Best 182 Medicine Pickup Lines to Healing Hearts

Hey, are you single? Are you in Medical school? Must Life be boring studying such a difficult subject without being in a relationship, right?  It’s okay, don’t be upset.

We are here for you with some good ways to stay interested in the class. Furthermore, you might also end up impressing someone with these.

You can use these Medicine pickup lines in your class and your crush’s DMS to impress them.

Cheesy Medicine Pickup Lines

Are you going to attend your medical school party this weekend? Then, dude, you must be searching for good pickup lines to impress everyone at the party.

We have your back; here we have a list of Cheesy Pickup lines you can try anytime with your friends.  

Eosin is red. Collagen stains are blue. I’m stuck prepping slides but thinking of you.

Hey baby. Are you a medullary thyroid carcinoma? As I am pheochromocytoma and it means we are MEN2B.

Can I call you pia mater? Cause you’re always on my mind. 

Are you hypokalemia? Cause my knee feels weak looking at you, I fall for you every time.

Well, aren’t you a sight for psoriasis!?

Your looks are like a CD56+ lymphocyte. Natural Killer. 

I can’t figure out whether it is Trendelenburg or just this ass is not in control anymore.

Baby girl, I want to take my ligand into your receptor. 

May I test you for the Chovstek’s sign? Cos you know I’d tap that. 

Erythema is red. Cyanosis is blue. I couldn’t focus on breathing and looking at you.

Girl, You’re my growth factor.

The way you are glowing seems like you are the calcification from the non-contrast CT cause you’re just glowing.

Crazy Medicine Pickup Lines

You will never know how effective something is until and unless you try it. The same goes for the pickup loans.

You might think these are cringe, but try them and see the magic. So here we have a few crazy Medicine pickup lines that you should try with your medical group. 

Baby girl, it doesn’t matter even if you got diabetic retinopathy cause I believe love is blind.

I get all Kluver-Bucy around you.

Are you a pulmonary embolism? Because you make me breathless.

Girl, I think you are giving me diabetes insipidus because I can’t concentrate (my urine) when I’m around you.

Are you one of my kidneys? Cause know I can live without you, still can’t leave you.

I guess you are on an EKG because you are a QT? 

Are you Broca’s aphasia? Because you’re leaving me speechless. 

Girl, I think you are the appendix cause I can’t control this unstoppable urge to take you out.

Girl, I think you are the eroding joint cartilage that causes osteoarthritis because you got me weak in the knees. 

I may not be an endoplasmic reticulum, but may I know whether you want me smooth or rough? 

Roses are red; violets are blue. Come to my clinic, and I will charge nothing to examine you.

Funny Medicine Pickup Lines

Studying medical science sounds very difficult and boring, but only you know about it. Well, even if it is boring, you can make it interesting by doing something funny in class.

Try these Funny Medicine Pickup Lines with your friends.

Are you a septic joint? Because I’d like to tap that.

Did you cut my phrenic nerve? Because you take my breath away.

Do you know which muscle present at the lower extremity lateral neck rotation causes? Your gluteus maximus. 

Are you PGE2? Cause your extremely hot body is raising my temperature.

Are you a berry aneurysm? Because I can’t stop myself from giving you a stoke.

Are you a vulvar condition? Cause I’m lichen you a lot.

Baby girl, can you be the sebum for my horny layer. 

Are you an exothermic reaction? Because you spread your hotness everywhere.

Girl, you should start taking your folic acid cause I want to make you pregnant soon. 

ICU in my dreams. 

Is it a Laryngoscope in your pants, or you just can’t control your happiness looking at me?

I think I should call you rapid response cause, girl; you just stopped my heart for a while. 

Flirty Medicine Pickup Lines

Flirting with your colleagues is always fun, but when it is just for fun and not to irritate someone.

You can also try your flirting skills with your friends in the class with the help of these Flirty Medicine Pickup Lines.

I think you feel uncomfortable in those tight pants; if you want, I can cut these out from your body.

Girl, are you an orthopedist? Cause you take away my limp.

Girl, are you my ex-fix? Because you stuck in my bones.

I know you have enough bones in your body, but I can give you one more if you want.

Excuse me, are your osteoporosis? Cause you make one bone into a serious condition.

Girl, you must be lateral pterygoid cause looking at you make my jaw drop.

Girl, I guess you are the optic chiasmcause you turn my world around.

The way you give me torticollis makes my head turn.

I wish my love for you would be like arterial cause I don’t want to make it all in vein.

Baby girl, you have just seen my adductor till now. If you see me more, you will notice more things about me are longus.

If you wink at me, I’ll Wenckebach.

I can cure you from pericarditis, and tonight I won’t let you rub yourself.

Rare Medicine Pickup Lines

If you are trying to impress someone, you better try something new cause those old and boring pickup lines are never a good idea.

So try these Rare Medicine Pickup lines and be extraordinary among your friends. 

When you touch my body, you cause an upward deflection in my P wave.

Girl, I can be the SA to your AV node, so can I set my pace to make you feel the climax faster?

I may not be a Trypanosoma Cruzi, but I want to live in your heart.

Blood is Red, and the Cyanosis is blue; I get tachycardia whenever I think about you.

Are you the coronary artery? Because you’re wrapped around my heart.

Girl, do you know how to play cards? Cause I want to squeeze you in between my preload and afterload.

You can’t dialyze my love for you; it’s so strong. 

Hey girl, are you a neuron? Cause I can see some action potential in you.

 I guess I am DNA helicase because I want to unzip your genes.

Hello, my name is Adenine, and I can make a good pair with you.

You’re like telophase. Nice cleavage.

Good Chat up Medicine Pickup Lines

You might think that chatting online is easy, you can say whatever you want, but it is not! You don’t know how the other person reacts in the chat, so you better use your words smartly. Try these Good chat-up Medicine Pickup lines.

You must be proline-rich because you’re kinky.

Hey, may I know more about you? Whether you are a wild type or a knockout?

Girl, I guess you are on the end of a long arm of a small acrocentric chromosome because you are 22Qter.

Are you a cytoplasm because I want to fill my organelles inside you?

I’ve been single-stranded too long! Lonely TCGTATGG wants to pair up with the congenial AGCATACC.

You’re so hot; you denature my enzymes.

How do you want your eggs the next morning? Boiled or fertilized?

Do you know about the best part about the cell, which is next to the cytoplasm? The Nucle-US.

I may not be a restriction enzyme,’ but I seriously wanna give you a sticky end.

I don’t know what’s wrong with your acetylated histones. They are just turning me on.

Hey girl, I guess you are clozapine? Cause you make me drool like crazy.

Girl, you’re like propofol. You’re a knockout.

Best Medicine Pickup Lines

If you are trying to impress your senior from your medical group, then you have to be smart and intelligent enough.

Then, you can use these best Medicine Pickup lines with them and become the smart guy.

Pharmacists Rx rated.

Is your name Succinylcholine? Because you’re paralyzing.

Baby girl, do you carry around memantine? Cause you are causing me some excitotoxicity. 

Propranolol is Red, and Digoxin is blue. But, baby, you make me hard whenever I see you.

Can I get an Imodium because I can’t hold my feelings for you?

Call me metronidazole cause I can work great under the diaphragm without the air.

I wonder if you can help me? Cause I lack Vitamin U.

Hey girl, are you Norepinephrine? Because you make my heart race!

I don’t kno about my creatinine clearance, but I can’t let you move out of my system.

Pharmacists do it over the counter.

Heather, Portia, Marlissa, Camila, and Errin can’t give you a baby, but I sure can!

Girl, don’t hide the opiates in your bra. You have a perky sett.

Short Medicine Pickup Lines

Below are a few Short Medicine pickup lines that are interesting enough to make you a groovy guy in your college class group.

Try these and let us know about their responses.

Can I take your temperature? You’re looking hot today.

Are you my appendix? Cause I can’t stop the urge to take you out.

You make my heart race like an epinephrine drip.

I guess I am attracted to you, or is it just the volatile blood sugars?

Blood is Red and Cyanosis is blue. Girl, I get tachycardia whenever I think about you.

ICU in my dreams.

Baby girl, your hot body makes me feel aphasic.

May I swab you up and down until we both are afebrile?

You are wrapped around my heart like you are my coronary artery.

Baby girl, can you hold your monoclonal antibody against me?

You raise my dopamine levels.

Do you want to study some anatomy?

Catchy Medicine Pickup Lines

You might not be able to catch their attention till now, but don’t worry, You Will!! Soon!

Try these catchy Medicine Pickup lines and trust us; they will surely notice your efforts.

Are you a C-reactive protein? Because you have a-cute phase.

You’re systemic, and I’m pulmonary. We may be different still are together like one.

No one can dialyze my love for you. It’s so strong.

Girl, I want to be your ophthalmologist cause I can’t take my eyes off you.

I get all Kluver-Bucy around you.

I wish you could be my cardiologist cause my heart feels safe with you.

Are you drowning? Cause I want to give you good CPR.

You’re the sinoatrial node of my heart because even a defibrillator can’t save me without you.

Are you COPD? Because you take my breath away.

I am not specialized in anything. But, still, you seem special to me.

I may not be a doctor, but I can be your emergency contact anytime.

Beautiful Medicine Pickup Lines

To hit on that beautiful girl from your medical school, you can try these Beautiful Medicine Pickup Lines with her.

Try these, and she will like them for sure.

Let’s exchange genetic information!

Hey, baby, care for a pelvic exam?

I have a stetho-scope from you.

Do you have a fever? Because you look hot!

I am an organ donor; need anything?

We’re both going to be doctors. Let’s F*ck!

Are you a cyborg? Because you take my breath away.

My Penis gets even bigger whenever I regenerate.

My heart beats only for you, baby girl.

You can’t stay away from me even after eating an apple daily. 

Talking to you triggers my asthma. Is that even possible?

You have been burning me since you entered the room; you are so damn hot.

Awesome Medicine Pickup Lines

Try these Awesome Pickup lines with your friends and let us know how they like them.

Can you hear what my heart is telling you? Your name.

Are you a nurse? Because you cured my erectile dysfunction.

Doctor, my heart is broken, and I am sure you can fix this.

Are you a cardiologist? Because I want you to have my heart in this lifetime.

How about we ditch this joint and study some anatomy?

Are you a cardiologist? Because I wanted you to take care of my heart.

Babe, I want to dissect your brain to see if you’re thinking of me too!

Can I be your ophthalmologist? Because I can’t stop looking into your eyes.

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