163 best Korean Pick-Up Lines to Heartbeats

If your classmates are crazy fans of K-Pop or K-Dramas, here is a list of Korean Pickup Lines for you. This article has various funny, cheesy, and flirty pickup lines.

Try these pickup lines with Korean friends or friends who love Korea. You can also use these pickup lines to make your Tinder chats exciting and for a better conversation.

We assure you that this will make your chats more engaging, and you might impress your friends as well.

Cheesy Korean Pickup Lines

Just those ordinary cheesy pickup lines could be cringe. So, instead, you should use pickup lines about the thing they like.

So, if you want to impress a girl or guy who loves Korea ten, you can try these Cheesy Korean Pickup Lines.

Hey girl, I guess you are Korean Because I think I found my Seoul-Mate

You shine as bright as the artificial Sun developed by Koreans,

Girl, you must be the artificial Sun developed by Korea cause you are no lesser hot than the Sun.

Hey girl, may I know about your Ethnicity? Cause you are so pretty, you look Half Korean, Half White.

I don’t know about your academic percentage, but it looks like you are 100%.

Girl, I guess your name is Do Kyungsoo. Cause I want a D.O. you.

Girl, I don’t know how to spell ‘Suga’ without “U.”

Girl, you look like BLACKPINK. So can you come to my area?

Hey “Mamacita,” I’m “Sorry Sorry” that I’m not “Mr. Simple,” but you’re like “Magic.”

Hey girl, I guess you are an Inspirit? Because my love for you is INFINITE.

Are you on the Korean peninsula? Because I’m going to split you in two

Are you Jimin’s jams? Because I’ve been looking for you everywhere.

Crazy Korean Pickup Lines

You can think of it this way: love is an art, and flirting is a different art form. So if you love someone and you want to flirt with them, then dude, you are an artist.

Okay, we are hyping you up; please bear with us. Try these Crazy Korean Pickup Lines.

Are you “Crystal Snow”? Because I want to hold you one more time.

I think you’re the Key to my heart.

Wow! You’ve got the “Best of Me.”

Let me shimmie shimmie “Ko Ko Bop” into your life.

Are you Carat? Because you shine like a diamond.

Are you from South Korea? Because I think you’re my Seoul Mate.

Are you Crystal Snow? Because I want to hold you one more time.

Are you J-Hope? Because I Daydream about you.

Your browser does not support video.

Would Yuta-ke my heart?

Rare Korean Pickup Lines

It is essential to choose the most suitable pickup lines. Additionally, it would help if you didn’t even overdo it.

Your pickup lines should be unique so that you can gain attention. Try these rare Korean pickup lines.

Damn, girl, are you Korean? Because you and I need to make

You make my heart go, BamBam.

Are you Carat? Because you shine like a diamond.

Are you on the Korean peninsula? Because I’m going to split you in two.

Is your name Do Kyungsoo? Because I can D.O. you too.

Are you an Inspirit? Because my love for you is INFINITE.

Baby come here; I can satisfy your hunger. Also, I can make you feel cheap and ashamed afterward.

If you come to my room, I will open the packet carefully; I will add some hot water to it and make you a good Cup of noodles.

Do you love to have Ramen? Well, I liked it too the instant I met you.

Do you want some ramen?

Funny Korean Pickup Lines

 Funny pickup lines are always effective cause if you can make them laugh, we have already done half of the work to impress them.

So use these funny Korean pickup lines to impress your Korean friends.  

Girl, I am soft from your hotness.

The girl, would you allow me to put my Ramen into your bowl?

You make Mi So happy.

You have your Ramen Noodles, and I will be the Ramen noodle in you later.

You were a topping; I would have added your Ramen.

What topping? You’re exactly what I’m looking for.

What flavor soup base? I am Soy into you.

Do you want to taste this thick tonkatsu broth made with sweet lovin?

I am the best raMen you can ever have. Slurp me, baby. 

Flirty Korean Pickup Lines

We have a list of Flirty Korean Pickup Lines for you so that you don’t have to think much. Just work on how you will deliver it. 

What type of raMen do you like?

No matter how you like Ramen, I’ll be firm and soft until you are satisfied.

Naked Ramen, zero broth, and all flavor.

My ramen noodle gets extra firm for you.

My Ramen needs a little more topping. Can you be that for me?

Is the soup hot? Oh, wait, it’s just you.

It would help if you were a Verb tense cause you are plus-que-parfait.

If you were available in a salad, you’d be Cute-cumber.

The sky looks gray today because you took all the blue and put them in your eyes.

I may not be an Octopus, but I can give you all my heart.

Short Korean Pickup Lines

Suppose you want to make your date blush instead of getting bored with those dull pickup lines.

Then you should try these Short Korean Pickup lines.

Hydrogen who? You are the number one element for me.

Are you a Magician? Cause when I look at you, the time stops.

Even if Earth there is gravity on Earth, I still fall or you.

Must you be an Electrician? Cause you are lightning up my life.

Just like a dictionary, you add meaning to my life.

Is your name Google? Because you’re everything, I’ve been searching for.

You look so familiar… Didn’t we take a class together? I could’ve sworn we had chemistry.

Are you a Photographer, right? Can you picture you and me together?

Love, at first sight, seems so fictional, so can you come and meet me again?

Hey, are you a Cat? Cause I want to spend nine of my life with you.

Best Korean Pickup Lines

Here we have a list of the Best Korean Pickup lines for you that would help you to impress your Korean crush

You are the one who makes my dopamine levels go crazy

Do you have a map to go home? Cause you might not go to heaven by your right?

You stole my heart with the impeccable spelling and correct usage of grammar.

My love for you is like pi- irrational and infinite.

Are you a Nikola Tesla cause you are electrifying?

Falling in love with you took lesser time than the DNA takes to replicate itself.

Hey, do you play Quidditch? Cause you look like a keeper.

Am I in a Hogwarts Express? Cause it feels like I am going to enter a magical world.

“You have such beautiful eyes!”

Super Cheesy Korean Pickup Lines

Extra chees on your snacks platter could be bad for your health, but extra cheese on your pickup lines is a big yes.

So, try these Super cheesy Korean pickup lines.

You look so delicious that I want to have you without cutlery.

You look more beautiful than any natural thing in this universe

Not even half of the stars are as bright as you.

I don’t approach strangers, but your beauty invited me to talk to you.

I am fearless, but I still need the courage to talk to you.

I and writing an article about the beautiful things in the world, so can I have more information about you.

You look perfect; you need to change your surname.

You shine as bright as the Sun, and standing next to you makes me look tan.

You must be Google because, just looking at you, I got everything I was searching for.

You look so charming. I can’t stop falling for you.

Awesome Korean Pickup Lines

Mentioned below are a few excellent Korean pickup lines for you. Try these with your friends who love Korea and impress them.

Apart from being sexy all day, what else do you like to do?

My mood is not good today. Can I have you a cup of coffee?

I don’t know much about you, let’s go on a date and get to know each other.

I would not hit on you, but you can if you want to.

I’ve noticed that you didn’t notice me. I want to change that.

Let’s go on a Coffee date and fall in love forever.

Your gorgeous body makes me forget my pickup lines

You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life till now.

You are brighter than any star. Sometimes I think that stars might look at you and make a wish.

I’m writing a book about phone numbers. Can I please have yours?

Beautiful Korean Pickup Lines

To win someone’s heart, you need to compliment your partner. But, unfortunately, we only have those dull words when it comes to compliments.

Well, you don’t have to worry about it; we have a list of Beautiful Korean Pickup lines for you.

I couldn’t find a phone number. Can I borrow yours?

Someone, please give me a dictionary, because I forgot everything the moment I saw you, and I am out of words now.

I may not be a ballot box, but you can give me your vote of confidence.

Do you come here daily or follow me?

Are you familiar with Expelliarmus? Cause your smile looks disarming.

Do not smile because I can’t stop falling for you when you smile.

My heart smiles whenever I see you.

Excuse me, and you have a sensuous overbite.

Catchy Korean Pickup Lines

Will you like it if a stranger directly comes to you and says anything cringe to you? No right? Then you should be particular about your pickup lines as well.

We have a list of Catchy Korean Pickup Lines that you can try anytime.

 I have nothing good to wear; I am wearing the smile you just gave me.

Hey, don’t frown. You’ll never know who might fall in love with your smile.

Hey girl, I know you; you are the one with the best smile ever, right?

Are you that woman who has a million-dollar smile?

Hey, I want to share one thing with you, your smile is driving me crazy.

Hey, where did your smile go? (Check back pocket) Here it is!

Do we make a lot of words out of the word “smile”? (I, Me, I’m, Lie, Mile, Lime, Slime)

My day was not going well, but the moment I saw you, I was feeling better already.

I like it when I catch you noticing me, then you smile and look away.

Your smile is the reason why I want to live with you forever. 

Good Chat up Korean Pickup Lines

 Learning a new language for your loved ones is appreciable, but if you don’t have time to do so? For that, you can try these Good Chatup Korean Pickup Lines.

My heart lost a beat every time I looked at you. 

Don’t smile; I might hurt myself falling for you. 

I am from Smile Patrol. You have to kiss me exceeded the smile speed patrol.

If I hold a star every time I think about you, I would have created my galaxy by now.

Is that smile patented?

Love your smile.

Your smile is the most attractive of your body.

Let us share or smiles with each other with a touch.

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