How Guys Can Mix & Match Clothing Color: 41+ Fashion Tips

Guys have not been very famous for knowing too much about color or knowing too much about color science. However, it is high time we get a lesson as matching the right colors is a big part of dressing up well. Here are a few tips to help you. 

Tips for guys to perfect color science 

Know the basic colors. Before you get into the more complicated color science stuff, you need to get the basics right. Start from knowing the primary and secondary colors and keep building your colors from thereon. 

Which color suits you? There will be a few colors that you love to wear, there will be a few colors that go extremely well with your complexion, and there will also be a few colors that you own a lot; find a balance of what to wear. 

How to select the right color of clothes for my skin tone

Know how light works. Light plays an important role in choosing your colors for dressing up. Some colors absorb or reflect light more than the other colors, and depending on the sun; you should choose which color to rock. 

Time for color. There is a particular time for which you must wear a color. Like, darker shades look better at the night while lighter colors are best suited for the day. Similarly, colors like black and blue are great for serious occasions. 

Earth tones. Earth tones are a great area to explore for someone interested in color science. They are a bit different and more stylish than the usual, and if you can rock earth tones, you are bound to look a lot better. 

Black. Black is that color that will effortlessly make you look better, slimmer, and more confident. There is something mysterious about the color black, and the more you wear it, the more attention you will attract towards yourself. 

White. You can never go wrong with white, no matter which part of your outfit it is in. Just like all black, all white is also a great outfit option, especially on the warmer days when wearing all black will more or less toast you. 

Different shades of blue. There are several shades that the color blue has; all of them have some special qualities that highlight different parts. Find the blue that suits you the best, and do not be scared to rock some blue on blue. 

Know the color palette. The color palette is a detailed description of colors under colors. Under one simple color like pink, like some colors like baby pink, cherry pink and so on. It might get confusing, but it is always better to know a few. 

Pink. Pink, contrary to public opinion, is a very masculine color as it looks good on only men who know what they are doing. Not an easy color to pull off, but if done right, you are bound to get some eyes rolling. 

How to style pink clothes

Get out of your comfort zone. Push your boundaries and try colors that you have always avoided. At least put them on for once to see how they look on you, and only then can you decide whether to wear them or not. 

Keep experimenting. Keep experimenting with different colors, different combinations of colors to see what you like best and what is the best for your skin. You might even surprise yourself with what looks better. 

Neon colors. Neon colors have been in trend in recent years and what makes them super cool is their ability to glow in the dark because of just how bright they are. Neon yellow or neon blue is always a great option. 

Bright colors. Bright colors are best suited for the daytime as they reflect most of the light that falls on them and help you stay cool. Moreover, for lighter skin tones, bright colors always compliment you and make you look better. 

Dark colors. Darker colors are better suited for the tight as they have the property to absorb light and lock in heat. They help you stay warm and can be worn by people of any skin tone. Black and brown are always good options. 

How to style dark colors

Color coordination. Color coordination is the one skill you have to possess to look your best all the time. Know when to match your clothes and when to contrast is an art that not everyone possesses. 

Contrasting. Adding contrast in your clothes allows you to highlight a few special parts of your body and makes you look taller and more proportionate than you actually are. Earth tones work very well with blues. 

benefits of contrasting while dressing up

Monochromes. Monotone in outfits works very well with simple colors like black and white, but you could also experiment with other versatile colors like grey and green, which look equally good. 

Matching shoes. Matching your shoes or the color of your shoes with your clothes is yet another skill that can make you look a lot better. The right leather can make all the difference in the world. 

How to match shoes with outfits

Leather. When it comes to leather, the color is just as important as the quality. People often tend to forget that leather always does not mean black, but it looks equally good in colors like shades of brown or green. 

How to style leather boots

Black and white. You can never go wrong with this classic combo, and the best part about it is that you could be in any part of the world, attending any occasion, and you would still be considered stylish with this combination. 

Dressing for the weather. You have to keep the weather in your head while choosing the color of your clothes. For example, wearing black will not be a good idea if it is hot outside; similarly, stay away from wearing white if it is raining. 

How to dress during the monsoon

Create layers. Use different colors to create different layers in your outfit. Usually, start with lighter colors on the inside or as the base and move on to darker colors to create the perfect image for your look. 

Wear colorful accessories. Why should your accessories stay away from all the colors when it comes to dressing? You can even add a bit of color to your rings, your hat, or even your watch to create a well-coordinated look. 

How to dress during summers?

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