181 Eyes Pickup Lines to The Art of Seduction

Appreciating a girl for her beauty and complimenting her every day is the best thing you can do to her. This will make her happy, and she’ll also think about you.

So if you do so, you will improve their day and increase your chances of getting a yes from her if you ask for a day out.

If you are planning something like this, we are here for you. Go through the article to get the 100+ pickup lines about her beautiful eyes. 

Cheesy Eyes Pickup Lines

You can use these cheesy eye pickup lines with a boy as well. Cause we all like our pizza and pickup lines to be extra cheesy, right?

So, while trying these pickup likes, you can also look into their eyes to make the moment extra special.

Eyes reflect your soul and looking into your eye, II believe you have the most beautiful soul. 

Your eyes are prettier than anything I have ever seen in this world.

The universe seems like nothing in front of your eyes.

I can’t find anything else in your eyes except the unconditioned love for me.

Your left eye must be hurting cause you look right all the time.

I wish I could be your Tears to go through your cheeks and touch your lips.

Your eyes are sparkling no less than a beautiful star.

Are you a goddess? Cause I can see heaven in your eyes.

Your innocent eyes attract me the most.

I can’t take my eyes off you; they are perfect.

Crazy Eyes Pickup Lines

Do you want to make her fall in love with you in a day? That you can make them think about you all day. 

D you know what’s similar between your eyes and the ocean? Both are deep and beautiful.

You have pretty blue eyes, like an angel.

Your eyes are as blue as the ocean’s water; I want to dive in.

They say diamonds and rubies are most precious; I guess they have never seen your eyes. 

Eyes tell a lot of things, but just not your name.

You must be a nine on the rating of one to ten, and I’m the one you need.

You must be the Atlantic ocean, because baby, your eyes are so deep and blue.

I’m lost in your eyes, can you find me a map?

After looking into your eyes, I started believing in love at first sight.

It’s hot today. Can I swim in our deep eyes?

Rare Eyes Pickup Lines

It is sometimes challenging to find new words daily to praise your girl. We heard you. Here we have rare eye pickup lines for you.

This would help you to impress her as well. 

Your blue eyes blow my mind every time I look into them

My toilet water is as blue s your eyes. I’m sorry, I got nothing to compare.

Your eyes are a piece of art. 

Your eyes must be the best thing god has ever created.

Kill me if I’m wrong, but your eyes are the most beautiful. 

Are you from Hogwarts? Cause your eyes are magical.

You must be the google cause I find all my answers in your eyes.

I’ve seen your eyes; now I can die peacefully in heaven.

Your eyes look more beautiful than sparkling diamonds.

Your eyes are so perfect that I believe they do a lot more than just provide you with the vision.

Best Eyes Pickup Lines 

Completing the person you like could be an excellent way to start a conversation.

So here we have the best Eyes pickup lines for you to try and create an interesting conversation with them.

Are you a thief? Because I guess you are the one to steal the stars and put them in your eyes.

Did your eyes have any signature? Cause I have heard every masterpiece has one.

Your eyes are as clear as glass and as deep as the ocean.

Your eyes talk with me. It says that you love me too. 

It feels like my heart missed a beat when you look into my eyes.

God gave me a half heart and told me to find the next part. I think I got it.

There should be sign boards in your eyes; I can’t stop falling for them.

Your eyes can make the world look brighter.  

I wish you could see my feelings for you in my eyes. 

God must regret sending such a beautiful piece of art on the earth.

Awesome Eyes Pickup Lines

Listed below are some Awesome eyes. First, pickup lines that would help you make her feel special.

After that, you can also talk about their looks, color, beauty, and all. 

The world might look more beautiful with your eyes.

I’m curious; the world would appear much more beautiful with your eyes.

Your eyes make me feel awkward and shy.

The only two things my eyes love to see are sunsets and you.

I lost my mirror. Can I see myself in myself?

Your eyes can kill a thousand effortlessly.

Your eyes can work better than any weapon.

I can see myself in your pretty eyes and look damn good.

I should carry a compass with me cause I get lost in your eyes more often.

All these colors in this world, and I’m still attracted to your dark eyes.

Good Chat up Eyes Pickup Lines

Starting a good conversation could be a difficult thing to do. Don’t worry. We are here for you.

Try these good chat-up eyes pickup lines, compliment them and make your conversation interesting.

Even being so dark, your eyes still have a spark.

In my eyes, you look even more beautiful.

You look even more beautiful because of your eyes.

Something is sparkling on your face. Oh, sorry, it’s just your pretty eyes.

I used to think the sun was the brightest heavenly body until I saw your divine eyes.

I think I need a hospital emergency because I can’t take my eyes off you.

Are your eyes cocaine? Cause I’m addicted.

I wish I could look into eyes all day. 

Eyes speak a lot. I wonder how you can’t see my feelings for you.

I don’t need any electric bulb in my life cause you light up my world.

Super Cheesy Eyes Pickup Lines

Not everyone is good with words. You might be struggling to pick up the best terms.

So here we have a few Super Cheesy eyes pickup lines for you to try. 

There is something in your eyes. Oh, sorry, it’s just the beauty.

There’s nothing that compares with your eyes.

Your eyes are so pretty that they should only watch good things. So, do you want to look at me every day?

Someone call the ambulance cause your eyes made me crazy.

Your eyes look like a full moon day on the night.

Whenever I look into your eyes, it feels like I’m in an art museum. 

The person that comes first in front of you must be the luckiest.

Whenever I look into your eyes, I can see the ocean. I wonder which one?

Your eyes are the gateway to heaven.

I love your eyes more than I love my eyes. 

Beautiful Eyes Pickup Lines

You should try using beautiful eye pickup lines to compliment your girl for the most beautiful eyes of your crush.

That would make her happiest. 

Your eyes look out of this world.

Your eyes stole the blue from the sky and the light from the stars.

Maybe my eyes are not the most beautiful; at least I can see you every day.

Are your senses messed up? Cause they speak.

My eyes touched my heart, and I’m in love.

Sometimes I wonder whether I’m in love with you or just your eyes are mesmerizing me.

If your eyes were an ocean, I would lose myself in it.

I don’t believe that eyes can just see. Cause your eyes to talk with me and touches my soul.

I couldn’t find out which one of your eyes is cuter.

Your eyes look mysterious; I want to be the detective.

Funny Eyes Pickup Lines

Below are a few Funny Eyes pickup lines that you can try with your classmates or friends for fun. 

Touch me with your eyes, and I’ll say the most beautiful things have touched me.

Your right eye I straight, and the left one is already cute.

I lost my Blue color, can I take it from your eyes?

The person who you look at every morning must be the luckiest one.

Your eyes are as clear as Sea.

Your eyes look like a riddle, and I’m just trying to solve it.

You must be a criminal because you kill a lot with your eyes.

You look beautiful when you smile, and your eyes sparkle.

My mother says Nothing lasts forever. Can I be your nothing?

Your brown eyes drive me crazy.

Flirty Eyes Pickup Lines

Everyone likes it when you talk about their most beautiful features and compliment them.

So, don’t miss the chance; compliment their beautiful eyes with these Flirty Eyes Pickup Lines and win the game. 

Who needs alcohol when your eyes can do the trick?

Your eyes speak a lot, and it says you love me too.

I dreamt that I would find the most precious thing the following day. Guess what? The first thing I saw today was your face.

Your eyes must be tired by now from looking so pretty all day.

If a genie exists, I will make the wish that I can always look into your eyes.

I like your eyes more than I like mine.

I have heard that the two soulmates are connected with heart and eyes.

All these seven wonders in the world, and my eyes are on you.

Your eyes are the best ornaments you can ever wear.

What do you do in spare time? Except killing people with your pretty eyes?

Catchy Eyes Pickup Lines

Do you want to catch her attention? Your pickup lines need to be catchy as well, right? Here we have a few Catchy Eyes pickup lines that would help you to compliment them. 

No, I’m not sick. I just fell down looking at your beautiful eyes. 

I don’t need any google now cause of your eyes to answer all my questions.

Your eyes are so pretty that I forgot my pickup lines.

Someone call the Cops. This lady there is killing people with her eyes.

Your entry must be prohibited in Airport because your eyes are the most potent weapon; they won’t allow weapons. 

I want to be the thing your eyes look at every morning.

Just your existence makes my day better.

How many hours of sleep is required to look as beautiful as you?

I lost directions looking into your eyes. Can I follow you?

What is the use of the Sun when you are shining all day?

Short Eyes Pickup Lines

The first thing we notice about a person is their eyes. We express a lot of emotions and feelings with our eyes only.

So, if you love her eyes, you can compliment them using these pickup lines.

Are your eyes stars? Cause they twinkle.

I should tie my shoes cause your eyes look perfect, and I might fall for them. 

 Your eyes are precious. You shouldn’t cry for idiots.

Your eyes are a work of art.

I want to see the sunset with your eyes. Just two most beautiful thighs together.

I guess you are the tear in my eyes, cause I never want to cry and lose you.

Your eyes deserve to look at the most beautiful things in the world. 

I was wondering why the sky looks grey today. Cause your eyes stole the blue from the sky.

You Blew my mind with your deep blue eyes.

Your eyes are so pretty that I can’t stop staring at them. 

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