75 top German Pickup Lines for a Romantic Rendezvous

There are a total of 195 countries in the world. In those countries, there are a lot of many languages as well, but the things that are common among us are our feelings and emotions. It doesn’t have any language.

But if you are trying to impress someone by words or expressing your feelings, you can try some German Pickup lines.

Listed below are some German Pickup Lines; try them whether you like them or not.

Cheesy German Pickup Lines

To impress the person of your dreams must be your only dream. Right? Directly telling them about your heart’s feelings could be challenging for each of us.

So why not try the Cheesy German Pickup Lines? Go through this list of Chessy German Pickup Lines and rock the game.  

Do you want to go to Hofbrauhaus with me? Then, after that, I can do anything to become a German.

Excuse me, can I take you out? You smell like Garbage.

I’m not interested in hitting up on you, but it’s okay if you want to.

Can I get your number? I am a writer and want to write a telephone book.

I want to be the reason behind your late-night chats.

I’m curious, how are you still okay when after falling from heaven?

Apart from you, what are the other beautiful sights in your city?

Research says Kisses can make one happy. But do you want to live happily as well?

Funny German Pickup Lines

A good sense of humor is all they want. So, try these Funny German Pickup lines below to make your and your partner’s day.

It’s cold outside; want to hug me to warm up.

I have never seen someone with this much pretty eyes.

Are you German? Hello, I’m Gerwoman. 

Are you a Lighter? Cause you are really hot.

Can you be my Barbie?

Can I click your picture? I want to send it to Santa to tell him that this is what I want in my Christmas Gift.

I’m a fitness freak. Do you want to burn some calories with me?

How much milk do you drink to look this beautiful? 

Crazy German Pickup Lines

Try these Crazy German Pickup lines listed below. 

I’m a writer, and I’m writing a book on Telephone numbers. Unfortunately, your number is missing from it. 

Do you want to kiss me? Smile if your answer is yes. 

I may not be a thief, but I came here just to steal your heart. 

I may not be German, but do you want to see my Wienerschnitzel?

Are you German? You are the reason for the battle of my bulge.

If you belong to German, then you are the only Germ I want.

Excuse me, girl, you are German, right? Cause you a Nein; I’m that one Ja needs.

You must be German because all I want is you, on the end of my sausage.

Catchy German Pickup Lines

Knowing a pickup line is different while delivering those lines with charm and confidence is different.

Well, you will read our Catchy German Pickup lines; your 50% work is done already. So, read these pickup lines and try them with your friends.

Can I know more about you? Cause I would want to be a friend with a GerMan like you.

Can you be my boyfriend, cause I want a GerMan like you in my life?

There must be a lot of beautiful German women out there but have looked at yourself. You are a goddess.

I heard you want to learn German. So come, i” ll teach you many things in German.

Your beauty looks unrealistic. Did you just come from paradise?

You must be an interior decorator, cause the moment you entered the room, it became beautiful.

You are the reasons behind the melting of big glaciers.

I believe you would be more beautiful inside than outside. 

Short German Pickup Lines

Do you want to talk to your German friend and tell them about your feelings? Then, what could be better than German Pickup Lines?

Using these pickup lines, you can easily manage to start your conversation about it, and also, it will go with the flow. 

I used to think I deserved a seven, but now I have to settle for a 10.

Excuse me; I’m researching the most precious thighs in the world. Can I take your interview?

You must be a Bagels fan. Cause you look like Bae’s goals.

You are like my Pet Dog; please don’t think this is rude. I can’t find a better title for a “Perfect Cuddler.”

I guess you are the reason for Global warming in the environment.

You are illegal because you look bomb.

You must be from an Alien family cause you look out of this world.

I used to pray to god every day, and I’m glad he sent an angel like you into my life. It seems like all my prayers got successful.

Super Cheesy German Pickup Lines

Pick-up lines could be a good way of starting an exciting conversation, whether it be your friend, crush, date, or partner (who is currently angry with you).

So try these Super Cheesy German pick up lines below and rock your chat game.

If you were Appendix, I would have taken you out.

Are you from Hogwarts school of Wizardry? Cause you are pretty magical.

My parents always advise me to follow my passion. So, may I follow you?

You look similar to a known. Oh, sorry, I guess you look like my parent’s daughter-in-law.

I might have a lot of dreams, but my priority is to make you the happiest lady in this universe.

Fourteen plus Fourteen equal to Twenty Eight, and you plus I equal good fate.

You should stay away from the ice cream bars cause you melt them.

You must be a Lion because I want to see you Li-on my bed.

Why are you giving me filings? Are you a dentist?

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