How to Make Money from Medium: 15+ Proven Ways

Content writing asks for a vast amount of knowledge on the subject for which one needs to dig into much deep understanding of the concept. 

Medium is one of the best platforms to showcase the writer in yourself. You can post your contents and easily earn revenue though them. In this article we have listed some of the ways in which you can earn your first $100 through Medium. The primary ways are-

  • Posting regularly
  • Affiliate marketing
  • By promoting one’s own website

Considering content writing as only a task would and carry it out only to complete it, would turn out to be baseless and vague. It would further lead to misguiding others. This further can be considered to compromise with the development of oneself and also the world as a whole.

Make Money from Medium

While on the brighter side, if done fairly and purposefully, doing away with all the cruel intentions, content writing is one of the most satisfying tasks to be undertaken. 

What Should Be Your Initial Steps?

They are the building blocks to guide a person who needs the correct information to get on the fruitful result of his researches.

Keeping the positive impacts in mind, content writing is being promoted to an amazingly great extend across the globe. The Internet has greatly facilitated the growth of the field to another great height. 

Example: Freelancer and Internshala being one of the well-established platforms have gained much popularity and fame. Even the little kids are very well familiar with these brand names. 

To count up, there are several other such websites, apps, blogs which provide an equally great platform for an individual to either build or garnish their career to greater peaks. 

One of the best sites in the world of the internet is ‘Medium’. It has remained under-rated for a long time. Lately, with the contributions of the contributors to the website around the world, it has gained a considerable share of the audience. 

What is Medium?

The tagline of Medium goes as “Medium, where words matter.” It was not much time since the establishment of this platform. Evan Williams, the founder, launched Medium in 2012. 

He developed Medium as a way to publish writings and documents longer than Twitter’s 280-character (maximum). Evan Williams is also the co-founder of ‘Blogger’ and ‘Twitter’. 

Right from the establishment of Medium, the founder quoted “We are trying to make it as easy as possible for people who have thoughtful things to say.”

Why To Choose Medium?

Medium has emerged as one of the best blogging platforms to make money in 2020. Promoting writing-culture is also the expression of every personal heart. This platform is designed to free for writers, but there is a small fee for readers. The writers make money from readers fee, not from any advertisers, which gives great joy and satisfaction to the one who writes. 

REQUIREMENT: The person who is in the business of writing would always work for creating the best quality content for his readers as he knows he would be approved only on the quality which he offers. Moreover, the readers also get the develop their taste of reading in their search for the optimal quality of articles.

Medium- Money Making For All

As promised by the founder, Medium has been built in a most user-friendly manner by the developers.

The only step in gross earnings from Medium is to sign up as a ’creator’ (a writer). It provides enrolling with Google or Facebook account to be able to create a Medium blog.

Not everyone wishes to earn through whatever they want to post. Keeping an eye on the matter, Medium provides an efficient option to the publisher to decide whether to monetize the article or not. Monetizing the article is also not any tiresome or bulky work. After preparing the report, one needs to check on the “make your story eligible to earn money” checkbox before posting it.

As soon as the article is published, the writer is eligible to earn money as part of “Medium’s metered paywall”. Medium pays the author every month based on reading time and applause from Medium members.

Basically there are three ways to make money on medium:

  • Writing regularly on medium –  This creates a robust writer-reader relationship where the reader loves to read the quality presented to them, and the writer happily satisfied with his family of readers, which he has earned.
  • Affiliate Marketing – In a technically advanced world like today, mere writing and publishing would not yield the best rewards. GAthering audience, offering them what one has would go on creating the chain.
  • By promoting one’s own blog website – Once a writer has grasped a significant share of the audience; then he may go up to creating his blog website and sharing among them to create more thrives among the audience.

Features of “Medium”-

Medium provides a publisher with an excellent hand-tool for access over his already posted articles as well. The simple steps to monetize a previously published article requires these steps to be followed-

  •  Edit the article/story (if required).
  •  Click on 3 dots (menu bar) in the upper right corner.
  •  Click on ‘Mange distribution settings’
  •  Click on the “Recommend story to interested readers” box. 
  • Finally ‘Save’ the article.

Recommendation for niche topics

As the monetisation process is greatly audience-oriented, one must carefully monitor on the topics which he practices. Even though one can write about any niche, my recommendation would be picking a micro-niche and write articles on that. This aids in holding an excellent grip on the reader base. A list of rewarding niche topics are presented down here-  

  • Technology
  • Culture
  • Photography
  • Food
  • Self
  • Politics
  • Media
  • Gaming
  • Sports
  • Style

The best suggestion would be to stick to one particular topic and go on feeding the audience accordingly. This also aids the readers not to lose the standard string of understanding of the contexts, so to say, it doesn’t leave the readers confused.

Top organisations earning through Medium platform 

Here’s a list of few leading organisations who are accounted as most active ones on the platform-

1. The Startup — 452,478 followers

Growing: 361 followers per day

Publication url:

2. Better Humans— 304,574 followers

Growing: 212 followers per day

Publication url:

3. Towards Data Science — 215,152 followers

Growing: 437 followers per day

Publication url:

4. UX Collective — 262,434 followers

Growing: 217 followers per day

Publication url:

5. UX Planet— 199,758 followers

Growing: 172 followers per day

Publication url:

6. The Writing Cooperative — 156,985 followers

Growing: 133 followers per day

Publication url:

7. P.S. I Love You — 125,913 followers

Growing: 109 followers per day

Publication url:

Here are Some Important FAQs about making money on Medium

What are Fans on Medium?

Fans are the number of unique readers who clapped for a story. Many writers solely focus on the total number of views, reads, or claps on their articles. However, technically seeing, fans are probably the best proxy for successful content on Medium.

What is Mention in Medium?

Medium provides a facility to tag (or mention) other users on a article using the @ symbol. It is similar to that popular in other social media sites. 

What is Medium Embed?

In order to embed a Tweet, Instagram video, or more on Medium, one needs to simply paste the URL into the Medium editor, and press ‘Enter’ to convert that link into an embed.

What is Member time reading?

Medium takes the total word count of a post and translate it into minutes, (with an adjustment made for images) based on the average reading speed of an adult (roughly 265 WPM). This is referred to as read time. Moreover, since October 2019, Medium has re-regulated its payment based on the Member time reading. 

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