141+ Kiss Pick-up Lines to Steal Their Heart

You can’t kiss anyone or everyone. They must be very special to you if you want to kiss them. Your date, partner, or girlfriend/ boyfriend.

Random kisses are everyone’s favorite, but sometimes they might expect you to kiss them in some extraordinary way.

Instead of kissing them directly, approach them for a kiss in the most romantic way and make them blush.

Here we have some lovely kiss pickup lines for you so that you can make them fall in love with you more this time. Give it a try. 

Cheesy Kiss Pick-up Lines

Going cheesy with your girlfriend or boyfriend is cute. Especially when they love romantic nights and dates, so this time, go extra cheesy with some cheesy kiss pickup lines we have listed below just to make your love happy cause that’s what you want, right?

Hey, you are French, right? “Yes,” Could you give me lessons on French Kissing?

Can you please kiss me on the lips, so I can say an angel has touched me?

Excuse me; you look tired. May I kiss you cause science says One Kiss can release stress?

They say Kissing is a love language; wanna start a conversation then?

Well, kissing is an art, and I’m an artist.

Hershey’s produces millions of chocolates daily, but I crave yours only.

I can’t feel my lips; please pinch them with yours.

Your lips look sugary; well, I don’t know, I never tasted them.

Science says kisses can burn calories; wanna work out?

 Kiss me if I’m wrong; you want a kiss, right?

 Kiss me night and goodnight.

I’m not French, but you can still kiss me if you want to.

Funny Kiss Pick-Up Lines

Pick-up lines are not only for youngsters or girlfriend boyfriends, you can even use them with your husband or wife, but deep down, we may feel that isn’t too childish for their age.

It happens! So instead of trying simple pickup lines, you can make the conversation humorous by trying these Funny kiss pickup lines.

Don’t worry; you can kiss me; I won’t turn into a frog.

I’m researching kisses; could you be my sample?

Would you like to join me tonight for the stage kiss practice?

Can I borrow a kiss from you? I promise I’ll make it to you with interest.

You know what, it’s illegal to look this gorgeous. Well, you can find a penalty with a kiss.

Do you know kissing is good for teeth? Do you want to join me for a check-up?

Valentine’s day is coming, so what do you want from me? Hershey’s kisses, or just my kisses?

I have left sugar cause kissing you is sweet enough for me.

Do you think my lips are like the Blarney stone? Do you want to kiss them for good luck?

 You have to kiss me every time you look pretty, well’ you look gorgeous today.

I wish kisses were snowflakes so that I could send you a blizzard.

 Your lips look lonely; it will feel good with mine.

Crazy Kiss Pick-Up Lines

With your crazy partners, you might not get the exact way to express your love if they are always in the mood for humor.

So, for your savage partners, here we have a list of crazy kiss pickup lines to let them know how adorable they are. 

You can’t look this beautiful all the time; now you have to kiss me for compensation. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

Hey, it’s 11:11. Make a wish, kiss me, and see your one wish is already completed.

Do you know it’s lucky to kiss someone at midnight? Well, I’ll be more than happy to wish you a thousand luck.

Can you please hold my drink? Cause kissing you made me unconscious.

Hey girl, do you like sports? And what about lip wrestling?

I think there’s something wrong with my lips; I can’t taste them. Can you please do it for me?

Excuse me; I just bit my lips. Could you kiss the better?

Do you know, one kiss can make anyone happy, wanna smile?

Kiss me if I’m wrong, but you love me, right?

I’m chewing Skittles right now; wanna taste the rainbow?

 Your lips look bad alone; do they want my accompany?

If you meet me in the cornfield, I’ll kiss you in between your ears.

Flirty Kiss Pick-up Lines

Are you going to meet your tinder date tonight? You must be nervous Cause it happens a lot of f times that we spoil our date with a dull conversation because of awkwardness.

Don’t worry; we are here with you with some Flirty Kiss PickUp lines to avoid boring conversations on your date. 

I wish I could wear a leaf blower to blow you 270 mph kisses.

You like chocolates, right? Want Hershey’s Kisses?

Do you know about the Australian kiss? It is the same as a French kiss but a little down under the lips.

Kiss me on my cheeks, and I’ll tell everyone that an angel has kissed me.

I wish someone could kiss me regardless of my origin; well, you seem like ‘Someone.’

Sorry, I don’t have four leaves, but I can bring good luck if you kiss me right now.

Can you hold my drink because kissing you makes me fall on my knees?

Kiss me if I’m saying anything wrong, but Mt. Everest is not the highest mountain, right?

Is your hair made of Mistletoe? Cause I want to kiss you.

 You can kiss me if you want to, because I’m drunk right now and won’t remember anything the following day.

I don’t know why they call me Sugar lips; call you to check and tell me why.

 Love me forever, and you’ll get good morning kisses every day.

Rare Kiss Pick-Up Lines

You are about to kiss your partner in a romantic mood, and your phone rings. How will you start it again?

These Rare kisses pick up lines to make them blush again and kiss them at the right moment.

I may not be Hershey’s, but I can still give you kisses.

It’s my birthday today, I don’t accept gifts, but a kiss would be delicate.

Kiss me if I’m wrong, but there are eight days a week, right?

If a genie exists, my wish would be just to get kisses from you.

NASA says Earth is going to destroy soon. Would you like to give me a goodbye kiss?

Kiss me cause I can’t lie to my journal.

I can’t read your lips; let me feel them with a kiss.

Your lips look so pretty; they deserve a kiss.

Do you what are the two best things you can do with your is? Smile and Kiss.

 I can kiss you passionately if you allow me to.

You know what’s missing in K S S, just I.

I wish I were your coffee mug that gets your kisses every morning.

Good Chat Up Kiss Pick-Up Lines

The way you start a conversation matters while chatting on a dating app cause the first impression is how you approach them.

Saying Roses are Red, Violets Blue could be so dull. Instead, take a step, and compliment them with these Good chat-up kiss pickup lines.

I don’t know french kiss, can you teach me? 

No, I don’t have a hook on my lips; it can lock well; wanna check?

Your lips look Gorgeous; this would be unlucky for me not to kiss such a beautiful thing.

Are you a Garden? Cause you have beautiful Tulips? (Two lips)

You don’t need lip balm to moisturize your lips; I can simply do it for you with a kiss.

7 Billion lips on this planet, and I just wanna kiss yours.

They say you shouldn’t kiss anyone on 1st Jan, cause it’s just a first date.

Do you know how you can kiss them at the end of the Earth? On the apocalypse.

Do you get your goodnight kiss or want it from me?

Goodnight kisses are okay, but good morning kisses are my favorite.

Can you kiss me? I promise I’ll return it soon.

Aww, you are so sweet. Kissing you might give anyone diabetes.

Best Kiss Pick- Up Lines

For everyone, their partners are the best, but being in a relationship for so long, we somehow forget to express our love to them.

Starting it all over might take a long time, so just try these Best kiss pickup lines for your best partners. 

You know what, we should always practice good things, what about kissing me?

I may not be an artist, but trust me, I can present my best art piece in the form of a kiss.

I don’t have to be Irish to kiss you.

If you continue to look cute all the time, you have to kiss me. Sorry, I don’t make rules.

Let me kiss you cause I’m researching the sweetest things in the world.

Can you kiss me, cause I can’t lie to my diary again?

You know what, I can’t kiss myself with my lips. So can you do it for me?

Kissing can decrease Depression rates want to heal Mental Health. 

I Can make a knot on a thread just by my tongue; wanna learn it?

Just for facts, I would like to tell you that my kisses are full of sanctity with holy touch.

Well, I don’t need to learn French to KIss you.

 I dreamt last night that I’ll die if I didn’t kiss a beautiful girl the following day; want to be my savior?

Awesome Kiss Pick-Up Lines

We want everything excellent. It should be Awesome at the first meeting, but sometimes we lack words.

So we have some superb kiss pick-up lines for you. 

Your lips look Gorgeous, and I believe I’m the best kisser; wanna compete?

I’m not the best kisser in the world, but I could be your best one till now.

I Kissed A Girl (Pause). Katy Perry is a good song.

I may not be the frog, but if you kiss me, I can be your prince charming.

Okay, choose one. Kiss me every day or love me forever.

Are you Irish? Cause while kissing, you made me hard.

Hold me tight while kissing and make me crazy.

Kiss me on my cheek, and I’ll flaunt a goddess who has touched me.

I went French and learned a lot of skills, wanna see?

They say, “One Kiss is all it takes, falling in love with me,” Well, I don’t know, wanna try?

Well, I believe Kissing is a Love Language; wanna talk?

 You must be French, cause I’m interested in taking kissing lessons from you.

Catchy Kiss Pickup Lines

Use Catchy Kiss pick-up lines to approach them so they can catch it quickly. Don’t turn your conversations round and round; just make it happen.

Then, ask them directly using these pickup lines. 

There are seven wonders in this world, and the only thing that blows my mind is your kisses.

There’s something wrong with my lips; I can’t feel it. Can you do it for me?

If Genie exists, I will make a wish to taste your lips.

Smile, that’s the second best thing your lips can do; kissing is still the first.

I forgot what a kiss feels like. Can you help me?

Are your lips made up of coffee? Cause that’s the only thing I need.

Your lips are so gorgeous that it would be unlucky for me to satisfy them with only one kiss.

Are you a florist cause I want your Tulips (Two lips)?

I may not be your face mask, but I want to cover your face with my touch (Kisses).

My lips feel dry; can you moisturize them for me? 

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