100+ Best Horror Movie Pick-Up Lines 

There’s nothing better than discussing your favorite genre of movies with someone you like. Horror movies make you anticipate and leave you in suspension. It gives you that thrill that makes you feel scared and ask for more action.

It also gives you the feeling of protecting your significant other because of love. So, if there’s some romance brewing in you and someone you like, impress them by using horror pick-up lines. The only way to enjoy horror movies is to have someone around. 

If you are looking for some love and action in life? Go ahead and check these horror pick-up lines out. 

Flirty Horror Movie Pick-Up Lines 

Not everyone gets the opportunity to flirt with a specific person; if you do, do not waste it by having a stupid conversation. Instead, please have one of those exciting conversations where they ask you for more. Flirty horror movie pick-up lines are juicy and fierce, not for the faint-hearted. So, if you want some crazy romance in your life, use our best pick-up lines. 

  • I am the boogeyman, and my job is to eat you. 
  • I want to be your bride. Will you be my Frankenstein? 
  • If I were a wolfman, I would have made my move by howling at you. 
  • Are you a horror movie? I can’t sleep whenever you are around. 
  • Did you jump out of the movie, or is it just me?
  • By any chance, is your name carried? Because every time I take a look at you, I get carried away. 
  • Good thing that you are not in a horror movie because they always kill the cute ones. 
  • Your love is a crystal lake, and I will drown in it. 
  • I feel you are a chainsaw murderer because I am head over heels for you. 
  • Are you aware that I was the one who wrote the opening theme for American Horror Story? 
  • Are you the protagonist from the horror movie we saw last night because you keep showing up in my dreams?

Pretty Horror Pick-Up Lines

Take a look at some of our best pretty pick-up lines. A few of them are awesome and quite unique. You can use them for starting any kind of conversation with the person that you adore. 

  • Is that chainsaw yours, or are you delighted to see me?
  • I am not a horror movie, so I will not hurt you. 
  • Can we sit near the window because I feel a little spooked out? 
  • There are many everyday things between you and a horror movie because both of you can make my heart race faster. 
  • You have got fantastic skin, can I wear it?
  • They should cast you in a horror movie because you will entirely change the plot from horror to romance. 
  • I want to make love to your spirit. 
  • Does this napkin smell like chloroform?

Rare Horror Pick-Up Lines

We all need rare pick-up lines to break the ice. The below mentioned pick-up lines are rare and unique, just like your special personality. Be confident while speaking to them and use one of these to get their undivided attention. 

  • Are you a spirit you have been showing up in my dreams? 
  • My eyes are hooked on you. 
  • We should stay together in the same grave. 
  • Do you want to use an ouija board for our next date?
  • Do you want to kiss me in front of a few spirits?
  • Do you want to check out my tales from Cyprus?
  • Kiss me, and I shall protect you from the zombies. 
  • I am not afraid of zombies, are you?
  • Let us get ready for a night of terror. 
  • Are you scared of the dark?

Catchy Horror Pick-Up Lines 

If you want them to see your playful and clever personality, you should use a clever pick-up line on your special one. Your personality will surely stand out among the rest. 

  • I find you pretty scary. Could you teach me how to be the same?
  • I bet you and I would make a great couple in a horror movie. 
  • Do you want to come over for a night? We could eat popcorn and watch a horror movie. 
  • It’s time for us to crash the Halloween party. 
  • The witch there didn’t dare to get your number for me, so here I am. 
  • Would you still let me inside your house if I ever decided to dress as a ghost?  
  • I am very much capable of making you scream.
  • You don’t need to dress up as an angel because no matter what you wear, you will always be an angel. 
  • As my girlfriend, you know how you should dress up for this year’s Halloween party. 
  • Do you have trouble picking up spirits?
  • I just asked my magic mirror, and it told me you were the prettiest girl. 
  • I will always act like a beast for you. 
  • Could you step back and watch me scream? 

Cheesy Horror Movie Pick-Up Lines 

There is a lot of pressure that comes along with attracting someone. At times, it’s scary. Cheesy pick-up lines will get the attention that you’ve been craving. It is going to take you some time to land the perfect date, but chances are 100% that you will have the best conversation of your life with them.

These pick-up lines are earnest and reassuring at the same time. Always keep your word if you do not want to let them down. Nobody minds getting a little cheesy in the beginning. Check out these cheesy horror movies’ pick-up lines. 

  • I’d never think of ghosting you. 
  • Do you want to see a horror movie? Because I want someone to hold me during the spooky parts. 
  • I haven’t planned a dress for today’s Halloween party. Can I go on your date?
  • I think you are a ghost because you keep haunting my dreams. 
  • I wish you’d go out with me. 
  • I went out for trick or treating but couldn’t get any. Do you mind sharing some kisses?
  • Will you become my boo?
  • I found an incredible couple’s costume. Do you want to dress up as the other half?
  • Your existence is so intriguing. 
  • Were you a zombie in your past life? Because you are drop-dead gorgeous. 
  • It’s spooky how hot you are. 
  • All I want is you and a horror movie date. 
  • I’d love to sit in a pumpkin patch with you any night.
  • Every time we talk, it feels like I am under a spell. 
  • You don’t have to overthink: I’m no trick, treat. 
  • If you ever decide to dress up as a vampire, I’m getting my neck kissed. 

Quick Horror Pick-Up Lines 

Some people are irresistible because of their charm and unique personality and if you are planning on impressing them, make sure to use a unique pick-up line. It will act like magic and help you get your perfect match. Quick pick-up lines are simple and easy. Easy to use and easy to get. 

  • You are sweeter than all of those Halloween candies combined. 
  • I will not dress up as a ghost, but you are always allowed to get under my sheets. 
  • Your costume looks great on you, and you’d look great on me.
  • I wish we were vampires because I have been getting some irresistible thoughts. 
  • You seem like a powerful witch. I can sense the love spell you have cast over me. 
  • I can’t stop imagining the sparks you’d create in my life. 
  • I want your curse all over me. 
  • If I were a vampire, I wouldn’t fear sunrise because I’d manipulate you into staying inside. 
  • I want us to become Egyptian mummies because we’d be interred together. Nothing could separate us. 
  • Everyone will scream because of the spooky parts. Why don’t you and I scream with passion?
  • Let me know when you will feel evil and demonish.
  • If I were a spider, I would have wrapped you in my web and unwrapped you later. 
  • I want it to get dark. This is the perfect excuse to get touchy with you. 

Crazy Horror Pick-Up Line

We all prefer it a little crazy. Do not hesitate or get embarrassed because of how crazy these pick-up lines sound. Crazy pick-up lines will make your special one easily impressed, and they will never leave you alone. Find the perfect time and a place according to your choice, and use one of these crazy pick-up lines. 

  • I want you to unleash your inner beast. 
  • Every time we meet, you bring out my inner Dracula. I cannot wait to nibble on your neck. 
  • Tell me something about your look. Is the walking dead? It should be more like the walking drop-dead gorgeous. 
  • I want to get cozy in the dark under the sheets; what are your thoughts?
  • Why are you making my blood pressure rise?
  • I promise to put a smile on your face until moonlight. 
  • I cannot wait for the jump scare, so I get to leap into each other’s arms. 
  • Do you believe in love at first sight or love at first bite?
  • You’ve been giving me goosebumps all over. It is cute.
  • I want to spread my curse by biting your lower lip. 
  • I know you have been looking for spine-tingling fun. 

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