? Because I can look at you for hours.

Don’t mind, and you smell bad…. I think we should go for a shower together.

That’s not my fault, but you are very distracting.

Are you good at Maths? “No,” Me neither. Don’t worry, give me your number, I’ll save it. 

 Do you know me? Okay, Spell my name; it’s M I N E. 

My name is David, but you can call me ‘Love.’ 

Can we click a picture together? I just want to want to mom what her Daughter-in-Law looks like. 

My eyes are not okay; I just see you all day. 

Crazy Offensive Pick-Up Lines

Are you going to a late-night pool party? Or just going to the club tonight. It’s always fun to enjoy time with friends, right?

So you can use these crazy offensive pickup lines to stand out among your group. 

Sometimes I wonder whether it’s my feelings for you or Diarrhea cause I can’t hold both of them. 

Are you chloroform? Because I lost consciousness when I came near to you.

You may not look like Trash, but I want to take you out.

I was about to compliment you, but you are so pretty that it made me forget mt words.

If you agree to go on a date with me, I can lower my standards. 

My teacher taught me that you should be honest. So being honest, I want to tell you that you look like Pig. 

Last Night I dreamt about you. You Died.

You remind me of my cousins. I stay away from them.

My feelings for you are like stars. Probably long dead. 

I want to avoid you, just like I avoid Income-tax Officers. 

Flirty Offensive Pick-Up Lines For Her

Wanna impress your school crush? Who is also your best friend? What about using some Flirty Offensive pick-up lines for them? Just to play safe. 

Okay, let’s make it clear. I am hot; you are burning. So we both know that you lie to me, right?

Hey, do you have an inhaler? You just took my breath away.

You look like shit; let’s take a shower together. 

Yes, I’m drunk but trust me, it’s not alcohol (Pause). It’s you.

Well, I am here. What are your next two wishes?

You must be a Tower because Eiffel is for you.

If I could re-arrange the alphabet, I would put You and me together.

So, do you like Cashews? NO? Okay, then let’s go on a Date. 

I wish to become a photographer so I can picture you with me. 

 You must be a Time Traveler because I can see you in the future.

Rare Offensive Pick Up Lines

Use offensive pick-up lines, but it shouldn’t be the old ones cause you don’t want to look copied.

You can use these Rare Offensive pickup lines that look like you just made it, and instead of copied, you look creative in insulting (obviously). 

Look here; your eyes are so deep and blue (pause) like toilet water.

I wonder if you were running through my mind all day, but looking at you seems you don’t run at all.

I guess you came from the Future cause you look hopeless.

My elders told me that I should also talk with less attractive people. So how are you?

Could you please get me a drink? Because the moment I saw you I dropped my mine…(Pause) so horrible.

My mom advised me not to play with dirty things, so don’t worry, I wouldn’t play with my heart.

You look beautiful…(pause) when I’m drunk. Cheers!

I guess you are the Sun? Because I need to stay 149.6 million kilometers away from you.

Good Chat Up Offensive Pick-Up Lines

Again, just to play safe, you can use some of these Good Chat Up Offensive Pick-up lines for your Tinder dates.

These lines would not only make them laugh, but you can also be their friend (just saying, who wants that).

Hey, don’t mind me, are you Bi? Because I want a Bi (be) with you always.

You are a magician, right? Because you just cast a love spell on me.

You must be on my Spotify playlist. Cause I want to play you on loop.

Are you free tomorrow or are you planning to cost me?

You know what’s missing in G, L, and Y, just ‘U.’

I guess you like maths because you are being so irrational sometimes.

Well, all the hot ones are already taken so that this night will be auspicious for you.

I’m curious. Are you as good as all those guys were saying?

Best Offensive Pickup Lines 

When it comes to your best friend, you want everything best for them. So, why not the Best offensive pickup lines?

Choose pick-up lines to make casual fun of your best bud, but don’t be rude, okay?

You know what’s missing in S, T, and D, just ‘U.’

I think I saw you somewhere, oh, you look like my next girlfriend.

I’m lost in your beauty, can you tell me the directions to my home?

I was about to call you cute. “Then.” But you aren’t anyways. 

Hey, are you from McDonald’s? Cause I love it.

Damn, your hands look heavy. Do you want me to hold it? 

Do you have sunburn, or are you naturally hot?

Hey, do you have a fever? Or you are just hot as always. 

Short Offensive Pick Up Lines

You can use these Short Offensive Pick-up lines listed below anytime with your friends, classmates, cousins, etc. 

You must be an Alarm Clock cause you make me angry every day.

Do you know what the weight of a baby bear is? “No” Less than you, I guess.

I used to believe that god is serious all the time, but then I saw your face. 

The distance between us is directly proportional to how pretty you look. 

Are your traffic? Because nobody wants you, but everybody has to face it.

You have a perfect face to work at a Radio Station.

As you work in finance, you might know about your profits in talking with me.

Hey, are you Alexa? Cause you talk nonsense sometimes.

Catchy Offensive Pick Up Lines

You can’t google for pick-up lines all the time, especially when you want to make someone laugh at a party right at the moment. So why not check these catchy offensive pickup lines that you can remember easily? 

Are you my neighbor’s wi-fi? Cause everybody wants to use you, but you are hard to get.

You are really sweet… “How do you know” .. looking at your rotten teeth.

I accidentally pooped in my bed. Can I please sleep in yours?

Are you the square root of zero cause it’s imaginary? 

Aww, you are so sweet… and I’m diabetic.

I wish I were weekend so that you could value me.

Are you a moisturizer cause I need you?

Hey, have you committed any crime cause I saw you on the most wanted list? 

Awesome Offensive Pick Up Lines

Make fun of your best buddies in the best way by using these Awesome Offensive Pick-up lines; this will make you one in a million if you have these many friends. 

You must be Pi cause I want infinite conversation with you.

Excuse me, you smell chloroform and tell me what it smells like. 

You must be pretty, but I like “prettier” girls. 

Are you a fire extinguisher? Cause you control me well.

Excuse me, are you trash? Because I’m an environmentalist, I won’t mind picking you up with my hands.

You may not be like other attractive girls, but I still like to talk with you.

I wish you were a shadow, so at least I could stay away from you at night. 

You look like a model I saw last night on a channel. “Which Channel.” Animal Planet. 

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