How to Make Money from Instagram: 15+ Proven Ways

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms available. There are more than 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram. All notable celebrities use Instagram to let people know about their day-to-day life. Instagram first started as a photo-sharing platform. It has since evolved into a business platform that can be used by anyone.

Many social media influencers earn a particular amount of money from sharing photos on Instagram.

  • Becoming an Influencer
  • Becoming an Affiliate
  • Selling Your Own Products
  • Selling Virtual Products

In this article, you will find ways some great tactics that you can use to earn money from Instagram.

Nowadays, Instagram is ideal for selling products that look good in photographs. If a photogenic model is using the product and a photo shoot is conducted with that model for the product, then you can sell them quickly through Instagram.

why making money on instagram is big deal

Here are Way to Make Money from Instagram

Becoming an Influencer

If you have a massive following on Instagram, then with your status as an influencer, you can approach different brands and help them promote their items in your posts. An influencer gains a following by posting good content regularly and by convincing their audience about new trends.

There is a level of trust between an influencer and his/her audience because of their presence, and this helps the influencers to promote different products. 

Tips: Brands tend to partner with the influencers to do sponsored posts. The influencers can promote their products either by posting a photo with the product and writing an eye-catching caption or by making a video where they are shown using the product and later describing its benefits. 

What do you need to know:

Your most important job is to know the type of audience you have. You need to sponsor products that will make your target audience interested. Now the biggest question is, how can you find brands that are willing to work with you? 

Well if you are somewhat famous in the online world, then there is a considerable possibility that big brands will contact you. If you want, you can also find brands that you are interested in working with.

You can contact them directly through your Instagram account and negotiate a deal. You can also put your name in the Instagram marketplace to increase your chances of getting a brand.

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Becoming an Affiliate 

Another way to earn money from Instagram is to help other people sell their products. Many brands sell their products through affiliates. It is a popular way to earn money from Instagram.

There is a difference between a member and an influencer. An affiliate is someone who is working towards making sales for the brand in exchange for a commission.

Their job is only to sell their product. They don’t have to follow specific rules for it as is the case for an influencer whose main job is to create awareness. 

Example: The affiliates make money through a promo code or a link. You need to share engaging posts without being pushy. You can post the track-able link or the promo code in your bio, or you can share a post of that product, and in the caption of that post, you can include the link or the promo code. 

This way of earning money is trendy among those who are looking to grow their popularity. 

how to become affiliate marketer on instagram

Selling Your Own Products

You can sell the products that have been manufactured by you. This retailing requires some inventory.

You need to invest some money for start-up capital to stock some of your products. It would help if you also had a place where you can store your products.

You can sell your products through stories and posts on Instagram. You need to tag the products in your posts, or you can share the link of the product page on your bio. 

How to do it? 

You need to guide your followers to your product website, and if they find it interesting, they can purchase the product. You have to make the posts engaging or else a minimal amount of people will go to your product page.

When people have ordered your product, you need to make sure it reaches them safely without any defects. 

Example: Many third-party logistics companies are available. You need to employ an adequate number of workers so that they can deliver the products on time. Also, it would be best if you let the customers know the time it will take to deliver the product. 

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Selling Virtual Products

Instagram is a great platform to show off your photography skills or your editing skills. You can sell your posters, painting, drawings, animations etc. through Instagram.

You have to post the link of your product page on your bio and let every one of your followers know about the importance of it. If you are a great photographer, you can quickly get paid for it.

You need to post your works on Instagram and let everyone know about your talent. 

Example: Many popular models can contact you for photo shoots where they will offer some amount of money, or other professional photographers may ask you to collab with them, which will increase your reach. It would help if you also remembered that you have to improve your skill in other things as well.

If you are a great photographer, then you need to enhance your editing skills as well as editing is one of the most important things in photography. You also need to be original with your posts and to promote the photographs you can use appropriate hashtags for them.

Some Basic Requirements for Making Money from Instagram

1. Learn about the business side of Instagram.

2. Launch your Instagram Shop, which will help you promote your products directly to Instagram users.

3. Learn about Instagram Do’s and Don’ts thoroughly because if you master them, then you can plan your posts and get the maximum reach.

4. Master Instagram Filters because people like the posts which look pleasing and make them happy. You need to use correct filters for a particular category and avoid making the photo noisy. 

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Popular Instagram Influencers:

  1. Amanda Cerny– 22.8 million followers
  2. Zach King– 21.4 million followers
  3. Liza Koshy– 18 million followers
  4. James Charles– 19 million followers
  5. Lilly Singh- 9.4 million followers

Here are Some Important FAQs which helps you to make money on Instagram

Can you make money on Instagram?

Yes, you can make money by using the following ways:
-Creating sponsored posts
-Becoming an affiliate
-Selling your own products

How much do Instagram influencers earn?

a) Accounts having less than 10k followers earn around $88 per post.
b) Accounts with more than 1 million followers can earn around $3000 to $6000 per post.

How much does Instagram pay?

The more followers you have, the more money you make. The rates are determined on the quality of the post. The standard rate is $10 per 1000 followers.

Instagram is one of the few ways by which you can earn a hefty sum of money online. All you need to do is create attractive content and gather followers.

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