195+ Mario Pickup Lines to saving hearts

You must live under a rock to be unaware of the lovely Italian man known as Mario. With his amazing skills, he goes through hardships to meet the love of his life, and that is something that can be done by you.

With sheer determination, you can definitely get to your love, and to help you start your journey, here are some cute pickup lines that you can use. 

Cheesy Mario Pickup Lines 

Game sessions plus a cheeky sense of humor would be the perfect session. That is why if you want to light the mood of the game session and feel better, these following cheeky one-liners can help.

These will make the conversation feel lighter and easier to roll with. 

All these lives would be meaningless without you. 

Being without you would make all these lives pointless. 

I want to spend all of these extra lives with you. 

Spending all of these extra lives with you is what I want to do. 

You are harder than a brick block. 

You are quite hard, like a brick. 

I bet I can ground pound you as much as I want. 

Let me ground pound you all night long. 

You are like a brick block which is begging to be ground pounded all night. 

I think I would ground pound you all night long would be a good idea to do. 

You seem like you could use some ground pound all night long. 

Do you have plans tonight? I think a ground pound session would be the best thing for tonight. 

I have only one plan. I want to ground pound you tonight. 

You remind me of a green mushroom because there might be some 1-up happening in me. 

You definitely 1-up my heart. 

My heart is not the only thing that is affected by you. You give me 1-up somewhere else as well. 

I have a 1-up in my pants, and I think it is because of you. 

Thanks to you, I have a 1-up in my pants. 

My pants have a 1-up, thanks to you. 

You definitely give me several 1-ups, in different parts of me. 

A night with you would be a Mario level, very intense and interesting. 

I bet this Mario game is interesting, but being with you would be more interesting. 

This Mario level is quite interesting, but I bet I would have a more intense 300 seconds with you. 

Spending 300 seconds with you would be much more fruitful than this level. 

I am like a Mario level, I will be very intense and exciting, but it would probably be just for be for 300 seconds.  

Rare Mario Pickup Lines 

Mario is not a rare game, and that is why common pickup lines based on Mario can be a little boring to listen to. But that does not have to be the case.

The following are rare pickup lines that you can use to leave a lasting impression on your crush, who you met in between the games. 

I bet I could get you off in 300 seconds the moment we begin. 

It would be easy to get off someone in 300 seconds. I mean, I do it with my Mario. 

I am like Mario Kart, and I bet this will be exciting and fun if you give me a chance. 

You are as mysterious as a mystery box. 

You are like a mystery box because I can not wait to get you open. 

You must be a mystery box because you have all of my attention. 

I have the appeal of a mystery box because I will capture all your attention.

Let me be the mystery box in your life so that you have something to look for. 

I can be the mystery box that you can unbox every night. 

I will be the mystery box on your bed every night so that you have something to look forward to. 

I think you will be happy to have a mystery like me in your life. 

I think you are like Boo because you are all I keep searching for. 

I have my eyes on you like I have eyes on Boo. 

You remind me of bo because you are all I have eyes for. 

You capture my attention as Boo does. 

Let me focus on you as I focus on Boo. 

You can be my Boo if you want. Is it what you want?

Be my Boo, and I will keep my eyes on you forever. 

Let me make sure you never leave my sight like Boo. 

You are like Boo because I do want to focus my attention on you. 

Let me keep my eyes on you for an extensive period of time, like Boo. 

You can be the Boo for Halloween and be my Boo for the rest of our lives. 

My favorite character has always been Boo, and you remind me of them a lot. 

You are my favorite person, just like Boo is my favorite character in Mario. 

Best Mario Pickup Lines ever 

Mario is one of the best games to play, and if that is something you want to feel when you are hitting on your crush, these pickup lines would be the best ones to go for.

These will make you feel much more accomplished when you see the bright smile on your crush’s face because of how cute these are. 

I could show you an amazing new journey. 

Let me take you on an adventure. 

 Hope you are ready for the new world.

I would be open to showing you the new world. 

I have an amazing new world for you to show. 

Let me show you my new world. 

I can show you an amazing new world for you. 

I have an amazing new world for you to see if you want. 

I have a party for you if you want to see it. 

I am interested in the Mario Party, and if you want, I can show you the Mario party.

I think you would like a Mario party, given how much you are into Mario. 

Mario is fun, and a Mario Party with you is better. 

My favorite character is Yoshi, and you remind me f Yoshi. 

Let me ride you like Yoshi. 

You remind me so much of Yoshi, and I bet I could ride you. 

You are like a feather, so light, and you definitely make me animalistic. 

You are a feather because you make my tail grow that is in the front. 

You are a feather because you have me flying away. 

You might be a feather because you make my heart grow a tail. 

You are too hot to handle. 

You are like a fire flower, and you make me feel way too warm. 

You have me feeling the hotness of a fire flower whenever I am with you. 

You get me burning up like the fire flower. 

You are as soft as a flower, and you are as hot as fire in a flower.

Short Mario Pickup Lines 

Short game sessions are always much more exciting. These game sessions can be easy and fun to play, much more fun to enjoy and feel better.

If you wish to feel that fun and thrill, you can definitely try the following because these would get the reaction you are looking for.

I have a mushroom for you that might make you grow. 

I bet I could make you grow just like the mushroom. 

I have a magic mushroom for you. 

My mushroom would make you grow. 

I bet the growing you have here is because of the mushroom.

My mushroom is quite magical. It will make you grow a lot. 

Do you have a mushroom in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?

I feel like I am a mushroom because I always make you grow. 

I bet I could make you grow twice in size with my mushroom. 

My mushroom will give you a magical experience. 

Tasting my mushroom would be the most magical experience for you. 

I think we both would enjoy our magical mushroom time. 

I hope you are open to switches. 

I think switches would be amazing because of you. 

Do you like switches? I have a switch for you. 

I can assure you that you will have the most amazing experience the moment you turn on the switch. 

Let me turn on your switches because you will enjoy everything. 

I hope you like playing with switches, 

Let me help you turn on my switch. 

I hope you are open to switching on and switching off things just for a good time. 

I am like a Nintendo Switch, and I am simply waiting to be turned on in order to show you a fun time. If you turn me on, I can show you how much fun I can be. 

I bet I can be a good enjoyment for you if you are open to switching me on. 

Let me switch me on so that I can show you a good time for you. 

Quick Mario Pickup Lines 

Mario kart can be an interesting game to play. We all want to play the game and finish it as quickly as possible so that we can start the journey again.

That is why, if you want to feel the thrill of playing this game again, you can try the same with your crush. You can try using the following to feel that thrill again. 

If you are waiting to be levelling up, I can help you with it. 

Do you like levelling up? I can show you how to level up. 

Let me show you how to level up. 

I can help you level up in the game of love if you want. 

I am not super but I would love to be super for you. 

I bet I could be super for you. 

They do not call me super just like that. 

I bet I could show you why they call me super.

They call me super because of something, but I can show you how I feel. 

Let me show you how super I can be.

I think you are super, so let me be the super for you too. 

I bet we could both be super for each other. 

You are a magical mushroom because you always end up making me grow. 

Let me show you how I can grow for you. 

Let me ride you like Yoshi because I think it would be an amazing experience. 

You can call me Yoshi because I am always up for riding. 

You can call my parts a Yoshi because I bet I could show you how to ride. 

I bet I could give you a manual so that you could learn how to ride Yoshi. 

Let me help you figure out how to keep riding if you are into it. 

Are you good with pipes? If you are, I bet I could help you with them. 

I have been waiting to be flushed for a while, and you make me feel so flushed. 

Let me feel more and more flushed. 

If you are okay with it, I could work your pipes. 

I am not a plumber, but I would be more than happy to show you how good I am with the pipe. 

Flirty Mario Pickup Lines 

Playing games allows you to meet several different people. So if you ever find someone who is interested in the games just like you, then it is something you should be invested in.

These games can bring you two together, and if you both like Mario, then the following will be the best pickup lines for you to go for.

Let me show you what good pipping looks like.

Let me show you how pipes work. 

My pipe is missing some filling so let me show you how much better your pipe would look filled completely. 

I saw you like playing games. 

Let me show you how good my gamer fingers are. 

I can assure you that I am good at games, in and outside the bedroom. 

Let me play with you and show you what it is like. 

Let me show you how exciting my games can be if you go to the bedroom with me. 

My bedroom is the best place for you to play if you are willing to try it. 

Empires are nothing in front of my eyes. 

Let me show you how far I am willing to go for you. 

I bet I could show you a good time if you are into it. 

I would break down empires if you are into it. 

I will do whatever you need me to do only to show you how serious I am with you.

You may not be other people’s princesses, but you are my Princess Peach. 

I bet I could taste the peach whenever I see you. 

I believe you have an amazing peach. 

I am dying to taste your peach. 

Let me take you to my bedroom and show you how amazing your life would be. 

Let me help you play some more games. 

You remind me of a magic flower with how magical you are. 

You are a magical experience, and you are as sweet and beautiful as a flower. 

I will build up a castle for you just so that you can be the Princess in my life. 

You are my Princess, and I would love to have you in my castle. 

My bedroom can be your castle for you so let me show you how amazing my castle can be for you. 

My bedroom is empty for you, Princess. 

I have doors in my heart, but I would be open to letting you in. 

You have the key to my heart because I want you to come in. 

My heart is the castle for you and I would love for you to be the Princess there. 

Let me be the Princess of your heart.

Cheap Mario Pickup Lines 

Games may not be the cheapest things, and neither is the case of the game merch, but that does not mean that simple pickup lines can not get you the desired affection from your crush.

The following are simple pickup lines that can be easily incorporated into the conversation so that you can seamlessly flirt with your crush. 

You make me grow just like the magic mushroom. 

You are a magical mushroom and make me feel growth. 

Let me grow under your touch like there was a magic mushroom. 

I know you have a flag. 

I think it would be better if I could mark you as my flag. 

Your bite marks are like the flag that marks me as yours. 

I bet you could lower the flag on my Poole. 

I have a pole that is waiting for your flag. 

I think you are a beautiful princess, like a princess peach. 

Let me show you how much I could love the princess peach. 

Luigi will not get into this. I promise 

I have an amazing castle for you to lie in. 

I would give my heart to you just like Mario did for princess peach. 

I would give you everything, all of my coins, instead of spending them on my extra life. 

I will follow you like a toad because you are my Princess. 

I have never felt anger towards Bowser, but I would be down for murdering Bowser if Princess toadstool was anything like you. 

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