144+ Instagram Pick-Up Lines to Win Over Your Crush

While you scroll through your Instagram feed, you might find someone super attractive. Of course, wanting to speak with them is normal, but how do you begin a conversation? To help you with that, here are the best, hand-picked, personally curated Instagram pickup lines that you can use on your crush to get that reply you seek. 

Of course, the best relationships are based on a compatible sense of humor, and these pickup lines are perfect. These pickup lines are short, quick, easy to use in daily conversation, and cheesy enough to capture your crush’s attention. 

Cheesy Instagram Pick-up Lines

The best pickup line is the cheesy one that makes the recipient smile. So when you wish to hear your crush’s beautiful laugh, these are the best pickup lines to choose. They also leave a lasting impression on you in your crush’s mind but in a good way. 

You drown me in your passion for life every time I meet your eyes. 

We are all essentially cucumbers with anxiety, but you, darling, would be a cute-cumber with your rosy cheeks. 

I had a pickup line for you, but your beauty has rendered me speechless. 

I knew I should’ve read the terms and conditions before joining Instagram. Because I didn’t know there were Angels on this site. 

You have a lot of artistic potential. After all, you drew me in. 

Please tell me there’s a first aid kit you can lend me because I hurt myself while falling for you. 

You’re lucky there isn’t a law against being “too attractive.” If there was, you’d be locked up. 

If you had to be a drink, you’d be fine wine. Your beauty will increase over the years, and I’d be lucky to have you in my life. 

Do you ever think the stars are jealous of you? Because your eyes sparkle brighter than they ever could. 

If I look for the definition of beauty in the dictionary, I’m sure I’ll see your picture there.

Are you a light bulb? You have brightened my night since we met. 

Your personality is like a song that will take the number one position in my heart’s top ten best tracks. 

I think you should dress up as a transformer this Halloween and call yourself ‘Optimus Fine.’ 

I had to check my shoelaces because I fell way too hard in love.

I don’t have a donor card, but if you ever need my heart, I’ll give it to you. 

Was that an earthquake? Oh no. You just swept me off my feet. 

You must be the dictionary because I swear you gave my life a new meaning. 

Calling you a snack would be insulting because you’re a whole meal. 

Your beauty is astounding, but I think there’s so much more to learn about you, and I would love to know.

I thought I had asthma, but you took my breath away. 

Cheesy Instagram Pick Up Lines

Short Instagram Pick-up Lines

These pickup lines are perfect for you if you like to keep them short and straightforward. Then, with just a few words, make a lasting impression in your crush’s mind so that they remember you and drop you a message whenever they have time!

Have you ever done those banking problems? You’ve garnered my simple interest. 

You are a beautiful work of art I wish I could pin against my bedroom wall. 

Look, you need to stop wishing for me every time you see a wishing star. I am right here. 

Do you prefer dates over raisins like me?

I need your help. My eyes keep focusing on you and nothing else. 

You’re like a pencil for me- an old companion who I can always trust. 

Please pinch me because I don’t know if you’re in my dream or real.

I would love to take you on a movie date, but I doubt they’d let me take in a snack with me.  

I would be broke if I had a nickel whenever I met someone as perfect as you. 

I am jealous of a cat, for I would live out all of my nine lives with you if I were one. 

I am an atheist, but you answered all the prayers I didn’t know I had when I saw you. 

Hi, is your kiss up for rental? I would pay you back with a kiss too. 

Will this card help me check you out like I check out books?

I don’t know if I should go to a hospital or not because my heart stopped when I saw you. 

I haven’t had a drink, but I feel so intoxicated when I am with you. 

What’s the time? I need to remember the moment I met you. 

You should be under arrest for stealing because you stole my heart. 

Disneyland doesn’t stand a chance against you when it comes to making me happy. 

You must be the sun because you make me feel so warm. 

Short Instagram Pick Up Lines

Cheap Instagram Pick-up Lines

Wanting to see your crush blush is an entirely natural and normal thing to enjoy, so the best pickup lines to use on your crush are cheap pickup lines. These don’t require you to think much, but they’ll make your crush laugh. 

Have you ever felt tired of being an adult? Well, I am ready to baby you whenever you want. 

I work for Durex, so to test our 98% protection?

I love your bone structure so much that it is giving my bone some structure. 

I have a deal for you. You’ll get my last name, and I will moan your first.

I think you’re a rickety staircase. Let me give you the railing you deserve. 

When people ask me what I think, I usually say nothing because you are that nothing. 

You’re like assignments. I should do you a little every day, but I’d rather wait until the last moment and spend all night with you. 

You’re kind of like my maths exam. I get three hours to do you, but it never feels enough. 

Do you get paid for being so hot, or do you have a job other than that?

I think you’re pleased to see me unless you’ve something in your pocket.

Why go to a theater for some playtime when I have a good bedroom that’s free to use?

Have you heard about that animal that winks and is hung like a horse? *winks*

I mean, I am not a biologist, but I do think that I have enough space for another bone. 

Do you see this watch? It tells me the future, and right now, it’s telling me that you’ll be in my bed in 2 hours. Is it accurate?

If you could read my mind, I promise you, and you’d be redder than a tomato. 

You’re like an amusement park ride- so thrilling, and I want to ride you often. 

Are you a dentist? I’d love to get a filling from you. 

Are you eco-friendly? Because the condom in my wallet is about to expire, I’d like to use it. 

So, I was thinking, if your top lip is New Year and your bottom lip is Christmas, do you think I could come between those?

Do you go to church every Sunday? I would love to give you the sin to confess the next time you go there. 

Cheap Instagram Pick Up Lines

Crazy Instagram Pick-up Lines

This is the perfect set of chat-up lines for you to use when you want to blow their breath away. 

I must be a sakura petal because I am slowly falling for you. 

Call me a cat because I am feline, a spark between us. 

Hello, 911? I think an angel is missing from Heaven, and I don’t know what to do. 

I don’t know if you know, but you’re between 45 and 60 degrees angle because you’re acute. 

I need a GPS because I keep losing myself in your eyes. 

Global warming is real because have you seen how hot you are?

You’re the 60 degrees to my 30 degrees angle because we complete each other to make it all right. 

Are you a quaffle? You knocked me out. 

Just like the snitch, a glimpse of you is enough for me to chase you. 

I may not be a writer, but I can write our wedding vows 

You make me trespass, just for your “fine” ass. 

I am no chemist, but I feel the chemistry.

We need a knife to cut this sexual tension between us. 

You are simply magical because everything vanishes when I see you. 

Awesome Instagram Pick-up Lines

Pickup lines can be tricky to perform when you’re anxious and nervous. But don’t you worry! Here is a list of evergreen pickup lines to make your crush speechless. These pickup lines will definitely leave an impression on your desire. 

So, can you please drop your standards so I can introduce myself?

I have lost my phone. Quick dial my number!

You’re curvy, but my favorite curve is the one on your face. 

I wanted to thank you for giving me the gift of happiness. 

Are we going to Hogwarts? Because I feel we’re going somewhere magical.

Can I go with you wherever you’re going? Because I want to follow my dreams. 

You should be under arrest for driving people crazy. 

Are you speaking with me? No? Then please start. 

Your eyes are like a maze. I get lost in them every time. 

I can never take you anywhere because you’re so cute and distracting me. 

I don’t need to know your name. I will call you mine.  

So when will you buy me a drink? I dropped mine when I saw you. 

You’re the root of -1 because you’re unreal. 

Funny and Cute Instagram Pick-up Lines

Being adorable has its perks when it comes to impressing someone. That is why here is a compiled list of cute but funny pickup lines for you to use when you want to be adorable in your crush’s eyes. 

You’re better than an Instagram post. I want to tap you more than twice. 

Can I follow you on your other social media accounts? I just like listening to my parents and following what I seek. 

You’re so attractive. I don’t think you need a filter. 

So, should I spam more Instagram pictures of yours with love, or should I wait for your text? 

I think someone is impersonating you. It’s NASA because you are out of this planet. 

I think you’re an Instagram story because I keep swiping right to see you repeatedly. 

I wish you were my cat so I’d sleep with you on my chest every night. 

You’re lucky I am not a judge, or else I’d rule for you to stay with me all the time for the rest of your life. 

We are like hot cocoa and marshmallow. Perfect for snuggling on a Winter afternoon. 

You don’t know this, but you turn your head wherever you go. 

Catchy Instagram Pick-up Lines 

Stylish and catchy Instagram pickup lines are a hit right now among peers. If you want to show that you’re with the time and always in touch with the trends, then catchy pickup lines are for you. 

You are a search engine because you’re everything I have been looking for. 

Please touch me so I can die happily knowing an angel touched me. 

I must be a wizard because I just said “Accio Hottie,” and you ended up in my direct messages.

Until I met you, I didn’t want to be a dementor, but now I wish I was so that I could suck the soul out of you. 

I can dress up as a zombie and eat you up for Halloween if you want. 

Heaven resides between your legs, and I would do anything to have a taste of that. 

We could let the luck decide who gets head tonight by flipping a coin. 

You should kiss me if I am wrong but aren’t dinosaurs alive?

You look familiar! Oh yes, you’re the love of my life! Hi, I am *insert name *

I am not blushing. I am just sunburnt because you’re so hot. 

Amsterdam? More like Amsterdayyyyum. 

If only there was wrapping paper that I could use to present my hug and kiss to you. 

If I feel a little off, would you turn me on?

You could weaponize your beauty against me, and I would gladly die. 

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