124+ Math Pick-Up Lines to Get the Calculation of Love Right!

Nerd alert! You are about to step into a mathematics nerd’s handbook of flirting! What about those who live by the mantra mathematics and chill in a world of Netflix and chill? If mathematics is all you can think of, and your crush is invading the space you and math share, we would instead you bring the two of them together.

How is that even possible, you ask? We will tell you, try these math pick-up lines to impress your crush. How QUIRKY, right? It’s not the time to be calculated, be creative, and throw the puns, and you might hit the jackpot! 

Cheesy Math Pick-Up Lines

Are you even trying your best if your pick-up lines are not cheeeees-y? What about we help you think of some super-cheesy math pick-up lines that will make your crush go ‘aww’? 

My favorite equation is that red dress + you, but it’s in the second position. You still hold the first position – the red dress. 

If I add you to me, what will be the sum of us together?

My love for you can not be defined. Do you know how I know that? Because I tried dividing it by zero.

 I feel so irrational when I am around you! It is likely that you are the square root of two.

Allow me to tell you this, and your body possesses the perfect arc length.

The chances of your being out of my range are pretty high, but would you like to take a look at my domain? 

I’m afraid that my cylinder’s surface might not be a compact metric space.

I can be called Surjection because all I want is to fill your range of yours.

If you are sine, and I am cosine, let’s try making a tangent.  

Can you help me find the value of X? because zero is all I get? 

I do not want to come across as obtuse, but you are acute-y pie.

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus does not interest me more than you do.

Would you please let me be your derivative? Because I want to be the tangent to all those curves you have.

Hey girl, do you mind being a rectangle with me? As I can see, you are the perfect triangle for my triangle.

Euclidean geometry says that two parallel lines don’t ever touch. Want to practice some non-Euclidean geometry at my place tonight? 

Cheesy Math Pick Up Lines

Funny Math Pick-Up Lines

Come on, and it’s already a hilarious attempt to romantically approach your crush with the most unromantic subject of all time! But if you are already reading this article, you are serious about it. And everyone likes some good sense of humor. Smart move.

I could quickly call you at the back of my math book. You seem to know all the solutions to my problems. 

Baby, want to cosplay with me? You can play the cos square while I play the sin square. There is no stopping us from being one. 

I love geometry and Ed Sheeran because both of them do approve of your shape of you. 

You must have a 45-degree angle because it seems to look perfect from every angle.

You are just like me, a math freak. I like adding numbers, and so do you. Let us add each other’s numbers to our contacts, then. 

I am good at memorizing long numbers, so let us try with your phone number.

The derivative of my devotion to you is zero forever. It’s a constant, baby.

Do you know the similarity between My love for you and two squares? They both grow easily.

Could you teach me how to make a perfect curve like yours? 

My straight line wants to intersect the corners of your triangle; would you let it?

You square plus I square plus (2*you*I) equals you plus I whole square. Ask me if you have any doubts.

Do you know what has got more curves than a triple integral? It is you, baby.

It does not take long for me to reach Nash equilibrium, all thanks to your fabulous curves.

Math Pick Up Lines

Flirty Math Pick-Up Lines for Her

Flirting is not an easy game for math nerds. But math is your best friend, and so are we. You thought we would not help you up your flirting game? Check the following flirty math pick-up lines, bestie. 

If I can memorize the 30 digits of pi, I can easily remember the ten digits of your number.   

Please don’t think I’m an isososleaze if I call you hot accidentally.

 I am sin-ing this mortgage, and you are welcome to come cosine.

I don’t like my other half because it doesn’t make me a whole person. Would you help me become a whole person? 

Algebraic problems are not my favorite, but I know one thing for sure, you and I can work on 69.

The CENTER of your body is not OBLIQUE, and it is not OBTUSE. Why are you so perfect?

I wouldn’t say I like fractions very much, but a fraction of your heart will do. 

Mind if I call you the square root of -1? I could only ever imagine your beauty.

Do you like Pi? Don’t worry, and I’m like the pi, long and never-ending.

Do you need a math teacher? Sign me up, and I can give you tuition all night and daily.

I’m so jealous of your math homework. You must be good at doing it all night on your bed and desk.

My love and devotion for you can be compared to e^x; the rate never changes.

Flirty Math Pick Up Lines

Good Math Chat-Up Lines

The first impression might or might not be the last. But there’s no denying its importance in forming your image before your crush. Here are a few good math chat lines to start your game.

If you and I are both so good at math, why don’t we add a bed to the equation, subtract both of our clothes, divide your long legs and multiply together?

You could give me a long number, and I would tell you the square root of it within 5 seconds. So what’s your phone number?

I like how fractions work in a math problem. Do you want to play the numerator and be on top? 

I will always cherish the day you walked into my HEMISPHERE. I could have never asked for a better intersection of our lives. 

Hey girl. I want to keep looking at your curves all day and night. Please be a graphing calculator.  

It must be illegal how you are making me expand by multiplying my brackets. Hands up!

Baby, you must be the x2, and I am x3/3 because I’m about to become the area under your curve.

So when did you start functioning as a scale factor? You are very good at creating enlargement, I must say.

It’s ironic how I love math so much, yet the only number that I care about right now is your phone number. 

So, I heard you like complicated things; take math, for example. I am about to give you another choice.

Catchy Math Pick-Up Lines

Nothing like a pick-up line that catches the attention. You are looking good, and you are brilliant (of course, you love maths!), but it’s time for you to throw that catchy math pick-up line at her to seal the dating deal!

Can you tell the similarities between an exponential curve and my love for you? Both are unbounded.

I would like to play the numerator, and you play the denominator; then, we can both reduce to our simplest forms.

I live by the rules of calculus. And the directions tell me that there is something more between us than meets the eyes.

I was trying to find the value of x. But look where I am! I found the value of U instead.

Without me, you are 9.99999999. without you, I am 9.9999999. why don’t we team up to make a whole number instead? 

See, I love math, that is right. But I am no math expert. And yet I can see you and me making a perfect pair. 

You have no idea how much I want to be that math problem right now that you are stuck with. I would get your undivided attention, then.

You have a p-value of 0.05, I suppose? Because no matter what, I would never want to reject you. 

Hello, I have a request for you. It seems like you are brilliant with algebra. In that case, mind replacing my X without trying to know Y? 

Please do not be offended if I call you a square because it seems to me that you have all those right angles. 

Beautiful Math Pick-Up Lines

Pick-up lines don’t always have to be cheesy and clever. It can be simply beautiful sometimes, enough to leave your crush breathless. Shall we look at these beautiful math pick-up lines, then?

Baby, I’m lost without you because I have a mapping of my feelings to that of yours. And I need your reciprocation. 

Baby, you are equivalent to the polar coordinates: everything imaginary and complex gets a specific direction and magnitude. 

What makes a perfect combination? You and I, because you possess the curves and I own the angles. 

I have saved your phone number as a ‘bank loan.’ My interest in you is always on a steep rise.

The way your body has the perfect ratios, I’m sure both your parents are mathematicians. 

 You don’t know the passion I have for math. But nowadays, you are distracting me as much as math does.

Bertrand Russell was hugely known for being a renowned philosopher and mathematician and for advocating for sexual liberation. Shall we talk about how liberal he was in private? 

Baby, I have always been in love with you, and I promise to be in love tomorrow and forever. Does that make my passion mathematically induced? 

If your beauty were a straight line, it would have had no parallels. 

It drives me crazy whenever I get a glimpse of your beauty. And in case you are lazy, you can still derive me crazy partially.

Short Math Pick-Up Lines

Sometimes the shortest pick-up lines do have the most impactful effect. Small things can be heavyweight! Take Black holes for an example! Dive right in, and we don’t want to keep you waiting.

Help me determine the coefficient of static friction between us, please.

If I were cos2x and you were sin2x, we would have been one at any cost.

Do you need some help with the concept of titration? I swear I’m good at it; we can go to my place and try it practically until we both reach the endpoint.

Do you have a superpower? Because you move me and shake me even when it is absolute zero. 

Do you want to know what the solution to my linear equation is? It is you. 

While my X tends to be infinite, guys, I will show you the limit we could reach together. 

Could you please help me integrate the natural logs I am experiencing?

I am going to make a primal offer to you. There are no other factors you should be worrying about. 

We know that distance equals velocity * time. Why don’t we let our speed and time tend to infinity? I was hoping you could walk me down the aisle.

I like set theory now because that lets me intersect and union many things. I would still try it with you, though.

Awesome Math Pick-Up Lines

Do you know what’s awesome? That a math nerd is putting their creative hat on to ask a crush out for a date. Do you know what’s even better? Both you and your crush are math nerds. These pick-up lines are especially for you. 

I am confused; you and I are good at math. But chemistry is all that I think about when I am with you. 

Hey babe, I want to squeeze your theorem while you poly my nominal.

I might need some help from you with my polynomials. And I heard that you face a problem differentiating. Let me help you with that. 

It’s a divine sine that I have met you.

Ditch the parallel lines. Touch me.

If you are a statistician, why can’t you see the significant effect you have on me?  

I can be a gentleman for you any day. 

Be my girlfriend and see all your poly-blems- gone. 

My life without you is like √(-1); it is complex and unreally pathetic.

Will you let me calculate your mean value? 

Baby, I would like to take you out on a date because you are the sin 2 for me.

Girl, you are so 1/cos C that you make my heart go faster than the express train going 70 miles per hour. 

I don’t care what Huygens’ preferred curves were. Mine is yours.

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