221+ Magnet Pickup Lines to Attraction Guaranteed

Are you looking for the most flirtatious phrases to attract your crush like a magnet? Want to impress someone with your magnetic pickup line?

Here are some of the best flirting words you can use. You can read these pick-up lines, copy and paste them, and impress everyone in your life.

Cheesy Magnet Pickup Lines

If you and your partner are fully attracted to each other just like magnets, then dude, these Cheesy Magnet Pickup Lines are perfect for you.

You must be the magnetic North Pole; I can’t leave because I’m the South Pole.

Baby, Are you a magnet? Cause I can’t wait to hold you in my fridge

Girls must have magnetism because I’m attracted to you

Are you a magnet? Cause you sure dress me up

The girl is like a solenoid; the magnetic flux changes only if you add some movement to the bar magnet.

Can I be your magnetic north pole and you my magnetic south pole? So that we can attract each other.

Was the drink a magnet? Because you’re attractive

Hey baby, you must be the monopoly of magnetism.

My trousers must be magnetized because I’m attracted to your steel pans!

Are you a magnet because I moved in with you tonight?

You must be the magnetic North Pole because I’m the South Pole, and I can’t leave

Girl, I’m attracted to you, so you must have magnetism.

Are you a magnet? Cause you sure dress me up

; the girl is like a solenoid; the magnetic flux changes only if you add some movement to the bar magnet.

Was the drink a magnet? Because you are attractive.

Hello baby, you must be the master of magnetism. Because all I get from you is the charm.

Your pants must have magnets because I’m attracted to your steel buns!

I am not penetrating you. Your vagina responds magnetically to my penis.

Swallowed a magnet? Because girls are attractive…

Do you have an interest in your butt pocket? Because it is eye-catching.

Rare Magnet Pickup Lines

Try these unique and rare magnet pickup lines with your friends and family, and enjoy the game.

Is your face a magnet? Because it fascinates me.

My hands are magnets. My hands are magnets, And you have a roll of steel.

If you’re the south end of the magnet… I must be the north end.

Are you a magnet? Damn, because you’re attractive!

Girl, You have magnetism and suck up all my little drops.

Are you a giant magnet? Because you’re so charming

Are you the last Airbender? Because I want you to bend over.

Is your surname Suicide? I want to confide.

Is your ○○ a library book? Because I want to make sure.

Do you have a nickname? Can I call you later?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

You’re full of curves, and I’m a car without brakes… ooohhh -Drake

I’m afraid of the dark. Will you sleep with me tonight

The first thing I will do after this lockdown is to you.

Is your body a map? Because I like to travel.

That’s a friendly smile. If it’s all-you-can-wear, you’ll look better!

Licked. so it’s mine

You deserve all your sins. Kissing

times buttons two calories per minute. Someday you can train.

Hey, I got my vitamin D today.

Short Magnet Pickup Lines

If you feel attracted to your crush like two opposite poles, try these short magnet pickup lines with them.

Hey, can I wear earmuffs on my thighs?

Was your father a baker? Because you have a nice set of bread.

I lost my key. Please show me your pants.

I know three ways to turn off 6 inches

I lost my virginity. Can I have yours

It’s called coffee because it’s finely ground.

I am stubborn, so is your name Medusa?

Saving water by taking a shower together?

Are you geomagnetic? Because you are unusual and beautiful.

I don’t know If used; I just thought.

Acquire Scott Jack’s Magnetic Interaction.

SCOTT JACK MAGNETIC INTERACTION MASTERY. I’ll give you $16 dm If you’re interested.

Girl, you’re like a magnet… because my South Pole wants to go to your North Pole.

Hey Gravity? I feel the charm here!

I’m glad there are no magnets around because you are so attractive.

I have lumps. You have mass. We are naturally drawn to it!

Why are you so negative? I must be attracted to you.

Hey, charming, do you come to this reality often?

Hey baby, are you the earth? Because everything is drawn to you…

Even though you’re a million miles away, I’m attracted to you, so you must be Saturn!

Best Magnet Pickup Lines

Try these Best Magnet pickup lines, and you can also share them among your class friends for fun.

Is arson still an attractive trait?

The rose is red. Violet is blue. Destroying the patriarchy makes me very attractive to you. No

converter is required. You are naturally hot.

I have yet to learn about centroids. All I know about the center of attraction is that it’s you.

Do you see the appeal of van der Waals? Wait, I’m getting closer, so you can feel it.

Do you know the law of universal gravitation? Of course, you are also attracted to me when I am seduced. Is

made of magnets? Because I’m tempted to you

I can be an external force for your body’s laziness by taking you on a date. The refractive index of the body must be greater than 2.42 to radiate more than


You must be in the Singularity. The closer I am to you, the faster time passes.

According to the second law of thermodynamics, you must share your body temperature with me.

Miss, it would help if you were the centripetal force that makes my world go round and round.

Even if there is no gravity in space, I will fall in love with you.

You are extraordinary. Your embrace is warmer than hydrogen plasma.

It would help if you were the Higgs boson because, without you, the universe has no “matter.”

Magnetic monopoly? Because all I got from you is the charm.

We need to fix the laws of thermodynamics to understand why you’re so hot.

I am sodium. Please give me your empty valence shell.

Not only angular momentum but also love for you.

Like breaking symmetry, you are also hot enough to initiate bonding.

Crazy Magnet Pickup Lines

If you want to do something crazy in your Physics class, these Crazy Magnet Pickup Lines could be a good option.

I am good at dancing. Would you like to try some simple, harmonious movements with me? I don’t care about

stars when the most beautiful celestial bodies are next to me. can you tell me something about yourself

Your eye’s wavelength is perfect, so it must be 563.4 nm.

Does it burn your skin? Having fallen from the sky, re-entry would have been very hot.

It must be in front of the camera. Because it makes me smile every time I see you

since it must be pi/2.

You and I would have been great allies.

Do you know what the cross between the stars and the moon is? Only you.

We are both elementary particles because we can feel a strong force between us.

I just remembered the theory of relativity. you look unique to me

Let it absorb your electrons and make you feel positive.

Shining like a star, you must have been born in an open cluster.

My Heartfield is directed towards you.

Are you my core proton? “Sorry?” Because I can never feel the same without you.

Let’s go together. It looks like a superposition of the phases of two waves.

The sunlight was beautiful. You will shine from millions of lightyears away.

You are more special to me than relativity.

My heart is pounding. There must be some surface tension between us.

If I had an asterisk every time I thought of you, I would have created my galaxy by now.

Magnetic monopoly? Because I’ve always been attracted to.

Awesome Magnet Pickup Lines

For our ideal audience, we have a list of Awesome Magnet pickup lines that you can try anytime and anywhere, just for fun, okay?!!

If you’re Delta, I’ll be Epsilon, and together we’ll find the limit.

Just like Blue Supergiant Star, you cook.

I can’t stop attracting you, so you must be a strong magnet.

You are BaBe, so your parents’ names must be barium and beryllium.

I’m a physics major, but I’m not going to bed train you.

I am drawn to you as the earth is drawn to the sun.

Gravity? Because I can’t stop pulling myself toward you.

I am so attracted to you that it must be the 5th Prime Force.

I am the foil, battery, and world’s light.

I got Aeon for you.

I hang next to you like a Foucault pendulum.

You attract me like a magnet attracts iron.

Baby, you’re the one who gave my electrons a positive charge.

I’m drawn to you, so you must be a regular line of denser mediums.

According to Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, you are also attracted to me when I am tempted.

You are the right person for me, so it must be 90 degrees.

What are you eating? Magnet? Because everyone is attracted to you.

I could improve at physics, would you like to see my chemistry with me?

Are you a laser? Because you are set to pass out.

Like the universe, my love for you is boundless and ever-expanding.

Catchy Magnet Pickup Lines

If you want your crush to catch feelings towards you, you should try these catchy magnet pickup lines with them.

With you by my side, I reach my melting point.

Cooks like it can even melt a nuclear reactor.

Have you studied the Big Bang theory? Do you want to see my big bong?

I wanted to tell you a secret. There’s a supernova under your pants.

Want to run a physics experiment to check the stiffness of an object?

Should I adjust the lever to shift the center of gravity?

My favorite subject in school was physical geography. So why not check it out now?

Want to turn potential into dynamics? But for that, you have to come with me to my bedroom.

Would you like to add electrons to the storage ring?

I’m not interested in infinite pi. All I need is your number

I’ve never seen an atom so perfectly arranged as yours.

You are nothing but an atomic bomb to me.

We are galvanic cells because we can feel electricity running between us.

I don’t know the length of the bond, but the electron density tells me.

It’s like litmus paper. Because I blush every time, you touch me.

Like entropy, my love for you will never fade.

I may be weak in physics, but my charm is irresistible.

Your heat cannot be measured in Kelvin, Fahrenheit, or Celsius.

We only shared electrons because I could feel the covalent bond between us.

Could you expand the polynomial?

Funny Magnet Pickup Lines

Try using these Funny Magnet pickup lines in your lesson to make your boring science class exciting and funny.

You must be in singularity because you are charming, and time flies when I get close to you.

If you come to me tonight, you may violate the Pauli Exclusion Principle.

It would help if you were faster than light Because time stops whenever I see you.

You raise my boiling point. Are you a non-volatile particle?

When you meet me, I can stimulate your natural vibrations.

I’m attracted to you more than gravity.

I don’t know about Einstein’s long hair. you are the most beautiful to me

Like an ideal vacuum, there is only you in my universe.

Are you a photon of my electrons? You’ve driven me into a state of excitement.

I may not be good at physics, but I can stimulate your natural frequency.

It must be an exothermic reaction due to the extreme heat given off.

Has acceleration and mass. Are you ready to push?

Like the universe, my love for you is constantly expanding.

I wouldn’t like physics, but I would like to read about your celestial bodies.

Have you heard about Gamma Ray Bursts? Would you like to experience it?

I’m not good at physics. Can you help me put together some equations tonight?

You have a little candy on your face.

Why are you so cool!? I can’t concentrate on what I’m doing!

I am in your arms.

Where has my life gone?

Beautiful Magnet Pickup Lines

Try these beautiful magnet pickup lines with that beautiful girl you are attracted to.

You stole my heart, and I’m calling the police!

Wait a minute. I need to breathe. I hold my breath when I’m with you

I like you. I like my coffee: Big, dark, and intense.

Sounds familiar. You look a lot like my future boyfriend/husband.

Will you hold my hand when we walk in the park?

You must be the one to buy me a drink.

Hey, keep your distance. I could always fall in love with you

You remind me of a magnet because you attract me.

Hey, can we take a picture together? I want to make my ex jealous.

I felt sick all day. But then you showed up and thrilled me!

What do you think of me? Please specify R at least.

I am attracted to you cause you are Hotter than sunburn!

Lips are slightly wrinkled. Can I press

I can see the future; yes, you and I are together.

Can I kiss you now?

Let me tell you; my lips aren’t just for kisses.

Can I smack you in the face… with your lips?

Your shirt looks good on you! So do I.

Melts me like an ice cream cone in the summer sun.

Super Cheesy Magnet Pickup Lines

Extra cheese on your snacks could be too unhealthy, but at least you try it on your pickup lines. Try these super cheesy magnet pickup lines.

Kiss your lips. Let’s use them wisely.

I don’t know what you think of me, but I hope it’s an adult.

I might end up sleeping with you.

Stop staring at me. I got pregnant!

Hey, do you want some luck? Then come with me

I like my bed, but I’d rather be in your bed.

Do you have room in your mouth for another tongue?

You were a naughty child. Go to my bedroom!

My hands are cold. Can I put it in my pants to warm it up?

Your face would make a fine throne for a queen like me.

What’s your name? I want to know what you’re going to cry tonight

Are you a candle? Because I want to blow you away.

Wow, you have such beautiful pants! May I test the zippers?

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