211+ best KFC Pickup Lines To Get Your Heart Pumping

Who doesn’t love KFC? It’s just so delicious. So if you are planning to take your girlfriend out for dinner, KFC could be a good idea.

It will boost their mood. On top of that, you can also try these KFC pickup lines just to add more spice to them. 

Cheesy KFC Pickup Lines

The Cheesy KFC Pickup Lines mentioned below are for those who love snacks, especially KFC.

Baby, I’m good at the chicken dip. Do you have KFC sauce?

Baby, tonight he’s going to eat KFC. Start with soft breasts and juicy thighs.

Are you KFC or good at finger-licking? Have you ever eaten a KFC sandwich? It’s a good finger lick when my cock cums on your bun.

Baby, are you done with his KFC? Then, it’s time to put the bones in the wet, empty box.

Baby, do you have her 11 secret blends of herbs and spices in your pussy? Because I want to rock the chicken on your stove.

Do you know what KFC has in common with you? Juice from inside.

Are you from KFC? You have great breasts and thighs. Are you KFC or good at finger-licking?

Are you KFC? The doctor gave me a prescription for your sauce.

Honey, are you from Kentucky? Because I love fried, juicy Kentucky chicks like yours.

Baby, I’m good at the chicken dip. Do you have KFC sauce?

Baby, in your pussy he has a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices because I want to rock a chicken on your stove.

Baby, did he finish his KFC? Then, it’s time to put the bones in the wet, empty box.

Baby, let’s eat her KFC tonight. Start with soft breasts and juicy thighs.

Baby, you’re so hot. I made the chicken meat extra crispy tonight.

Baby, you don’t need all those chicken chunks to fill your bucket. All you need is that rooster. Damn girl, are you KFC? I want to eat your juicy breasts and thighs.

Do you know why KFC is so delicious? Because they pressure cook that penis to preserve all the juices.

I’m the girl who works at her KFC. You want a secret blend of herbs and spices in your pressure cooker.

 Do you know what KFC has in common with you? Juice from inside.

Girls, do you like your cock original or extra crunchy?

Girl, I am a colonel, a man, a myth, and a legend.

Rare KFC Pickup Lines

As mentioned below, we have a few Rare KFC Pickup lines for your big foodie friend. 

Do girls want KFC? That cook sure is delicious.

Have you ever eaten a KFC sandwich? It’s a good finger lick when my cock cums on your bun.

I’m a colonel; show me your breasts. Then, I will show you a wonderful time.

I work at his KFC and know how to break the breasts and thighs.

Would you like to drink KFC with me tonight? I can do it the hard way.

Child! Can you double the Oreos? Hey, do you want to eat something fresh? Try me!

You are my Happy Meal, and I am your Big Mac.

Oh, fill me with juicy flavors.

Let me put toys in your happy meal

, child! You’re like McDonald’s; I love it!

But, baby, you’ve got more legs than a bucket of KFC!

Oh, you make me super tall do you want to see my whopper?

Baby, I’m like McDonald’s. I love to see your smile

I want to dip my nuggets in your sweet and sour sauce.

Wow! You have more legs than a bucket of KFC!

Do you like hamburger secret sauce?

Oh, look at it; that became super huge.

Girl, you’re the Egg McMuffin from One Night Stand.

I love how you move…like a vulture’s butter.

I have a 6-inch sub that I can put between my lips.

Stop! I am much better than fast food. Fancy fries of the day or my burger number?

I want some French fries with this shake.

Are you working for a beautiful cause when you work at Harvey’s?

Do you like Pizza Hut, baby? Because I’m going to stuff your crust. 

Are you new to the McDonald’s menu? Magnificent?

If you were a McDonald’s hamburger, baby, you’d be McGorgeous.

Do you eat at McDonald’s? If so, you would be McHottie. But, baby, I’m like Taco Bell; stay up late and eat well.

Do you like hamburger babies? Because I go in and out of you!

The girl wants french fries or something near me.

Hey girl. Have you been in the sun because you look, umm…toasty?

Is your body missing from McDonald’s? because I love you

Do you eat at McDonald’s? If so, you’ll be Mchottie.

You are like milk. I want you to be part of my complete breakfast.

Are you McDonald’s? Because it goes right on my thigh

Damn baby, your body must be from McDonald’s Because I love it!

Are you McFlurries? Cause it goes right on my thigh

You’re my Dairy Queen; I’ll be your Burger King.

Seeing you is like a ten-piece meal, and he gets 11 McNuggets.

Girl, I want you to be my McDonald’s tonight…fast, cheap, easy.

If you were a McDonald’s hamburger, your name would be McStunning. But, baby, if you were a McDonald’s burger, you’d be McGorgeous.

Short KFC Pickup Lines

Below are some interesting Short KFC Pickup Lines that you must try if you and your friends love KFC.

I’m like Domino’s pizza. The next one is free if you don’t come for 30 minutes.

Baby, you’re so cute. You’re going to put Hershey’s out of business.

Want to spice up your diet and get my number for free today? If you were McDonald’s new burger, you’re McGorgeous.

Damn baby, your body must be from McDonald’s Because I love it”!

Do you work for Subway Inc.? Because you give me long legs.

Are you a poultry farmer? Because I grow a good cock.

Are you a chicken graveyard? Because I want to bury my cock bones in you.

Are you a chicken? Because I want to taste your breasts. Are you a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup? Because I want to drink!

Baby, if all I want is your chick, I don’t need a flock.

Baby, I want to stick my dick in your pen.

Baby, you chicks, because I can’t get enough of your tender chicken breasts.

Because I like my hot chick Baby, you’re the one for me. Can I get a big breast of chicken breast?

Did you grow up on a chicken farm? I heard you’re good at raising dicks!

Are you eating chicken because you can swallow my bones?

Do you know the difference between my cook and chicken wings? Well, it’s time for you to find out.

What’s the difference between the taste of my cock and chicken nuggets? Well, you better try.

Do you know why women love Kentucky? Because you’re past the soft breasts and juicy thighs. All left is a greasy wet box to put the bones in.

Do you like fried chicken? Because I want to bake a dick in your oven.

Do you want fried chicken? Because I want my cock to cook slowly in your oven.

Do you raise chickens? Because my cock responds to your sexy voice.

Best KFC Pickup Lines

Best KFC Pickup Line is for our readers who always think about their favorite KFC meal. Try these and enjoy.

Do you work on a poultry farm? Because I know how to grow my cock nicely.

Forget chicken breast; you’re the only breast I want to eat tonight.

Is the girl fried chicken? Because I have delicious-looking legs and thighs.

If you were a chicken, I would want your legs and thighs. 

Unfortunately, Miss, there is no wire fence to keep my cook from entering your garden.

You turned my boneless cock into a bone and are so hot.

Girl, you don’t need a bucket of chicken when this one cock of hers meets all your needs.

Have you ever seen a chicken fight a cat? Well, my cock is going to fight your pussy tonight. Hey chick baby, with my dick, be a lover tonight.

Hey, girl, are you a chicken? Because your boobs drive my drumsticks crazy

Hey girl, do you like bird watching? Because I like to give chicken. 

Hey girl, do you like chicken? Because I have a cock for you.

It must be like chicken strips. You’re a hot chick, and you’ll strip for me tonight.

Five chickens can be deboned in 10 minutes. So if you were a chicken, bring me my tail.

I take the chicken breast and hold the chicken.

I’m a poultry farmer, so I know how to handle egg babies.

I’m not a cockerel, but see what this cockerel does to you.

Is it the chicken in your pocket, or are you happy to see me? Make me a chicken nugget and dip it in your sauce.

Let’s do a science experiment. You become the chicken, Ima becomes the egg, and you know who came first in the end.

So what can you feed your chickens?

I want a cock. Can you…

Good Chat up KFC Pickup Lines

To maintain your series of late-night calls, you must try these Good Chatup KFC Pickup Lines.

Want some flavor tonight? We have a better tail recipe you should try.

How about a delicious cream sauce for this chicken?

What do you and chicken legs have in common? I prefer bone-in.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Anyway, I’ll make sure you come first.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Get into the cute girl’s pants.

Do you know what I want tonight? All natural fresh chicks like you.

You must love chicken wings because you give my cock wings.

You’re a chick, and I’ve got a nugget.

Sleeping alone is a waste of sexual talent. However, I’ll put you on my to-do list.

Choose a butt? I assure you that ** is calling me.

You are like a snowflake:

Beautiful, unique, and wet with one touch.

I checked the battery level, and it was 69%. are you a woodchuck? Because I can see your trees.

Your lack of nudity is disturbing.

Can you read Braille on your T-shirt?

I want to cut my baby in half. How would you like your bowl of poached eggs, scrambled eggs, or fertilized eggs?

Play pranks together and help Santa on his journey.

Are you a mask because I want you to be my face? I promise you are not what you used to be.

I wish I were your phone; you were with me all day.

Are you the last Airbender?

Crazy KFC Pickup Lines

We all have such friends who are crazy about food and especially KFC. So you can use these Crazy KFC Pickup Lines.

Is your last name suicidal? I want to confide.

Is your a** a library book? Because I want to make sure.

Do you have a nickname? If you don’t mind, can I call you later? Do you believe in love at first sight, or do you have to go by it again?

You’re full of curves, and I’m a car with no breaks… Hmmm – Drake

I am afraid of the dark. will you sleep with me tonight

The first thing I do after this lockdown is you.

Is your body a map? Because I like to travel.

That’s a friendly smile. But, of course, if it’s all you can wear, you’ll look better!

Do you work for Build-A-Bear, Inc.? Because I pack you

Baby, you have to have a body like a Benz. Just want to drive again – Jeremih

Such a leg should be wrapped around my neck.

Want to know which hug is the best? Equipped with heavy-duty a___ grippers.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Let’s have sex in my car.

Are you from China? I’m Chinese, so please wear these pants.

I’m no longer a dentist. However,r I ought to come up with a filling.

Kissing burns two energy consistent with minute. We ought to exercise some time.

Your frame is a wonderland; I simply need to be Alice.

Is your length bothering you? If so, I can prevent them for nine months.

Hey, I was given your nutrition D for today.

Hey, might also additionally I use your thighs as earmuffs?

Awesome KFC Pickup Lines

We have a few Awesome and interesting KFC Pickup Lines that you should try.

Was your dad a baker? Because you have got a good set of buns.

I misplaced my keys. Can I take a look at your pants?

Do you’ve got got a switch? Because Baby, I want to flip you on.

I realize three methods to make six inches disappear.

I misplaced my virginity. Can I even have yours?

They name me espresso due to the fact I grind so fine.

Is your call Medusa due to the fact I’m rock hard?

Want to store water via way of means of showering together?

I won’t move down in history. However, I’ll drive down on you.

Want a process? It blows.

Do you consider karma? Because I realize a few excellent karma-sutra positions.

You realize I could die satisfied if I noticed you bare simply once!

That outfit could make a terrific appearance in a crumpled heap on my bedroom ground the following morning.

I was given banned from all nude beaches. In addition, they stated pythons were not allowed.

I’ll kiss you in the rain so you can get twice as wet.

My tongue ought to do a higher process of teasing you than my phrases can.

You’re my sunshine and my rain. You make me warm and wet.

Want an Australian kiss? It’s like a french kiss, however, down under.

Do you figure on a hen farm? ‘purpose you positive realize the way to enhance a c*ck

I’m now no longer a weatherman, however… you could anticipate 7-eight inches to your forecast tonight. So you may be unable to leave the residence for a few days.

Catchy KFC Pickup Lines

You should read these Catchy KFC Pickup lines if you are a foody guy.

I heard you want basketball. I was given balls; your chin ought to dribble.

You’re so warm that I simply need my volcano to erupt inner you.

I wish you got puppy coverage because I’m approximately to wreck your p***y.

Do you want Krispy Kreme? Because I’m going to glaze your donut.

Should I f___ you want a fantastic woman or a terrible one?

Do you want Disney +? Good due to the fact we ought to Disney + and bust.

Girl, you’re making me need to dive into that sea… that pus-sea.

Would you want a few alphabet soups? Due to the fact you may be choking at the D.

Are you a book

What are the odds of my ball hitting your butt tonight?

You make my week; let your hole be weak now.

I’m blind; can you hold my cane for me?

I’m too good and have to get in touch with myself. Spanking from blushing cheeks.

If Uranus is destroyed, there will be seven planets left.

Please fuck me if I’m wrong. But dinosaurs still exist, right?

Do you like cake? Makes a very delicious cream cake

The FBI is looking for my girlfriend’s p_____. can I hide in you

No more chairs. Can I sit on your face?

Are you a bunch of dirty dishes? Because I want to keep you wet all night and get pleasure. Are you from China? I’m China, so smoke your _______.

Nice legs. When do you open?

Roses are red, and violets are blue. Sugar is sweet; p_____ must be lovely.

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