151+ Flower Pickup Lines to Woo Your Crush

If you want to approach your crush, there is nothing better than choosing the right flower pickup lines.

So, if you are here, you might be trying to impress or propose to someone with some cute flower pickup lines.

Here is a list of over 100 Cheesy, funny, flirty, fabulous, beautiful, etc., flower pickup lines. 

Cheesy Flower Pickup Lines

Do you want your partner to smile and make them happy? Don’t search anymore.

Compliment and appreciate your love partners with these cheesy flower pickup lines listed below and improve your relationship daily. 

I may not be a flower, but I want somebody like you in my life.

If we were flowers, we would do a budding romance.

I would have told you, Aloe, if you were a plant.

You are as beautiful as a flower, and I can’t imagine a single daisy without you.

Are you a flower? Cause I want to pick you.

If you were a flower, I would have approached you like, “Let’s match out Tulips.”

You look like a flower. You know what I mean when I say, “Plant one on me.” It means kiss me.

You are as beautiful as a rose, so if i” ll give you eleven roses, You” ll have a Dozen roses.

We might not have a shared garden, but I want to put my Tulips with you.

If I could have a flower every time I think about you, I would have made a garden by now.

Crazy Flower Pickup Line

The best way to compliment your girl is to compare her beauty with any flower. This will blow her mind.

Girls like it. So, why are you waiting? Don’t miss this chance to impress your girl and try these crazy flower pickup lines.

That would make her crazy. 

Roses are Red; my cheeks are too. Not it’s not an infection; I’m just blushing to look at you.

Just like water, my life is also colorless without you.

I would have planted you in my heart if you were a flower.

A flower can’t survive without sunlight, same as i can’t survive without you.

I only think about you in the entire daisy. I love you very mulch.

You look like the most beautiful flower in the universe.

God had made you when he was happiest.

Are you a Rose? Cause whenever I see you, I feel thorny. 

Are you a flower cause you smell terrific?

You must be raised in a garden cause you are no less than a flower.

Rare Flower Pickup Lines

Every flower has a rare beauty, features, and fragrance. So, don’t forget to appreciate them for their beauty, nature, and kind features.

Then, try these rare flower pickup lines with them. Let us know how you like it. 

You must be irritated by bees cause you are a flower.

Hey girl, we may not be a flower, but I’m interested in giving you my pollen grains.

I wish we could be flowers so that we could cross-pollinate.

A bouquet is always tied with twine; I can live with you forever if you are mine.

Are you a pretty flower? Cause I like your odor very mulch.

A plant can not survive without Photosynthesis, same as i can not survive even a day without you.

I love you a Lily bit more than yesterday.

Roses are Red; Marigolds are Yellow. I going to sleep now; wanna be my bedfellow?

Roses are proud of their beauty; I guess they never saw you.

You must be living in a garden, cause you smell terrific.

Best Flower Pickup Lines

You can not say exact words like, “You look beautiful or pretty or gorgeous to your girl every day cause girls want something new every day.

We are here to save you from this trouble. Check these flower pickup lines listed below and try them with your partners.

Do you bathe with flowers? Cause you smell like flowers.

You are a pretty flower; you need a long stem under you.

I talked with Rose yesterday; he was very proud of his beauty. However, he got jealous when I showed him pictures.

If were Rose, I would be thorns cause I want to protect you all the time.

You are as pretty as Sunflowers. I wish I could be the sun so that you would face me every time.

They say Roses have long stems; I guess they haven’t seen my branch yet.

I have a lot of Tulips in my garden, but all I want is your Two Lips.

You look like a field of roses.

Are okay? Cause you look like a flower, and the bees might have annoyed you.

You look like a flower; you might need y compost to grow.

Awesome Flower Pickup Lines

Your girl must be feeling underconfident and low because of insecurities.

So you can boost your confidence by trying these flower pickup lines with her. This will make her day. 

Do you think Roses are the only thing that has long stems?

If i” ll take you on a date, what flowers do you want me to bring for you?

Your dad must be a gardener cause he nurtured you like a flower.

What do you want on our date night? Red Roses or Long stem?

My garden doesn’t have any good flowers, can you come and sit there?

I don’t like Bees because they bite the flower like you.

If you were a flower, I would be the compost. I” ll do anything to make you grow up.

Marigolds are Yellow, Violets are Blue. You are prettier than any flower, and I can do anything for you.

Roses are Red; Tomatoes are sour. Here is my bed; let’s make it ours. 

My mother told me that she wants the most beautiful flowers for her garden. Can you come with me?

Good Chat up Flower Pickup Lines

Flowers have been the best way to approach someone. So, carry a flower with you next time on a date.

To add more, you can try flower pickup lines. 

You must be living in a field full of Lavenders. Cause you smell heavenly fantastic.

Reds are Rose; Blues are Violet.. I just gave you my number; why you don’t dial it?

You must be the Sunlight cause my flower blooms just looking at you.

Be aware of flower vendors; they might steal you. 

Roses are Red; Tulips are too. I must be your shadow cause I always want to live with you.

Roses must be jealous of your beauty.

Your lips are redder than any rose.

I will never let you go away from you, but I like your Leaves.

 Roses are Red, and Tulips are too. You look a little weak. Can I share my compost with you?

If you are there in my life, who needs roses?

Super Cheesy Flower Pickup Lines

What could be the most romantic thing you can ever do? Giving your partner a flower, right? This time you can also try Flower pickup lines.

Tulips are Red; leaves are green. Your legs look pretty. Can I come in between?

Are there roses around? Or is it just your fragrance?

You don’t need any deodorant to smell good. You naturally smell like flowers. 

 If I could plant a flower whenever I think about you, I would have grown a garden by now.

 You may not be a flower, but I want somebody like you.

Same as a flower that can not bloom without the sun; even i can not feel good without you.

You were not there. I missed you very mulch.

You look like a Rose; I can protect you with my Thorns if you want.

We haven’t met for so long; now I can’t wait for you, even a single daisy.

They say the universe laughs in flowers. So the world was pleased when you were born.

Beautiful Flower Pickup Lines

Listed below are some Beautiful flower pickup lines for your beautiful partners. Try these beautiful flower pickup lines, and let us know how they worked for you.

I don’t have a garden. Can I put my Two lips on yours?

Do you know why a flower takes back to his cheating ex? Cause he rose above it.

You must be producing perfumes cause you smell heavenly nice.

Every time I see you, I love you a Lily more.

Even if you look like flowers, I would never pick you.

Roses are red, as well as your lips. Just turn towards me and wiggle those hips.

I know you are not a flower, but I want to plant you in my body.

Can you plant a kiss on my cheeks?

If I had a Sunflower every time, you would look beautiful. But, of course, I would have grown a field full of Sunflowers by now.

You must be a daisy cause I can’t control myself to plant you in my heart.

Short Flower Pickup Lines

Flowers are the best way to express your love, and flower pickup lines could be the best way to express your feelings. So, don’t wait and go ahead with these short flower pickup lines.

The butterflies must be attracted to you cause you are as beautiful as a flower.

In a field full of Roses, I would pick you.

Your lips are redder and brighter than Roses.

I’m not a gardener, but Aloe you Vera much.

Roses are Red; Violets are Blue; i can’t even survive a day without you.

I don’t like Bouquet. Do you know why? Cause it means group sex to me.

Pick eleven roses and stand in front of the mirror. You” ll see a dozen roses.

Beautiful flowers have long stems. Well. You are pretty too, do you want my long stem?

You can make perfumes on your own. Cause you smell like Lavenders.

You look like a flower. Can I suck the nectar out of you?

Flirty Flower Pickup lines

Are you planning to approach a girl with a flower? We are here for you. Unfortunately, we can’t give flowers to each of you, but at least we can provide you with some Flirty flower pickup lines to roam the game.

I may not be a honey bee, but I want to bite you. 

When I walk, it seems like a bouquet of Red roses is moving toward me.

Roses are Red; Tomatoes are too. The world seemed Red when I met you. 

 Has someone applied perfume, or is it just you smelling like flowers?

God wanted to make you a flower, but by mistake, you ended up in the form of a human.

If i” ll take you out on dinner. Which flowers do you want on our dinner table?

My garden has every flower. It just lacks a pretty rose. Can you come with me there?

Whenever I look at you, it feels like my heart is complete.

Who wants to visit The Valley of Flowers if you are standing next to me?

Roses are Red; Oranges are sour. Come to my house and give me an hour.

Catchy Flower Pickup Lines

She might be catching those love hints, but you can always use these catchy flower pickup lines with them to get her attention. 

Don’t come in front of Roses; they might die because of jealousy just by looking at you.

You must be a Tulip because your Two lips are so pretty.

Roses are Red, and your garments are lace. Can you shift a little and give me some space?

You must be Lily cause you are deeply rooted in my heart.

You must be tired of Honeybees; they think you are a flower.

Stay away from the flower vendors; they might pick you thinking that you are a flower.

Rose water bath is so relaxing. Can you come to my bathtub?

Which flower do you want on our first date?

You must be a flower because you look Dammmdelion.

I would have never let you die if you were a flower in my garden.

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