139 best History Pickup Lines to Impress Your History

Stereotypically History is a subject that is quite dull sometimes. OK, please don’t get offended, but why not make our class enjoyable when we have a lot of ways to do it?

So, if you are a History student and searching for some good ways to make your class enjoyable, then you can stop your search now cause you are at the right place.

We have 100 plus History Pickup Lines that you can try in your class or with your crush from History class. Please review the article and let us know how you will use them. 

Cheesy History Pickup Lines

Hello History student, does everyone believe you are boring just because you study History? It happens, I know, right?

But you don’t have to prove anything. Just try these Cheesy History Pickup Lines and see their reactions. Don’t forget to tell us about your experience.

You must be a tower because Eiffel is for you, baby.

I have a stimulus in my pants. Do you want to respond to it?

Do you want to see stars in our bedrooms? Meet me tonight.

You must be a Union worker cause you have a history of anarchy. 

I am looking for the weapons to destroy your ass, baby girl.

Are you the eighth wonder of the world cause you are wonderful

I want to have your opinion on my poll.

Crazy History Pickup Lines

For your crazy friend who thinks History is nothing but just long, boring lectures, we have some crazy history pickup lines for you.

So from next time when you are in your History classes, and someone repeats this, you can shut your mouth. So go through these Crazy History Pickup Lines and make it enjoyable.

I am Huey Long; I can share my wealth with you.

You are more hot than Rome under Nero.

You must be from the Medieval period because you are sir Gagsalot. 

Just like a war, I have strategies for sex as well.

I want to create a history with you.

Are you the one who invented Airplanes? Cause you look Wright to me.

I may not be Thomas Paine, but you and I are Common sense.

Rare History Pickup Lines

There is a common myth about History that it is a boring subject, and all of us are aware of that, right?

So, to make them aware of your issue, you can try these Rare History Pickup Lines 

Are you the Renaissance to my Dark Ages? Cause you light up my world like nobody else.

 I may not be the James Monroe, but trust me, I can provide you with an Era of Good Feelings.

Your parents must be working on The Manhattan Project cause you look Bomb.

You must be the Manhattan project. Cause everybody says, you are a Bomb.

History has a lot of important dates, so let’s make our date memorable too.

After tonight, you might need the wheelchair for the rest of a few days.

I may not be the History of your love story, but if you give me a chance, I can be your future. 

Funny History Pickup Lines

Pickup Lines are always good-to-go things when you are trying to start your conversation with someone you like.

It can be used as simple lines or even in a romantic mood. So, here are a few Funny History Pickup Lines that you can use anytime and anyone. 

I may not be the Columbus, but for you, I can sail day and night to reach your heart. 

You must be an Early Hominid cause I just got a Homo Erectus.

Were you the president because you look like Babe-raham Lincoln?

I know you were never my First kady, but I can make you Jackie OH!

Let me punch that hole, and my chad won’t be hanging anymore.

I may not be a history student, but I want to make it tonight with you.

Do you want to take a ride on my own Air Force One?

Flirty History Pickup Lines

Healthy flirting is an art, and not everybody is an artist. So if you are trying to win your classmate’s heart or wanna gain their attention, you can try these history pickup lines.

Mentioned below are a few Flirty History Pickup lines that you can use anytime and anywhere to make your conversation interesting.

No CRS report can tell me how pretty you are.

I want to discuss with you something, Dick, Bush and Colin.

You must be Maya because I want to sacrifice you for God.

Let’s repeat the History we did yesterday night and do all those things. 

I may not be in the United States; you can also see my Statue of freedom.

What are your following two wishes except for me?

I may not be Microsoft, but I want to crash you tonight.

Short History Pickup Lines

Are you a History Major who likes your classmate? Well, you are at the right place. Impressing your classmate with your intelligence could be a good idea, especially when they are good at studies.

So, to impress your history classmate, you can use these Short History Pickup Lines.

It would be best if you were French because I have a massive tower and Eiffel for you.

Do you like Almonds? And what about a date?

Can you please repair my phone by saving your number on it? 

I want to go back in History and put U and I together in the alphabet.

What do you do for fun, except play with my innocent heart? 

It must be snowy cause I am falling for you.

It would help if you were from Tennessee cause you are a Ten.

Best History Pickup Lines

Your best memories must be the ones with your classmates. No doubt! We have spent a good time with them.

So if you are still in school or college and wanna make some memories, you can try these History Pickup Lines.

Below are some Best History Pickup Lines that you can try anytime.

You are as delicate as Optimus Fine Transformer.

Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got FINE written all over you.

I wish I were cross-eyed so I could see you twice.

I guess I am in a Museum because you are a work of art.

Let’s secret History and make people believe in love at first sight.

I want to create a romantic film with you.

You can not find the material of the shirt I am wearing; it is husband material. 

Super Cheesy History Pickup Lines

What if you are in a History class where everyone is sleepy?Too dull, right? Well, history classes are supposed to make you feel tired.

Lol, no offense. Mentioned below are a few Super Cheesy History Pickup Lines that you can try anytime and with anyone. 

Everything about you is just so Historical. You must be living in a museum.

Are you a chicken? Cause you are impeccable.

You are creating History by driving these many guys crazy.

Let’s learn about important dates in History and go on our date. 

If there is something called fine print, that’s you. 

You must be living in the microwave cause you are so damn hot.

I lost my library card, so now I am checking you out.

Awesome History Pickup Lines

Have you studied all the important dates in History? That’s great, now what about your date? Don’t you want to make it historical as well?

Well, we have a few Awesome History Pickup Lines for you. Try these and let us know about your experience.

After looking at you, I can’t think about anyone else; now buy me health insurance.

You created History for having double hearts. Cause you just stole mine.

You must be a search engine cause I got my answers within you.

It would help if you were money lent by the bank, cause my interest is increasing towards you.

I wish I could be a time traveler cause I want to see you in my future. 

Following your dreams I always good, so may I follow you?

Did you travel through Hogwarts Express? Cause there is something magical about you.

Beautiful History Pickup Lines

You can do many new things to make your love story beautiful and historical. Pickup lines are one of them.

Mentioned below are a few Beautiful History Pickup Lines that would help you make your day attractive. 

Life without you s as pointless as a broken pencil.

Are you a monument of History? Cause I don’t want to take my eyes off you.

Independence history is excellent; I want to rule over you again. 

God must be sad right now cause he is missing an angle.

Are you a sock? Cause you perfectly match with me.

History repeats itself, so let’s have sex today, and we will do it every day.

I don’t want to get lost again in your eyes; you better give me a map.

I want to create a History, just you and me together. 

Catchy History Pickup Lines

Your studious classmate might not catch those love hints, but you shouldn’t stop trying.

So here are a few Catchy History Pickup Lines that would help you to catch their attention. 

Can you give me first aid? I have hurt myself falling for you.

Are you from Star Wars? Cause Yoda is the only one whom I love

You invented Airplanes, right? Cause you are always Wright.

It would help if you were the sunlight cause you shine bright.

Carbon dating is OK; you can also date my baby girl.

Your beauty is so historical that you made me forget what I was saying. 

You must be History, cause I want to know everything about you.

Girl, you must be the History cause I want to repeat you.

Good Chat up History Pickup Lines

Chatting with someone you met online is no big deal, but when the person only talks about academics, that too, History, it could be a little challenging for you but don’t worry; we are here for you with a few good Chatup History Pickup Lines.

Your dad did a historical thing by creating you.

Your dad might have stolen you from a history museum cause you are unique.

I wish I could be the tour guide because I want to study your History. 

I was reading about the essential dates in History; if you are interested, we can also learn about ours. 

Do you want to recreate my family history of marrying early?

Let’s go on a date, and make it historical.

Let’s make our romance history and play it every single day.

Let’s come into a relationship, and we will make this date the History 

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