How Guys Can Master Travel Dressing: 35+ Fashion Tips

It is always difficult managing your style and build the right outfit when you are traveling. There is only a part of your wardrobe that you can have with yourself, and sometimes it might not be enough. Here is how to look sharp while traveling. 

Here are Tips to master travel dressing for guys

Be minimalistic. Being minimalist with your attitude and packing is going to help you a lot while traveling. Packing only what is necessary and only the clothes that you are sure you would be wearing is the right thing to do. 

Pick dynamic pieces. Pick clothing pieces from your wardrobe that match well with just about anything and allow you to be flexible in your fashion decisions while allowing you to be creative. Pick a few very versatile pieces. 

One white sneaker. One white sneaker is all you need to get through all the casual meet-ups, gatherings, and even the most formal of events. They are super versatile, and if you find a good silhouette, they go with everything. 

One dress shoe. One dress shoe is a must while traveling as you would be able to wear it with most pants and shirts, and it makes you look sharp and clean as ever. Pick something more versatile like a monk strap. 

A comfortable trainer. A comfortable trainer that can help you walk or even run for a long time without causing discomfort in your legs. You have got to have one of these in your luggage while traveling. 

Mini hair care set. Your hair decides how well or bad you look for the day. Make sure your hair is always on point even while traveling to look at you and dress your best. Create mini hair care set to help you in your travels. 

Compact skincare routine. A compact skincare routine or a mini version of your actual skincare routine at home would do wonders for your skin when you are traveling and make you look just as good as you do on a normal day. 

Dress shirts. Dress shirts are a man’s best friend while traveling. Not only are they perfect for formal occasions, but they can also be paired with a pair of jeans for more casual events. You have to pack a few, preferably black and white. 

How to take care of dress shirts

Button downs. Button-down shirts are a great addition to any wardrobe and are super dynamic pieces that can be paired up with just about anything. You do not need more than a couple of these to have a great trip. 

Solid t-shirts. Sold t-shirts should be your bread and butter while traveling, and you have to pack at least two or three while traveling. They are ideal for a casual evening and prove to be a great base for layering other pieces. 

One well-fitted suit. One well-fitted suit is enough to single-handedly take you through all the important travels in your life. Make sure that you pack it well and take good care of it while traveling; no creases or folds are needed. 

Jeans. You do not need more than a couple of pairs of jeans to last you the entire trip. There is no point in packing or packing the jeans that you would not be wearing. A black and a blue pair must be more than enough. 

Trousers. Trousers are the most important part of your wardrobe while traveling. They are comfortable and are the best to relax in. Do not forget to pack a couple of those to help you relax on your trip. 

How to style trousers

Shorts. Shorts do not receive the credit that they deserve. One must have at least a couple of shorts while traveling. Given that they are hands down the most comfortable form of bottom wear ever made, denim is a great pick. 

How to style shorts

Belts. One brown and one black belt are must-haves for any trip. They neither take too much space nor are they hard to manage as they can be easily rolled up and packed. Make sure that you do not misplace them or crease them. 

Watches. Watches are the easiest to travel with and the most stylish accessory to wear with your clothes. You can easily carry a couple of watches by wearing one while traveling and keeping the other one in your travel bag. 

Slippers. Slippers are going to be your go-to type of footwear while traveling as they are perfect for relaxing in, are crazy comfortable, and undoubtedly are the easiest to carry. Pack a cool-looking pair to wear to the pool or the beach. 

How to choose perfect pair of slippers

Toiletries bag. Your toiletries bag should be treated like your sacred treasure while traveling. It contains all your essentials, and it is going to be a really tough time if you lose anything from this bag. Put all your important stuff there. 

Underwear. There is not going to be too much cleaning around there, so you better pack as much underwear as you can. It is better to have more than less here to make sure that you are clean and hygienic at all times. 

Socks. You can never have enough socks in your luggage, but you have to make sure that you have at least one pair of socks for each day of your stay there. Keep your feet and your shoes clean and hygienic at all times. 

Undershirts. Undershirts are a lifesaver on any given occasion. They are perfect to be worn under your shirt and are also great when you just want to relax in your room. Pack a few of these to always keep the sweat patches away.

Why are undershirts important

One jacket. You ideally should not need more than one jacket on any given trip that is not in a super cold location. Pick a jacket that is versatile and can be worn with most of your clothes. A leather or a bomber should be fine. 

Perfume. The right perfume can take you to places even when you are already traveling. Make sure you carry your favorite fragrances with you while traveling to always smell and feel good. 

Deodorant. You have to treat your favorite deodorant as your most prized possession while traveling. It is going to make sure that you always smell clean and fresh even if you choose to skip the shower or do not have the time for it. 

Why is deodorant necessary

Detergent pen. A detergent pen is a life savior in the tensest of situations. When you need to get rid of a smudge or a stain from your clothes in a short time, it is going to be your ultimate weapon. Make sure to keep it in your bag when traveling. 

Chinos. Chinos are the prime example of versatility when it comes to clothing. They work well in both casual and formal atmospheres and are more comfortable to wear than your regular jeans. Black and beige are the prime colors. 

How to style chinos

Mini wardrobe. You have to think about building a mini wardrobe while traveling. Bring all your essential and favorite pieces together to travel with, so you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. 

Less is more. Believe in the concept that less is more. Instead of traveling with everything that you own, take a few good pieces and use them in the most optimum way possible, make the best of what you have. 

Universal pieces. Make sure to have a few super versatile pieces in your clothing that go with almost anything and are suitable for the place that you are traveling to. 

Black and white. If you are confused about where to start and what to pack with, black and white is always a great place to begin. You can never go wrong with this classic combination. 

Packing methods. Pay more attention to the packing technique that you are using. The more organized and efficient that you are with your methods, the less space you would need to pack all your belongings. 

Dress according to the weather. Whenever packing for travel, keep the weather of the place in mind. It is very important to dress according to the weather and pack accordingly. 

Linen. Linen is a great fabric to wear in both shirts and pants when in a relatively warmer place plus, the great thing about them is that they are very light and compact in packing and ideal for travels. 

Go shopping. If you do not wish to be completely packed or have excess luggage for the trip, just carry all the essential stuff, and you can go out shopping for the rest when you get there. 

Caps. Caps are yet another one of those accessories that make you look better, are very functional and are extremely convenient to pack and carry. 

Sunglasses. You should pay close attention to your sunglasses and keep a pair with you at any given moment. Not only does it protect your eyes in a foreign condition but it also makes you look a lot better, don’t forget it at home. 

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