140+ best Laundry Pickup Lines to Wash Away Your Singlehood

Laundry is one of the best places to pick up a man or woman. You’ve been stuck at the laundromat for a while.

There are many opportunities for small talk with cute girls and boys. Use this flirty and funny laundromat-style or laundry pickup line.

Start a conversation and test your laundromat pick-up skills.

Cheesy Laundry Pickup Lines

Mentioned below are some cheesy laundry pickup lines.

All these clothes look good on my floor. Well, after the drying cycle.

Space pants? because you are not of this world.

Do you know why I wash with hot water? It’s not like something is shrinking when you’re there.

Let it be like a laundry cycle. I’m dirty, you get wet, we turn around, use the dryer, and cuddle

I am looking for someone to clean your lint collector.

That’s a lot of laundry. Does that mean you don’t wear underwear?

I love to be with you forever, may I touch you once.

I wanna look at you every morning and wanna sleep with you every night.

I found every pulse in your body!

Sorry, I think I’ve lost something. A heart beat just looking at you.

Would you like to play doctor with me?

Nice shirt. Can I talk? It’s a stain on your bra top, isn’t it? (points to chest)

Where is the label that says “Made in Heaven”? (Check the back of her shirt)

Would you like something to eat or drink while waiting to change?

You probably should go. You make other girls look bad. You’re a beautiful woman and it’s not just bleach fumes talking about it.

Your dirty sheets will tell you something worth knowing.

hey are you a washing machine

Hey, are you good at laundry?

I have a lot of stuff in my pants and I don’t know how to dry them

If I were your man, you wouldn’t have to do the laundry. Because we will be naked all the time.

Is it a washing machine?

I want to burden you. 

Short Laundry Pickup Lines

Mentioned below are a few Short Laundry Pickup lines, try them.

My fantasy is to makeout with you on the top of the washing machine, lol.

Let it be like a laundry cycle. I’m dirty, you get wet, we turn around, tumble dry and hug.

Without you, I’m like a washing machine without a dryer. Can you help me fold these sheets?

Can you help me? How much detergent should I put in these clothes?

I like to do laundry, because your clothes smell like you and I love it.

Does this string smell clean? Now let me help you put the clothes in the dryer.

I can make you feel good, I can be your hubby and do your laundry forever.

I bet you’re naked under or over all these clothes

Too soft for shirts… Too soft for shirts… Too flexible…

The tide waits for no one.

Hey, do you wanna hangout with me?

Well, it’s important to check it once in a while, right?

May I take your temperature? because you look hot today. 

Do you have a fever? Because it looks hot!

Let’s be together forever, laugh at stupid things, go to parties, dance like animal and enjoy our life.

I have a lot of stuff in my pants and I don’t know how to dry them

So many dryers, and so little time. You probably should go. You make other girls look bad.

Is your tank top made of felt? [No] Do you want to be like this?

It has a fresh lemon scent. It’s not just the water that’s hard here.

Excuse me, does that rag smell like chloroform?

Rare Laundry Pickup lines

Wanna try something rare and unique? Then these rare laundry pickup lines are good for you.

My mom has the same bra!

Because I want to drop my dirty baggage on you

Looking for Rinse Charming?

Load it in front.

let’s go back to me Lint cleans her traps. I could use a really good fluff.

Too soft for shirts… Too soft for shirts… Too flexible…

Now that my underwear is clean, I’ll make it dirty again next time.

Someday my conditioner will come

Shall I help you wash?

Is it a roll of change in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

A small amount of laundry? You make my pants feel two sizes too small. Wrinkle-resistant, preshrunk, and low foam.

That’s a lot of laundries. Does that mean you don’t wear underwear?

Would you like to go for a spin?

The laundry room is so much fun. Hello, you just got here. I want to be the first man to disturb you.

Nice shirt. Can I talk?

I want to hit you with the washing machine in the laundry room.

My mother cleaned my sheets, but she wants them dirty again. I am masculine, well-hung, clean, and generous.

Baby, I’m dirtier than clean coal

I want to clean the dock connector.

I had to clean the filter twice after seeing how beautiful you were because my Arabic was unbelievable.

Funny Laundry Pickup Lines

These amusing laundry pickup lines are a few good conversation starters that you can use at any time.

After I clean you up, you need more than a sponge. Do you know how to clean your gun?

Have you cleaned your armor with Windex? I can see myself in you!

Baby, the shower isn’t the only thing that will clean you up tonight.

Are you the one who invented the airplane? Because you look like a light to me!

I thought I had an extra heart…my heart was stolen. Are you Siri because you autocomplete me?

I hope you know CPR is breathtaking.

If you were to give her four most beautiful women a quarter of hers, you would get $1!

Hello, I’m Microsoft. can I sleep with you tonight

What’s your favorite perfume you wear? Oh! is it just you can’t get enough?

Are you related to Jean-Claude Van Damme? Because Jean-Claude Van Damme is sexy!

I am blinded by your beauty… For insurance reasons, please give me your name and phone number.

Have you seen Star Wars? Because I’m the only Yoda!

Hey, you’re pretty and I’m pretty. Together we would be pretty cute.

I’m confused… I thought happiness started with H, but it seems that it starts with U. Do you have Neosporin? I fell for you and scraped your knees.

Are you a magician? Are you ready for some magic?

I’ll put your ass in your hand

Miss, are you a wizard?

For now, I’m here to give you some magic.

Hold those eggs for me. I don’t make love, I make magic.

Are you a magician? Because every time I look into your eyes, suddenly everyone else disappears.

Are you cam? Because it makes me smile every time I see you.

Quick Laundry Pickup Lines

Do you want to experiment with Quick Laundry Pickup Lines? Well, we have a good collection, you can try it out.

Is there an airport nearby or my heartbeat?

Excuse me, do you have a map? I got lost in your eyes

Are you in debt? Because you piqued my interest!

I’m in the mood for pizza Pizza you!

Excuse me, can you help me? I think you have something wrong with your eyes. I can’t take them away from you.

Is it a 45-degree angle? Because it’s cute!

I don’t consider myself a hoarder, but I want to keep you forever.

You are so cute. You can put Hershey’s out of business!

I am good at algebra. You can replace the X. You don’t need to calculate Y.

I am very happy to have life insurance. My heart stopped when I saw you.

If I had to rate you from 1 to 10, I would give you a 9 because you are missing.

Jam doesn’t shake so much, so you must be jelly.

Since you are interested in me, it must be a bank loan. I have 1 ply and 2ply, but all I want is your reply.

If nothing lasts forever, are you nothing of mine?

If you’re a Star Trek phaser, you’ll be amazed!

Everything about you is so good, and you are magical my love.

My dexterity is not only inspiring, but it is also a pleasure.

Watch my pen go into your dollar bill.

Have you ridden the Hogwarts Express? Because it makes you feel like you’ve been to a magical place.

Just out of the oven? Because you are hot. If you were a chicken, absolutely perfect.

Did they revoke your driver’s license for driving all these people crazy?

Best Laundry Pickup Lines

Mentioned below is the list of the best Laundry pickup lines that you must try for fun purposes.

My buddies are sure I couldn’t strike up a conversation with the prettiest person here. How should their money be spent?

That’s why I’m here. What are your two remaining wishes? Remember me? Oh yeah, I only met you in my dreams.

Hey girl, I love you more than anything, the way you touch is so good.

Do girls want to learn magic? Let me give you some magic tips.

Do you have a pulmonary embolism? Baby, you’re taking my breath away!

You look weak, wanna have my Vitamin D?

Take care of your health, as you have to be fit for tonight’s game plan.

I guess you forgot to take your supplements, wanna have Vitamin ‘Me’.

They must be made of cheese. I can meet Gouda tonight!

I’m glad I remembered to bring my library card. Cause I’m checking you out!

If you’re a vegetable, sweet cucumber!

Do you work for Dick Corporation? Because you are sporting goods!

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