121+ Freaky Pick-Up Lines to Get Along with Your Crush

While it is easy to come off as too forward using this method, it is also known that being freaky and bold can be attractive to many people, and who knows, maybe the person you had your eyes on as well!

While it is always safer to take the route of funny and cheesy pick-up lines, these freaky pick-up lines are definitely for the brave hearts who prefer to cut the chase and get straight to the point.

If you think you are one of those people, this article is precisely what you need! We are here to showcase the freakiest pick-up lines you have been looking for in one piece to fall back on whenever you need them! 

Cheesy Freaky Pick-up Lines

We should start making a list with the all-time favorite, classic cheesy freaky pick-up lines to get you the head start you need. Let us help you secure a date with your crush! Good luck! 

Hey girl, do you happen to be in a haunted house? Because I have a feeling that I am going to scream when I am with you in the dark 

Hey girl, I am a professional meteorologist, and I can promise it will pour tonight.

I am on top of many things at the moment. Would you like to be one of those things?

In school, we were taught that no other body part is as sensitive as the lips. Do you want to test this claim out with me tonight?

Stop acting so selfish and insensitive, girl. You have had that body all to yourself for your entire life; why is it so wrong if I want it for just one night?

Hey girl, Science says that your body comprises seventy percent water. Do you think you can quench my thirst? Because trust me, I am thirsty right now.

I am terrified of being alone in the dark. Is there any chance that you come over to my bedroom to make me feel better tonight?

Trust me; you are on the top list of things I will do after this lockdown ends.

Hey girl, people say that the language of love is exchanging kisses. What are the chances that we can have a conversation right now?

I heard that you enjoy shopping! Well, you can come to my house sometimes, there is 100% off on clothes in my bedroom!

That dress looks gorgeous, but do you know what would look better on you? You are right, me!

Cheesy Freaky Pick up Lines

Funny Freaky Pick-Up Lines

Being funny is always an option you can consider while initiating a conversation with your crush. It never goes out of style. So here we go to explore the best funny, freaky pick-up lines ever. 

Hey girl, do you practice telekinesis by any chance? Because you managed to move a part of me without even touching me.

You look like the type of girl that would enjoy yoga. Would you like to come over to my place and we can show each other how flexible we are?

Hey girl, can you tell me what has four legs but lacks the prettiest girl on the planet on it? That is correct, my bed. Do you want to change that tonight?

I am passionate about fishing, and even though plenty of fish swim in the ocean, you are the only one I would like to capture and mount in my bedroom.

Hey girl, is Dracula related to you by any chance? I noticed you looking at me earlier, and it would be a lie to say that you were not looking thirsty.

The Magical watch on my wrist says that you are currently in my bed. Oh, wait, you are not? Damn it, and I think my clock might run fast by an hour.

Hey girl, I think you might have drunk too much tonight. Would you be wise to return to my place and burn off the excess calories?

If we are both naughty, we should probably do it with each other so that Santa does not have to make two trips.

Your first name must be suicide because I often think about you.

Hey babe, clothes are overrated. You would look the best wearing just that smile and nothing else.

I like to call my lips skittles so that after we kiss, you can go back to your friends and tell them that you tasted the rainbow.

Hey girl, I do not give music lessons but trust me, you will hit your highest notes if you let me help you.

Freaky Pick Up Lines

Rare Freaky Pick-Up Lines

Stand out in the crowd by choosing the rare freaky pick-up lines. You don’t have to look for it anywhere else; just run your eyes through the following list! 

Hey girl, are you the sun? Because I would love to relax on the chair and watch you go down.

You remind me so much of my pending homework. I am not currently doing you, but I really should be.

That dress looks incredible on you, but it would look even more gorgeous crumpled on my bedroom floor.

Hey baby, you remind me of a supermarket sample. I want to stay around you and have you again and again without feeling any shame!

Wonderland should be the name of your body, and I can not wait to be Alice.

I have a boat; you have got the harbor sorted. What are the chances that we should tie up till the sun rises?

We should get together and call the Jigsaw puzzles. Then we can return to our room, bring our pieces together, and stay busy for a few hours.

Hey girl, are you a convertible Cadillac? Because you look good now, but you would look even better with that top.

Hey baby, I am not a doctor, but I can tell you are scared of vaccines. I am willing to push it inside you, and it would not hurt, I promise. 

Rare Freaky Pick Up Lines

Short Freaky Pick-Up Lines

Things that don’t last long sometimes are the best. Just saying, pick-up lies are one of them. These short freaky pick-up lines are all you need if you are planning on talking to your partner. 

If I were to flip a coin right now, what would you have chosen? I would have wanted a Head for sure.  

I heard somewhere that kissing is a way of communicating with love. I haven’t had an engaging conversation with anyone; want to join me? 

I’m the best in many things, almost like the top player. Do you wish to participate as well? 

You have no idea what color and what types of dress suit you best you get wet. But I can surely tell you that you will look good to me. 

I expected you to be a good girl, but you failed. Now go to my room and wait for me. Please don’t disappoint me anymore. 

It Seems like you farted loud because I’m blown away. 

If you have never been arrested, let me tell you this: looking so pretty is illegal. Wear the handcuffs. 

You should thank God that being hot is not a crime yet. Otherwise, you would be in prison right now. 

Your parents didn’t know this when you were born, but your name should have been kept, Winter. You are going to come soon. 

Hello, I’m an astronaut by profession, and my upcoming project requires me to go to Uranus for exploration. 

Do you know the word of that day? It’s “Legs.” Shall we do the charity of spreading the word carefully? 

Hey, it is okay if you don’t want kids right away; I don’t, either. But what about we practice it now? 

Catchy Freaky Pick-Up Lines

Pick-up lines should be something that leaves the other person thinking. It might take a few minutes even for them to understand, but when they do, a catchy freaky pick-up line will get you brownie points from them!

The way your butts are calling me urgently tonight, I think you are an emergency butt dialing.

Baby, snowflakes are just like you. They are beautiful and symmetrical. But what I love the most about you both is that both get wet after touching. 

Even my cell phone’s battery percentage hints at what we should be doing tonight. It is at 69%. Are you up? 

I have weak eyesight. The doctor has advised me to use braille. Could I try to read the writing on your tee shirt? 

I hate everything about the pandemic, but I can make an exception for you. Be my mask and sit on my face. 

I can promise you that I am better than your previous experiences; you can confirm it by practically doing me. 

How lucky is your phone? Because you are always busy with it all through the day and night.  

I hope you are the last air bender. I would be thrilled to see you bent before me.

I hate dentists, but I like how they give people filling. I could do the same for you.

Hey baby, please take up archaeology as your subject when you go to grad school. I have this vast bone I want to get examined by you. 

You are so different from my school. In school, all I care for is an A; with you, all I care for is an F. 

“Roses are red. Lilies are fine. I could be the six; you could be the nine. 

Awesome Freaky Pick-Up Lines

Are you running out of ideas about what to say to your potential girlfriend/boyfriend to pick him up? We have got your back, as always. Check the list we are leaving out!

If there is one thing I would like to see go down every day, it would not be the sun. It would be you. 

You better be on the test tomorrow because I have been thinking about you and studying hard. 

Hey girl, where do you live? If you cannot remember, you are welcome to stay in my basement or bedroom for as long as you want. 

It is only fair if you hand me your car keys over. That way, I will be able to drive you crazy even better. 

Hey, you don’t need a chair; you can sit on my lap. But you have to tell what pops up first after you sit. 

I have always found you like a haunted house. No matter how many times I go inside, I will scream my lungs out.

Hey, can you help me find water? I have been looking for it for far too long now, and I think you are wet as well. 

I have seen you from across the corner long. You looked at me like you were searching for something in my body. Is your purse lost?

My life without you is so dark that I will obey Dumbledore’s suggestion. And You are like the light I want to turn on. 

Hey, you look…familiar? Have I seen you before? Because I can’t recognize you with that dress, care to take it off? 

Do you want a nickel? You can get it if you choose to tickle my only pickle. 

My breakfast routine is incomplete without you. I never go a day without having milk. Please come and join me for breakfast. 

I don’t think I believe in love at first sight. In that case, I will give it a few more tries to walk by from in front of you. Tell me when you fall in love. 

It’s not like I dislike my bed, but do you know what I like even better? The bed which is in your bedroom. 

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