199+ Mesmerizing Ghetto Pickup Lines 

Pickup lines are much more common nowadays as people love making a good impression on one another. Therefore, pickup lines are vital when coming off as funny and cute in front of your crush. That is why these are the pickup lines for you if you wish to make a good impression on your crush. 

Short Ghetto Pickup Lines 

Pickup lines are one of the more creative pieces of work that you can do on a daily basis. That is why when you are feeling a little down, a little too awkward to start a conversation, here are some ghetto pickup lines that you can use to make conversations a little easier on everyone. 

  • If you are from the ghetto, I hope you know I got to ghetto ahold of that ass. 
  • You’re hotter than this burner I am using. 
  • You look better in that shorts, for sure. 
  • I think your pants would look great on me. Let me take them off first. 
  • My watch says it’s time to get naked. 
  • What name will you be moaning tonight?
  • I can totally ruin your clothes if I pull on them too much. 
  • I am in lust with you. 
  • How I feel for you starts with L and ends with a T. It is much easier to take care of if I am being honest. 
  • Being with you makes me scream in the best way. 
  • I will fall so madly in love with you. 
  • Your pants look better on my bed. 
  • You’re as delicious as the ice cream I can lick off of you. 
  • If you lend me a kiss, I will definitely return that to you. 
  • You stole my kiss! Let me take it back! 
  • Your jeans are definitely faking a boner! Unless? 
  • I do not know if I want to fall in love, but I will jump into bed with you. 
  • Beg all you want, my little canary. I want to hear you sing. 
  • You are guilty of teasing. So why must you be such a mean? 
  • I want s’more and s’more of you so let me have you. 
  • I never liked fishing, but you are an outstanding catch. 
  • My attraction toward you is crazy. 
  • I definitely feel a little down as of lately. Maybe I can use you as my stress ball? 
  • Let me feel you up while I am feeling down.
  • If you are feeling down, you can feel me up until you feel better. 

Funny Cute Ghetto Pickup Lines 

Who does not like cute things in life? Cute stuff makes you come off as an adorable, cheeky, and funny person. These pickup lines capture that essence and side of your personality and make your crush realize how adorable and cute you can be.

These cute and funny pickup lines that you can use whenever you feel light, lightening the conversation mood just a little. 

  • I would put you on my to-do list. Just hold on for a second. 
  • You are the only place I want to put my deposit. 
  • If you let me play you like a fiddle, I promise you will have a great time. 
  • My bed is the best place for you to respawn and stay there whenever. 
  • I want to watch you play games on my bed every night and maybe, sometimes, I can join you if you are ok with it? 
  • I want to lick your valley. 
  • You are as hot as a campfire. 
  • You are like my fireplace- so hot and warm. 
  • You are everything I want every winter night because you are way too warm.
  • Your body on mine sounds like the best idea. 
  • You are my very own weighted blanket, and I would love for you to be on me every night.
  • Please place your body on mine and stay that way for the entire night because you are everything I have been seeking. 
  • I just want to tell you that it is completely ok if you want to be naked with me.
  • We were born naked, so why not embrace our inner babies?
  • You can be my baby, so let me take off your clothes. 
  • I am really not feeling myself tonight. So, can you let me feel you up? 
  • I think I will feel better if you let me feel you up. 
  • So, how do you feel about babies? Of course, babies would be perfect eventually.
  • Do you want to try how to make babies with me?
  • I promise I will make the whole baby-making experience very pleasurable if you are down for it. 
  • I have some vitamin D if you are feeling a little malnourished. 
  • I can help you with malnourishment because, girl, I got some vitamin Me for you. 
  • You can have my D later if you are not feeling too well. 
  • I have heard that the lack of vitamin D can make you feel a little tired. I got enough to charge you up. 

Flirty Ghetto Pickup Lines for Her

Flirting can be hard if you are struggling with anxiety and it is the first time in a while you are putting yourself out there. Furthermore, flirting can be a bit confusing. But fret not. Here are some pickup lines to save you the worry.

These pickup lines are perfect for flirty moods and would definitely get the message across.

  • Your eyes turn me hard like Medusa. 
  • Let me bite your ass like I am Karma. 
  • I hope you are flexible because I am dying to try a few Kama-sutra positions on you. 
  • You CAPTCHA, my love, since day 1. 
  • You’re beautiful and bootiful. 
  • You can be the doctor and give me some D. 
  • I feel like you are my homework because you are always on my mind. 
  • You should be doing me like your homework, and yet you refuse to do the same.
  • Let me make you feel completely important by paying all of my attention to you instead of this stupid homework. 
  • Your mouth looks cuter when you have it wide open for me. 
  • I hope you have some space for my tongue in your mouth. 
  • I think your mouth would look better with my tongue in it. 
  • You are like one of those free samples because I can not wait to try you repeatedly. 
  • You would look like an amazing lion on my bed.
  • You are an animal in bed, a koala, because I have the best koala tea time with you. 
  • You look thirsty. Let me get a drink for you. 
  • I hope you will not be surprised to find me under your Christmas tree this Christmas. 
  • I think you look the best when you are naked. 
  • Let me stare at you as you change your clothes. 
  • Your smile is so bright it makes me forget the rest of the world. 
  • Have you ever used a pore strip? I am like that- very persistent.
  • It is a little hard to get me off, but once you do, it is satisfying.
  • I can make you feel loved all night long if that is what you want to feel. 
  • You look like you want to drink my blood, but I am totally ok with it. 
  • Could you share that body of yours for a night?
  • I would love to experience your body just for a night. 

Funny Ghetto Pickup Lines

Making people laugh requires a lot of talent. But here, you do not have to worry about that. Here are some pickup lines you can simply use whenever you want to make the conversation hilarious and light-hearted and make you feel like you are having the easiest conversation. These are perfect as icebreakers as well. They are perfect for every occasion. 

  • You have me and my parts on attention. 
  • My private is on the attention whenever you come in front of my eyes. 
  • Come to me, come in front of me. 
  • I bet you have a special power because you affect me a lot.
  • You made a part of me twitch without even touching me. How did you do that? 
  • I want your booty, and I want to leave a bite mark on it. 
  • You are the flower I want to eat. 
  • Let me devour you like the tasty fruit you are. 
  • We can play battleship. I will go down all over you. 
  • Let me be the Titanic and go down against you. 
  • Be the ocean and drown my Titanic in your waves completely. 
  • You are the best dessert in the market. 
  • I can not wait to taste your sweetness. 
  • Let me devour you like my dessert that you are. 
  • You always turn me on whenever I feel down. That is very comforting. 
  • I definitely C us together. 
  • I will definitely C you from down there. 
  • Let me see. My watch definitely sees us going down together. 
  • Let me explore you completely.
  • You can be the tomb, and I’ll be the tomb raider. 
  • You make me so horny, and it is lowkey corny. 
  • I think we can be better when it comes to being eco-friendly. Let us bathe together. 
  • I think my bathtub would look better with you. 
  • I can not sleep alone. Will you sleep with me?
  • I can not be alone at night. I would like to be in your bed if you are ok with it. 
  • My bed looks a little empty, and please come join me. 
  • I think we can do things together. 
  • Let’s add half of me and half of you to the bed. 
  • I want to have a baby. You in?
  • Open your mouth. I think that looks better. 

Rare Ghetto Pickup Lines 

You must be creative to make a good impression on your pickup lines. To help you with that, here is a list of pickup lines that are pretty rare and immensely creative. These pickup lines are perfect if you wish to make a good impression on your crushes with your sense of humor and charisma. This charisma will be infectious and assured.

As a result, you will successfully create a good impression on them that will make you unforgettable.

  • I want to meet between your lips so badly. 
  • Your lips would look better with mine. 
  • I can part your legs if you want me to do it myself. 
  • You are guilty as a hot person. 
  • I want you to tickle me so badly. 
  • Let’s wrestle the whole night. 
  • I bet you would look cute in my pillow fort and completely naked. 
  • Your beauty is only hindered by the clothes.
  • Let me leave bite marks on you. 
  • You remind me of the trampoline. So stretchable.
  • You are so flexible. I can not wait to check that more. 
  • Let me stretch you out in the best way because you deserve only the best. 
  • Your legs are positioned next to my ears, so I bet you like me.
  • I am sure you like me a lot based on your legs around my waist. 
  • I want to bounce on you. 
  • I want no distance between us. 
  • I want there to be only latex between our bodies. 
  • I hope you like meat because I have meat for you. 
  • I would love to taste your meat. 
  • I am a vegan, but I would gobble your meat up. 
  • You taste so good, and I lose my mind when I am with you. 

Cheesy Ghetto Pickup Lines

Even if you have lactose intolerance, there is one thing you would never stop loving: cheese. So why should Pickup lines be any different? Cheesy pickup lines are a favorite because of their fantastic charisma and confidence with which you can say it to people.

In addition, these pickup lines seamlessly blend into daily conversations, making them perfect for everyday use as a pickup line and a chat-up line that you can use to break the ice.

  • Let me borrow your lips for a while.
  • I think I can give you a French kiss to you down there. 
  • I think your dress would look better in my closet. 
  • I want your toothbrush in my bathroom closet. 
  • I am sure I am a walking talking switch because how do you turn me on so much? 
  • Let me get some play with you while we watch this theatre. 
  • These games are great, and I would love to play with you.
  • Games would be great, but I just want to play games with you. 
  • Your body can be my arena, and I will play everything like a fiddle.
  • Like those clothes, I would look better on you too. 
  • I would look amazing on your bed too. 
  • You are on fire, and you are burning me up. 
  • You got me all hot and bothered. 
  • You are sizzling hot, and I need an ice pack. 
  • You are hotter than the core of the Earth. 
  • You are the only adventure I want. 
  • You have overwhelmed me in the best way. 
  • I will never cheat because you look like someone else every time you change your wig.
  • Once I am done with you, your wig will fly off of you. 
  • You would look absolutely adorable with your wig wrapped around my fingers. 
  • I will nuzzle your neck and mark you as mine. 
  • I may not attract you as Dracula does, but I will drain you dry. 
  • I am a vampire baby. I’ll be your companion the whole night, and every morning, I will disappear. 
  • I am only pretty in the darkness of the night, my love.

Awesome Ghetto Pickup Lines

Ghetto pickup lines can become tedious, but to ensure that it never gets boring, here are some pickup lines you can use. These pickup lines are short, cute, funny, and rare. These pickup lines sweep your crush off their feet with your creativity, charisma, and sense of humor.

In addition, these pickup lines are pun-tastic and exciting, making them perfect for future use. 

  • Let me grab that weave and hit it from the back. 
  • Girl, I will help you mess up your weave if you want. 
  • You are so hot, and I wonder if you know that you are the cause of global warming. 
  • Where’s your boy scout certificate? You have got me tongue-tied. 
  • I hope you prefer football over soccer because I want you to touch down at my home.
  • You’re like the free sample at Trader Joe’s, and I want to taste you so much. 
  • This shirt looks beautiful on you. However, I reckon it would look better on the floor. 
  • Your bra isn’t working correctly. Let me hold them instead for you. 
  • Are you environmentally conscious? Let’s save water by using the bath together. 
  • Where’s my switch because you keep turning me on? 
  • Let me Slytherin you. 
  • The weather is indeed a little nippy. 
  • I hope you never wear a vest because you’d be hiding the best of your assets. 
  • That hairstyle looks so pretty on you, but I think they’ll look better in my hand. 
  • Here, I have a choker for you. *insert picture of hand*
  • Can I pin you against the wall like the art you are?

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