160+ Lips Pickup Lines for Your Lips

One of the most prominent features of anyone’s face is their lips. These are the most desirable, beautiful, and physically attractive features when it comes to anybody. Everyone is guilty of meeting someone and wondering how their lips would feel against their own.

There is nothing more attractive than soft and full lips. That is why there are some that would definitely help you showcase your attraction toward someone’s beautiful pair of lips. 

Cheesy Lips Pickup Lines 

Some lips are absolutely cute. They are full, they are pink, they are bright, and they are so lovable. It would be a sin not to kiss those pairs of lips.

If you ever meet someone like that, then surely you must know how to ensure you end up kissing them.

That is why here are the following that will definitely get you to the goal of kissing your crush’s cute lips. 

I am more than proficient in speaking the language of love. 

I promise you that once I am done with you, you would be having a hard time catching your breath. 

I may not be a thief, but I will steal your breath. 

Your lips look soft, and I would love to touch them. 

You do eat a lot of fruits because your lips remind me of cherries. 

I could take a trip to your lips. 

I would drown myself in your pretty lips. 

The only thing I want to taste is your lips. 

Your lips would be the only thing I want to drink tonight. 

Your lips remind me of roses because they are so beautifully pink. 

Petals are soft, but I bet your lips are softer. 

You smell so good, but your lips taste better. 

I hope you like cakes because I can not wait to taste the cake off of your lips. 

My fingers would look better tracing your lips. 

The only thing I am addicted to is your lips. 

Your lips are so warm that I can feel the burn it leaves on me. 

Your lips have me burning up. 

I do not know if I have a fever or if it is just your lips that are too hot. 

You look beautiful with lipstick, but you definitely look better with your lipstick smudged. 

Your lips are the perfect shape for me. 

I bet your lips would fit against mine like a jigsaw piece. 

Your lips are the ones that are the perfect pair for me.

I never wondered about soulmates, though I bet your lips are the soulmate of mine.

You would look so beautiful when your lips were against mine. 

I love how pink your lips look, but I do think you would look better once your lips have a rosy flush. 

Your lips are swollen even though I have not kissed you. I wonder how your lips would look once I kiss you. 

I bet if I kiss you hard enough, your lips will look brighter than they look right now. 

If we kiss, I am sure you will end up flushing red. 

Funny Lips Pickup Lines 

Everybody loves it when their crush laughs because of them. That is why it is absolutely essential that you know how to crack jokes to see their beautiful lips curve into the prettiest smiles and heartwarming laughter just because of you.

These following oneliners would definitely help you with that. 

If I had the chance, I would be your mask. 

I bet I would get your lipstick stains on me. 

I wish your lipstick stain was waterproof because I want to carry you with me everywhere. 

I believe I can assault your face in the most gentle and friendliest way with my lips. 

My lips would look beautiful as they slam against your face repeatedly in a peaceful manner. 

I believe I would be able to feather kisses all over your face gently. 

I think my lips are the match for you. 

My lips will give you the breathtaking experience that you have been in search of for so long. 

I saw something shiny on your lip, and I would have to taste it because otherwise, I would not be able to sit still. 

You seem like you have a nice pair of lips hidden behind that mask. 

I would do anything to unravel those beautiful pairs of lips that you have. 

I would gently caress your lips and bite your neck harshly. Or vice versa. Whatever you prefer. 

I have always had a soft corner for luscious lips like yours. 

Your lips are like the softest pillows I have ever seen, and I want to experience their touch. 

I think you have me hooked because the line keeps drawing my lips toward yours. 

I would lick your lips. I mean, what?

The only tulips I care about are your two lips that would be a part of my meal. 

You are the meal that I will enjoy, and your lips are the cup of water that I would be going back to every once in a while to ensure I can enjoy the rest of you completely. 

I do not have a straw, but I would definitely sip the sweetness from your lips. 

Best Lips Pickup Lines Ever

You deserve to kiss the best lips, and you deserve to plant the best kiss on those lips. But it might not be the easiest thing to achieve.

So to help you succeed in your endeavor to swoon your crush enough, here are some liners that can help you with that. These lines would definitely turn their cheeks rosy, enticing you to plant a few kisses on their lips. 

You are the vodka that I want to drink completely. 

I would lick the salt off of you. 

If you are scared of tasting like food, I assure you, all that matters to me is that you taste like my love of life. 

Your lips looking swollen every time you pull away makes me want to go back for more. 

I think I have a medical condition. I can not breathe, and I would really like a kiss of life from you. 

You went through CPR training, so I hope you can give me the kiss of life I need when I am hard breathing. 

If I can not taste myself, would you taste mine for me, please?

I am working on a theory about kissing. Would you like to volunteer?

I have been wondering about the adrenaline rush one can have from kissing, so would you like to be a part of this?

Ever since we met, the only other thing I want to add to my hierarchy of needs is kissing. 

Ever since we met, the only thing I need to survive is to kiss you. 

Your kiss will definitely make me feel better, so please consider kissing me better. 

I have a lot of places that are hurting, so if you are willing to kiss my hurts better, I would love that. 

I am envious of everything that touches your lips because I wish I was touching your lips more. 

I would love to trace your lips with more than my fingers. 

I love how you dab the lipstick onto your lips. I can think of something else that you can dab on your lips. 

I have something that will act as a gloss if you are worried about chapped lips. 

Short Lips Pickup Lines

Every type of lips is beautiful. Full lips, thin lips, rosy lips, and everything. All of these lips deserve the same amount of love.

However, although all of those lips can definitely entice you, you must also know how to reach that close with your crush to ensure you can taste their full lips.

The following are there to act as support in your quest to kiss them. 

I can help you taste the rainbow. 

I will push my skittles into your mouth using my lips. 

I have only one chocolate, but if you want, we can share. You just have to take it from my mouth. 

Let me suck your lips and have a sip of your drink. 

I would give you a memorable kiss. 

Your lips are so magical it makes time stop whenever they meet mine. 

I swear your lips make me forget everything else exists every time our lips meet. 

I suppose my lips are missing something. Oh, they are m missing you. 

Your lips and my lips are best friends. Do you not think it is meant to keep them away?

Your lips would be amazing at a battleship because you can definitely hit me everywhere. 

Your lips are the VIP when it comes to my body because they have a free pass to every inch of my body. 

My body aches for your lips. 

Some places anticipate your lips wrapped around them and I can not help craving you. 

My lips are begging to leave marks on and around all over your body. 

You would be so beautiful with my lip marks all over you. 

My lips would love to kiss themselves, but they can not do that. 

Rare Lips Pickup Lines 

Kissing is an act of love. It is one of the most crucial acts when it comes to loving someone.

That is why, if you wish to make sure you can woo someone completely, you need to be able to compliment them and make them feel special in the best way that nobody can ever replicate.

The following can help guide you in that direction. 

I do not know if kissing will help you with anything but this will help you with your stress. 

Your stress will definitely go away if I kiss you. 

Your lips would feel better everywhere. 

I think our lips will feel better against one another than being away from one another. 

You will look adorable when you are completely flushed, so let me kiss you. 

Red suits you because you look delicious after I pull away. 

Do you ever look at something and wonder whether that would taste as good as it looks? Because your lips are the same as food. 

I wonder if your lips taste just as good as they seem. 

I definitely have two pairs of lips that your lips would enjoy. 

You enjoy my lips here, so I am sure you would enjoy my other lips. 

Please kiss me if I am wrong, but dinosaurs are still roaming among us, are they not?

You look like a snack without makeup, and I would eat you up. 

Your lips look beautiful and tasty without makeup, so I bet the makeup would be the icing over the cake. 

Flirty Lips Pickup Lines For Her

Any relationship is incomplete without some flirtation. Being flirty requires a lot of love and a lot of attention.

As any person in love, you should learn how to compliment someone in the most gentle way without breaking any boundaries.

These lines will definitely help you successfully woo the person you love so much. 

Baby, take me on a trip with those lips of yours. 

Your earphone speaker makes me jealous because it gets to touch your lips, and I do not. 

I have never been jealous of candy, but the fact that it can be trapped between your lips when is all that I want to be. That makes me very jealous. 

That popsicle is what I am envious of because it can get those sloppy kisses from you when I can not. 

Your cool lips after you have sucked on that popsicle are what I want. 

I want to kiss you so bad, but this window keeps coming in between us. Oh wait, it is a phone. 

If this phone was a portal, I would slide through it and kiss you. 

I am not deaf, but I am trying to read your lips. 

Your lips are magical enough to make me feel crazy. 

Your lips would definitely get me drunk within a few seconds. 

I can believe you when you say you taste sweet, and your lips remind me of strawberries. 

Your lips look as red as the rising sun of the flag of Japan. 

Your lips are not the only thing that I plan on tasting tonight. 

I would believe that if I were to bite those lips of yours, I would hear the cutest moan ever. 

You are beautiful with your blue eyes and red lips. They entice me. 

Your lips are like that of a siren. They haunt me and beckon me to come to kiss them. 

I am not a protective gear, but I would love to be one just to be in touch with your lips every day. 

I would love to be your lipstick because I would get to brush against your lips every day. 

I have something that would definitely get your lips flushed in my pants for you. 

Cheap Lips Pickup Lines 

Seeing someone’s full lips might make you feel a certain way. Feeling that way is absolutely beautiful, precious, and loving feeling.

That is why everyone deserves to figure out a way to get to that, to express that attraction and love for someone without breaking any boundaries.

These will help you with that whenever you feel like you are a little stuck. 

You have the poutiest lips I have ever seen. 

Your lips look so pouty I wonder if you even realize what you do to me. 

Your full lips will fill my heart. 

Your lips would be the perfect air to wrap around mine. 

I have something you can wrap your lips around. 

Your lips do look lonely without something to wrap them around. 

Your lips would be the perfect thing to put against my lips. 

I bet you would like some essence of milk on your lips. 

Your lips definitely need something between them. 

There are so many people I have seen, and yet your lips are the ones that I crave. 

I may not be an astronaut, but I would go around the planet just to kiss you. 

Hundreds of people with hundred pairs of lips, and yet what I want is you. 

This bottle is not the only thing I would e wrapping my lips around. 

I want to lick your lips the way I lick the gelato off of this cup. 

I can show you how good I can move my lips if you let me. 

I can beatbox on several places, including your lips and the mic. 

I would love to go on an adventure with your lips. 

Your lips are the most adventurous pair I have ever seen. 

I can always travel south with my lips. 

My lips will love to go south if you are okay with it. 

I think you have not one but two pairs of beautiful lips. 

Your lips would definitely enjoy my attention. Both of those lips you have. 

My date with you would have a happy ending if I could simply steal a kiss from you. 

You have been making me consider how to steal something akin to a kiss from you. 

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