200+ Mechanic Pickup Lines to Swoon Your Lover

Wanting a strong partner who can take care of all the odd jobs around the house is ideal for any type of relationship.

So if you ever find yourself fancying a mechanic, you might feel like you are a little lost when it comes to hitting on them.

But that should not stop you from trying to get that love from that. That is why here are some pickup lines that you can use in the future to get your mechanic swooning for you.

Cheesy Mechanic Pickup Lines 

Being a mechanic is a tough and tiring job. So to brighten up their mood and their day, it is important that you take care of their mood. You can do so by using the following. These are deliciously cheesy and perfectly punny. 

You have me so hot that I can not wait to unplug you. 

I have not even plugged in you, and you are so hot for me. 

You look better when you are on overdrive. 

You got all my gears turning in my pants and my brain. 

I have a jack for you in my bed, just in case you want to experience an adventurous night. 

I am great at cranking anything that is hard. 

I work with my hands every night, so I do not think you will get hurt. 

Your heart is the engine that drives you. You have my engine. 

You will definitely go to jail for stealing my engine out of my rib cage. 

I want you against my bonnet. 

You would look good riding next to me and riding me. 

I can not wait t hear you purr like my ride. 

I want to see how far lubricated I can get you. 

It is necessary that we use some lubrication for smooth insertion. 

I hope you are ready for some hammering. 

I am passionate about cars, and I am passionate about you. I guess you are everything I care about. 

You look beautiful, like my car. The leather really suits you. 

I would definitely oil you up so that you work better. 

I do not think I would be scared of crashing when I am with you. 

The only crashing I am interested in is crashing at your place. 

You are like long drives late at night. I find immense comfort in you. 

You smell so good. I can not wait to have you in my car. 

You would be very excited to know I am good at jacking people up. 

We can keep going all night until we come tonight, so it is okay if you do not know how to hit the brakes. 

Funny Mechanic Pickup Lines

You may spend hours working with lumber and grease, but that should never stop you from approaching the love of your life. So, to make sure your love notices you, here are the funniest one-liners ever that will definitely get your love chuckling and giggling with you. 

 You have me tempted for a long drive. 

I want to take you out for a ride. 

You are the hottest thing on the street tonight. 

I can not wait to drive every bit of you completely insane. 

You will be crazy for my key in your ignition. 

Your hood can definitely pop off. 

I do like motors, but only between your tits. 

I can not wait to run up your mileage. 

I need some navigation to your heart. 

I want to be in your bed tonight. So, where will I find the GPS that can help me achieve that?

I love going down and being dirty, so do not be worried. 

I want to be dirty because of you. 

I can definitely inject some excitement into your life. 

Do you need some fuel injected into you? I would be more than happy to do so.  

Fuel is not the only thing I can inject into you tonight. 

Since I am a mechanic, I can definitely go under you. 

I can for sure lift you up and be under you. 

I want you on top of me so that I can inspect what I am working with. 

All of your crevasses deserve to be checked, and I am more than open to doing that. 

I have enough lube for us to last the night. 

I do drive a stick shift, so I have good with sticks. 

Your gear would look better when it changes. 

I can not wait to change your gear every night. 

I will put your ass in reverse until you back up against me. 

I have a nice parking space between my legs where you can back your car into. 

You better have a license for the truck that you have. 

I am great at pushing all the buttons, so let me push all of your buttons. 

The only thing I want the brake for is your sadness. 

I will put a brake on your tears and put your heart in acceleration. 

You are as exciting as drifting at night. 

Crazy Mechanic Pickup Lines 

As a mechanic, they might see a lot of crazy stuff go down at their work. But that does not mean that they will not welcome your crazy funny sense of humor. So, show off that sense of humor and completely blow their mind with the following. 

You would be the best car wash date. 

You generate enough love in me to power my entire heart. 

You got me fixing my bad habits for you. 

Your smile is the only fuel I need. 

You got me pumping like an engine with 5 HP. 

The way you turn those wheels got me turning. 

I do like your hands on my gear shift. 

I will polish those folds of yours.

Those exhaust folds of yours are definitely hot. 

Your pipe is hot enough to burn me up. 

You give me a smooth life and a smoother ride. 

I can not wait to see you turn the gear shifts. 

Your smile definitely has been repairing me. 

I will pay you with kisses for repairing my heart. 

You are so beautiful, and you make my exhaust fumes. 

I swear your eyes make me break down like my nan’s car. 

I got a wrench for you, my lovely wench. 

I love the way you hum.  

I will definitely twist your tires. 

You have a gap that I can definitely fix. 

Let me fill in that gap you have because having that gap must be lonely. 

I can fill up any gaps, in your heart, in your car, and even in your bed. 

Your bed would be warmer with me, just like your car is warmer with heaters. 

Rare Mechanic Pickup Lines 

Not a lot of machines are there that your mechanic can not fix. But that does not have to be the case with your jokes with them. With these, you can show off your love, affection, and admiration for your mechanic. They may not be sonnets, but they are definitely creative and the next best thing to them. 

I hope you enjoy screaming in the tunnels. 

I am going to scream ass. I drive into your tunnel tonight. 

I can not wait to give you the ride of your life tonight completely. 

Your cylinder definitely needs a piston. 

I have a piston for you in my pants, or is it something else?

Your fingers wrapped around this piston would look so much better. 

Your rack is the best. 

I keep finding myself steering toward your rack. 

I will fix everything that is broken inside you, princess. Do not worry. 

I can give you a free lube job if you want.

So how frequently would you say your use lube?

For the smoothest drives, lube is very necessary. 

Let me lube your engine up for the ride we will be going on tonight. 

I have a camshaft for you to use. 

My camshaft could use some hammering. 

You can scrub my shaft but maybe gently. 

I see you are an automatic driver but let me show you want a manual can do. 

I can dip my stick into you. 

You would look better with my dipstick dipped inside you. 

You are such a welcoming person that all I wish whenever I see you are want to take you for a ride. 

I can not wait to click pictures with you in my car. 

My car seat goes back if you want to come and relax all over me. 

After several years of experience, I can conclude that you need lubricant for a better and happier life. 

Your dad definitely was a mechanic, and your body shows it. 

I will treat you right, girl, just like my car. 

Let me carry you everywhere. 

I care about you so much that I wish you knew. 

You have got my heart zooming completely.  

Flirty Mechanic Pickup Lines for Her

Do not let the greasy hands and oil smell hold you back. If you want to flirt with your love, then do not let anything else come in the way of your perfect love story. So, to help you begin your love story, here are some of the flirtiest, cutest, most romantic lines that you can tell them to get in their heart. 

I can check your oil free of cost. 

Your gasket definitely needs some checking. 

Let me drive you wild. 

I will drive by again if you do not love me instantly. 

You got me crashing my car against lamp posts with how hot you are. 

I feel like I am in an accident because your beauty has got me dead. 

You are the pickup for my truck. 

You are so burly, and you are like my very own truck. 

I can not wait to drive you all night long like the trucks I work on. 

I can stick my shift somewhere you will like a lot. 

I can help you with the GPS if you want to be in my pants. 

You have me blowing my fuses. 

Your beauty has my fuse completely blown. 

Let me take care of your beauty like I take care of my car. 

I think you would look great washing the car with me. 

We can have a car wash date where we make out in the car as it gets clean. 

Let me give you a better ride if you feel like your ride will not be smooth tonight. 

I can inject fluid and nitro in you and get you driving all night long. 

You would be hotter than engines in the heat wave. 

I will splash you with water like I splash my car. 

The AC in the car is not working? I think it is because you are too hot, madam/sir. 

I will do everything you tell me for my better maintenance, including letting you check my engine oil and changing up my style once in a while. 

Good Mechanic Chat Up Lines

Your mechanic is bound to be a good mechanic. Therefore, they deserve a pat on the back for working hard and playing even harder. Perhaps you can not pat them, but that does not mean that you will not make them feel appreciated.

Therefore, to help you achieve your goal, here is some good chat up lines with which you will definitely end up on their good side. 

I may not be a mechanic, but I will fix everything just to see you smile. 

Those tail lights are bright, but your smile is brighter. 

I will definitely do my best not to stuff your exhaust pipe too much. 

I might just burst inside your pipe if you are not nice to me. 

I would slam you harder than my trunk door. 

Some junk is definitely in your trunk. 

You definitely live up to your profession. Your hands work magically on all the jacks. 

I can definitely crank you up. 

That is some rage. I can see the way you hammer stuff. 

How do you feel about getting hammered and getting in my car?

My car backseat is not the most comfortable, but I will definitely feel comfortable on your lap. 

You do have a seat in my car. It is my lap, obviously. 

I have a bit of a stubborn joint. Perhaps you can help me loosen up. 

If it is hard to get in, you can always use some lubricant. 

If you are scared about your performance tonight, I have some nitro for you. 

You can do 120 laps on me for all I care. 

You got the oil I need for my piston girl. 

I got something for you under my hood, but you kind of have to come home with you if you want to see what it is. 

I will drive you all night long. 

I am more than down for longer rides, so I hope you are down as well. 

You have me overheating. 

Every time I see you, I end up showering because you got me feeling the heat. 

You swerved into my view and crashed into my heart. 

Best Mechanic Pickup Lines Ever

A lot of f people may have used pickup lines, making them quite the mainstream first message. But that does not mean that you will not get a date by using these. Here are some of the best mechanic-related lines that will definitely capture your crush’s attention. 

I will be the mechanic for your ride. Or I can be your ride. 

I see you have a nice ride, but I have a better ride for you. So let’s park that car in my garage, and let me take you for a ride. 

I have a car just to come to visit you. ,

I swear something in me is definitely broken that you can fix. 

I have gotten a wax. Do you wish to check it out?

I have never been a fan of those heavy machines, but you definitely are a heavy machine that I have eyes for.

I do not like muscle cars, but you are definitely a muscle car I would ride. 

You definitely have some nitro booster pumps. 

Your engine works quite well, so well that I can definitely feel it. 

I can feel your heart turning into a race car. 

I am more than open to checking your fluid levels. 

Have you hydrated yourself? You are on some heavy-duty work tonight. 

Just lay down and relax. I promise this muscle car will not crush you. 

You seem like you need a recharge. 

I can give you some plug-ins if you need them. 

I see you have sprung a leak. Let me plug in that leak. 

You remind me of those car lighters because you are definitely hot.

I have some space for you in my garage. 

My garage will be so lonely without you. 

I have some space in my bedroom if you want to park for tonight. 

I know you are quite fluent with the language of your fingers because I have seen the way you clean those gears. I thought I would crush myself under the car, but it turns out the only thing I want to crush me is you. 

Car crash? More like a car crush because I have a huge crush on you, almost like the size of a monster truck. 

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