How Much Money Can You Make from Youtube

YouTube is the most trusted platform when it comes to money making. There are several YouTubers across the world who are earning in millions through their YouTube channel. Here in this article we have listed out how much you can earn with each view in your video, to 1000 views in your video.

We have also listed some of the effective ways of generating revenue through your channel.

Since the creation of YouTube until this date, the platform has grown to become the most used video sharing and streaming platform online. The 1.65 billion dollars worth company has seen numerous channels come and go while playing a crucial part in adding to the fame of infamous internet celebrities. 

Money You Can Make from Youtube

To a common man viewing such content, their mind begins to resonate with the idea of what a successful and a lavish lifestyle must look like. But we are entirely unaware of what goes on behind the camera.

How Much Do Youtubers Make per View?

So how much does a YouTuber earn per view? Rather than getting a fixed amount for a look at their content, the earnings depend on a large number of factors. After going through various sources, one can state that the profits of a YouTuber per view can lie somewhere between in the range of $0.1 to $0.3 with the help of Google’s advertisement program known as Adsense. Therefore the average income of a 

Real Data: YouTuber based on the data is $0.18 per view. Although the amount YouTube pays to the content maker depends on numerous factors like Ad quality, Adblockers, number of clicks the ad receives, the number of views the video gets and the length of the video. 

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How Much Money Do Youtubers Make Every 1000 Views?

With the earning of a YouTuber lying in the range of $0.1 to $0.3, the average earnings are said to be $0.18. Thus the amount a YouTuber makes on having 1000 views on his content is $18. After considering all the depending factors, YouTube takes into consideration while paying, the earnings per 1000 views lie in the range of $3 to $5.

Therefore for those content creators who are keen on making quality videos and looking for a side job, YouTube might be the best platform for them.

How Much Money Does a Youtuber Make per Subscriber?

Subscribers play a crucial role in the growth of one’s YouTube channel. Subscribing to a channel lets their videos get more priority on the homepage, and they are responsible for getting your content the views, commenting and sharing your content for better reach. But unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t pay based on the number of subscribers one has.

The payment is mainly based on the number of views your content gets at the end of the day.

How Much Money Can a Youtuber Make per Video?

As stated above, the pay scale of a Youtuber depends significantly on the number of views his content gets and the number of clicks on the ads present. Forbes released an article that estimated the pay per 1000 views is around $5. Therefore for a channel that receives a million views on their content can make $5000 per video.

These numbers do make a desk job look outdated when compared to being an influencer. 

TIPS: one must remember that these numbers are a weighted average which means some YouTubers earn more or less than the stated amount since the pay varies considerably based on the quality of the ads, the number of ads displayed throughout the videos, clicks on the ads and the video length.

It is also to be noted that the expenditure on social media ads have been rapidly increasing. 

Real Fact: Over the past few years and has been predicted to have an estimated increase by 44% from 2019 to 2021 which is approximately an increase by $14.89 billion.

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How Many Views Do Youtubers Need to Get Paid?

To get paid, one needs to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program, which helps the content makers generate a payable sum with the help of ads on their page and content. To be eligible for getting paid, one must make at least $100 through ads or from more views.

This means if one earns $5 for every 1000 views, then one needs to accumulate over 20,000 views to be paid. 

THE PROCESS: The YouTube Partner Program, one needs to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers, collect 4000 valid watch hours on his content over the past 12 months, agree to the terms and conditions, have an Adsense account and get approval after getting reviewed. 

TIPS: After one has become a part of the program, one can choose to get paid by views also known as cost per thousand pictures or CPM or to be paid based on the number of clicks on the ads known as CPC or cost per click. It is to be known to all that Google shares 68% of one’s total revenue.

This means that if one generates a total earning of $1000 from his content, he will get $680 in return from Adsense.

Other Means of Generating Revenue:

Apart from Adsense, YouTubers depend on various other sources as a means of generating cash flow. That includes:

Affiliate Links: 

If you stumble onto YouTube, you’ll find numerous product review videos in all sectors, may it be beauty products or technology. The way affiliate links work is the YouTuber promotes a brand or a product in their video as a form of advertisement for that brand.

Thus if the viewer follows the product link provided in the description and makes a purchase, the YouTuber receives a certain percentage of the amount.


For those who binge-watch gaming channels and sports videos have seen channels promoting shirts or some other product.

These creators form brands and viewers can purchase products from online shops which helps the creators generate some additional revenue.


YouTube is the largest streaming platform on the internet, with over 2 billion users. With such a broad audience, brands can increase their reach by sponsoring YouTubers. This lets the content makers generate some extra revenue. 

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Some of the top earning YouTubers across the globe are-

  • Carry Minati – $3.8 million
  • PewDiePie- $25 million
  • Smosh- $11.8 million
  • Marques Brownlee- $1.9 million

Here are Some Important FAQS about howmuch money you can make on Youtube

What is the first step you should take while creating a YouTube channel?

The first step every user should take is to create unique content which the users will love. One should not focus only in money, but rather work on creating good content.

How much time will it take to make money through YouTube?

It all depends on the quality and reach of the content. One can get adsense approval within a week, or it can also take years. Keep patience and keep creating content.

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