141+ best NASA PickUp Line to Impress Your Crush

If your friend, known or any one in your class group is interested in NASA or always curious to know new things about NASA then these pickup lines are good for them. 

Cheesy NASA Pickup Lines

Try these Cheesy NASA Pickup lines with your friends, they will like it for sure.

1. Hey girl, I don’t just show you the world, I show you the universe.

2. Baby, can I send a probe into your wormhole?

3. I am an astronaut and my next mission is to explore Uranus. 

4. Do you also feel the strong pull of my bed?

5. Is it a telescope in your pants or are you happy to see me?

6. My spaceship is ready. do you want to ride with me

7. Hey baby, would you like to witness a gamma ray burst?

8. Can you take me to the planetarium? You can learn about astronomy, and then maybe explore Uranus.

9. Want to experience a boost?

10. You are so charming, the gravitational disturbance is stretching my galactic center.

11. Hey, would you like to come over here and see something that keeps expanding?

12. Baby, how many gamma ray bursts can your Milky Way produce? 

13. Baby, you unfold my telescope.

14. A beautiful asteroid.

15. Do you want to start the docking operation?

16. Would you like to join the club at 100,000 miles high?

17. Would you like to see the Big Dipper? Hehe.

18. You should call him William Herschel because he will discover Uranus.

19. NASA said that when I ran out of Uranus, he only had 7 planets left. 

20. Baby you’re like a black hole

21. My telescope is always ready for use. Hehe. 

22. You’re hot like the perfect star baby, can I step into your Goldilocks zone?

23. I’m a star. Would you like to taste the Milky Way? 

24. What do you say when we look at each other with the naked eye?

25. They call me the Milky Way…a joy beyond measure.

26 Hey baby, you are out of this world. do you want to see my milky way?

27. I am so fascinated by Uranus [your anus] that I think I could become an astronomer.

28 If you show me Uranus, I’ll show you the world.

29. My planet wasn’t big enough for my cock.

30. If you think meteorites are hard, you should see what I do with my rocket. 

31. Hey baby, my curiosity makes me walk all over you.

32. Come ride my starrocket… feel it explode with the thrust of her two engines carrying my load.

33 Because it is a full moon or you feel the ebb tide on your celestial body.

34. Would you like to explore the celestial bodies together?

35 Is your name Houston? It’s like you’re driving my Rover.

36. Would you like to land a space shuttle on the International Space Station?

37 Baby, you make my rover stand upright.

38. Buckle up! It’s time to go back.

39. In space, no one hears our screams. 

40. Wait until the rocket size is displayed.

41. Your eyes look like dark black holes, but I like astronomy so it’s okay.

42 Hey baby, are you made of dark matter? Because you are indescribable.

43. How about you and I form a binary system?

44 I think you can be a star because I can’t stop circling you.

45. You radiate at the shortest wavelength I have ever come across.

46. ​​Do you work for NASA? because you are not of this world.

47. Have you ever wondered what goes on under the belt of Orion?

48. Hey, how would you recreate the Big Bang? 

49. If there were stars every time you brightened my day, I would have a galaxy in my hand.

50. Baby, you are like a white dwarf, very hot, but not very bright.

51. Hey baby, you piqued my curiosity. May I explore a little?

52. I have never seen a star as beautiful as your eyes.

53. If the stars fell every time I thought of you, the sky would darken at night. 

54. Of all the planets in all solar systems in all galaxies, you had to go mine…

55. Want to see how Pulsar feels?

56. The universe must revolve around you because your gravity is beating. 

57. A face without freckles is like a night sky without stars.

58. Who took the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes?

59 Starlight, Starlight, won’t you come home with me tonight?

60. Are you wearing space pants? That ass is out of this world!

61. My pants are approaching escape velocity.

62 Would you like to explore what lies beyond the event horizon?

63. Your eyes are brighter than Sirius.

64. Wow! What is the name of this extraterrestrial life form? 

65. We are destined to clash, so your name must be Andromeda.

66. Your smile is like a black hole, and you can’t escape its charm.

67 how do you feel? [Her question – what?] To be the only star in the sky.

68. Is your father a thief? Why? For I saw that he stole all the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.

69. You make me hotter than NML Signi.

70. You feel like a comet. They were once-in-a-lifetime experiences and I’m glad I didn’t miss them. Can I buy you a drink?

71. You must be the North Star because the light around you led me here.

72. You must be a magnetar because I feel a strong magnetism between us. 

73. Where do you hide the halo?

74. I wish half the stars in the sky were as bright as your eyes.

75 It’s much more fascinating to see in person than through a telescope.

76. Every time I look at you, I feel like an astronaut… floating in your beauty.

77. I only want you in this entire universe. 

78. Your smile is like a supernova… brighter than anything in the universe.

79. Let me be your nebula so you can be my baby star.

80 Is that the Helix Nebula I’m observing now? Oh sorry…it’s your eyes.

81. Baby, you must be a black hole, your gravity is irresistible.

82 Girl are you meteor shower? ‘Cause I’m watching you through the window

83. You must be a blue star because you are the hottest right now.

84 Do you believe in the big bang theory?

85. Is there a wormhole that always takes me straight to where you are?

86. Your beauty is unique…the attraction between us is so strong. 

87. You throw off my center of gravity.

88. What is the ratio of energy to mass?

89 I can’t resist your charm.

90. Hot to the core!

91. I wish I was one of your Aurora.

92 Do you live on Mars because you look out of this world.

93. Hurry up and kiss me! Let your sweet lips taste before an asteroid destroys the earth.

94 Are you an exoplanet? I’m not good at astronomy and pick-up lines.

95. Are you interested in astronomy? Because your ass is out of this world. 

96. I am drawn to you as the earth is drawn to the sun – with great force

97. Your beauty is as rare as an eclipse on Venus.

98. Have you ever heard of Pluto? That’s crazy.

99 I am like the planet Neptune. We are attracted to Uranus because it is so big and doesn’t lie.

110. I love Uranus, so you must be the 7th planet in the solar system.

101 Hey girl are you the sun? Because you are the center of my universe.

102. Hey, beautiful! your face is like the moon always shining 

103. Are you the moon? Because even in the dark you seem to shine.

104. Baby, your beauty makes the rising sun look like the dull glow of the moon. 

105. I think I will beat the moon in a nice contest.

106. I need three things.

Day is the sun, night is the moon, and you are everything in life.

107 Why look at the moon if you can’t touch it? Why am I looking at your lips when I can’t kiss you?

108. There must be no Venusians on Venus.

109 It was incredibly hot when you entered the room, so I’m guessing we were probably transported to the surface of Mercury.

110. Are you from Mars? Because I want to explore you with curiosity.

111. Even though I’m a million miles away, I’m drawn to you, so you must be Saturn!

112. Tonight’s moon looks as beautiful as your face.

113. Are you perigee? Because I am so attracted to you every day. 

114. If I were a planet and you were my moon, I would stop spinning just by looking at you.

115. I don’t care what Copernicus says. You are my only planet.

116 I can’t promise the moon and stars, but I can promise Mars.

117. I want to enter geostationary orbit around you.

118. Is your nickname Mars? Because you look livable.

119. Can you see the moon there? It shines so beautifully, like your smile.

120 Just as Jupiter protects its inner planets from asteroids with its enormous gravity, it protects you from danger.

121. Not even the strongest Jupiter storm could keep me away from you!

122. Venus has nothing against you.

123. What did the alien say to the cow? I’m going to make fun of you!

124. What is a lovely girl like you doing in a galaxy like this?

125. Would you like an out-of-this-world experience? 126. Are you an alien? Because you just kidnapped my heart.

127. Have you ever had a close encounter of the kind without pants? 128. You look familiar, have I examined you before?

129. Of all planets in all solar systems in all galaxies, you entered mine…

130. Do you know anything faster than the speed of light? My heart, I’m just thinking of you

131. So what is your zodiac sign?

132. Why do so many people show up in Vegas? 133. Hey baby, do you want to ride on my saucer?

134. What’s faster than the speed of light? When I first saw your ship, I walked out of it!

135 Where have you been for the first 900 years of my life?

136. If you were a laser, you would be set to faint.

137. So what is a beautiful gray like you doing in a place like this? 

138. Let’s go get the pieces!

139. How do you unmask an alien by throwing him/her out of bed.

140 What do you think of wormholes?

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