165 Best Fitness Pickup Lines for Rats & Fitness Freaks

Everyone is ready for that beach body this year. So why should you be any different? Fitness can be tiring when alone, but it would be one of the best things you have experienced with your crush.

So to help you get in that perfect beach body by burning calories in the best way possible, here are some fitness pickup lines that will surely help you get fit with your crush.  

Good Fitness Chat Up Lines 

A good workout session is quite satisfying. Similar to that, a good conversation is also quite satisfying and stimulating.

That is why it is essential to know how to open up a conversation casually. If you are someone who struggles to start a conversation with people, then the following will help you with that the most. 

You look better when you do glute abductions. 

I see you taking care of your glutes. 

I can not take my eyes off of your glutes. 

Your glutes would look better when I bite down on them. 

Your glutes would fit into my hand perfectly. 

Your glutes are perfect for breaking my head up. 

I think you have the prettiest thighs with how huge they are. 

I bet you could crush my head between your thighs. 

Your thighs are bigger than my head, and I am into that. 

I wonder if you can break my head between your thighs. 

I would love to be between your thighs just to test out your strength. 

I bet your thighs can either break me or completely ruin me. 

Your thighs would look much better propped up on my shoulder and not on that machine. 

You look cute when you are lying down and practicing calves exercises. I bet you would look better in my bed, folded up like that. 

I can not wait to fold you up like origami later tonight. 

Hey, I saw you just got done with your set. Care to shower with me?

Showering after the workout session is necessary, so I wonder if you would be down showering with me. 

I bet I could help you take off that sweaty sports bra. 

That sports bra is definitely cutting off the blood supply to your arms, and it is making all of my blood rushes somewhere else. 

Both of us are struggling because o your sports bra. You because it is cutting your blood supply off and me because it is redirecting my blood somewhere it should not go. 

You definitely get me clenching my glutes often. 

Because of you, my glutes get a lot more attention than I thought they needed because every time I see you, I have to clench them to stop blood flow somewhere else. 

Why do you control my blood flow the way you do? Despite exercising for hours, the moment you walk in through the door, my blood rushes down south all the time. 

Crazy Fitness Pickup Lines

Some of the craziest tricks and weights people lift in the gym can be quite satisfying to watch.

So if you are interested in someone who is a gym rat, then these pickup lines will definitely get their attention for you in the most positive way.

These are perfect for making a lasting impression on them. 

My treadmill is at your service if you are looking for someone to go on a run with you. 

Going out on long jogs with you would be a dream come true. 

You are an amazing jogging partner for me. 

You running in front of me is what makes me run as further as I do. 

I thought you should know that in case you ever hear something loud from my end of the gym, just know I dropped my jaw. 

I bet you could hip-thrust me with those glutes. 

I bet your stroke game is good. I have seen you thrust up 225 lbs. 

I am waiting to see your thrusts in action. 

I am dying to feel your muscles ripple under my touch. 

My fingers are aching to feel your muscles move under my touch. 

I wish I could take you out for a long adventure, but I doubt the airport will allow you with those guns. 

I wonder if the TSA allows you to fly internationally. After all, you have such huge guns. 

Your guns are more intimidating than the actual guns. 

I have dealt with firearms, but your guns definitely blow me away. 

I bet you could do a plank on me for a long time. 

If you do up and down plank on me, I will kiss you every time you come down. 

Flirty Fitness Pickup Lines 

Working out can be better if you do it with someone. What if you end up meeting someone who will be not only your gym partner but also your life partner?

That would be the best outcome. These following pickup lines can definitely help you receive the best attention from your gym partner. 

You seem like you are new here. I wanted you to know that you will definitely be bothered by the rest of the guys and me here. 

With the way you are making progress, you are making everyone in this gym look bad. Can you save some energy for us? 

I bet you have enough stamina to last for days. 

You work on those cardio machines like your life depends on it, and I would be more than open to helping you figure out how natural cardio works. 

I think if you go to bed with me, you will be spending a lot of time half squatting on me. 

I like the way you wipe down the equipment before you use them. Do you want me to wipe down mine as well before you use it?

I would be open to wiping my face before you treat it like the seat for you. 

I see the ways your muscles ripple under that short tank top, and I wonder if you would be willing to show them off to me without the tank top. 

I am waiting to see your muscles without anything covering them. 

I can spot you if you want. 

I always have a spot for you in my lap, my heart, and my bed. 

Do you need anyone to spot you while you do those deadlifts?

I bet you could do reps with me and not just deadlift me. 

I can not wait to be deadlifted by you and kiss you every time I am near your face. 

Best Ever Fitness Pickup Lines 

There are always some moves that are classic and perfect for someone who is starting to work out.

These exercises are simple and strenuous but can be built over time which would make it easier for the person.

Just like that, there are pickup lines that can perfectly start off your relationship slowly. 

Your health is getting better, but some vitamins from me would make it better. 

I bet I could make your orgasm harder than those machines can. 

Did you know that working your glutes can give you an amazing orgasm? Yeah, I do not believe that either, but I bet I could give you the same pleasure. 

I bet I could make you feel as satisfied as you feel after finishing a long set. 

I can make you sweat like a 10-mile run. 

Let me test out how many calories I can burn in 1 hour with you in my bed. 

My bed is a better place for you to work out than this gym. 

All that sweat can barely hide how beautiful you are. 

Your sweat makes you wet, but I bet I could make you wetter. 

You seem like you could use some help in stretching. 

I would be more than happy to use my tape on you. You seem totally ripped. 

Those hoodies look good on you but they would look better on the floor. 

Your hoodies can barely hide those sculpted abs of yours. 

You remind me of a washboard with how tight you are. 

Are you skimmed milk? You barely have any aft in you. 

You seem like you like long walks. Shall I invite you to one on this treadmill?

Cheesy Fitness Pickup Lines 

Flirting with someone in the gym can be quite the cheeky thing. However, to successfully pull that off, you might need some smooth lines in your arsenal.

These pickup lines will definitely work that way. The following have the best amount of cheekiness added with cute puns and flirtatiousness. 

I think those gym gloves look nice on you, but a ring would look better. 

I love the way you grip that bar. I bet you could grip something else like that. 

You work on calisthenics, do you not? I bet you have an amazing grip. 

I had never wanted to be jealous of a bar until I saw you grip it the way you did. 

I bet you could spot me for a longer time. If you could spot me for the rest of my life, that would be the ideal situation. 

You are closer to that bracelet, so would you like to close it for me?

I think I would be more than happy to see cuffs on your wrists instead of those gloves. 

I think you look better working me out than actually working out. 

I can burn more calories for you than you can on that treadmill. 

Girl, I can make you burn more calories than those machines can. 

Your calories are begging to be burnt by you. 

Let me burn your calories and take the stress out for you. 

I thought you had been working on your stamina. Would you like to see how far along you are?

I bet I can test how much stamina you have if you come back to my place. 

My bed can be the ring for us to figure out how much your stamina has increased. 

I have always wanted someone who would help me with my meal prep, and since you seem to be the type, I am definitely not going to let you go. 

I think your stamina has grown quite a bit because you seem like you would last longer in bed with me. 

I have noticed you since the day you started working, and I do believe that you will make all of us look worthless at how much progress you have made in this short amount of time when none of us have. 

I am more excited to teach you how to use this machine than you are to learn. 

I could be your trainer, but that would just be an excuse to be close to you. 

I would be more than willing to work as a trainer here just to be closer to you. 

Quick Fitness Pickup Lines 

Just like it is not well thought out if you actively and quickly go through your set, it is the same when it comes to flirting and getting into a relationship.

You need to take it slow and grow your relationship. But that does not mean it has to be the same when it comes to leaving a good impression on someone.

You have to do it quickly, and these will help you with that. 

I bet we would make the perfect match. 

I do not know if you do it intentionally, but you are the cutest in this gym. 

Coming to the gym looking sexy? You are guilty as charged. 

Being the cutest person in the gym have you singled out completely. 

I wonder if you would hog all of my attention like you hog all of that equipment. 

Those types of equipment would never give you the attention that you deserve. 

I have a tool that could use some of your attention in my pants. 

My pants are waiting to be taken off, just like your sports bra. 

I think I will feel the same amount of happiness just like you do when you take off that sports bra. 

I have never seen your ponytail that high up, but that just makes you look so much better. 

You look better when you have a ponytail on. 

Your ponytail looks good swinging behind you when you run, but I think it would look better wrapped around my hands. 

You look amazing when you do cardio, and I bet we could make you work some more somewhere else. 

Are you into home gyms? Because I have a gym for you in case, you want to try it out. 

The best gym for you would be my bed. 

I bet you can handle being in a half-plank for a long time. 

I think you are very good at your glute abductions. Now I wonder if you can do it when you are with me.

I could help you stretch if you want. 

I can not wait to stretch you out later tonight. 

I know you are flexible, but how would you feel if I were to test out how flexible you could be? 

I can help you be a more flexible version of yourself. 

I bet I can bend you in ways you have never thought you could be bent.

Short Fitness Pickup Lines 

Despite being a short person, you can still slay any type of workout set. But, to do that, all you need is confidence.

That is why, if you are figuring out the best way to begin your relationship with the person you like, here are some short pickup lines that you can use to increase your confidence. 

I think I am a boxer because I have some holes for you to stuff. 

You can stuff my holes any time. 

You remind me of boxers because I think I would be more than happy to get on my knees. 

I think you have set my bar high. 

I have never been scared of a higher bar. 

I would be more than on top of your bar. 

I bet I can pull myself over your bar. 

I think we can get fit together. 

Being fit together would be the most amazing thing for us. 

I never knew I was into jumping high until I was with you. 

I would jump the highest when I can whenever I am with you. 

You give me the energy to jump as high as I can. 

You make it easier for me to push myself. 

You must be at the bar because you are so high. 

I do think you would be better off being high like this bar. 

I bet I can grip you like the bar I do pull-ups on. 

I wonder whether I want to pull you closer to me or not. 

I bet I could push you up against a wall. 

I can deadlift you if you want. 

I have the core stamina to be all over you for an extended period of time. 

I think you are already a ten because you happen to be the only ten I can notice. 

I think we are a perfect fit. Your thing would definitely fit in mine. 

We would be the best fitness partners because we would fit perfectly together. 

I can not wait to be fitted with you because you are that perfect. 

You are as perfect as a gym partner as you are perfect as my life partner.

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