170+ Hunting Pickup Lines: From Silly to Seductive!

Hunting is an exciting sport, and while being a predator is not a good thing, some people love being prey.

So if you ever find someone who likes being your predator’s prey, why not try it out? So here are some hunting-based liners you can use to get your crush, your special person feels how you want them to feel. These will definitely hit the right spot and would work perfectly. 

Cheesy Hunting Pickup Lines

Hunting is an extreme sport, but that does not mean your flirtation skills must be extreme. To help you off as much more gentle and docile as you are, here are some lines that can help. These are cheeky, cute, and perfect for use whenever you want to appear adorable. 

  • I could treat you like a deer and hit you with my car to take you home. 
  • Let me take you home on my shoulder. 
  • Honey, your weight would never bother me. I carry bucks on my shoulder. 
  • You would look better on my shoulder. 
  • I do not shoot for a kill, but I can shoot all night long. 
  • I am very good at shooting blanks. I can shoot blanks all night long. 
  • I have safety on my gun, so you can just let me fire blanks into you all night long. 
  • I am the hunter. I am more than capable of spending hours on my knees and haunches. 
  • I can crouch quite low owing to my hunting expeditions, so you must not worry about my calves. 
  • Your wilderness is begging me to explore it. 
  • You can call PETA because tonight I will be killing that pussy. 
  • You look like the trophy I want back home. 
  • I can not wait to mark you as mine. 
  • I do think you would look better at my very own trophy. 
  • Let me click a picture of my conquest.
  • I am a hunter. I am very much capable of waiting for the best time to use my fingers to ensure that clean kill. 
  • I can assure you that my finger will not miss the trigger that pushes you off the edge when you are with me. 
  • Your beauty has me astounded as headlights do to the deer. 
  • You have my heart racing like the deer I hunt. 
  • I am great at tracking so you must be my mate. For I have been tracking them for a long time, and now here we are. 

Funny Hunting Pickup Lines

It might be very difficult to impress people with your shooting skills, but it is not difficult to impress people with your amazing sense of humor.

No worries if you are not so confident in your sense of humor. Here are some one-liners that can help you come off as funny and a smooth talker, even when you are not confident about your social skills. 

  • I have everything you could need for a good time. 
  • Honey, I can give you a good time even when I do not have any gear on me. 
  • My fingers and empty hands are the only gears I need to give you a good time. 
  • My fingers are not th3 only thing that you want to push all your buttons. 
  • I have quite a few crosshairs, and I always end up finding you there. 
  • Let me look for you in my cross hairs and see if I can find you. 
  • You are like one of those grass seeds. Your thoughts stick on to me, and I can never get you to get off of me. 
  • You are like a leech. You are very good at sucking, but I hope it is not my blood that you are after. 
  • I do feel the rut setting on both of us. 
  • My rut would never be complete without you. 
  • You are in heat; lucky for you, I am also in a rut. 
  • I have a feeling that we would have an amazing heat session together. 
  • If you choose to mate with me during this heat, I can assure you this will be a memorable heat for you. 
  • I do not need a gun to kill you. I have something that would give you death pleasurably. 

Crazy Hunting Pickup Lines

Having a difficult kill shot can definitely blow people’s minds, but what can blow people’s minds more healthily? Why funny pickup lines, definitely.

These lines blend the fun of a pickup line with the precision of a senior hunter to ensure you always have a kill shot to your crush’s heart and make a memorable impression that will last with them for an extended period. 

  • You are everything that I have been hoping to hunt for. 
  • Your heart is the trophy buck I have been chasing for so many years. 
  • Even if you do not have a big rack, I will never treat you any less than the trophy you are. 
  • You are like my very own special trophy, which I love and cherish a lot. 
  • I want to take care of you like I take care of my traps. 
  • I think a little lubricant will do us good to open the trap between your legs, 
  • Your trap between your legs has trapped me completely. 
  • You have me mindlessly chasing your scent. 
  • You are as rare as a musk deer. 
  • I have no eagle eyes, and yet you are all I can focus on. 
  • My eyes will focus on you as an Owl focuses on its prey. 
  • You make me feel like a nocturnal animal because you make me feel so alive the moment the sun goes down. 
  • You will be the death of me with your overwhelming presence. 
  • Everywhere I go, I can feel your eyes on me if I can not feel your presence around me. 
  • I am like a deer tick because I will stick to you, and I will not let you go. 
  • You are definitely something I would be hunting for 
  • I would be more than happy to travel through the endless wilderness just to come across you. 
  • You are like an exotic animal that anyone would consider lucky to be the one to take you home. 
  • Taking you home makes me feel like I won the lottery because I definitely have something people have been chasing for a while. 
  • You are everything that a person could wish for. You are like the prized buck for the hunters. 

Flirty Hunting Pickup Lines

If only hunting and flirting were the same difficulty level, the truth could not be farther than that.

When it comes to hunting, you can have trials before you perfect your kill shot, but that will not be the case when it comes to flirtation.

That is why it is very important that you know how to flirt without missing a beat in the conversation. The following will help you with that. 

  • I will be as gentle with you as I am with my trigger. 
  • I will take care of you like I take care of my guns. 
  • You will be replacing my guns as my wife if you say yes to me. 
  • I will dig you like the hole I usually dig to put in the traps. 
  • Your legs are like a bear trap because I can definitely not escape them. 
  • Your charms and smile have me trapped in your arms. 
  • I will willingly trap myself in your arms if you want that. 
  • I hope you know that despite how slick I can be, I will always end up trapped under you. 
  • The only place I want to be trapped is trapped under you. 
  • Your arms can trap me against anything at any time. 
  • You can dismantle traps, but you better not take your hands off of me. 
  • I may be a hunter, but I would never be wild on you. 
  • I do think you can tame the feral beast in me. 
  • I am tamed but only for you. 
  • You make me tamed with just one touch. 
  • You calm down the feral beast in me with just one look. 
  • You are definitely a fox because you have that quickness in your movement. 

Good Hunting Chat-up Lines 

Being a hunter is a conversation starter definitely, but it may not always have positive reactions from people.

That is why if you wish to add your hobby to the conversation without accidentally ruining the mood, consider the following.

These are perfect as lines you can use to start an interesting conversation with your crush even when you feel like you have no social skills to speak of. 

  • I have scoped you out since I stepped in. 
  • The moment you walked into the room, you were on my radar. 
  • I have noticed you since the moment you stepped in, so fret not. I will not bite. 
  • I am not a killer, I am a lover. 
  • I will shoot my shot in the hope I will steal your heart. 
  • I hope you have a hunting license. 
  • You would not need a license to shoot me down ever. 
  • I can not wait to be chased by you. 
  • I think it would be better if you had to chase me for the hunt. 
  • I do believe that you will be down for a hunt tonight. 
  • I am in the mood for a hunt, so why don’t you run?
  • You look so much better when you are running because it makes me want to chase you with all my might. 
  • Your body tempts me to tear you apart in the best ways. 
  • Your body speaks to me in the way animals speak to each other without even opening their mouth. 
  • I am up for the chase but are you up for the hunt?
  • I have always felt like the predator in a relationship, but you do make me feel like the prey. 
  • Your gaze turns me into a helpless deer caught in the headlights. 
  • I have had my eyes set on you for the longest time. 
  • Like animals, I can smell your scent, and I know you are my mate. 
  • You are definitely my mate because your scent is all I want all over me. 
  • You would look so much better under me when I sink my teeth into your flesh and enjoy your test. 
  • The only knife going inside you is not going to be the one in this sheath. 

Best Hunting Pickup Lines ever

Just like there are hunters who have never missed a kill shot, there are pickup lines that never miss the target.

If you use these, you will get the reaction you want without skipping a beat. In addition, these pickup lines are perfect for use for a long time and whenever you feel like you are not.

  • You definitely have me trapped in your charms. 
  • I never felt as helpless as prey, but you do make me feel quite helpless. 
  • I do think you are a hunter because you have my heart trapped in your traps of love. 
  • I never knew you could trap me like this, but here I am, completely yours. 
  • I am so helpless and innocent under your gaze, I feel like a deer being watched by a hunter. 
  • You remind me of a hunter because I can never see you, but I always feel your eyes on me. 
  • Your eyes trail after me like I am your prey and you are the hunter. 
  • I would die for you, but I do hope you are not planning on hitting me with anything other than the cupid’s arrow. 
  • You are a hunter because you got my pussy trapped under your spell without even trying. 
  • I am a hunter, and I am quite good at noticing all the smallest signs. 
  • I am good with my fingers, owing to handling guns since I was young. 
  • I do hope you are up for a game because I can not wait to play with you.  
  • I am a hunter, honey. Safety is my middle name. 
  • I am sure that we are both sizing each other up via our eyes, so why don’t we size each other up verbally as well?
  • I bet I would have an amazing time hunting you. 
  • I hope you are good at running because if you do not give me the opportunity to chase after you, then what is the point of this relationship?
  • The fun of the relationship is in the chase, so I do hope you are down to run away from me. 
  • I do think you are my mate because your scent speaks to me. 
  • I have never felt this way, but I can smell your scent, which I want all over me. 

Awesome Hunting Pickup Lines 

Being a hunter requires a lot of color at your fingertips. While that may seem quite daunting, that does not mean that you can not have calibur on the tip of your tongue.

You can fire shots with your tongue that will definitely hit the mark every time, and to help you with that, here is your ammunition. 

  • You must be the trophy I have been looking for. 
  • You remind me of one of those trophy deers. 
  • I wish you were a deer head because you look quite mountable. 
  • I have a beast in me who can sense the deer in you. 
  • I have always felt animalistic, but you simply make me feral. 
  • I hope you are not too trigger-happy because you do make me go feral. 
  • I do believe that if I was a deer, you would rip me apart. 
  • I think I would look great as the centerpiece of your living room. 
  • Your living room looks quite empty, but I am sure I can change that. 
  • I can be the deer head you pin to the wall. 
  • Never have I been so jealous of a carcass. 
  • The way you carry that buck makes me wish I was that instead. 
  • When can I be on your shoulder like the way that buck is? 
  • I do believe that I would be perfect as the main attraction in your bedroom. 
  • You can pin me against any wall because I am as versatile as a deer head. 
  • I do wish that I was a deer because then, at least, your eyes would never leave me. 
  • I do find myself envious of a deer because look at the way your eyes are trained on that deer. 
  • I find myself wondering whether it would be completely acceptable to look at you as hungrily as a tiger looks at a deer. 
  • I do believe that you bring the beast out of me. 
  • I wish you realized how feral you make me. 
  • You can be furious, but you do make me feral, and there is no doubt about that. 
  • I do wish you knew that you tickle all the right spots of my hunter instinct. 
  • I can barely take my eyes off you as if you are my precious prized buck. 
  • I could think buck for you but I would prefer to shoot my shot with you. 
  • The only number I care about right now is your phone number and not my kill number. 

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