178+ Beautiful Jewish Pick up Lines 

Pickup lines have seen a revival thanks to the rise of social media. Pickup lines are inherently creative, and several things can be used to make good pickup lines.

However, to make sure no one is getting left out, here are some Jewish pickup lines that you can refer to in case you realize that your crush is Jewish and you want to impress them without coming off as a creep. 

Good Jewish Pick Up Lines 

To start trying to sweep your crush off their feet, you must first try and speak with them. The scariest part about talking is dealing with the deafening awkward silence before you can break the ice.

Here are some fantastic icebreakers you can use to break the ice and make way for more conversation. These pickup lines are easy to use and can be used by friends. 

  • Mechitza can barely contain your beauty. 
  • I can’t help but wish our veil was see-through. 
  • Thank God for the mechitza because, without it, people will definitely try to steal you from me. 
  • This mechitza is your shield not only from the sun but from the perverted gaze of other men. 
  • I would woo you until you feel like I am worthy of lifting the mechitza for me. 
  • I was lost all my life. I was sure I would not find what I was looking for until I met you. 
  • Losing myself to you was the best idea I could have followed, and I plan to do so for the rest of my life. 
  • I have been lost for decades now, but I have found myself in you. 
  • Finding myself seemed like a really tough job until you came into life. Then it was pretty easy. 
  • Chanukah is when I wish for something, yes? Can I wish for you?
  • The only thing I plan on wishing for is you this Chanukah. 
  • I am glad we don’t have to celebrate Christmas because if we did, I would have wished for you during Christmas as well, and I doubt how comfortable you’d be being kidnapped by an older man in the red suit. 
  • You must be pleased to see me, and I assume, unless there is something in your pockets?
  • Either you are pleased to see me, or your pants are playing a trick on me that I do not appreciate.  
  • Dance with me all night?
  • Grace me with your presence all night/
  • Would you like to be my company for the rest of this night?
  • Torah was never special to me until I saw you. Now I wish to spend every Torah dancing with you until I can’t anymore. 
  • Bar Mitzvah or not, I wish you were my woman. 
  • I have heard it is mandatory to have company during bar mitzvahs. Would you like to be my woman?

Cheesy Jewish Pick Up Lines 

Just like pizza, pickup lines are also incomplete without some puns and cheesy connotations. To help you with that, here is a list of cheesy pickup lines you can refer to when you’re in the mood for some cheese.

These pickup lines are guaranteed to get your crush smiling from ear to ear and will leave a lasting memory of you in their mind. These should be your go-to option when you wish to be cuter. 

  • Jewish, I could kiss you. 
  • I Jewish we could be together for the rest of my life. 
  • Jewish, you were mine because I swear I will treat you so good. 
  • You are a bomb because, damn, your beauty Israeli hot. 
  • Your wit Israeli rubbing off on me in the right way. 
  • I have been waiting for you as people wait for the sign. 
  • This must be the sign I have been waiting for because I finally have you. 
  • You’re basically like a messiah because you have the answers to everything I have been waiting for. 
  • You’re a messiah because you have answered all of my prayers. 
  • You’re the messiah because you have all the answers I have been seeking. 
  • They said I was to get milk, but I think I will have to wait for a while before I get the milk from you. 

Honey is sweet, but I doubt it is as more precious as you. 

  • They promised me honey, and I never thought they meant someone like you as my honey. 
  • I would wait for you just like I wait for my pet. 
  • Your skin is as pale as milk, and your taste is as sweet as honey. You’re everything I have ever wanted. 
  • You are the cutest little girl I ever had the pleasure to meet- just like the honey I am promised. 
  • Jesus was nailed to the cross. You could also get nailed. 
  • I have never really been much of a violent guy because I do wish I nailed you. 
  • Have you ever considered cosplaying Jesus because I would nail you so hard? 
  • I hope I could nail you against the wall just like I nailed that cross. 
  • The thought of nailing you fills me with the rage and passion I have been looking for. 
  • Jew and me, always forever. 
  • If you want to run away with me, I could take jew for a ride. 
  • I had a dream about Jew. You’re the religion I follow now. 

Funny Jewish Pick Up Lines 

Nothing feels as good as when you make your crush laugh. So, to help you make your crush laugh and understand whether or not both have a compatible sense of humor, here are pickup lines that you can refer to at any given moment. These pickup lines are funny and perfect to diffuse any situation.  

  • Masada or crib, I don’t mind coming in, either. 
  • If you’re a Masada, I will definitely come to you. 
  • Do you wish for me to go to your Masada?
  • You have charoset. Pretty charoset that is waiting for me.
  • I think you have a moror for me. 
  • If you have a moror, would you consider putting it inside my charoset?
  • My maror will definitely fit into your charoset. 
  • I hope your charoset can get used to a bigger maror. 
  • You are like the sinful fruit that I wish I could take a bite of. 
  • You’re like a ripe apple I wish I could bite into. 
  • I wonder if you taste as sweet as the apple that your cheeks remind me of. 
  • Your cheeks are as red as the sin of apples from the garden of Eden. 
  • Your garden of Eden beckons me. 
  • I wish I could dive into your garden of Eden and have a bite of the forbidden fruit. 
  • You are like my very own forbidden fruit, and I am simply tempted by you. 
  • Can I ignite your passion?
  • As a woman, you deserve someone who lights up the feminine urges in you. 
  • I wish I could light the fire of love in you. 
  • I wish I could fire you up like a menorah. 
  • That is a menorah in my pocket, or is it?
  • Such a beautiful Lechem Mishneh. I can’t wait to pillage it. 
  • I wonder if your Lechem Mishneh is open to my knife. 
  • I don’t mind exploring your bush. 
  • Bushes or not, wilderness can be explored. 
  • I am a rugged man, and I like exploring nature. 
  • Can I use your bush to quench my thirst for knowledge?
  • You indeed have a burning bush Of passion that is begging to be put out, so can I?
  • Such a pretty, fiery cannon you have.

Crazy Jewish Pick Up Lines 

Pickup lines are very common nowadays. So in order for you to stand out, you need to bring pickup lines to the table that are funny and stand out. That is why here is a list of crazy pickup lines that you can use to make a memorable impression on your crush.

These pickup lines are perfect for creating a long-lasting impression and being a good memory for your crush.

  • You do have a fiery personality. Tell me, do you have cannon that matches your personality?
  • You’re so hot and bothered for me. Your mouth keeps going off on me like a cannon. 
  • I wonder if my Maccabee can fit into your cannon. 
  • I have a Maccabee that is perfect for your cannon. 
  • I don’t mean to brag, but I can assure you my cannon can take your Maccabee. 
  • This rugelach is delicious. Did you make it?
  • I wonder if your oven is open for my rugelach. 
  • Bun in the oven? Nah. Rugelach in the oven. 
  • I don’t know if your tush is for the taking, but if it is, can I take it home?
  • That’s a nice tush that you have there. 
  • Your tush is beckoning me to take a bite. 
  • So, how was heaven, my little angel?
  • Is your father God because how are you so beautiful?
  • Did you get hurt wrestling Jacob to come here?
  • You’re everything I have been praying for, so I definitely must be on the good side of God. 
  • I have a dreidel that is begging for a spin. 
  • Girl, have you ever been curious about dreidels?
  • If you ever wish to spin a dreidel, I have a dreidel that you can practice on. 
  • Yom Kippur is for you to atone for your sin. I think it would be a massive loss if you didn’t have anything to confess. 
  • It’s not Yom Kippur yet, so if you wanted to sin, I would be down for that. 
  • Yom Kippur is right around the corner so let’s give you something to confess. 
  • Tonight can be boring, and like every other night, or we can make it different if you’re okay with it. 

Best Jewish Pick Up Lines

Pickup lines are much more common nowadays. So you need to be able to present pickup lines that are creative, complimentary, and interesting before you give them to your crush. To help you with that and curb the nervousness you might be feeling when you see them, here is a list of pickup lines that you can use to seem charming and smooth. 

  • Crazy nights are the best, so if you want someone to experience those with, I would be down for that. 
  • Crazy nights are fun, but they are better with someone else. I can volunteer at my company if you’re seeking a company. 
  • You’re a cute girl. But, I wonder if you’ve someone to accompany you on crazy nights. 
  • I promise to last through the nine crazy nights if you’re willing to take a chance on me. 
  • Hot dogs are nice. I have a hot dog for you to try. 
  • My Hebrew hotdog is here for the taking if you’re that interested in it. 
  • Passing over you would be a dumb decision. 
  • Don’t worry, little princess. I will not Passover such a cute tush like yours. 
  • Commandments were there to keep me in line. But, lucky me, I don’t like being in line. 
  • I don’t prefer sinning, but I would sin for you. 
  • It is against the commandments, but the only person I wish to worship s you. 
  • You’ve stolen my heart so I hope you’d give me back. 
  • It is a sin to steal. Please return my heart.
  • I wonder what a bigger sin is- you stealing my heart with that smile of yours or me lusting after your body as you relax.
  • Did I climb a ladder? I don’t recall trying to come to heaven. 
  • My heaven is in your arms. 
  • I wish to spend the rest of my life in my very own heaven, which is your arms. 
  • I thought I had died when you walked into the room because how can you be so beautiful?
  • If you were a Torah, I would undress you without any remorse or guilt. 

Beautiful Jewish Pick Up Lines 

Your person of affection deserves all of your attention and compliments. That is why you need to make a good impression on them by using pickup lines complimenting their beauty and expressing your desire for them without coming off as rude or creepy.

If you get nervous and stumble over your words, these are the pickup lines you can refer to make sure you make a flawless impression. 

  • If I had the choice to save someone, I would save you. 
  • If you are the God who made the flood, I would never wish to be saved. 
  • I want to drown in you, so please don’t hold yourself back. 
  • I wonder if I can turn your bed into a floor site with my ministrations. 
  • God has commanded us to multiply, so when are you free?
  • How good are you at math because I wish to multiply with you? 
  • Have you ever felt Jewish? Because I swear, I see Jew in me. 
  • You must have some Jews in your bloodline. No? Would you like some?
  • Jewish, you could get a bite of me. 
  • J-date or not, I swear I have seen you before. 
  • You’re as hot as a candle, so I can’t wait to ignite you more. 
  • Would you say your sea has had waves?
  • You don’t have to worry. I am not scared of a few waves. 
  • I wish I could drown you in my waves of pleasure. 
  • You have brought waves into my sea. 
  • My dead sea has turned alive thanks to you. 
  • I have a staff if you wish to play with it. 
  • I do not know if you like Halloween, but if you do, I have a staff if you wish to act as Moses. 

Pretty Jewish Pick Up Lines

Pretty women deserve pretty pickup lines. If you think your crush is the cutest in the room, then these are the pickup lines you can use to make a good impression on them. These pickup lines are perfect for use whenever you see them leave a positive impression on them. 

  • Even if you were Torah, I promise you I would not be gentle. 
  • Not one corner of you would be left without a plow. 
  • Do tell me that you are single because the last sin I want to commit is breaking a marriage on top of all the sins I have been committing to you in my head. 
  • I am glad I can go to Yom Kippur because I have a lot of sins to atone for, thanks to you. 
  • I wonder if you had the choice if you would choose me. 
  • My door will be open for you if you ever wish to come in. 
  • Your ass deserves to be hit as hard as I can because that peach is begging to be hit. 
  • I promise you that I can unravel you, just like my Torah. 
  • Your body is the only promised land that I wish to conquer. 
  • Just like Moses, I wonder if my staff would separate your legs instead of the sea. 
  • Your body is like the Torah. I wish to study you multiple times a day and unravel you as much as I can. 

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