125+ Halloween Pick-Up Line to Impress Your Girl/boy

If you are searching for a girlfriend or boyfriend, the club might not be the best place! What if you come across the love of your life at a Halloween party? Should you let the chance to impress the girl/boy go to waste? That might not be the best idea, especially when you can quickly get their attention by cracking a flirty joke or throwing a pick-up line on them.

This article is dedicated to all the single girls and boys out there who plan to ask their crush out at a Halloween party. 

Funny Halloween Pick-Up Line

Pick-up lines can be funny and romantic, even when they are Halloween-themed. Yes, that’s true. If the combination sounds weird, we are here to make you believe what we said. These following Halloween pick-up lines are funny as anything!

Hey, could you help me find a dress for the upcoming Halloween party? If not, please allow me to come with you as your boyfriend.

Baby, I’m Chucky tonight. Could you please stop playing with my heart? 

I must be a fool to have asked that skeleton to get me your phone number. I forgot that he didn’t have guts. 

I feel like I’m the Mothman tonight. Your light is drawing me towards you. 

You and I will make the perfect couple. While you get butterflies for me in your stomach, I will get grubs and worms. 

Do you realize that I’m Frankenstein? I will walk with you on the moonlit path but don’t tell me to cuddle by the fireplace. Torches and a crazy mob are not a good combination. 

Even though there are a lot of ghosts tonight, you are the most booti-ful one I have seen so far. 

Since you and I are vampires, we should take a bite. 

Girl, you look dead sexy. What is your dead secret? 

You should come with me to your place immediately; I am about to go there anyway. 

You are not aware of how fantastic I am. Come to my room at midnight to witness what I become at my peak time.

I heard you have a thing for doctors. My dad created me, and he is the best doctor in the town. I’m Frankenstein, by the way. 

I am so eager to get my Halloween-treat tonight. I heard you are my treat. 

In particular, I’m good at parseltongue. To be general, I am good with tongues.  

I never knew a decomposing corpse would be this tasty! 

So what have you dressed as tonight, candies, I suppose? You look so sweet! 

Hi pumpkin, would you let me smile widely on your face? 

Oh, I see, you got beauty with brains! You sure are my favorite snacks! 

Hey, do you want to know how many licks it requires to reach the center of your pie? Let me help you find it. 

Halloween Pick Up Line

Crazy Halloween Pick-Up Line

Going crazy with your outfit and pick-up lines are just as per the theme o the Halloween party you are at! So don’t shy away from making the Halloween party your personal met gala with these crazy Halloween pick-up lines. 

Now that I know you are my treat, what is the trick? 

We will be together till death do us part206, and then we can be together again. 

It ists not safe for you to be on your tonight. Stick to me, and I will chase the other vampires away. 

I will change my name to Sully if you agree to become my boo.

If you want to give me your candy, I will take it when you give me your phone number. 

I wouldn’t say I like the tricks at all, but if the treat is you, I can also consider the tricks. 

I have never liked dreams that haunt me at night. But if you are the ghost, I’m ready to keep sleeping.

Everything about your witch costume is perfect, but perhaps you could leave the broom out. I’m already swept off my feet by you. 

Trust me, and I want you to dance with me; I don’t care if you have two left feet. 

I heard rumors that this house is not safe to be in. There are ghosts. We better not split up. 

I can see that you are the beautiful princess of this castle. So, where is your evil stepmother?  

The treat I want the most this Halloween is you. 

Are you dressed up as the UPS delivery guy today? Because I was hoping you could pay attention to this package standing right in front of you. 

Crazy Halloween Pick Up Line

Flirty Halloween Pick-Up Line

Even though both of you are playing dead tonight, the romance does not have to be dead, either. Keep the romance alive with these flirty Halloween pick-up lines we are dropping below!

If you are the trick I am going to get, there is a chance that my eyes are playing some evil trick on me. 

It is ironic how I am the grim reaper tonight, and you are the angel. Any idea what our babies would be like?

For the sake of this banana costume, I hope I am just as ap-peeling to you as you are to me.

If there are twenty angels on this planet right now, one of them must be missing because you are with me. 

You don’t seem to be a fit for this Halloween party; your light seems to be heavenly. 

I know it is no use to ask you out, but I want to hear you reject me anyway. Your voice must be pleasant. 

Ask me about anything from your future. But right now, I see you have a date coming up with me. 

I am still not willing to take anything other than you today. 

I was already half dead before you came in, and now I see my skin melting with your light. Being the zombie I am, I want to feast on you. 

You did not need to be dressed as the princess tonight at this party, you could dress up as Cinderella before meeting the fairy godmother, and I would still be falling for you. 

You have two hundred and six bones in your body, and I have two hundred and six bones in my body. But stand close to me, and you will see my bone count increasing, and eventually, you, too, will have 207 bones. 

Flirty Halloween Pick Up Line

Rare Halloween Pick-up Line

Coming across a Halloween pick-up line that has not been cracked before already is tough. We are compiling all the rare Halloween pick-up lines here so your crush can point your crowned head out in the crowd of the headless, ordinary ghosts.

I can assure you that the moles you see on my face are not to be found anywhere else in my body. 

If I had to evaluate you, I would give you a ten on the skele. 

I got my eye on you the moment you walked in. but now I want it back because it is the only one I have, baby.

If you have never seen an animal in the bedroom before, come with me to my bed tonight. 

Please arrange for a bucket of water, because I have been burning for the lady in front of me. 

I like the pair of pumpkins you have got there. 

Hey, have you put a pumpkin inside your costume, or are you naturally this hot? 

Want to come and play trick or treat? Come to my place, and I will immediately give you a snickers bar. 

I remember going to a haunted house once and how my heartbeat was fast. But now that I’m looking at you, my heartbeat is more rapid. 

I took part in the trick-or-treat only because I wanted some Hershey’s. I didn’t get any, could you give me a few kisses? 

Cheesy Halloween Pick-Up Line

Let everyone else get bloody while you resort to these cheesy Halloween pick-up lines for hitting on your crush. You would instead focus on the rest of the three sixty-four days of the year, so why not be a bit cheesy? 

Since I have developed a taste for dead bodies, I hope you are good at playing dead. 

I dropped dead after seeing your glamour. Are you a witch? 

Tonight, I like corny things. I might ask you to come on a date with me. 

Babe, watch out. There is a bat in your back pocket. Oh wait, that is just you being excited o seeing me.

If you still haven’t decided on what to be for this Halloween, try being mine.

The costume I’m wearing tonight isn’t my real one. If you want to see the original one I usually wear, you must come home with me. 

Baby, I am Frankenstein, and you are my bride. We are a match made in hell. 

Don’t be scared yet because of my werewolf costume. I swear I’m way more aggressive in the bedroom. 

I would insist you take my shots as soon as possible; I am a good doctor here. 

This crypt is not befitting for a sexy ghoul like you. I can take you somewhere better 

Even if you were dragged by Pennywise down in the gutter, I would have followed you immediately.

Want to go exploring the haunted mansion with me? The couple staying there are my parents, and they won’t be back until tomorrow. 

Even though I am the one dressed up as the clown, you got the IT factor. 

Look what is brewing for you; got to be my wicked plans with you. 

It is well past midnight, and I am not letting my Cinderella leave without giving her a tour of my bedroom. 

Catchy Halloween Pick-Up Line

What about all the hurly-burly out there? But it would be best if you tried to figure out what your crush is doing. Maybe approach her and take your chance by telling one of these catchy Halloween pick lines we list below. 

I am done with this old broom; I have been riding it for years. Time for me to ride something new.

I am a big fan of horror movies, minus the part where I have to watch them alone. I was hoping you could give me some company so I could cuddle.

I am about to look dead in your eyes and ask for your hands. 

I don’t like my name; I would rather it were Casper. Then you would be my boo. 

I did not realize I was so hungry all of my life before meeting you here. Help me satiate my hunger. 

Hey, do you like my costume? Want to see it up close? I promise I will let you change into it. 

Is that…a pirate outfit you are wearing? I want to look for the buried treasure in your costume, may I? 

No doubt your costume looks so good on you, but I think my bedroom floor will like it better. 

I’m the phantom that haunts the opera, and I’m great at handling my organs. 

Seeing you in this red witch dress is a chilling experience. No, really, you are giving me shivers and goosebumps.

If you love me for my soul, I will be happy. But if you can love this Frankenstein for his body, I will be the happiest. 

Oh, I see; you are the count of Transylvania. I have talked to Edward, and this Bella is ready for you for a night. 

That is why I could not find my wand anywhere. You are hiding it in your pants. 

Awesome Halloween Pick-Up Line

Double your Halloween fun with a set of excellent Halloween pick-up lines. Don’t let your crush ghost you before you can even crack one of these. Good luck!

You have a great job with warts there! But I think mine can outshine yours, want to see? 

I didn’t mean to drool over you, but as you can see, I don’t have a jaw!

Though I could give you the heart of any guy you want, I would still rather you keep mine only. 

I swear I’m not a zombie in real life. Why else would I be interested in other parts of you as well besides the brain? 

Your buns are really delicious, and I would like to have them. Are you a baker? 

I guess it’s Halloween for you every day and every night since you always look like an angel. 

If I am Frankenstein, you must be Frankenfine, my other half.

How do I make you believe that I’m dying without you? Maybe if I come back as a ghost, you will finally go on a date with me. 

I don’t like kids, but these kids are adorable. I wonder if I want one or two with you. 

Halloween or not, I will never ghost you, and I hope you do the same. 

I am the sheriff, and I can arrest you for looking this gorgeous. But I think I would rather date you. 

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