166 top Massage Pick-Up Lines [Cheesy, Rare, Awesome]

Who doesn’t likes massages? Especially after a long tiring day. You can express your love to your partners by helping them by giving them a magical massage.

Additionally you can also try these Massage Pickup Lines.

Cheesy Massage Pickup Lines

Mnetioned below are few Cheesy Massage Pickup Lines that you must try.

Are you a massage therapist? because you have a body

Are you a massage therapist? Because your back massage is driving me crazy.

Do you like water massage? ‘Cause I’m about to get you wet

Are you ready for some deep muscle therapy inside you?

Baby, aren’t you really a massage therapist? Because you turn my hard problems into soft tissue.

Baby, are you a masseuse? Because your wet pussy is the perfect hydrotherapy.

Baby, it’s never too late for a happy ending

Baby, let me rub your back. Because then we can play together.

Baby, my fingers can massage more than your soul. Baby, do you want a massage?

Baby, I’m so nervous, let me give you a relaxing massage.

When I’m done, I don’t need any more acupuncture.

Can I have a facial? I call it a facial massage. Can I run my fingers down your back or something?

Comb over, baby!

Do you have an LMP license? (let me plow)

Do you know how to massage ’cause you break all my blocks

Do you know massage? Because I pulled the active release technique.

How about a head massage? ‘Cause I can give you my head

How about a prenatal massage? Are you pregnant yet? let me change that

does it hurt? I can give you a good massage.

Forget hot stone massages, my hot sticks will delight you.

Rare Massage Pickup Lines

Try these Rare Massage Pickup Lines mentioned below.

Girl, by the time I’m done with the massage oil, I need some lube. Girls, do you need a positively assisted stretch for your cat?

Girls, I am a certified massage therapist. And my specialty is breast massage.

Girl, when I massage, it’s all about deep tissue. So how deep do you want me? I have healing touches or magic fingers.

I know how to massage both outside and inside.

Instead of a chakra hot stone massage, try a chakra hot ball massage.

Let’s carve some deep connective tissue tonight.

Try Therapeutic Touch in you. Look at my lips and yours They want to massage each other.

People call this massage rhythmic mobilization. I call it sex.

Choose your story, choose your massage. how about a happy ending?

The only spa massage tonight is a facial.

Want to see my work on your trigger points tonight?

It smells like you are getting an aroma massage.

Your fingers touched my soul I have a beard. And I’m good at sex.

I like your beard very much Can I touch your vagina?

If you think my haircut is well-groomed, check out my butt. What is this “spa”? It feels like you started saying a word and haven’t finished it. You mean spaghetti? Can you take me on spaghetti day?

is this your real hair I saw one that looked like a mannequin in a barbershop, but it was really expensive! can I have your number

Beards make you hot. This is science.

bushy beard; cozy kisses

Can I run my fingers through my hair?

Baby with comb.

Short Massage Pickup Lines

Try these cute and Short Massage Pickup Lines and enjoy these with them.

Isn’t that Finn’s hair? Because you are just gold!

Are you a hairdresser? Your haircut is terrible, so I’m assuming you tried it yourself.

Did you just get a manicure?

Why not nail you to the wall?

Ever heard of happy endings? do you want?

Don’t let my haircut fool you. I’m a kissing machine enthusiast.

I have a spa certificate that expires tomorrow. I don’t want to waste it. will you go with me I like your hair, can I pull it from the back?

I saw your tweet about wanting a new Mustang. How about a mustache ride instead?

I like the smell of your hair

If every woman had perfect skin like you, spas would be out of business!

Does it smell of lavender oil in your hair? Can I comb it?

My love for you grows like Rapunzel’s hair.

I have a beard. Where do you put my wood now?

I live in a hotel]. I heard they offer great spa services.

Your hair looks so soft and silky. Can you put your finger through it?

Is it my hair, my nose, or my crooked smile? Or the 50ml animal pheromone I sprayed? Does your family run a noodle-making business? Because she has the hair of an angel.

One day I will grow a mustache.

It hurts to touch my hair! You just set me on fire!

What’s the name of the nail polish you wear that looks great? What is this “spa”? I feel like I can’t stop saying words. Do you mean spaghetti? Can you take me on spaghetti day?

Whatever you do, don’t cut your gorgeous long hair. When she asks for a match, say, “What about the hair on my head and between your legs?”

Best Massage Pickup Lines

The best Massage Pickup Lines are mentioned below, so try these and enjoy. 

I have to cross the street can you hold my hand

Do you know what looks good on you? my arm!

This cloud was made up of angels like you and demigods like me. were you sitting on a pile of sugar?

Are you as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside?

let me follow you Because someone told me to follow my dreams.

What do you do for a living other than taking my breath away? They say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. It seems that no one has stood next to you.

Call me Q because I always need U next to me.

If you can rearrange the alphabet, put U and I together.

my hands look heavy I will keep it for you.

When I met you, I knew that love, at first sight, was real.

I can’t use magic, but you can.

Fall in love even in zero gravity.

If stars fell from the sky every time I thought of you, the sky would be empty tonight. When I look at you, I can’t even remember my phone number. What are you?

For some reason, I felt a little sick today. But you turned me on when you came.

Is it a bank loan? Because you are interested in me

If you were a song, you would be my favorite track.

It’s good that you have a library card because I will check you out completely.

Would you disagree with me if I said your body is beautiful?

Even if there was zero gravity on earth, I would still fall in love with you. I won hide and seek to find you.

Sorry, I just wanted to look you up on the internet and see if your bytes are compatible with mine.

Crazy Massage Pickup Lines

If you wanna try these Crazy Massage Pickup Lines, then you are at a right place. Try the pickup lines mentioned below and enjoy these. 

My doctor says I could use more vitamin U.

I know milk is good for you. You have to drink your fair share.

Whenever I count my blessings, I count you over and over.

To know me is to love me. are you ready to meet me

Thank you for allowing me to see your beauty.

When I saw you, I forgot the pick-up line.

Are you always this cute or did you have to try?

If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard. You looked familiar, but I remembered that I had only seen you in my dreams.

If you were a triangle, you would be spiky!

I’m not a photographer, but I can photograph you and me together.

Can I follow you? I was told to chase my dreams.

I tried to send something flirtatious, but it didn’t fit in the text field. Let me tie my shoes, I don’t want you to fall in love with someone else.

I have nothing to say, but I still want to talk to you. So… hello!

You can see your future self in the crystal ball.

do you have a pencil Because I want to erase your past and write our future? Even if we can’t be together in reality, at least let me be with you in my dreams.

You must have smiled when you saw my name on the phone.

what do you think it is? I’m your secret Santa. What do you want for Christmas this year? Let’s play SMS games! If I win, you’ll take me out If you win, I’ll take you out

Are you a magician? Because every time I see you, everyone else disappears.

There is nothing sweeter than the beauty of your face. Hello, my name is Trouble and I am looking for my soulmate. May I ask if there is room for a little trouble in your life?

Did someone say you are beautiful today? Well, let me be the first.

Awesome Massage Pickup Lines

Mnetioned below are a few Awesome Pickup Lines for our awesome audience. So try.

can you read my mind If so, will you marry me tomorrow?

Life is meaningless without you, like an unsharpened pencil!

Give up your morning cereal and spoon-eat you instead.

Are you a time traveler? Because we can meet in the future!

Is your face McDonald’s? because I like can I flirt with you

I always thought that happiness starts with “H”. Did you know that it starts with “U”?

If I were a traffic light, I’d blush every time you passed so I could stare at you some more.

Could you tell me your parents’ phone number? Thank you for raising such a wonderful person.

I was wondering if you could tell me:

Who rules heaven if you’re here?

You have everything I was looking for and believe me – I have been looking for a long time.

Commit the perfect crime. You steal my heart and I steal your heart.

Hello, this is the first step. It’s your turn.

How long will it take for me to realize that I like you and to admit that you like me too?

You see, I’m really bad at starting conversations. Why not try it?

Catchy Massage Pickup Lines

Try these Catchy Massage Pickup Lies wehave mentioned below and enjoy with your friends. 

Did you fall in love with me after receiving this text message? are you free forever

If you don’t answer within 3 seconds, you are mine.

your eyes are like the sea. I could swim all day.

I never believed in love at first sight, but that was before I met you.

You are so beautiful that you made me forget my pick-up lines.

I don’t believe in love at first sight, but you have an exception. Have a card? I keep getting lost in your eyes

If I say your body is beautiful now, will you blame me?

Hey, you’re pretty and I’m pretty Together we would be pretty cute. Do you know what the Little Mermaid and I have in common? We both want to be part of your world.

Kiss me and you’ll see the stars love me and I’ll give it to you

No wonder the sky is gray (or dark at night). All colors are in the eye. It’s always fun flirting with you over text messages. But it’s hard to lean over and kiss.

Hey, stop thinking about me I see you doing it now.

You were so good at involving me that I was wondering if you were an artist. I admit I think of you sometimes.

I don’t know what kind of aphrodisiac you gave me, but every time I think of you, I can’t stop smiling.

I hope you find the motivation to write first appealing.

Even if there are no stars tonight, you shine like a star.

I have a big problem. I’m always thinking about you

Want to know what’s best in my life? It’s the first word in the previous sentence.

When I look into your eyes, I see a very kind soul.

If you were a song, you would be the best track on the album. How did you survive so long without writing to me? I am adorable essentials.

Would you like to go outside with me and get some fresh air? you just took my breath away

You won the jackpot! You are number one in my heart. Please reply for more information.

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