140+ Homework pickup lines to studying

Who has not heard about homework? Everyone has, and everyone dreaded those once in their life when they were children. But that does not mean that even when you grow up, that is how you will feel about them.

The best way to counter the severe damage that endless homework has bestowed on you is to use the concept of homework to flirt and make your crush feel as important and the center of attention, just like homework. 

Cheesy Homework pickup lines

Being a cheeky person is important when it comes to leaving a lasting impression on your crush.

But however, it can be quite difficult to get the hang of when you do it for the first time.

That is why we have the following: to help you find the right balance of cheeky and funny when it comes to one-liners. 

You remind me of my homework. I do get a feeling I would be crying whenever I see you but in the best way. 

You would look better on my table, just like this homework. 

I could try to do you the whole night, but I doubt I would be able to finish you off. 

I do think you would look better once I touch you and get working on you, but you look better untouched. 

Look at you go, looking perfect on my table. 

You are the only thing that has me even using my table. 

I feel like I could do you wherever I want. 

I think I could carry you to a cafe and keep doing you. 

If I could, I would take you with me and do you until you are done. 

I want to do you all night long. 

I would be more than happy to sacrifice my sleep over you. 

I would be okay with doing you all night long and then doing you some more. 

I do think that if I did start doing you, just like my homework, I would give up 2 minutes in. 

I can not promise you that I can do you all night long, but I will definitely be done within 2 minutes. 

You remind me of my calculus homework because I will lose myself completely in you, and I will not be able to stop crying. 

How long do you think I will last before I start crying when I am doing you?

I do want to slam you on my desk. 

I think you would look perfect all night when I am working on you. 

I see you have a lot of buttons that are left to be pushed but good for you, I have several fingers, and I am more than happy to press them. 

I can not wait to correct you all night long. 

You definitely take up quite the space on my desk. 

I thought you would not need a lot of space if you wished to sit on my laptop. 

You remind me of my favorite piece of work, but I have a lot of things that need to be done, but I would rather focus on you for now. 

Funny Homework pickup lines

Being funny is an attractive characteristic to have. But what does being funny mean? Being funny does not mean cracking jokes that you find funny but cracking jokes that everyone around you would find funny.

Given your crush is someone you want to leave a lasting impression on, it would be great if you had a little boost when it comes to your funny conversation starters, and here they are. 

I would do you for a long, but I am scared that you will not be impressed with my weak performance. 

I never really considered having a good performance, but practice makes it perfect. 

Do you perhaps have any practice sheet that I can use to work on?

I would love to work out all of your kinks and issues if you give me the time. 

If you are worried about the time, do not. I have kept the entire night empty for you. 

You definitely have been tired after just a few minutes. 

You seem like a tough shell to crack. I can not wait to try my luck with you. 

I was never good at maths, but I do know that we can multiply. 

I do think it would be great if you could subtract your clothes. 

Your clothes remind me of the lowest common multiple. I think we can take them away from here. 

If you were my homework, no one would have to tempt me to work the whole night. 

I would work on you all night without anyone asking. 

If you want to see my dedication to you, I would be more than happy to show you that I am taking annotated notes for you. 

I will take very good annotated notes about how to please you. 

I would do your homework for you, and you would not even have to bully me for it. 

If I do not do my homework, would you be my strict teacher and punishment? 

If you were my teacher, I would never miss homework just to be noticed by you. 

You look good behind that desk, but I think you would look better on that desk instead of these files. 

Your desk looks empty without something to do. Shall I be your homework?

Crazy Homework Pickup Lines

Blowing the minds of everyone around you is something we are all guilty of daydreaming about. But we can definitely make it a reality with the following pickup lines.

These are hilarious and perfect for use whenever you feel like blowing people away simply with your beautiful way with words.

I wonder if I were your homework, would you take me home?

I would be the work that you can take home to do. 

I would be more than happy to extend the deadline for this date if you promise to work on me all night. 

I have never been so jealous of calculus homework because I, too, wish I was making you beg for God.

I may not be very difficult to do, but I am definitely hot. 

I do not want to be the homework you can cheat on. 

I would rather be the homework that you can brag to your friends about. 

Ever since I met you, I felt like I solved the most difficult sum of my homework that I simply can not stop bragging about. 

I hope you are not someone whose answers can be found in my friends. 

I would rather do you myself than watch my friend, do you? 

If you want, I can call for a study session with my friends, and we can all study with you together. 

I am confident that you would be more than happy with how I solve our problems in a blink of an eye. 

With you, a blink of an eye is more than 3 hours. 

When I do you, I simply lose track of time. 

I wish I knew where the time goes when I am with you. 

I wish your curves were not having such a difficult reaction with me. 

You remind me of trigonometry homework with how many angles you look from. 

I would be more than happy to share you if that is something you want. 

I am sure that you have nothing that is too difficult for me. 

I assure you that you are not difficult for me. 

I would probably stay up the whole night fondling you instead of getting any work done. 

I know that you will not finish yourself, but I am going to sit here and hope that my gaze makes you do so. 

Awesome Homework Pickup Lines

We all want to be awesome in the eyes of someone we love. But it can be very difficult to achieve when you are not sure how to do it. But there is an easy way to succeed in leaving that lasting impression on someone.

That is when you show off how articulate and well-thought-out your words are. So to help you with that, here are someone-liners that you can use at your disposal. 

If I could, I would finish you off telepathically. 

Sometimes I do wish thinking was enough to complete you. 

I know you are desperate for me to finish, but I can assure you it will not be happening that way. 

You can place me on your bed if the desk is too comfortable. 

I think no matter where you put me, I would still be something that you’d find a hard time solving. 

I will treat you like my homework and place you on my bed, if not my desk. 

My desk has a space for you, but why do I feel like I would have a better time reading you when you are on top of me while I lay down?

I do feel lazy enough to read you when I lie down. 

I have never done homework on my bed, but I would do you on my bed. 

My bed would be the best place for me to comfortably solve every little issue you have. 

I can see trouble when I see it. 

You do remind me of these arithmetic problems because you do have me wondering how many pumps it will take me to fill you. 

I do think of you as the wells in those arithmetic problems because I can imagine so many pumps filling you up. 

I hope you are comfortable with being filled to the brim in 2 minutes. That is a comparatively fast arithmetic problem. 

I like mixture problems. I wonder how much of my body fluids and yours will be on this sheet once we are done. 

I have never considered I would use trigonometry in bed, but I do think that you would look parallel to me under me. 

I would rather be the lie that meets you than be parallel with you for the rest of my life. 

Good Homework Chat-up Lines

Beginning a conversation with someone for the first time can be quite difficult. Of course, there is nothing to be ashamed of if you are not the very best at it.

But that does not mean that you have to be that way forever. Here are some of the most interesting one-liners that you can use to make sure you can keep the conversation going. 

I think we could work this out if you let me. 

I do think our problem can be solved on the bed. 

How would you feel about a late study session in my bed?

My bed has enough space for both of us to chill and work on our problems until we are both happy with what we have. 

I would be open to working these problems out with you if you are into it. I do not want to leave our problems unchecked and forget homework. 

I think my home is perfect for us to work on our homework. 

You remind me of the homework that I have that is waiting to be done, but I am not doing it. 

I do feel bad for not doing you, but I would rather stare at you. 

I should be finishing you up quickly, but I would rather sit here and look at you. 

Every time I look at you, I forget everything I have ever learned. 

I do believe that I was prepared to solve and find all the good spots to solve this problem, but I do not remember anything. 

You remind me of my homework because every time I see you, my throat dries down, and I simply can not think of anything. 

I would love to think about anything else, but all I ever find myself focusing on is you. 

Best Homework Pickup Lines Ever

We always had favorites among all the homework given to us that we preferred doing more than other homework. You would always end up doing your favorite homework before anything else.

Why should your crush be any different? They, too, deserve the same treatment. Here are some pickup lines that can help you do them first before anything else. 

You deserve all of my attention because you are absolutely important to me. 

I do believe you are important to me because you have been on my mind for a while. 

I do believe my fingers were meant for detangling your hair and wires. 

I have a biology paper on reproduction as homework, so I was wondering if you would like to be volunteer for my work. 

I do believe you have the numbers that I need to solve the problem of my heart. 

I have a problem here with my phone. You need to fill this area out to solve this. *show them your new contact area on your phone*

I heard you are a music major. If you want to check your vocal range, I would be more than happy to help you out with that. 

I bet I can help you broaden your vocal range. You can simply stay over if you want to learn. 

My home is perfect for our private study sessions, don’t you agree?

Flirty Homework Pickup Lines Ever

Flirting is quite a complicated art, and it can be very difficult to get the hang of it when you have not been in the flirting game for a while or if the person you have a crush on completely intimidates you with just a look.

They might make it hard for you to speak or even think of a smooth way of showing them how much you like them. Here are the ones that can help you during those times. 

I do not need a calculator to figure out that you have the figure I have been looking for. 

I am a mathematics major, and I have been calculating the probability of our meeting, and it seems like it is 100.

You got me reading up on different ways to measure angles because you are definitely a pi. 

You are like my computer homework because I feel like I would spend my whole night working on you and still not be happy with it. 

I think of you as my homework because I can always do you better. 

You remind me of my English homework because I always forget what I want to say whenever I see you. 

You remind me of SAT exams because I could prepare all night before we meet, but I will forget whatever I was thinking of when I met you. 

You have quite eye-catching curves, just like my physics homework. 

I have a feeling you have digits that are quite significant to me. 

I do believe that your body does have quite an interesting reaction whenever it is near me. 

I will treat you like my homework- I will miss you tonight, and I will talk about you to my friends, and maybe, I will have you waiting for me at the desk. 

I think it would be perfect if you were waiting for me at the desk for me. 

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