159+ Cute Frog Pickup Lines 

Since we were young, we have all read the fairy tale “The Princess and The frog” and its various renditions. These fairytales have taught us not to judge a book by its cover. Not only that, frogs themselves can be pretty cute to look at.

Here are some of the best frog pickup lines you refer to when you feel like you have made the princess who will make you a better person. 

Flirty Frog Pickup Lines for Her 

Flirting can be difficult if you are nervous about how to approach someone without coming off as creepy. Nothing is more embarrassing than coming off as creepy when you simply wanted to flirt.

That is why here are some pickup lines that are very flirty but will not make you come off as a creep. That is why these pickup lines are the perfect ones to choose from.

  • I love jumping on people. 
  • I would jump up on you. 
  • I can not imagine how you think the things I touch do not belong to me. I have felt you, and you belong to me. 
  • Hippity hoppity, you are my property. 
  • Everything about you, I own. 
  • I can not wait to jump on your lap.
  • I have never been on to jump, but you make me want to be a frog and jump on your lap. 
  • I like jumping up and down on you. 
  • I can not wait to jump up on your face. 
  • I will definitely catch everything you throw at me. 
  • Have you seen my legs, quite sturdy like a frog, are they not?
  • Those antioxidants work wonders because your skin is so sleek and shiny. 
  • I wonder if you have venom in you like frogs. 
  • You are so colorful, but most colorful frogs are toxic. 
  • You can be my prince if you want. 
  • I can not wait to kiss you and turn you into a better person. 
  • I wonder if we kiss, would you start looking better?
  • I hope you remember that scene from the princess and the frog where they try to kiss and get tongue-tied. Literally? We can do that if you are down for that. 
  • I can not wait to kiss you until we are tongue-tied. 
  • If we kiss, you will turn into a prince, or I will turn into a frog. Either way, we will grow and be compatible with one another. 
  • My bed is my lily pad. If you want, you can hop on. 
  • Do you like my ride? Hop on. 
  • I can not wait to take you back to my lily pad. That is my crib. 
  • You are pretty sleek; I simply can not grab ahold of you, which is unfair. 

Funny Frog Pickup Lines 

To keep you evergreen, here are some that you can use to prevent becoming tedious. These pickup lines are short, cute, funny, and rare. These pickup lines sweep your crush off their feet with your creativity, charisma, and sense of humor.

These pickup lines are very funny and cheeky, which helps you to come off as adorable and funny. These also make you come off as confident and charismatic, making them completely perfect for any type of use. 

  • There are some frogs that can be pretty dangerous. 
  • Get in that frog posture, baby. 
  • I think if I put you in the frog position, you would feel the stretches in those right places. 
  • I can not wait to see you in the perfectly relaxed frog position. 
  • I wonder if you would like to demonstrate some yoga for me? Yeah, you would? Okay. Can you show me the downward dog/ The frog? Now hold it as I stare at you. 
  • I like its froggy style, do you?
  • I love rain. These rain storms make me feel so happy, just like a frog. 
  • I am happy like a frog on my lily pad. Many thanks to you. 
  • I wonder if you would like to be my company on the Lilly pad. 
  • So, what are you doing this monsoon? 
  • I wonder if I serenade you, would you let me smash?
  • Frogs are very good at sleeping s. I am like a frog in bed. 
  • I love being in the water; it makes me feel at peace. I feel like a frog often when I do that. 
  •  Shall we go in the water together with you? I promise I will not jump away from you. 
  • I may not have a vocal sac, but if you want, I can sing to you so that you can consider being with me. 
  • I do not know if I want you to be my bed partner or lily pad, partner. 
  • I want to share everything with you. If I were a frog, I would share my flies with you.  
  • I believe we would be good together, so should I sing to you now? It is raining outside. 
  • If I sing to you while it rains, you would think I am being romantic, but the truth is I am just channelizing my inner frog.   

Crazy Frog Pickup Lines 

Being completely cute and adorable can work to your advantage if you are careful. These pickup lines will help you embrace your sweeter side and come off as a charming and cute person instead of a creep.

These pickup lines are perfect for use whenever you are in the mood to put yourself out there and start a new conversation with someone you have met the first time. These pickup lines make sure you do not feel awkward. 

  • I think we should kiss and see what happens after it. 
  • Have you ever worried that they will turn into a frog after you kiss someone?
  • I have been conducting a study regarding whether kisses turn people into frogs, and I was wondering if you would like to be a part of that. 
  • My lily pad is up for sharing all the time. 
  • If you want to drop by my house later to check out my lily pad, I would love to have you. 
  • I hope you are open to us sharing my lily pad tonight. 
  • I have a water bed, and I love the way it feels. I call it my lily pad. 
  • I love frogs, but my love for you is more. 
  • You are a very good girl because those velociraptors had frog DNA. 
  • Would you say you are athletic? I would say I am athletic. 
  • How do you feel about jumping because, with legs like those, I assume you are good at jumping?
  • Your strong legs make me feel like I would be happy with those wrapped around me. 
  • I have been playing leap frog for a while. Do you want to play it with me?
  • I wonder if you would like to mess around and play leap frog with me?
  • How would you feel about leap frog but drunk?
  • I think getting naked is the best way to spice up our leapfrog match. 
  • The loser of this leapfrog match will do whatever the winner wants. Do we have a deal or not?
  • I may look like a frog right now, but you have been giving me the motivation to turn myself into a prince for you. 
  • I can not wait to be your prince in the future. 
  • If you are patient with me, I can assure you that I will be the prince you deserve with enough kisses.

Cheesy Frog Pickup Lines 

There is no written paper stating frogs like cheese, but if you like cheese and frogs, there is nothing wrong with mixing these two together. So here are some pickup lines that you can use if you love frogs and love being cheesy.

These pickup lines have enough punny annotations to come off as hilarious, but they can also make you feel adorable when you tell them to your crush. 

  • Here is a rose for you because that is how princes show their love. 
  • I want to tell you that I am totally into you and will become your prince from this frog. 
  • I will drop by your crib later if you want, boy. 
  • I want to kiss you, but I am scared that you will turn into a frog if I do. 
  • You have been showing some red flags of being a frog, and I will not lie, my dude.
  •  I think your face is so pretty. So if you don’t mind, I would like to be on it. So, may I hop on it?
  • You should probably wipe your face before I hop on it. 
  • So, do you like slimy stuff or not?
  • I have a nice sticky one for you if you want one.
  • I think you would look cute with my sticky goop on you. 
  • I may not have those thumb pads, but I can tell you this. Once you bend over, I will not let you go. 
  • We are both healthy adults. I think we should mate while it rains outside. 
  • I will seduce you with my voice before I even get on top of you. 
  • Without you, I feel like my life would be rather dull and colorless. 
  • Your voice would capture my attention even if I did not have an ear. 
  • I think you highly underestimate how important you are to me. 
  • You are basically like the water I can not wait to swim into. 
  • I would probably croak without you in my life. 
  • Without you, I would feel like a frog in a pot of hot water. I would not realize how close I am to tipping over, really. 
  • Someday I want you to see yourself through my eyes. You are the prettiest lily I have ever seen, and I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with you. 

Awesome Frog Pickup Lines 

There is a different type of comfort when you can make people laugh without feeling like you’re the butt of the joke. So here are some Frog pickup lines that you can use to help your crush feel completely comfortable around you.

These are sensitive, funny, cute, and adorable pickup lines that you can use whenever you feel the conversation is getting a little tedious.

  • Do you have a goblet for the taking?
  • I can ribbit against you if you want. 
  • I know you are curious about what is there, and you can ribbit against you to see if you like it. 
  • I feel quite cold. You are pretty warm. So I was wondering if you would like to ribbit against me. 
  • Your body should ribbit itself against mine in slow motion. 
  • Have you ever been as peaceful as frogs? I can show you what that life could be like. 
  • I believe it would be cute as heck if we were two frogs chilling on the leaves. 
  • Leaves are so calming, aren’t they? If you are into it, we can definitely chill around them like two frogs. 
  • Do you think I am a frog? Because if yes, I can show you what else my tongue can do. 
  • My tongue is quite flexible, like that of a frog’s, so if you are in for a demonstration, I would love to give that to you. 
  • So what is up with your tongue? I hope a cat does not get it because I do want to see what else your tongue can do. 

Quick Frog Pickup Lines

If you want to come off as charismatic, you should know how to add pickup lines into the conversation without sounding awkward. That is why here are some quick frog pickup lines that you can think of at a moment’s notice and add to any conversation to make it less boring, funnier, and just make an overall good impression. 

  • I am as sleazy and slimy as a frog. 
  • Does it bother you how slimy my tongue can be?
  • I think you look adorable when you are flustered with the way I use my tongue. 
  • If you let me have my way with you, you will be wetter than a pond by the time we are done. 
  • My natural habitat is wet, but I bet you can be wetter. 
  • I think I can turn your bed into a pond if you let me show you what my tongue can do. 
  • Do you dance?
  • If you dance with me, I will show you whether I am a frog or a prince. 
  • I may be as sleazy as a frog, but I can promise you that I will be as charming as a prince. 
  • I do not mean to alarm you, but if you do not kiss me, I will not be able to turn into your dream guy. 
  • I wish to be the guy you have been dreaming about forever. So please let me have a kiss and turn into your prince charming. 
  • If you think I am your prince, should you not kiss me and see if I turn into a prince?
  • If you kiss me enough, I assure you that I will turn into your very own prince. 
  • I think you are pleased to see me unless that is a frog in your pocket.

Short Frog Pickup Lines 

If you want to come off as cute and interesting, it is essential that you can add cute pickup lines into your conversation without coming off as weird. That is why here are some cute and short pickup lines.

These pickup lines are easy to remember and easy to use if you are looking for easy-to-remember, charismatic pickup lines, these are the ones for you. 

  • Your pocket seems bulged. Is that a lily pad for me?
  • You must be really excited because otherwise, I do not know how to explain your pocket situation. 
  • You should kiss me and see what I can do with my tongue. 
  • I may be a slimy little frog, but if you want to catch me, I will be a good boy and let you have a taste. 
  • If I kiss you, you will be tongue-tied. 
  • If we kiss, I guarantee that you will never forget our kiss ever. 
  • You should kiss me. I can not promise I will turn into a prince, but I can definitely prove to you that I am a good kisser. 
  • I am a good enough kisser, so perhaps you should kiss me just for that. Instead of thinking that I would turn into a prince for you, you know. 
  • I am an excellent kisser, so if you want to experience a slice of royalty, do kiss my sleazy frog mouth. 
  • You should rabbit against me. Your tongue against me. 
  • I am thinking of having an exotic pet. Would you like to be my pet?
  • With that sleazy attitude like that of a frog, I am sure you will be my perfect exotic pet.  
  • You can be the daddy frog and take care of your kids while I get us food because you have to do what a frog does, given frogs are your soul animals. 

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