121 best Collection of Nike Pickup Lines for Sneakerheads

Hey, are you the one who likes or says is a fan of Nike? Then these Nike Pickup Lines are good for you, these pickup lines are interesting and cool for the youth.

You can also share these pickup lines with your friends or partners who are interested in Nike sneakers . Now, check the article.

Cheesy Nike Pickup Lines

Try these Cheesy Nike Pickup lines, these flirty lines are interesting and you can try them with anyone.

Hey! We’re like Nike and McDonald’s, I made it and you love it

You’re Nike and I’m McDonald’s Cs you just make it…and I love it.

You are even more precious to me, more than my new Nike pairs.

Nike and McDonald’s, I’m Nike, you’re McDonald’s, I made it, you love it

You remind me of Nike because I want to just do it with you.

When I give you Nike shoes, you come into my life.

If you love Nike checks then we can marry for sure.

You’re probably Nike, and I’m McDonald’s.

Do you lose shoelaces? Because I really wanna tie you around my leg.

Are your shoes? Cause I want to tie you up.

Are you Cinderella? Because you can leave your shoes.

Baby, you’re my shoelace, I wanna tie up with you.

Damn girl! You look even hotter in those Nike checks

Need new shoes? because you were in my heart

Should I look at your shoes now or wait until they’re on my shoulder?

Do your pants match your shoes? Oh, aren’t you wearing shoes?

I think my shoelaces are untied because I can’t stop falling for you.

I wish I could be your shoes so that I could stay in touch with you all day.

I wanna walk with you all day long just like your Nike sneakers.

Girl, in my shoes she doesn’t have to walk a mile. Just get naked in my bed. Hey baby, take off your shoes and skirt, and take it easy.

Rare Nike Pickup Lines

Try these Rare Nike Pickup lines, these are actually unique and you will love them.

With those Nike sneakers on, you will look walking with me.

I wish I could be in your wardrobe just like your favorite Nike Sneakers.

I like women like I like closed-toe shoes. I like your shoes But they will look better when you come into my life.

You should tie your shoelaces. But it’s too late ’cause she’s already in love

If I buy you shoes, will you kick with me?

If I give you my shoes, will you come into my life? I’m glad I wore non-slip shoes. If you go home with me, you will get very wet.

Is it your shoe explosive device or are you happy to see me?

My life without you is just like the sneaker world without Nike.

I wanna tie my shoelaces right now. Because I can’t let someone else fall in love with me. 

Just like I love you, I really love your Nike collection, can we share it for life?

What’s your shoe size? The size must be sexy!

What’s your shoe size? If I’m going to stay tonight, I’d like to prepare proper sandals.

I love the way you dress up, especially your Nike collection.

Are you a camera Because every time I see you, I smile?

Are you a Hermès child? because you stole my heart

Are you a Victoria’s Secret model? Because there are no angels in heaven.

Are you at the Chanel store? Because you’re too fancy for me.

Do you wear Jovan Musk perfume? It’s my mother’s favorite. Do you want to wear lipstick or can I taste it?

Cartier Panthère wore this one night and got a “LOVE BITE” on my inner thigh!

Short Nike Pickup Lines

Mentioned below are a few Short Nike Pickup lines, you must try them to impress your partner.

Do you have pants for sale? (Why?) If you’re with me, it’s 100% off!

Do you think you can borrow that dress someday?

Did Dolce & Gabbana pay you to wear that swimsuit and it looks great? forgiveness! Do you know where Victoria’s Secret outlet/shop is in the mall? You look like one of her models!

Excuse me, where can I buy men’s stockings? I didn’t approach you to ask where I could buy men’s socks.

pantyhose. I approached you because you are my type of woman. I like you

Miss, shouldn’t you have covered your beautiful eyes with Versace sunglasses? Hey, I need a lady’s opinion – do you think I look good on you, this or that?

Your Nike collection is so good, I guess dating you would be a good choice for me.

Lift your giant baggy pants and glitter.

You can be my bitch

Why not walk the runway and do a photoshoot? I thought that was where the models belonged.

How does she feel when she’s the prettiest girl in the room?

How is she going to make money by wearing expensive clothes and light on camera?

I wanna see you in those new Nike pairs, you look damn cool.

I won’t lie: These high-waisted shorts will kill it.

Your lack of nudity is disturbing

I have a foot fetish, can I lick my toes? (If no) Please?!

I have a good sense of fashion, but I’m too poor to prove it.

I love your earrings. They bring out your boobs. I want to live in your socks so I can be with you every step of the way.

I work for a fashion magazine and was wondering if I could interview you.

I want to be your math tutor tonight. Add beds, remove clothes, split legs and multiply.

Best Nike Pickup Lines

Mentioned below are a few Best Nike Pickup lines that are good to try with your friends.

I love your waifu expression.

I work at a porn site, do you wanna see my portfolio?

I love you Nike pairs, more than anything else.

Would you blame me if I said you have a beautiful Versace?

If you are a label, you are a genuine premium brand.

Is your father a sculptor? because it’s good to work.

Let’s play, you will be the model and I will be your catwalk:

You’re on top of me and you can make me work all night long. Eat breakfast at Tiffany’s! [leaves and comes back] Ok, I misunderstood something.

No food or drink at Tiffany’s. Besides, if you are poor, you cannot enter.

Get to know each other’s work. Levi’s must pay a license fee.

Licking fingers, touching girls’ clothes, asking, “Can you take off your wet clothes?”

I wanna share my Nike collection with someone as cool as you.

nice leggings. Are you making a fashion statement? Because you got my attention. Shhh hey, baby, I got a few bites. Would you like to come after the runway?

The dress would look great on my bedroom floor!

This furry vest gives you that hot, cuddly baby bear vibe.

Marchesa’s dress looks good on you… I look good on you too. This socks + heels combination is cute and practical. Alright, now buy me a drink and convince me I’m not gay.

There’s a fine line between looking indie and being homeless. They’ll look better at the foot of my bed…after we’ve had a long, meaningful, and mutually satisfying relationship. Apparently.

Would you like to go shopping? We have a special offer for today only: a 30% discount on my mind!

Was your father an actor? It must have been him who made a model like yours.

Crazy Nike Pickup lines

These crazy Nike pickup lines are insane, you and your friends are gonna love it.

How does it feel to be the prettiest girl in the room? Which magazine do you pose for? (Excuse me?) Well, I think you’re a model because you have a hot body.

What’s on the catwalk?

When you enter the room you are in the spotlight.

Anyone who says a thick sweater coat is ugly is both an idiot and a liar. I have long legs like you, so I don’t need high heels.

Want something calorie-free?

Wow, these drop-crotch pants will make your underworld look amazing.

Yoga pants are push-up bras for the buttocks.

It is regal and luxurious, like an Alexander McQueen design. I don’t need makeup or clothes on my bed.

Have you ever slept on a Versace waterbed?

Do you have a body that fits those yoga pants?

You have a very pretty face, perfect for a magazine cover.

You have a beautiful neck. How about a pearl necklace? you have beautiful jewelry

It certainly sparkles and it reminds me of a diamond necklace.

You’re like the sexiest suspenders salesman of his 1940s.

I am really impressed with your Nike collection, can we share the wardrobes?

Hey girl, you are so pretty, and I have heard that you love Nike, so if you want I can buy you one pair.

I wanna be with you forever, imagine us, collecting the best Nike pairs.

Your hands are perfect. You should consider becoming a hand model. With the big old man’s glasses, he doesn’t look like an old grandfather at all!

Unless you’re a Dolce & Gabbana male model, you must be a Greek sculptor because you’re so sculpted and well-defined.

Would you be my partner in collecting the best Nike pairs?

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